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You pick up the scroll labeled “skauble,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
9Es7n(9Es7n)Adult (m)6,8151,1273
XaDmDAzenda CognatioAdult (f)4,3179647
usGwIAwinzia CognatioAdult (f)5,88698112
rYlPTAgeth CognatioAdult (m)4,8308498
V4kXm(V4kXm)Adult (f)7,5768462
v7I4Okino Bestia AearaAdult (m)3,7177305
r4T5Tarken Bestia AearaAdult (m)4,8488357
B1HRIaed Bestia AearaAdult (m)2,5588492
LuUG(LuUG)Adult (f)4,0897558
LVIjAnira Bestia AearaAdult (f)5,5879076
uJJkKorlin Bestia AearaAdult (m)5,3548196
Tma0(Tma0)Adult (f)4,1678235
YmPLlDeryn Bestia AearaAdult (m)3,3721,06113
6QeFN(6QeFN)Adult (f)2,4466662
XEISS(XEISS)Adult (f)6,4091,4336
sA3l6(sA3l6)Adult (m)3,5187754
fF6guLorqet Bestia EceraAdult (m)4,0129153
4CRQ4(4CRQ4)Adult (m)2,9866483
FFpCc(FFpCc)Adult (m)3,5388533
fjMFIEhina Bestia EceraAdult (f)4,3978435
NKgBL(NKgBL)Adult (f)4,6848574
d4MpmAraka Bestia EceraAdult (m)4,3928202
PsGpg(PsGpg)Adult (m)4,6358532
cBv9R(cBv9R)Adult (m)5,0471,0981
SnQKG(SnQKG)Adult (m)5,0501,0882
FGlJ9(FGlJ9)Adult (f)6,2751,0375
9Vbdy(9Vbdy)Adult (m)2,0987861
ZX3Bi(ZX3Bi)Adult (m)2,1248666
TW0Lz(TW0Lz)Adult (m)2,9118544
rNr71(rNr71)Adult (m)3,8079413
jIfGvPerak Bestia EceraAdult (m)2,0998073
NXFzbGaeden Bestia EceraAdult (m)3,3974671
HWA11(HWA11)Adult (f)2,6419422
X0bKKTeryn Bestia EceraAdult (m)3,0341,0512
Ped1A(Ped1A)Adult (m)2,7509333
UZ97XYerna Bestia EceraAdult (f)4,7538912
y7fce(y7fce)Adult (m)5,0869420
tC94E(tC94E)Adult (m)4,7389035
NRId(NRId)Hatchling (f, F)1,5926041
Hteap(Hteap)Hatchling (m, F)4,6885673
Oomc1CB AP DROP FROZENSHatchling (m, F)2,7349242
cNSAq(cNSAq)Hatchling (F)3,5205272
xECIg3RD GEN SHIMMERKINSHatchling (f, F)2,8757034
Cx8ea(Cx8ea)Adult (m)1,5815603
OxC6U(OxC6U)Adult (m)2,0826404
seJIj(seJIj)Adult (m)4,3751,0501
AqLNr(AqLNr)Adult (f)6,2651,06910
8Ze5nAforlah CognatioAdult (f)3,5268777
yNk9e(yNk9e)Adult (m)3,9259751
r412k(r412k)Adult (f)3,9209902
S1FBH(S1FBH)Adult (f)6,0629003
rwGV8Aharea CognatioAdult (f)5,1997994
VPjlK(VPjlK)Adult (f)4,4679114
6dCsW(6dCsW)Adult (m)5,8729994
aRQdF(aRQdF)Adult (m)4,1581,0751
ow1HO(ow1HO)Adult (f)4,9001,0191
CNPMk(CNPMk)Adult (f)5,4021,0084
11aaEnlee Orname AearaAdult (f)1,8391,11315
7RjUVaird Orname AearaAdult (m)4,7991,34612
fLSV(fLSV)Adult (f)1,7241,1898
GR1kEtta Orname AearaAdult (f)3,07878310
aNLGLor Orname AearaAdult (m)3,60975915
klmUVeria Ornamentum EceraAdult (f)2,0895906
3D5dPhroan Orname AearaAdult (m)3,0241,32516
