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You pick up the scroll labeled “skauble,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
bKvvdArin Praemi EceraAdult (f)4,7901,23613
R3XnEEldage Praemi EceraAdult (m)6,72183911
GXKNsThriel Praemium EceraAdult (m)6,1401,04914
ahLm8Ardin the Entwined SoulAdult (f)5,1301,18111
VcfWsZequa Praemi EceraAdult (f)7,6709987
GkTQ8Learian Praemium EceraAdult (f)4,8125438
QKRQeMaek Praemium EceraAdult (m)9,1278707
0eZq5(0eZq5)Adult (f)6,4371,01323
LhDRuSterling HeartshineAdult (m)9,46663210
bqPLSNeiva Praemi EceraAdult (f)7,38192618
gmqde(gmqde)Adult (f)6,94587313
OqG8eLluen Praemi EceraAdult (m)9,73180713
pGQZf(pGQZf)Adult (m)7,6351,0268
8k7nsRadiant HeartshineAdult (m)8,11876412
2V3j5Ralseim Praemi EceraAdult (m)9,65164411
T2KKNArod Praemi EceraAdult (m)6,61998112
ADM8oIldasa Praemi EceraAdult (f)7,8868225
LVWn5(LVWn5)Adult (f)8,2988767
h7IRF(h7IRF)Adult (f)6,0709038
UVf9y(UVf9y)Adult (f)5,1911,0934
bAph0(bAph0)Adult (f)5,7888646
OPap3(OPap3)Adult (f)6,8009904
o4VgqStarshinedAdult (f)8,4209017
k3Qp3(k3Qp3)Adult (m)7,2459477
j56KTIridia PraemiAdult (f)6,8488648
wBGSt(wBGSt)Adult (f)5,9271,17210
NX7Zq(NX7Zq)Adult (m)5,9058289
2gtdX(2gtdX)Adult (f)7,9559316
JjyHQ(JjyHQ)Adult (f)7,7649516
qpBHh(qpBHh)Adult (f)7,8591,0528
ukT8HKetaniaglace Praemium EceraHatchling (f, F)5,2949465
j26srEmeris Praemium EceraAdult (m)4,9961,1724
lNrFfRondor Praemium EceraAdult (m)6,8336867
7CN0MOressi Praemium EceraAdult (m)3,0751,0463
XkjXmGalletian Praemium EceraAdult (m)9,4721,0608
fi5K4Jisor Thuwed Praemium EceraAdult (m)9,2461,0159
3Aoo5Foralea Praemium EceraAdult (f)8,6701,4185
PiiX6Anen Thuwed Praemium EceraAdult (m)8,6381,4006
9T9sUToria Praemium EceraAdult (f)4,5041,0888
KtonAAleoph Praemium EceraAdult (m)5,9521,5942
blNanGalletion Praemium EceraAdult (m)6,65390314
avQT6AnticyclicalAdult (f)8,04680211
os7sXAillyn Praemium EceraAdult (m)5,8461,3527
WDJIhChailen Praemium EceraAdult (f)7,25452810
o8Pm1Ilaerin Praemium EceraAdult (m)7,29889813
TnkL3Neina Praemium EceraAdult (f)8,13082810
Ie8LkFadon Praemium EceraAdult (m)6,6788589
n4RHAAissi Praemium EceraAdult (f)5,5311,07113
mpWWlLindra Praemium EceraAdult (f)9,05573319
vJPBtAnwys Praemi EceraAdult (f)10,1837707
8SZqHLorold Praemi EceraAdult (m)7,09997411
o97IGExercitus Praemium EceraAdult (m)6,08890411
5QcFHFaircor Praemium EceraAdult (m)5,8481,05314
NGtYODaris Praemi EceraAdult (f)5,1691,06219
AI6h8Erryna Praemium EceraAdult (f)6,7191,01911
ilfUSQindar Praemium EceraAdult (m)9,3198448
9LvbDTias Praemi EceraAdult (m)6,4461,0196
H0ra8Krail Praemium EceraAdult (m)5,6641,10112
r1inBPiren Praemium EceraAdult (m)6,0231,2227
