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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Quinney,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
8Og77Gool Phidius CBAdult (f)9,4241,4754
10qSgTosq Phidius CBAdult (f)9,2551,4513
x1f3gBaby ItusHatchling (F)3,4318407
YiusBTeen ItusHatchling (m, F)4,4961,0357
Sme52Ems Itus Cantor CBAdult (m)7,2851,34012
8IkapKalp Itus Cantor CBAdult (m)7,2181,41129
8iikVVooki Itus Cantor CBAdult (f)6,3481,33710
TKGhzGith Itus Cantor CBAdult (f)7,2581,31313
9qQMbBaby MundusHatchling (F)3,2798312
kSJN3Teen MundusHatchling (f, F)5,6061,19210
rpXnHArph Mundus Cantor CBAdult (m)6,4501,35710
48mwGGooma Mundus Cantor CBAdult (m)7,0281,3652
RzDJVZerd  Mundus Cantor CBAdult (f)7,1091,3887
Fe5haFesha   Mundus Cantor CBAdult (f)6,9641,3327
ZFcg6Zefsi Mundus Cantor CBAdult (f)7,1551,3181
l5HXYBaby SophosHatchling (F)1,8265572
myXEpTeen SophosHatchling (f, F)5,5759946
LTLmeMetel Sophos Cantor CBAdult (m)6,5661,34512
2XUQYQuxy Sophos Cantor CBAdult (m)5,4811,26010
8TWlwWoolt Sophos Cantor CBAdult (m)5,9331,29310
k8lXmKloom Sophos Cantor CBAdult (f)6,4481,32713
BV1E5Bies Sophos Cantor CBAdult (f)5,6641,25810
QWjQY(QWjQY)Hatchling (F)2,1032295
FtvmYTeen IratusHatchling (m, F)4,2081,0584
5wqQiWis Iratus Cantor CBAdult (m)5,3711,2356
XzwMKExem Iratus Cantor CBAdult (m)5,4371,2655
peNCFPence  Iratus Cantor CBAdult (f)5,4771,2507
9yGCnCyn Iratus Cantor CBAdult (f)5,4621,2726
o5oRGEquinox BabyHatchling (F)1,5784602
oYBWNTeen EquinoxHatchling (f, F)3,4098553
KbKdLkabka Equinox CBAdult (m)6,3911,2962
ayehiAyehi Equinox CBAdult (m)5,1661,2263
IyPEwPlewy Equinox CBAdult (m)6,8121,2315
7lfk0Kolfo Equinox CBAdult (m)5,0231,1671
kIlSsSlik Equinox CBAdult (m)6,8231,2502
sKWSGEskaw Equinox CBAdult (m)4,2991,1136
MnJhjEmen Equinox CBAdult (f)4,3781,1165
3D48BBead Equinox CBAdult (f)7,5741,2675
XHVIJHijux Equinox CBAdult (f)4,9031,1412
QiapnPinaq Equinox CBAdult (f)5,2061,1814
leLwfLewf Equinox CBAdult (f)6,8381,2684
blA48Blae Equinox CBAdult (f)4,5331,1195
1SdJYBaby MistraHatchling (F)1,5545061
7QtWLYoung Boy MistraHatchling (m, F)3,4708501
qLevjYoung Girl MistraHatchling (f, F)3,3958791
F1IcaFalci Mistra CBAdult (m)7,0751,2504
hxQH2Choh Mistra CBAdult (m)6,9341,2442
I0BT3Bleeto Mistra CBAdult (m)4,8151,1782
UwkUuUwuku Mistra CBAdult (m)4,5051,0886
O0kI5Sookle Mistra CBAdult (m)4,8911,1362
X54oUFifo Mistra CBAdult (m)5,3171,1983
c8bdFCeid Mistra CBAdult (m)6,0321,2503
iisfHShifi Mistra CBAdult (m)3,2727202
VfLnfVeln Mistra CBAdult (f)5,9431,1392
BfLd6Flob Mistra CBAdult (f)5,2211,1442
NU8zRNuroo Mistra CBAdult (f)5,5701,0622
oKJTVKajot Mistra CBAdult (f)6,1561,2695
BKskWBeske Mistra CBAdult (f)6,1261,2573
emJXhJhem Mistra CBAdult (f)4,9571,1863
UyzYsZyusy Mistra CBAdult (f)4,8331,1222
3MdQCDeeq Mistra CBAdult (f)4,8681,1172
3R5XASerax Mistra CBAdult (f)4,0359723
EVNs0Evons Mistra CBAdult (f)7,2781,2495
i6kdUBaby AstaarHatchling (F)2,7503111
