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You pick up the scroll labeled “Quinney,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
j9bJ4Purple At The Village CBAdult (m)4,7316674
vbxlvPurple At The Beach  CBAdult (m)8,1251,3362
p1VozPurple At The Aeriator CBAdult (m)6,4919383
SuiPlPurple At The Shed CBAdult (m)3,9325413
QOd9xPurple At The Mountain CBAdult (m)3,5974552
nkKI8Purple At The Sea CBAdult (m)4,9037284
FfNjmPurple At The Lighthouse CBAdult (m)3,7215472
yFf5rPurple At The Dig CBAdult (m)4,7031,0233
ZZhlAPurple At The Ford CBAdult (m)5,3549703
OWvorPurple At The Diner CBAdult (m)5,1351,0332
MaS7KPurple At The Great Lake CBAdult (f)5,0211,2346
uvuOjPurple At The Vouju CBAdult (f)4,3661,2623
0t8RLPurple In The Lakeland CBAdult (f)4,1198854
sBT2CPurple At The River CBAdult (f)5,3171,3602
OuI7cPurple At The Marshlands CBAdult (f)5,4951,2695
LH8FjPurple At The Waterfall CBAdult (f)3,9911,1333
RT8c2Purple At The Crater CBAdult (f)3,9169087
vgf0BPurple At The Temple CBAdult (f)3,8481,0221
6vW7nPurple At The View CBAdult (f)3,6581,0031
lHZSSPurple At The Gate CBAdult (f)4,6657112
oeRtHPurple At The Throw CBAdult (f)3,9911,2456
HOpvdPurple At The Playhouse CBAdult (f)4,5526113
en2UmPurple At The Driveway CBAdult (f)3,3454131
m89phPurple At The Motorway CBAdult (f)4,2261,0342
4vbUnPurple In The Snowpatch CBAdult (f)6,7821,2111
hc9jJPurple At The Jich CBAdult (f)3,6011,1482
KgX9HPurple At The Pagoda CBAdult (f)3,2148202
qTNCePurple At The Scenery CBAdult (f)4,8716784
FnM7NPurple At The Beach CBAdult (f)4,9997223
vafk2Purple At The Fford CBAdult (f)5,0538943
uBLlCPurple At The Barley Field CBAdult (f)6,0907803
h2q9ePurple At The Garden Centre CBAdult (f)5,6781,1202
8mphZPurple In The Slow Lane CBAdult (f)5,0441,1391
zBTJaPurple At The Longboat CBAdult (f)5,1961,0913
PutyBPurple At The Fool's Day CBAdult (f)5,8881,1021
pgL9EPurple Three two'sAdult (f)7,0101,1912
AqSzvPurply Vasiq 2GAdult (m)5,8921,1621
5KwdRPurply Skward 2GAdult (m)8,7281,0495
i2jR5Purply Rogis 2GAdult (m)5,2411,0691
pevkcPurply Orchestra 2GAdult (m)5,4417583
KGFElPurply Fieg 2GAdult (f)6,9451,0652
cm3LqPurply Beetle 2GAdult (f)6,8791,0603
dxDzlPurply Diezel 2GAdult (f)5,0771,0903
H2tXGPurply Hexagon 2GAdult (f)5,2401,0574
DfEtMPurply Deftme 2GAdult (f)5,4148771
qHHcsPurply Contrary 2GAdult (f)5,9941,1082
0Jf4sPurply Honey 2GAdult (f)4,7254141
bcaDaPurply Abracadabra 2GAdult (f)4,8427982
H2jQDPurply Light 3GAdult (f)5,4181,0073
RWBU9Purply Burw 3GAdult (m)5,6611,0822
gl7OcPurply Centre 3GAdult (m)5,3527591
uTXlYPurply Utixity 4GAdult (f)5,9701,0224
TVGpBPurpik Gen Hazy 2GAdult (m)6,1081,2161
4foU6Goldie Purp 3GAdult (m)5,2287033
4G7NMPurple Bright 3GAdult (m)4,7186984
JHWA8Purple Arsani 3GAdult (m)5,3057844
XYDd7Sit Silver Next To Me 4GAdult (m)5,6721,1402
WmE7EPurple Lewem 2GAdult (f)4,1395921
MaPlPPurple Bouncer 2GAdult (f)3,9795662
PT6L9Purpik Gen Crazy 2GAdult (f)6,2131,2681
Nn466Purple Ceystal 2GAdult (f)5,2086473
A3OWPurple Ice Wood 3GAdult (f)3,9731,2896
nrV4QPurple  Airspace 3GAdult (f)5,2387591
KycLNPurple AmphiSheen 3GAdult (f)4,9411,0394
vHf0yPurple Silver 4GAdult (f)4,8487382
OWZRSSeven Purple FamilyAdult (m)4,6166802
kQykJElegant FamilyAdult (m)5,0788883
pVgxxPurple Neat FamilyAdult (m)3,8337014
seh5OSeisho FamilyAdult (m)8,1761,1393
6YbrwPurple Spiraller FamilyAdult (m)4,5356893
