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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “skauble,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
vofeTEblun Magus AearaAdult (m)4,3291,0427
jU3yrPirro Magus AearaAdult (m)4,5211,0337
bFBUM(bFBUM)Adult (f)4,1639513
IMlra(IMlra)Adult (f)4,1969312
VgWz3Adea Magus AearaAdult (f)4,5349322
vT0sVPrevia Magus AearaAdult (f)5,1589553
UlmDsDaenan AearaAdult (m)4,7991,0133
9E5CvAlrik Magus AearaAdult (m)5,1139207
cvktNAltren CognatioAdult (m)4,6448226
5uiM3Ivern Magus AearaAdult (m)3,9327796
eG04DTaydra CognatioAdult (f)5,7898266
fXMbLGlia Magus AearaAdult (f)4,7069665
t4JHXHardin Magus AearaAdult (m)3,2137825
cpj4g(cpj4g)Adult (f)3,7429013
n5ajl(n5ajl)Adult (m)5,6708933
tbm4yKaida Magus AearaAdult (f)5,1229371
lbyf3Jodin Magus AearaAdult (m)4,0769252
tvZEnZenda Magus AearaAdult (f)4,6499764
Gwn4TNiul Magus AearaAdult (m)5,5861,0373
wbbyDBaeda Magus AearaAdult (f)5,0791,0793
yPGF3Veren Magus AearaAdult (m)4,9639796
DLsRR(DLsRR)Adult (m)5,9701,1523
4xISKPetor Magus AearaAdult (m)5,6748373
CfkSq(CfkSq)Adult (f)4,5468713
4l38f(4l38f)Adult (f)4,4921,0482
9mjC1(9mjC1)Hatchling (F)2,8116218
LHofX(LHofX)Adult (f)3,3997241
1mS5T(1mS5T)Adult (f)5,6398661
PdCcN(PdCcN)Adult (m)2,4385693
uoFkp(uoFkp)Adult (f)5,0639694
P4h1f(P4h1f)Adult (f)2,7038642
BbTII(BbTII)Adult (m)2,5308641
PHqZV(PHqZV)Adult (m)4,3751,0413
EDhro(EDhro)Adult (f)4,8501,0642
UcTyE(UcTyE)Adult (m)5,0579404
yp6vM(yp6vM)Adult (f)3,1399832
LtJpi(LtJpi)Adult (m)4,5101,0951
6r1sa(6r1sa)Adult (f)3,0318911
T4WPA(T4WPA)Adult (f)3,2689082
SNPd5(SNPd5)Adult (m)3,1208751
DlHFI(DlHFI)Adult (f)1,7796993
MT67g(MT67g)Adult (m)4,2419263
NK3VD(NK3VD)Adult (m)3,2588892
TA8Rj(TA8Rj)Adult (m)3,8598692
BAU2Aenama Proprius AearaAdult (f)1,1446042
k5arAelinu Proprius AearaAdult (f)1,1345804
cmQ3Phinara Proprius AearaAdult (f)2,6384173
4ITDRisuren Proprius EceraAdult (f)7,67778210
pINsTyairal Proprius EceroAdult (m)3,8431,0929
oXgETyeula Proprius AearaAdult (f)1,2145393
36qSEessa Proprius AearaAdult (f)1,7742895
MmtaFain of the HordeAdult (m)3,2958564
KaXCEisa Proprius AearaAdult (f)3,0506198
4tmXCoriyn Proprius AearaAdult (f)4,1349545
nsoITinalens Proprius AearaAdult (m)2,8644825
f12epVim Proprius AearaAdult (m)2,7756904
Qap5JDiro Proprius EceroAdult (m)7,5661,0834
nDflVCamlo Proprius AearaAdult (m)4,5479927
46bIMDaxia CognatioAdult (m)6,2081,2353
1g2RQVeata Proprius AearaAdult (f)3,8415603
tnYQsCaelan CognatioAdult (m)4,3217233
