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You pick up the scroll labeled “tjenni,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
XxaFUXafu TjenAdult (f)8,3421,3613
Sqc3xSquaw TjenAdult (m)6,0271,0421
HtYHfHiti TjenAdult (m)3,6467191
n7ZGjo0o0o Tjenni's Spare CBs o0o0oHatchling (F)1,4054601
3LkoJLoko TjenAdult (f)5,0298861
jb5LTJubal TjenAdult (f)6,7151,1901
2UrCTUrca TjenAdult (f)5,3941,0051
jbtERJobter TjenAdult (m)6,0141,0261
ndTVLDati TjenAdult (m)5,6641,0191
6BJqsSluggy TjenAdult (f)5,7641,1215
TKc7wTekaza TjenAdult (m)4,4181,4202
Jn4vUJanavu TjenAdult (f)3,8477782
YC2FlYco TjenAdult (f)7,4841,0793
CddGPSlug TjenAdult (m)8,3441,1664
aOGobAogob TjenAdult (f)5,3901,1401
FG3pzFagopz TjenAdult (f)4,3931,3021
Xp3GGXapigo TjenAdult (m)5,4271,1961
zJAJlZ'Jaji TjenAdult (m)9314371
t0hw9Tohwa TjenAdult (m)1,7045741
oEN5COemir TjenAdult (f)4,7861,0203
LvxfqLuvy TjenAdult (f)7,8611,3464
ibDO9Ido TjenAdult (f)5,8719392
zLfTRZ'afalter TjenAdult (m)6,6231,1306
KMYxzKmyx TjenAdult (f)5,7921,2923
XNA3PNap TjenAdult (f)7,2781,0332
2mWndWind TjenAdult (m)8,3071,0245
vse4uVesu TjenAdult (f)7,4861,2411
Ob9NPOneb TjenAdult (f)4,8731,2203
c58K3Zexy TjenAdult (m)7,9961,1544
E7ggDEgg TjenAdult (f)7,8249994
gWyexGwyex TjenAdult (f)5,8061,1135
qYp3NQuirin TjenAdult (m)3,7141,1324
wdUiADuia TjenAdult (m)6,1741,2013
LYuhJLuv TjenAdult (f)6,7191,2823
u0WlkWolke TjenAdult (m)7,3711,0593
ZGStbZ'auber TjenAdult (f)7,3951,1013
1ZyfyZyfy TjenAdult (m)7,6689075
YYKjcYka TjenAdult (m)7,8271,0754
PL7JpPlajep TjenAdult (m)3,9921,3561
pBMVLPamul TjenAdult (f)5,0771,3891
8yRxZEightrix TjenAdult (m)6,8141,0540
Lib8yLibby TjenAdult (f)7,1101,1132
uGkssUgiss TjenAdult (f)5,0711,2982
rvjHNRavyn TjenAdult (f)6,1855191
0ZaCNOzean TjenAdult (f)6,7041,1602
cstErCaster TjenAdult (m)6,2861,2571
Gktv6Gecko TjenAdult (f)7,0261,1312
cLyARCylar TjenAdult (m)5,7941,1372
oYvOjOyvo TjenAdult (f)4,5741,2880
ep7XAEpica TjenAdult (m)6,7881,2766
hwlMwBlume TjenAdult (f)7,6201,0392
z7DYgZ'ticksAdult (m)6,8671,1665
Eq6NwWandel TjenAdult (f)5,9541,0413
70HMbMonsun TjenAdult (m)7,3241,1482
RfCeBReif TjenAdult (f)7,1201,2392
iQIPZQipz TjenAdult (m)6,6131,0983
V6BHHBlumenta TjenAdult (f)4,3611,3615
lsWdwRanky TjenAdult (m)4,9881,2835
Tful9Tearful TjenAdult (f)5,8331,4274
AoxQeForst TjenAdult (m)4,8451,4285
aSRg3Arson TjenAdult (f)5,6861,3454
8zwWTBlooms TjenAdult (m)4,9611,2351
08hC7Oria TjenAdult (f)6,2779822
XcBfUXabu TjenAdult (m)5,9441,0581
DZq30Berry TjenAdult (f)5,9799111