Jocc2Boy Teen AstaarHatchling (m, F)4,4939462
ZwvABGirl Teen AstaarHatchling (f, F)5,2688321
xn34AAthof Astaarus CBAdult (m)6,2121,1673
6Kax1Sikax Astaarus CBAdult (m)7,1931,3546
ZPaG8Zagoo Astaarus CBAdult (m)4,7051,1042
AT4C1Atacia Astaarus CBAdult (m)5,7551,0923
7wBNtBetwse Astaarus CBAdult (m)6,1501,1592
fKz5OSofk Astaarus CBAdult (m)5,1461,2023
XZi0PPioz Astaarus CBAdult (m)6,8371,3265
CxKivKiv Astaarus CBAdult (f)6,8861,3125
ORg0lOrgio Astaarus CBAdult (f)6,1421,2173
vSpLwVesp Astaarus CBAdult (f)4,7081,0883
6X7gdSisel Astaarus CBAdult (f)6,2211,0894
UUKv3Ukuv Astaarus CBAdult (f)5,7641,1746
Zd7bcZesed Astaarus CBAdult (f)7,1611,3424
k1UU4Baby SkyeHatchling (F)2,4903012
YaAwmTeen SkyeHatchling (f, F)5,4268491
8sLpoEisel Skystrider CBAdult (m)6,7351,3262
HrmrsSemar Skystrider CBAdult (m)6,1581,1593
wP649Pesini Skystrider CBAdult (m)6,0921,1855
IJwrBBrij Skystrider CBAdult (m)5,3281,2173
qAZatQazat SkyStrider CBAdult (m)5,2061,1844
M3s8kMeesk Skystrider CBAdult (m)5,1421,1873
Dow1oDowlo Skystrider CBAdult (m)4,8251,1692
KDOArKroad Skystrider CBAdult (m)6,8591,3193
A66CFAsisi Skystrider CBAdult (f)6,7741,3314
itBx6Bitsi Skystrider CBAdult (f)6,1041,1814
34EyGGeya Skystrider CBAdult (f)5,1391,1682
JvWQOJuvwoo Skystrider CBAdult (f)4,8721,1602
OYVPtPoyt Skystrider CBAdult (f)5,0401,1652
iRrRSSirs Skystrider CBAdult (f)6,1261,1882
HSFZiZish Skystrider CBAdult (f)6,9621,3063
e8nuxBaby PseudoHatchling (F)1,4584933
peUVnTeen PseudoHatchling (f, F)3,2949071
zNM2wZeen Pseudo CBAdult (m)4,7771,1561
2eaDoZeado Pseudo CBAdult (m)4,6801,1931
MVDsCEmve Pseudo CBAdult (m)6,6351,3563
IL8HxHiloox Pseudo CBAdult (m)9,1091,4074
Zs3yNZeesy Pseudo CBAdult (m)6,5661,3173
ZCfe0Cefo Pseudo CBAdult (f)4,8651,1793
7wgFASedoa Pseudo CBAdult (f)6,2541,3202
60FVTSizof Pseudo CBAdult (f)6,4521,3501
2DYgvDyg Pseudo CBAdult (f)5,0811,2331
TT1fIBaby EluxHatchling (F)1,4875131
94wtzTeen EluxHatchling (m, F)3,1829091
MpC9OEmni Elux CBAdult (m)6,0141,2641
Wp5A2Pefi Elux CBAdult (m)5,9461,2433
8hb5hSheib Eulx CBAdult (m)5,0401,1942
YSIGMSigmy Elux CBAdult (m)4,0171,1065
6xOjzSiexo Elux CBAdult (m)3,9581,1081
G1cUGGeon Elux CBAdult (f)6,3541,3323
7F6wDSeefsi Elux CBAdult (f)4,1271,1483
UZHkrZuhrk Elux CBAdult (f)8,8361,1512
Tnf2mEnte Elux CBAdult (f)4,8561,1821
248htThof Elux CBAdult (f)6,1501,2951
oQAOFBrown Baby AlecdineHatchling (F)1,8912232
bR7HuBrown Teen AlecdineHatchling (m, F)3,3459132
tK0VEKove Alcedine CBAdult (m)7,7991,43210
2nmuENume Alecdine CBAdult (m)7,8861,3972
cPo5rScop Alecdine CBAdult (f)5,1901,2082
B2LHjHJB Alecdine CBAdult (f)4,7231,0971
Cjuq6Baby Blue AlecdineHatchling (F)2,1542142
kijDMTeen Blue AlecdineHatchling (f, F)4,6758093
2JtZEJetz Alecdine CBAdult (m)5,1371,2322
nQwW4Qwan Alecdine CBAdult (m)7,4991,3891
yFt4yFayt Alecdine CBAdult (m)6,7421,1014
8y4mAYama Alcedine CBAdult (f)5,2901,2683
9zY6hSish Aldcedine CBAdult (f)7,3721,3522