daHsYAlend Praemium EceraAdult (m)8,4839558
pLlgdFia Praemium EceraAdult (f)5,3539088
g1nkATherim Praemi EceraAdult (m)8,4638426
435YdPireon Praemi EceraAdult (m)7,3881,05218
OICTuStraer Praemium EceraAdult (m)6,2141,05210
X3mSUTaien Praemi EceraAdult (m)7,79295111
FDfaaEradan PraemiAdult (m)6,3699479
lSWZ4Luessa Praemi EceraAdult (f)4,8161,0227
56aZ8Kador Praemium EceraAdult (m)4,7911,0495
vdUlfOrmick Praemi EceraAdult (m)9,1568829
9TBIuLaiwen Praemi EceraAdult (m)7,6707528
23kdUJyor Praemi EceraAdult (m)6,7391,01410
hLRsp(hLRsp)Adult (m)8,59192215
4IUSkBirthday KindnessAdult (f)10,06567111
loQhrStriest Praemi EceraAdult (m)5,58490613
c05PQIlori PraemiAdult (f)6,72685813
IUlW6BreihdenAdult (m)7,15995814
cQZF7(cQZF7)Adult (m)7,46996911
5r3UiKian Praemi EceraAdult (m)5,9181,0589
DmX4L(DmX4L)Adult (m)6,7908825
k67EI(k67EI)Adult (f)8,11288810
QhD8h(QhD8h)Adult (f)7,1569058
QURgPGalletian MoonbeamAdult (m)6,9981,30117
U5pmS(U5pmS)Adult (f)8,79580713
7vlUA(7vlUA)Adult (m)9,6146455
thrY8(thrY8)Adult (f)7,8721,2627
vJUTOFlenda CognatioAdult (f)9,7366508
m8Gdi(m8Gdi)Adult (m)7,4178826
DOYpR(DOYpR)Adult (m)7,70586011
OSnXrCelerah CognatioAdult (f)9,0579658
KokiD(KokiD)Adult (f)7,0849088
HhgKHLorecha Praemi EceraAdult (f)5,22372917
aEhY9(aEhY9)Adult (f)7,94574212
fiUcIErser Praemi EceraAdult (m)9,2486188
U4nOPNyiva Praemi EceraAdult (f)9,7626516
TboCmKayma Praemi EceraAdult (f)9,3298336
RK0VoLyeonin Praemi EceraAdult (f)5,30688911
uvZkDArdrona PraemiAdult (f)8,2057499
aCbS8Byris Praemi EceraAdult (m)7,27599412
ADqRLNist Praemi EceraAdult (m)8,4316149
WXhgMUtia Praemi EceraAdult (m)6,8956384
aVx3I(aVx3I)Adult (m)6,4579269
wbPLm(wbPLm)Adult (f)5,4991,0406
17dJbWater Glider of AnzuAdult (m)4,9061,04822
zvmbiSlaidan PraemiAdult (m)5,9851,1507
1EDmrRelk PraemiAdult (f)5,2631,0324
VH9dBUlora Praemi EceraAdult (f)5,4551,1521
i4pde(i4pde)Adult (m)6,1728236
Jc71iOisa PraemiAdult (f)4,8029592
wF9PyBayth Praemi EceraAdult (f)4,7461,3102
PDJYJElma Praemi EceraAdult (f)3,2391,2144
X8nrE(X8nrE)Adult (f)5,0691,1193
b7fhd(b7fhd)Adult (m)5,7679496
N0faNKano Praemi EceraAdult (f)6,7439595
4h6LdKovahr PraemiAdult (m)6,1357453
VbW9nYian  Praemi EceraAdult (m)7,1726464
1pcjlLiquid Bronze of AnzuAdult (m)3,5291,1102
SZgTSEita Praemi EceraAdult (f)5,4231,0285
XXmmbDarq  Praemi EceraAdult (m)3,9311,2591
j40OHLyaen Praemi EceraAdult (m)5,2761,0675
qk2GS(qk2GS)Adult (m)5,6031,0676
8xeeLVerryn PraemiAdult (m)4,4188946
n3xtyBronzaireAdult (f)7,8119075
1QWn6Tin BreezesAdult (f)7,0711,1053
bMzGaWindy TinAdult (f)3,4235704
Ssdff(Ssdff)Adult (f)6,0121,0543
slLkTHeavy WindsAdult (f)5,1823933
VykGT(VykGT)Adult (f)3,7526241
