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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Quinney,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
BNJNGAdventurous Anemone 3GAdult (f)3,5691,0661
pYbeJPonderous Petunia 3GAdult (f)4,8131,0993
OJmV9Lavish Lobelia 3GAdult (m)3,3271,0823
RB8qgFlowerpot Man 4GAdult (m)3,2191,0733
yJsvyGranite Crystal 3GAdult (f)4,2639781
8MrnFCrystal Shard 3GAdult (m)8,3991,0685
UMAq9Umaq Lapuz 2GAdult (f)5,1236942
d2rmmTo Dream Lapuz 2GAdult (m)5,5597591
VV1hvLapis Sa-Sa Have 4GAdult (m)4,9411,0352
7TngALapis Tinga 6GAdult (f)5,1021,0452
TYLjwGreen Lapis 3GAdult (f)4,6689973
ovcNPCrystal Blue Albi I 14GAdult (m)4,8791,3864
qEDKXBubble Bath Baby GoldHatchling (F)4,2086852
lCmEnBubble Blower I 16GHatchling (m, F)6,1701,2758
DVgC3Bubble BeadsHatchling (f, F)2,5037422
ikS56Bubble Sike 2GAdult (m)3,6101,1501
Ji2WHBubble Wake 2GAdult (m)3,5841,1552
MYcquBubble Quince 2GAdult (m)3,9031,3144
NgRdmBubble Grandom 2GAdult (m)3,8291,2601
zV3PiBubble Zevip 2GAdult (m)4,3761,0752
ZXzOiBubble Xzoiz 2GAdult (m)3,5011,1022
JuCJsBubble Cujjs 2GAdult (m)6,8968161
mMHWYBubble Whyem 2GAdult (m)3,4501,0661
JCMPfBubble Jumpy 2GAdult (m)4,1291,2712
QJ3AtBubble Quiver 2GAdult (f)6,6011,1804
tJY3YBubble Tey 2GAdult (f)3,7831,1571
o8ARsBubble Roars 2GAdult (f)7,6818582
qmvFIBubble Quiff 2GAdult (f)3,6471,1651
ohLATBubble Ohlat 2GAdult (f)3,7101,1163
rJGoIBubble Jorgol 2GAdult (f)4,0831,2853
mgCVfBubble Vance 2GAdult (f)3,9431,2062
vaDZgBubble Zag 2GAdult (f)3,8111,1071
PBXWsBubble Scuba 3GAdult (f)4,8059671
GbLHaBubbleAndSqueak 3GAdult (m)7,5441,4963
79hNBubble Beauty 3GAdult (m)7,0371,1518
K0DwxBubble Deap Sea 3GAdult (m)5,9866682
xbaPLBlax 4GAdult (m)4,1221,1462
wQljHBubbles High IQ 4GAdult (m)5,8991,1622
38iMYBubble Yimmy 2GAdult (f)4,0621,0762
5xAwxBubble Wectvajx Thuwed 3GAdult (f)6,9881,2962
U8y89Bubble Dollop 5GAdult (f)4,0659932
gVArfCirly Baby AltHatchling (F)1,9951331
unbT6Curly Baby AltHatchling (F)2,1455863
XZ6ijCurly Wurly Baby AltHatchling (F)1,5952361
z11VXBaby Zilvax AltHatchling (F)2,0012212
FnWhTCurly Boy Swirly AltHatchling (m, F)3,5418831
NdafoCurly Girly AltHatchling (f, F)5,4381,1331
qSWcRCurly Alt SwirlyHatchling (m, F)4,3151,0211
1NqhOThe Altered SitterHatchling (F)1,7944331
HALPFHalf PriceHatchling (F)1,2512352
OrLkRBlack In The Night AltHatchling (m, F)3,9651,0114
fV75bSefisv  AltHatchling (m, F)4,9988991
i4WY1Black Yiawi Alt 2GAdult (m)7,6991,4693
zGVkZBlack Zek Alt 2GAdult (m)4,3761,0581
m5UoKBlack Smouk Alt 3GAdult (m)6,4991,1782
40oOaBlack OAoo Alt 4GAdult (m)4,5991,0483
egvthBlack Knight  AltAdult (m)5,6061,22710
PWNeIBlack Kingdom AltAdult (m)2,0087482
2MV6WBlack Samurai AltAdult (m)6,0711,3801
w7SxOBlack Atlantic AltAdult (m)7,6061,2076
CYaU6Black Cyausi AltAdult (m)6,2821,1434
qEfZ8Black Dyke AltAdult (m)4,15291521
ahXmRBlack Obsidian AltAdult (m)6,1181,0474
UrBerBlack Jet AltAdult (m)5,5941,3282