FpqmtFarm TjenAdult (f)8,4581,3242
QuL5sHerbst TjenAdult (m)5,0981,2894
AyCXKAyxes TjenAdult (f)8,3111,1433
5EAWMLaub TjenAdult (m)6,0461,2341
TuAquTuaqu TjenAdult (f)5,6579651
skUY7Skuyi TjenAdult (f)6,2597001
ymB0XI'm a Box TjenAdult (f)5,0421,2735
ZNrCNZ'narcon TjenAdult (m)5,2591,6143
wYl6FWeyfa TjenAdult (f)5,0381,4185
L0zl5Lozli TjenAdult (m)4,9411,2073
5dxpdFlocke TjenAdult (f)7,7071,2512
DBegMBeg MeAdult (m)7,3121,1383
y6whAYwah TjenAdult (f)7,7481,2195
Hc6TQHato TjenAdult (m)7,5591,1903
kkUCIKuci TjenAdult (f)5,1556063
ixybBIxypine TjenAdult (f)6,7649559
eKBQUEkbupine TjenAdult (m)8,7199224
1fDfWFidi TjenAdult (f)3,5429472
60Rjj4 Hours before DeathAdult (f)4,06028111
rw1T7Rewit TjenAdult (m)8,1249413
jDQtqJem TjenAdult (f)5,8961,2896
qDoaVDoa TjenAdult (m)6,4281,2917
4YSxrSyxar TjenAdult (f)4,9541,3312
kfe2mKefamu TjenAdult (m)7,3351,1373
dniCJNijes TjenAdult (f)5,6369813
SIFlYPsifly TjenAdult (m)6,5479243
sEDq7Sedi TjenAdult (f)5,8481,0331
cdcFOCaco TjenAdult (m)4,7286862
9JXuzXuz TjenAdult (f)4,6588621
vTtp2Vita TjenAdult (f)5,1561,1056
bFy99Fy TjenAdult (m)5,7741,0403
PWIxRPiwi TjenAdult (f)5,5401,1482
aIyQYAliqy TjenAdult (f)3,0066010
L9fmLLefom TjenAdult (f)3,0466262
0S25sOska TjenAdult (m)6,4238863
fSVC9Favo TjenAdult (f)7,0101,0133
3iOxTXiot TjenAdult (f)10,6711,6577
cjLUICluj TjenAdult (m)5,7121,0581
9Haq6Haq TjenAdult (f)7,6059252
rTiH3Tihro TjenAdult (m)7,1986871
u4f8nUfa TjenAdult (m)5,5681,1218
JCnqyJonqy TjenAdult (f)5,8271,0753
tKZ6kTakko TjenAdult (m)7,0171,1002
ZPOOlZ'Pool TjenAdult (f)5,3181,1817
g3aUgOtherworld TjenAdult (m)4,5241,2874
ukKw3Ukkwa TjenAdult (f)8,6491,3833
VmRc1Worm TjenAdult (m)7,5239551
e7FklEfka TjenAdult (f)7,5201,0692
OP1t3Opit TjenAdult (m)6,9081,1195
VGiCnGiga TjenAdult (f)6,5231,1302
A9SzHAssa TjenAdult (m)7,6321,0594
FDsqcFado TjenAdult (f)6,5931,1474
2Y6NgYnag TjenAdult (m)5,0851,1986
hKsSBHakso TjenAdult (f)6,3691,1284
3T7KBTreetek TjenAdult (f)6,8621,1524
JTBYGJetbyg TjenAdult (f)6,9261,0931
kQzlYKozly TjenAdult (m)6,1731,0592
TaiONTaion TjenAdult (f)7,4991,1752
jDlQUQu TjenAdult (m)8,7831,3431
GyBfrGybo TjenAdult (f)7,1021,3533
HR7tOHirta TjenAdult (f)6,0319854
SGGm4Sigil TjenAdult (f)8,0581,1446
CYHwPCyno TjenAdult (m)7,0461,2053
eYqfXEki TjenAdult (f)2,8635603
om7KuOmku TjenAdult (m)2,4995201
m9dtkMeduk TjenAdult (m)8,8691,3851
dqNSqDaqnos TjenAdult (f)6,8891,0751
h6IFMHafim TjenAdult (f)7,7061,4485
Glr5yGirly TjenAdult (f)6,7541,1195
NAfufNafu TjenAdult (f)7,1821,3372