rWAqO(rWAqO)Adult (m)7,8065357
oRFH2Keshycha IperyAdult (f)8,9337116
A9b2h(A9b2h)Adult (m)4,6024686
jIIkY(jIIkY)Adult (m)6,7679726
DepiOShadowed PraemiAdult (f)7,7331,0538
wg8SS(wg8SS)Adult (f)6,2459723
r7o7l(r7o7l)Adult (f)5,6339266
M9j0UKaleglace Praemium EceraHatchling (m, F)4,7089444
2MPqRiseena Festus AearaAdult (f)2,14293537
pbPeMaia Festus AearaAdult (f)2,16493532
LZBkTasen Festus AearaAdult (m)2,06191247
pvP8Arond Festus AearaAdult (m)2,20795646
EW1eGyrad Festus EceraAdult (m)2,0696521
tPBy(tPBy)Adult (f)4,0331,05719
QifE(QifE)Adult (f)5,3851,27760
U79VSahrinaAdult (f)2,7411,480128
HPo4Dajea Enustos AearaAdult (f)1,82593835
pVJD(pVJD)Adult (f)2,73674116
DHKQ(DHKQ)Adult (f)2,1493022
3feY(3feY)Adult (f)2,02474810
WlXF(WlXF)Adult (f)1,00858717
OeUK(OeUK)Adult (f)1,09663821
YX7d(YX7d)Adult (f)1,10866328
DTBvKalis Enust AearaAdult (f)3,4561,0447
OgAQBrin Enust AearaAdult (f)2,9711,1355
m3GQDanich Enustos EceraAdult (m)1,8167724
JhZGThero Enustos AearaAdult (m)1,6438164
cVthNalice Enustos AearaAdult (m)2,8931,1365
uTmq(uTmq)Adult (m)6,9061,2682
J7pp(J7pp)Adult (f)2,9566716
R90n9Leea Enust AearaAdult (f)4,0967853
Bu6T0(Bu6T0)Adult (m)3,2786744
lDqEi(lDqEi)Adult (f)3,2526783
127hf(127hf)Adult (f)3,1366232
pXElJ(pXElJ)Adult (f)5,5921,3407
SuMMWAhnamosa ThuwedAdult (f)4,2462856
l1fBn(l1fBn)Adult (f)5,2929054
lZl1E(lZl1E)Adult (f)6,0797622
j3Y5XYora Enust EceraAdult (f)5,9187644
aD7b7(aD7b7)Adult (m)5,0263551
YjQtSBriel Enust AearaAdult (f)2,9906798
6ESDT(6ESDT)Adult (f)4,3097642
5NVml(5NVml)Adult (f)3,9858241
GGBCvIsun Enust EceraAdult (f)3,9228422
1kVvO(1kVvO)Adult (m)4,7428234
XPks7Leahra ThuwedAdult (f)3,4724813
3lWPZArari Enust EceraAdult (f)5,9021,1855
XNXfoBqartho CognatioAdult (m)4,3717736
PP8cv(PP8cv)Adult (m)3,5091,1292
Ukvtw(Ukvtw)Adult (f)4,3897711
0NvxIHayl Enust AearaAdult (m)2,9447399
fD3J4(fD3J4)Adult (f)2,8187596
3KB05Ihana Enust EceraAdult (f)5,26896315
WYG3r(WYG3r)Adult (f)3,2066466
IT8qK(IT8qK)Adult (m)5,1529343
UUfhp(UUfhp)Adult (f)3,3567751
mDZ2V(mDZ2V)Adult (f)4,2677981
0QiJnCyrodon CognatioAdult (m)4,1037323
ksqtsBroggon CognatioAdult (m)4,9266981
BBd41(BBd41)Adult (f)5,4578892
yChKN(yChKN)Adult (f)2,3375563
sJIIC(sJIIC)Adult (f)5,4559523
UVRWz(UVRWz)Adult (f)6,5059714
yeqOw(yeqOw)Adult (m)5,7819953
b4T1(b4T1)Hatchling (f, F)3,3082,06417
1nrG(1nrG)Hatchling (f, F)2,4072906
eSkJxM SILVER 4TH GENHatchling (m, F)2,6897291
5sGeM(5sGeM)Adult (f)3,4961,1542
dv3X5(dv3X5)Adult (m)3,4431,1590
7tH6w(7tH6w)Adult (f)2,6146173
iGOtZ(iGOtZ)Adult (f)2,6016355
g8YU8(g8YU8)Adult (f)6,1059713
zPkjC(zPkjC)Adult (m)6,5091,15617
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