apWgTBlack Scorpion AltAdult (m)5,9331,3362
aR4iHBlack Harair AltAdult (m)5,1901,2622
VriK4Black Vrika AltAdult (m)6,3211,0902
VHA3QBlack Platinum AltAdult (f)6,0061,4432
UdCvsBlack Hole Alt 2GAdult (f)6,4261,2702
aaGuWBlack Gauw Alt 2GAdult (f)4,4111,1152
vNAotBlack Vanot Alt 2GAdult (f)6,2651,1883
1jIqWBlack Wilq Alt 2GAdult (f)6,2731,1904
F4HaHBlack Fahah Alt 2GAdult (f)5,0911,0992
PqBZBlack Is Beautiful AltAdult (f)5,3871,43334
0ETv3Black Tevoe AltAdult (f)8,4991,2593
9C3nfBlack Dahlia AltAdult (f)3,7817644
xKHEWBlack Whek AltAdult (f)4,0781,0563
IzhdqBlack Izhoq AltAdult (f)4,1361,0562
YivBkBlack Narcissus AltAdult (f)4,9227612
pKtSGBlack Diamond AltAdult (f)6,7541,1535
Nfo2PBlack Scryer AltAdult (f)6,0901,3693
ySeJgBlack Ebony Sunshine AltAdult (f)3,1986107
u6TB0Black Tusibo  AltAdult (f)6,4601,0994
5VJ0fBlack Necromancer AltAdult (f)5,1841,2071
rBUXYBlack Buxy Recaptured AltAdult (f)4,00391716
HtqfrSleckHatchling (F)2,2236553
gh5TiBlack Coal DustHatchling (f, F)3,1447617
hPRUtBlack Bituminous CBAdult (m)4,2831,0011
qMDXkBlack Yard CBAdult (m)4,3551,0912
TVknBBlack Jenkin CBAdult (m)6,2759731
UaRUoBlack Jud CBAdult (m)4,9821,0881
pfx42Black  Rain CBAdult (m)6,0361,2651
pckKIBlack Downthrow CBAdult (m)4,2841,0071
tyuUpBlack Chock CBAdult (m)4,3221,0411
rZOSqBlack Dyke CBAdult (m)6,0581,2772
oAtYwBlack  Sough CBAdult (m)4,6871,0981
uxV5dBlack Seam CBAdult (m)5,9001,0811
MqOFNBlack Pit Brow CBAdult (m)5,1261,0705
EjoeYBlack Pit Cage CBAdult (m)2,7639353
pSA39Black Winder CBAdult (m)4,7411,1331
QPiNBBlack Brattice CBAdult (m)6,0371,1412
i2BhyBlack Drift CBAdult (m)4,4101,0992
7RnhLBlack Hurrier CBAdult (m)4,8111,1471
tUOiKBlack In The Night CBAdult (m)2,9701,0173
486QaBlack Midnight Stroll CBAdult (m)3,6411,0443
SQMNlBlack Bell CBAdult (m)3,5821,0891
xpz3XBlack Coal Of The Night CBAdult (m)2,5619733
qu9iyBlack Pearl CBAdult (m)2,6797811
j9PzjBlack Guardian CBAdult (m)2,7668191
jQoiRBlack Bevin CBAdult (m)3,1041,0582
iDKdiBlack Bind CBAdult (m)3,8001,0661
DbFwpBlack Pit-Eye CBAdult (m)6,0031,1711
kjK1iBlack Trapper CBAdult (m)4,4501,0742
AN5DfBlack Life Dahn Pit CBAdult (m)4,6031,1931
K9tw9Black Pit Shaft CBAdult (m)4,3621,1316
TfzSTA Ride On The Coal Wagon CBAdult (m)4,5331,0373
W7JzPBlack One Mile Underground CBAdult (m)5,6351,1673
nlyyyBlack Dataller CBAdult (f)4,2621,0291
Ui8H4Black Overwind CBAdult (f)4,9251,0991
mvUleBlack Butterfly  CBAdult (f)4,0201,0672
9nUWDThe Miner's Daughter CBAdult (f)3,8381,0791
hzmmvBlack Inside Coyle Oyl CBAdult (f)4,1231,0781
UNxjtBlack Pit Head Gear CBAdult (f)4,3891,1942
ac3uhBlack Slope CBAdult (m)4,9611,1182
DK7HBBlack As Coil CBAdult (f)4,0871,1032
U3UXABlack Upthrow CBAdult (f)4,9231,1861
EtAP5Black Hewer CBAdult (f)4,3141,1092
jHj4iBlack Outbye CBAdult (f)4,8781,0571
YqN26Black Furnace CBAdult (f)4,0601,1042
D8vVzBlack Inbye CBAdult (f)5,5451,1152
MNUvJBlack Puncheon CBAdult (f)4,5421,0571
D5FxQBlack Sinker CBAdult (f)4,7261,0741