RXYVdRoxo TjenAdult (m)6,8141,1992
M4rigMarig TjenAdult (f)8,4271,3772
67NAANana TjenAdult (f)7,6481,3422
lFibBFibby TjenAdult (m)8,4351,5271
rElXYRelxy TjenAdult (f)7,4721,2501
xZ6tEXeta TjenAdult (f)5,8141,2194
SrPHsSerpa TjenAdult (f)7,9121,3141
r6mKkRomka TjenAdult (f)7,1371,2583
DbkwnDekana TjenAdult (f)3,3839506
vwxuIVaxul TjenAdult (f)5,4711,2828
zAcKWZ'ack TjenAdult (f)4,3937303
2nE72Neda TjenAdult (m)4,0308462
HPg2wHopi TjenAdult (f)5,8491,0843
tLXKXTalex TjenAdult (m)6,2555284
BxhfnBarrow TjenAdult (f)7,3011,0394
vgLNDLegend TjenAdult (m)2,6045722
Ie8ZWIzow TjenAdult (f)3,9355842
TnGlcSinii TjenAdult (m)4,4278805
14T6EAnaga TjenAdult (f)10,1729685
x8xK0Xoko TjenAdult (m)10,2091,4635
wXEPNXepun TjenAdult (f)7,2781,1212
ewEz6Ewez TjenAdult (f)5,7241,1593
zcy8cZ'ky TjenAdult (m)6,6648473
gR0gFGrog TjenAdult (f)6,1058213
m4MMoMammo TjenAdult (m)9,0701,1003
wNYOvNyo TjenAdult (m)7,6621,1316
UiJoRUljor TjenAdult (m)7,9951,1374
nCyhQCyqo TjenAdult (m)10,0011,0684
1inDWLindi TjenAdult (f)8,7709884
x9OmqNadas TjenAdult (f)11,2671,3279
NDJ7KNoko TjenAdult (m)9,2411,4906
LEpfgLepa TjenAdult (f)12,0721,4184
gG9h3Gago TjenAdult (f)9,4468531
JRuW0Ruwo TjenAdult (m)7,2231,2715
tDvKgTadu TjenAdult (m)6,9521,2352
LlBMxLibo TjenAdult (f)8,6931,4162
vNIQvNiqo TjenAdult (m)12,2901,5492
qF2qyQeqy TjenAdult (f)6,3841,3822
K33rzKaiser TjenAdult (f)6,2831,1599
ceMr8Cemir TjenAdult (m)10,6541,1653
2Qr29Ergo TjenAdult (f)8,5769884
8C42jCaj TjenAdult (f)8,3971,5573
8p8xDPoxi TjenAdult (m)8,5401,0092
UbFWAOpfer TjenAdult (f)10,0119075
qwfilQwafil TjenAdult (f)8,5668514
DYX14Dyx TjenAdult (f)10,1431,3372
a9LIQAliqo TjenAdult (f)11,1081,5163
L34VMLevam TjenAdult (m)8,0391,2594
QOElmQoelm TjenAdult (f)9,3581,3153
mNlowLow TjenAdult (m)7,7741,2774
HzCPSHazy TjenAdult (m)9,5991,3154
UGq0VUgo TjenAdult (m)9,8991,3534
BpM7lBama TjenAdult (f)11,1691,3975
YKmLPYklop TjenAdult (m)8,3091,0544
gWrQYGary TjenAdult (m)7,4511,1434
I0q3CJoqo TjenAdult (f)7,4581,1152
9rdHyHard TjenAdult (f)8,9831,0902
5FEUSFeus TjenAdult (m)12,0341,0703
BHTLqBahta TjenAdult (f)9,9971,3394
relcVVelcro TjenAdult (m)8,5871,2655
CccEMCem TjenAdult (f)7,8891,4711
xDVdgXido TjenAdult (f)7,3861,3324
rCYLPCylp TjenAdult (f)7,5441,3655
L1aC6Liac TjenAdult (f)9,4471,3592
nxAppApp TjenAdult (m)8,2581,3063
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If you would like your own dragons, you’ll have to go to the Cave Entrance.
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