g1kGSSkigg Alecdine CBAdult (f)6,1171,1142
pAQ7hBaby SapoHatchling (F)2,1801952
4v3HpTeen SapoHatchling (m, F)5,0198423
G4W79Seni Sapo CBAdult (m)7,6111,3987
6Dz1fSidel Sapo CBAdult (m)7,4301,3611
0GDvWVowd Sapo CBAdult (m)7,6751,3601
EW7XSSlewx Sapo CBAdult (m)5,0041,1824
AlYDbBayid Sapo CBAdult (m)5,1311,1842
D20CpPoc Sapo CBAdult (m)4,9201,1702
zcwWuWuzu Sapo CBAdult (m)7,4661,3792
TUYvCCuty Sapo CBAdult (f)6,3711,3405
sNeWmSweno Sapo CBAdult (f)7,4611,3842
DlVFADifa Sapo CBAdult (f)5,6471,1744
vp1cLVlic Sapo CBAdult (f)7,4501,3971
MLMqKMolq Sapo CBAdult (f)5,5361,1322
WNaAyWanay Sapo CBAdult (f)7,8661,3901
m1PTUBaby CloudplumeHatchling (F)1,8145351
3lS3GTeen CloudplumeHatchling (m, F)4,5601,0043
fm2H9Nish Cloudplume CBAdult (m)7,7551,4294
7bP7ySebey Cloudplume CBAdult (m)7,4081,3572
7Wx6USiluw CloudPlume CBAdult (m)4,9391,1401
Ne5KaNeska Cloudplume CBAdult (m)7,3121,3091
31a8YYale Cloudplume CBAdult (m)7,6421,3652
2W4tBBawt Cloudplume CBAdult (f)5,1771,2411
DvnniDunni Cloudplume CBAdult (f)7,3101,3443
OkPMVMovok CloudPlume CBAdult (f)4,9501,1473
LGj0bBloj Cloudplume CBAdult (f)5,2501,2281
UrwIQWurl Cloudplume CBAdult (f)7,7221,3711
v5x3dBaby LabradoriteHatchling (F)2,2272335
Ts5ONTeen LabradoriteHatchling (f, F)4,4268467
NZzFLZen Labradorite CBAdult (m)8,1661,4555
Fsi8PFisp Labradorite CBAdult (m)7,1551,3401
IduzhIduzh Labradorite CBAdult (m)5,5691,1162
3zmZYMezy Labradorite CBAdult (m)4,7061,1091
SbPzDEsbe Labradorite CBAdult (m)4,8061,1191
bHEsGBesh Labradorite CBAdult (m)7,7471,3471
Lm4IbLamb Labradorite CBAdult (f)7,7511,4116
q4Qg3Qagee Labradonite CBAdult (f)5,8171,1092
8p2c0Pooco Labradorite CBAdult (f)5,9721,1143
oceb8Cobe Labradorite CBAdult (f)6,0831,1113
9GEeKGeek Labradorite CBAdult (f)5,2491,2053
nY5FLFlyns Labradorite CBAdult (f)7,9361,4023
g3mWTBaby VenturisHatchling (F)1,5843812
awWwwYoung Man VenturisHatchling (m, F)4,5488934
XOLXqYoung Lady VenturisHatchling (f, F)4,3968402
q2STMStim Venturis CBAdult (m)7,5091,1732
Ggy0NGygion Venturis CBAdult (m)7,7941,2362
dAJKNKand Venturis CBAdult (m)7,7851,2262
z9tsYNitsy Venturis CBAdult (m)5,9551,0632
RIOy2Ryio Venturis CBAdult (m)7,5791,1926
w6MAyMaysi Venturis CBAdult (m)6,0771,0572
03zPiOpiz Venturis CBAdult (f)7,5391,2002
uM8fmFummo Venturis CBAdult (f)7,5851,1734
Pf18cPifcoo Venturis CBAdult (f)3,2578792
5CUGfScuf Venturis CBAdult (f)3,3359011
WC7SpCesep Venturis CBAdult (f)7,3811,1672
Pcpv9Nipp Venturis CBAdult (f)7,6631,2313
HM7ENBaby Incu XolHatchling (F)3,8766793
B7cLHTeen Incu XolHatchling (m, F)5,2598381
KTnzKKantz Xol CBAdult (m)7,5431,1992
SO8LrSolor Xol CBAdult (m)7,5641,1714
cI7vGSegi Xol CBAdult (f)7,6341,1782
eq3UrEquer Xol CBAdult (f)7,4701,1822
vFBR2Baby Blue XolHatchling (F)1,1792811
S2sveTeen Blue XolHatchling (f, F)9,1491,3021
19w5fNifife Xol CBAdult (m)8,8931,3313
PyDGhPhyd Xol CBAdult (m)8,8121,2453
0MkksMokks Xol CBAdult (m)10,4181,3821
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