KxToLortas Orname AearaAdult (f)1,5214193
Fi7PTaen Orname AearaAdult (f)1,3618803
NVx4Nalo Orname AearaAdult (m)1,7118414
9bdpAmazon warrior the UncooperativeAdult (f)1,6808804
8wi1(8wi1)Adult (m)2,03439816
AtVvDetri Orname AearaAdult (m)2,72845513
46qOLach Orname AearaAdult (m)3,0849396
2EOK(2EOK)Adult (m)1,8701,00316
JQF7(JQF7)Adult (f)1,75688814
mNtTLaijor Orname EceraAdult (m)1,92992812
palRUskar Orname EceraAdult (m)1,96192212
JaTM(JaTM)Adult (f)1,92093716
t7N2(t7N2)Adult (m)1,5046522
Fa1nMaelen Ornamentum EceraAdult (f)1,4257173
48NNV(48NNV)Adult (m)3,2386823
iS6jV(iS6jV)Adult (f)4,4596862
O9wvE(O9wvE)Adult (m)4,3456921
98QGV(98QGV)Adult (f)4,4296892
ZrusI(ZrusI)Adult (f)4,3959753
7ZSr(7ZSr)Hatchling (m, F)1,2617028
uZwQ0(uZwQ0)Adult (f)4,4147422
VIVN2(VIVN2)Adult (m)4,2867512
OKbZe(OKbZe)Adult (m)4,0437412
sOOyT(sOOyT)Adult (f)3,3758843
Qk7Lz(Qk7Lz)Adult (m)3,3348773
0sCfZ(0sCfZ)Adult (f)4,0448652
nB50d(nB50d)Adult (f)2,7437112
PUEEY(PUEEY)Adult (m)6,3206458
GgYPx(GgYPx)Adult (f)5,4569791
ScNCE(ScNCE)Adult (f)3,4171,1102
2WSdNItray Aquame EceraAdult (m)4,1828112
TAF0gBagien CognatioAdult (m)6,3426532
uYAlx(uYAlx)Adult (f)4,7031,0214
i0sEh(i0sEh)Hatchling (m, F)3,8935782
gSRid(gSRid)Adult (m)4,3427252
QqWo7Bikrun CognatioAdult (m)4,3148523
jwnez(jwnez)Adult (m)5,9931,1122
xURyK(xURyK)Adult (m)5,3401,0533
8O5gq(8O5gq)Adult (m)3,9556702
ZMngP(ZMngP)Adult (f)6,0071,0216
AsvRk(AsvRk)Adult (m)3,4158283
TqOF(TqOF)Adult (m)3,3531,01026
R512(R512)Adult (f)1,79955416
9xS4(9xS4)Adult (m)2,98858515
l9PV(l9PV)Adult (m)3,15561113
Vgox(Vgox)Adult (f)3,12961211
2BLY(2BLY)Adult (m)2,46240413
llkX(llkX)Adult (m)2,46340613
c0G5(c0G5)Adult (m)1,9855046
RH1A(RH1A)Adult (m)2,0365174
x15b(x15b)Adult (f)1,1737878
ePzl(ePzl)Adult (f)1,0397216
4PYq(4PYq)Adult (f)2,2403543
JWq9(JWq9)Adult (m)1,8643443
kki4(kki4)Adult (f)2,1266233
WtMJ(WtMJ)Adult (f)84457830
ITaR(ITaR)Adult (m)86759617
vfLf(vfLf)Adult (f)4,46975038
WiNt(WiNt)Adult (f)1,16674534
D5l3(D5l3)Adult (f)1,00665631
DP4T(DP4T)Adult (m)2,05483729
4lcV(4lcV)Adult (f)2,9738693
eD6W(eD6W)Adult (f)4,6909926
QflqT(QflqT)Adult (f)2,8561,0844
UgYZS(UgYZS)Adult (f)4,4708131
2jk1(2jk1)Hatchling (m, F)2,5364333
AWsQR(AWsQR)Adult (m)5,5321,5584
Vhcr7(Vhcr7)Adult (f)5,6541,5342
1m6PS(1m6PS)Adult (f)2,7977653
LcbCd(LcbCd)Adult (m)3,2271,0013
SWv0I(SWv0I)Adult (f)5,0479362
QKSTv(QKSTv)Adult (f)5,0771,2842
9kuEu(9kuEu)Hatchling (f, F)2,1147334
NXSyO(NXSyO)Adult (f)3,4758214
ReVsy(ReVsy)Adult (m)3,6178002