dbyk3Black Sough CBAdult (f)5,0711,0211
e4PZtBlack Koepe CBAdult (f)4,8241,1551
SSa6uBlack Shadow is Home CBAdult (f)4,0921,0973
r3VOjBlack Tomb CBAdult (f)2,8577681
kd0rXBlack Level CBAdult (f)5,3601,0162
cREliBlack Adit CBAdult (f)6,1491,1811
US3BKBlack Dawn Chorus CBAdult (f)2,5588633
TJbw1Black Midnight Initials CBAdult (f)3,6651,0401
98oreBlack Midnight Hour CBAdult (f)4,9921,1392
2Seo6Black Midnight Sparkle CBAdult (f)3,0781,0444
fW6QKBlack Striker Work CBAdult (f)3,7641,1141
AVtdGBlack Avid Garter CBAdult (f)4,3401,0753
m8nqvBlack Magick CBAdult (f)5,8138944
4PPEpBlack Pit Donkey CBAdult (f)4,3561,2003
UeJ1pBlack Coal For January CBAdult (f)7,4171,0322
21SbmBlack Slamb 2GAdult (m)4,2519951
kcck2Black Kook 2GAdult (m)4,8961,1182
1YSNgBlack Ysing 2GAdult (m)4,3091,0212
jfqwzBlack Jewf 2GAdult (m)4,4171,0041
XXwWJBlack Wij 2GAdult (m)7,6731,1573
qEagqBlack Geak 2GAdult (m)4,2871,0141
ov28iBlack Ovi 2GAdult (m)4,2281,0161
EcNcGBkkack Ecnog 2GAdult (m)4,7851,1192
vXmtqBlack Maxtav 2GAdult (m)4,3871,1021
fK1D6Black Skidsi 2GAdult (m)4,8571,1283
n0P4pBlack Noapo 2GAdult (f)4,8571,0972
MCIt9Black Mictil 2GAdult (f)5,9021,1861
OQOVXBlack Vooqo 2GAdult (f)4,2681,0251
9HpYEBlack Phynie 2GAdult (f)4,7621,0741
IP2tYBlack Pityoo 2GAdult (f)4,3991,0261
eEl3SBlack Eisee 2GAdult (f)6,2931,2111
aaOt1Black Atola 2GAdult (f)4,8711,1143
Uqd7uBlack Duqu 2GAdult (f)4,8161,1311
miKwuBlack Mikwu 3GAdult (f)4,3351,0261
1n6UPBlack Siup 3GAdult (m)4,4241,0462
QieO9Black Qie Letters 3GAdult (m)4,2429502
vbcyRBlack Viceroy 3GAdult (m)4,6119864
1mdTfBlack Emdet 3GAdult (m)6,1581,2152
QYfhqBlack Qyfh 3GAdult (m)4,0221,0721
4LT0jBlack Altoj  3GAdult (m)4,8971,1451
Empq5Black Emp 3GAdult (m)4,7141,1112
KDCXoBlack Looking To Grow Big 3GAdult (f)5,8871,2803
p7whKBlack Pesew 3GAdult (f)3,7191,0351
oLpkDBlack Dolk 3GAdult (f)4,0561,0772
anlEEBlack Anlee 3GAdult (f)4,0561,1052
1rJSHBlack Stint 4GAdult (f)6,0701,2502
hRaTFBlack Thraft 4GAdult (m)4,0839832
fWVyCBlack Alt Line 4GAdult (f)7,6811,1442
8TuD1Black Toodui 4GAdult (m)4,4001,0441
69jE7Black Rain 4G PBAdult (f)6,9931,1482
vaMHCSprit Alt 4GAdult (m)7,4861,1063
X4WY8Black Tilting To The Right 5GAdult (m)3,3031,0644
arJTRBlack Cascade Lineage 5GAdult (f)4,7241,0785
Qd58IBlack Dooq 5GAdult (f)6,2251,1361
szu0QBlack Osouz 6GAdult (f)3,8981,0011
ZmYx5The Blackest Knight 6GAdult (m)3,3081,1164
Qfj5eBlack Sweetling 3GAdult (m)7,7001,2104
ewofMBlack Witchlight 3GAdult (f)7,8801,2563
MmmZPHmmm Zap 3GAdult (f)4,2513633
YCaFICafe Yonder 3GAdult (f)3,4501,0923
3TQcmShadowy Gold 3GAdult (f)5,0551,4302
Q3VAhVahoe Copper 3GAdult (f)4,9129973
X2HC8I Want To Be Golden 4GAdult (m)3,4688753
JvguBStone For Knight 4GAdult (f)3,3718843
E42QtNot Quite Right 4GAdult (f)5,4261,4902
rA7FlBlack  Silver 4GAdult (f)6,5951,1262
qIoSfColour Corner 6GAdult (m)5,9931,1001
NX0SRCoalhouse Bronze Step 6GAdult (m)4,7381,1918
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