QeXCyGross DudeAdult (f)3,5137485
IP7a4Belreid CognatioAdult (m)3,2807712
FqBGpBerro CognationAdult (m)4,0668281
1A0LTAletta MaxumusAdult (f)4,3348301
1FcETBaden CognatioAdult (m)5,1838122
IitC9Banya Festa EceraAdult (f)4,4877731
ukBTK(ukBTK)Adult (f)3,8748953
aa4c0(aa4c0)Adult (m)3,9017445
ZFA7F(ZFA7F)Adult (m)4,3509668
Fk1S9(Fk1S9)Adult (m)3,2887443
cfDlq(cfDlq)Adult (m)4,5478541
Xu9D(Xu9D)Hatchling (m, F)1,12851010
gG154(gG154)Hatchling (m, F)3,1236152
IOWODThidor Gemma AearaAdult (m)4,9281,0486
w0k08(w0k08)Adult (f)4,47190911
CednH(CednH)Adult (f)5,5359192
5OxGZAphillo CognatioAdult (m)3,1468682
z3J6z(z3J6z)Adult (m)4,6709463
vhbOW(vhbOW)Adult (f)4,1348942
EDyzP(EDyzP)Adult (f)4,9377792
DEoqk(DEoqk)Adult (m)5,0819731
n772GDobre Custos AearaAdult (m)5,0036332
XE0LGForden Custos AearaAdult (m)2,4886362
sTBRV(sTBRV)Adult (f)4,8729963
zUhwCBhverdi CognatioAdult (m)5,3351,0234
v5YHUAtheran CognatioAdult (m)3,7838054
Jroe7Athela CognatioAdult (f)5,3499462
x9Co1(x9Co1)Adult (m)3,8551,0463
NZkR8(NZkR8)Adult (m)5,1711,0235
EuOy7Burlora CognatioAdult (f)4,0409942
AcCbABexaden CognatioAdult (f)3,9499762
ZFJig(ZFJig)Adult (f)5,9438911
MiVvGAphen CognatioAdult (m)3,6619602
Gt1zo(Gt1zo)Adult (m)5,8111,0052
txaAT(txaAT)Adult (f)4,7581,0271
Lwbwc(Lwbwc)Adult (m)4,9688252
xcOOg(xcOOg)Adult (m)4,5188663
xulad(xulad)Adult (m)4,3731,0311
SWJlQ(SWJlQ)Adult (m)3,3638042
ssWeu(ssWeu)Adult (m)5,8359053
43HzT(43HzT)Adult (f)5,2898723
8yijo(8yijo)Adult (m)4,7818191
LMUpt(LMUpt)Adult (f)4,0748123
jcCkz(jcCkz)Adult (m)2,6926641
05q3J(05q3J)Adult (f)4,6421,0082
KcsMO(KcsMO)Adult (m)4,6419163
1UdHL(1UdHL)Adult (m)5,4698622
scB4oNena Caeles AearaAdult (f)4,7391,0194
Itdi5Aryena CognatioAdult (f)4,2689353
wNSGD(wNSGD)Adult (f)6,1369294
DOt9D(DOt9D)Adult (m)4,2798652
Eiole(Eiole)Adult (m)4,4841,0391
L48jS(L48jS)Adult (f)4,4341,0211
f7ToP(f7ToP)Adult (m)4,3331,0140
TMiHL(TMiHL)Adult (f)4,4971,0132
QWRoS(QWRoS)Adult (m)5,0541,1361
ZubiP(ZubiP)Adult (m)3,7699163
wZXZ0(wZXZ0)Adult (f)3,6284962
k9vU7(k9vU7)Adult (f)3,7419702
jYX3z(jYX3z)Adult (f)3,8638772
FRTXl(FRTXl)Adult (f)2,6908032
mhfYJ(mhfYJ)Adult (m)2,4878590
PU81O(PU81O)Adult (m)3,3238463
BURF3(BURF3)Adult (m)4,0041,2135
TYMGD(TYMGD)Adult (f)4,0621,2284
OMYrd(OMYrd)Adult (m)2,1958642
wLICE(wLICE)Adult (f)2,2318726
Pwp13(Pwp13)Adult (f)2,0488471
GDmJx(GDmJx)Adult (m)2,6556092
SCabn(SCabn)Adult (f)2,7776072
IwL4E(IwL4E)Adult (f)2,7745932
2BVHr(2BVHr)Adult (m)2,7386152
ZLSQA(ZLSQA)Adult (m)2,3185582