zN6bI(zN6bI)Adult (m)4,4687262
ISSI6M DESTRUCTION 3RD GENHatchling (f, F)5,0051,0404
ppHR(ppHR)Adult (m)1,4627519
Omg6(Omg6)Adult (m)3,8831,4679
CJum(CJum)Adult (m)4,7299068
bJAh5(bJAh5)Adult (f)3,8331,0213
rKIJ9(rKIJ9)Adult (m)2,6557492
WRuYI(WRuYI)Adult (f)3,1934212
hbXr(hbXr)Hatchling (f, F)3,8048243
e5Kvc(e5Kvc)Hatchling (f, F)1,3465682
LNSc(LNSc)Adult (f)3,0391,2048
nfcs(nfcs)Adult (m)1,9317576
rJcI(rJcI)Adult (f)4,7077056
Iq5f(Iq5f)Adult (m)4,2921,0444
MBDj(MBDj)Adult (f)2,3485787
X4cK(X4cK)Adult (m)5,0711,0533
36EAi(36EAi)Adult (m)4,4991,0484
gHhh(gHhh)Hatchling (m, F)2,3965084
NyvVq(NyvVq)Hatchling (f, F)2,6685853
ET3QAvi Terra AearaAdult (f)3,0661,509247
DlXCAema Terra AearaAdult (f)4,4441,475189
Q1EmEuna Terra AearaAdult (f)4,3911,434198
oJm1Ferin Terramentum EceraAdult (m)4,1951,861246
ePaOHydea Terramentum EceraAdult (f)4,2741,931271
6INnThelda Terramentum EceraAdult (f)4,3071,977259
fI27Lyra Terramentum EceraAdult (f)4,7831,955203
2djrBarden Terramentum EceraAdult (m)3,8291,723149
sAnzDraebin Terra AearaAdult (m)4,3771,748150
rDcxMinadoros Terra EceraAdult (m)4,1411,589139
ltqXJaden Terra AearaAdult (f)4,4201,725149
CIbwAnekk Terra EceraAdult (m)3,2961,71888
Fz3URalaen Terramentum EceraAdult (f)3,0821,66883
r4pIAdyni Terra EceraAdult (m)4,2991,51377
ntcxNoroth Terra AearaAdult (m)2,8081,21627
hGNu(hGNu)Adult (f)2,8651,17625
ClKaPhinn Terra AearaAdult (m)2,6711,46045
rBWKAbria Terra AearaAdult (f)2,9491,60626
CtaAVasen Terra AearaAdult (m)3,0251,65637
cZq1Firen Terra AearaAdult (m)3,0571,66436
edURANGY PUREJOYAdult (m)2,2737006
RErw(RErw)Adult (f)2,16766512
z4Sf(z4Sf)Adult (f)1,85956318
iJZS(iJZS)Adult (m)1,4358628
fWQaRhian Terra EceraAdult (m)2,5034619
oefHOraken Terra EceraAdult (f)2,22138510
I7aFAesri Terramentum EceraAdult (f)2,26570313
OPNIsIana Terra EceraAdult (f)3,78897312
G90X0(G90X0)Adult (f)6,2714197
1CBUrGabin Terra EceraAdult (m)5,04251615
VtaMlOldan Terramentum EceraAdult (m)3,53862130
Ndsf5Jacia Terra EceraAdult (f)4,3339018
ljm6FDoen Terra EceraAdult (f)6,3524413
noMmgTreiva Terra EceraAdult (f)4,65676416
ZRjEZAona Terra EceraAdult (f)6,2131,00616
GSVYgAlea Terra EceraAdult (f)5,58970712
KuYuDCaina CognatioAdult (f)4,57571513
qW7UDCridon Terra EceraAdult (m)5,47748917
VGvAn(VGvAn)Adult (f)4,2068538
VjUHtVyn Terramentum AearaAdult (m)4,60832810
AcBh8Etenia Terra EceraAdult (f)4,60830812
kYtmVCserin Terra EceraAdult (f)5,16452515
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