HOlrv(HOlrv)Adult (m)1,9376063
fpsaa(fpsaa)Adult (m)2,0475802
sKFSl(sKFSl)Adult (f)1,8495731
d8rRE(d8rRE)Adult (m)1,9205822
C8M1v(C8M1v)Adult (m)2,3276351
cLuZW(cLuZW)Adult (f)2,4476462
yQ8Qn(yQ8Qn)Adult (m)2,5366782
9rLFU(9rLFU)Adult (m)2,3866692
co1aX(co1aX)Adult (f)2,3986592
ybWdHildara Enust AearaAdult (f)3,7021,717172
5L6CLina Enust EceroAdult (f)2,3251,23931
17sjForda Enust EceraAdult (f)2,4881,14925
b4XBPleae Enust EceraAdult (f)1,3005255
gpf2Geda Enust EceroAdult (f)2,8525883
l2BcGorwa Enust EceroAdult (f)1,91573621
B6LQZeada Enust EceroAdult (f)1,58663918
n7yTDayla Enust EceroAdult (f)1,26549515
mGRITraya Enust EceroAdult (f)1,3178271
vPXdVenda Enust EceroAdult (f)1,7718974
AZsLGGlouwan Ebust EceraAdult (m)4,4256873
uHKRx(uHKRx)Adult (m)4,8234062
vjJpq(vjJpq)Adult (m)3,7321,0103
1uk61(1uk61)Adult (f)4,5068821
9uC91(9uC91)Adult (m)3,3368520
X2iaZ(X2iaZ)Adult (m)2,9158302
sJTJP(sJTJP)Adult (m)4,9156622
TKvHb(TKvHb)Adult (m)4,9398414
RdTZ3(RdTZ3)Adult (m)4,2938112
oVSLH(oVSLH)Adult (f)5,0078393
wJ6X(wJ6X)Hatchling (f, F)1,48284414
IQmgcIntellectual IllusionAdult (f)4,1407542
NTCoLEffulgent HeartAdult (f)4,3387493
Fq7fi(Fq7fi)Adult (m)3,5018093
7U0Y8(7U0Y8)Adult (f)5,13083013
f5BBg(f5BBg)Adult (f)5,47986314
U0n4S(U0n4S)Adult (f)3,7289611
xhxUI(xhxUI)Adult (f)4,8529632
r2jp8(r2jp8)Adult (f)4,2887711
uhHuZ(uhHuZ)Adult (m)4,6398751
KCXhp(KCXhp)Adult (f)4,6788551
7ATbm(7ATbm)Adult (m)5,0329072
mpN98(mpN98)Adult (f)8,0091,1656
RxKVY(RxKVY)Adult (m)5,3068004
aZkSO(aZkSO)Adult (f)6,5169774
IoyUG(IoyUG)Adult (f)4,4756673
UG1yC(UG1yC)Adult (f)6,0821,1991
OMxXAlder Aerime AearaAdult (m)1,67283712
1D4CCarna Aerime EceraAdult (f)1,9359634
3gZ5Peplar Aerime EceraAdult (f)1,1996006
PAnsHiria Aerime AearaAdult (f)1,3074883
9B0lKoren Aerime EceroAdult (m)1,8303657
FZAVJando Aerime EceroAdult (m)1,59864516
6QMKTerna Aerime AearaAdult (f)3,7621,16917
1mq6AAedam Aerime AearaAdult (m)4,1411,0148
ASp80Aedin Aerime AearaAdult (m)2,2927335
8U7O1Jerta Aerime AearaAdult (f)2,8935666
DB06BWernia Aerime AearaAdult (f)5,0497883
9udgMSestra Aerime AearaAdult (f)6,2958745
bAE3dKarlin Aerime EceraAdult (f)6,7361,0702
Q2UsCAleit Aerime AearaAdult (m)2,59364410
0ZI30Yindo Aerime EceraAdult (m)4,2878462
c4IjiOrako Aerime AearaAdult (m)3,6351,1183
ER4weMom Drinks Too Much CoffeeAdult (f)2,7507131
ihONmAbeni CognatioAdult (f)2,9537641
e548eRaedo Aerime EceraAdult (m)3,3981,0253
02YfnDaro Aerime EceraAdult (m)3,3879982
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