Esy2rPurple Shimmers FamilyAdult (m)4,7097043
gMpb4Mauve FamilyAdult (m)7,3901,1613
LXGDPSpark FamilyAdult (f)8,1251,0956
cSWsdScood FamilyAdult (f)8,1281,1371
Gup7GGuplig FamilyAdult (m)6,5001,0944
tLjx2Coded FamilyAdult (m)7,4108722
yy2xvVextoo FamilyAdult (m)5,9059332
TcC9nToocan FamilyAdult (m)7,4071,1224
WlSrPurple Disguise FamilyAdult (m)8,8121,6797
TrkXPurple Catch FamilyAdult (m)2,4725852
JEQUsSilver Jequs FamilyAdult (m)5,3248632
4HEsPurple Greener FamilyAdult (m)6,4931,2604
bZB4yPurple Small FamilyAdult (m)4,0586343
9QiFnFinq FamilyAdult (m)5,0898952
CQN18Cooni FamilyAdult (f)5,2529154
iywqxPurple At The Holly BushesAdult (f)4,4891,0222
HQlHJHoihj FamilyAdult (f)5,2328722
gyAr5Purple Variegate FamilyAdult (f)4,1885762
58sxPSummer FamilyAdult (f)5,3508935
P2izKPurple in Spiral FamilyAdult (f)3,6106062
FcbaRFabcar FamilyAdult (f)6,1421,1663
AUXX3Purpley Golden FamilyAdult (f)4,1966042
isEkOSeiko FamilyAdult (f)5,4369604
bNvBvPurple Bronze FamilyAdult (f)5,2346532
vuX6VPurple Shimmer FamilyAdult (f)5,1517571
JawKHPurple Silvshim FamilyAdult (f)5,2496693
FlYH1Purple Bronze Orchid FamilyAdult (f)6,7806832
VRCqTPurple Prize FamilyAdult (f)5,3176582
LzXIsPurple Zillix FamilyAdult (f)5,4497172
nZzfEPurple Crazy FamilyAdult (f)4,7136664
5ZUzgZurge FamilyAdult (f)5,3089572
KbksPurple  Herb FamilyAdult (f)4,6408203
DbkKGPurple Scattered FamilyAdult (f)5,6087371
9gufsPurple Guffs FamilyAdult (f)5,0498393
Lh7MMPurple Blade FamilyAdult (f)6,2468101
gFppUGoofu FamilyAdult (f)5,9328922
cXNCPPurple Spin FamilyAdult (f)4,0506723
1VnGCBaby AetherHatchling (F)1,9205013
Fwr1lTeen AetherHatchling (m, F)4,1147962
fzf4efazef Aether CBAdult (m)4,1991,1403
gQOuWWougo Aether CBAdult (m)4,1751,1672
z43ezZaeez Aether CBAdult (m)5,7251,2352
vDridDrid Aether CBAdult (m)5,8951,2602
PTFnPToppon Aether CBAdult (m)6,7741,5091
rSButButres Aether CBAdult (m)5,3261,0922
ZWWniWiniz Aether CBAdult (m)6,7951,4922
WvL3TLuwte Aether CBAdult (m)4,9491,1112
OTvULTovul Aether CBAdult (m)4,5861,0992
BcidNNid Aether CBAdult (m)3,9121,1341
8eY6mMoosey Aether CBAdult (m)6,1021,3832
7Eqo4Leqoa Aether CBAdult (m)6,5831,4321
yWfpNPwyn Aether CBAdult (f)4,4201,1392
bqwIBBowlb Aether CBAdult (f)6,3881,4111
AQI8JAqijoo Aether CBAdult (f)3,9971,1191
OyWpgPowyg Aether CBAdult (f)6,8181,4971
u4WGyWaugy Aether CBAdult (f)4,8611,1391
CeXxtTexec Aether CBAdult (f)6,7461,5251
aWWJPJawp Aether CBAdult (f)4,6301,0982
JFefaFefaj Aether CBAdult (f)4,9441,0501
qg9zIGanil Aether CBAdult (f)6,3301,3664
pUU7kPluku Aether CBAdult (f)4,3581,1632
touTfBaby BorealHatchling (F)1,7285471
bwyOOTeen BorealHatchling (m, F)3,5398892
3iCDNCinde Boreal CBAdult (m)4,6711,1332
yNnNHHynn Boreal CBAdult (m)5,3451,1311
pKYmnPymnk Boreal CBAdult (m)6,0491,2792
7bXaLLaxbal Boreal CBAdult (m)5,9971,2722
wuMyfWumfy Boreal CBAdult (m)5,3241,1641
BLbkSBlackSea Boreal CBAdult (m)3,9221,1143
KgwfNKnowf Boreal CBAdult (m)4,9811,1812
7oKtWKlowt Boreal CBAdult (m)4,5281,1411
tOaUMToamu Boreal CBAdult (f)4,5811,1142
iny1OInylo Boreal CBAdult (f)3,8271,1192
A5n4pAsnap Boreal CBAdult (f)5,6371,1941
MQkCyMocky Boreal CBAdult (f)3,9591,1162
ViXmLVixmel Boreal CBAdult (f)4,5561,1542
82akABaby AshHatchling (F)1,7625481
w4MeoTeen  AshHatchling (m, F)3,5138821
5aPxiPaxis Ash CBAdult (m)4,6411,1661
zkq7sKloqs Ash CBAdult (m)3,8881,1261
5PO56Sposi Ash CBAdult (m)4,6151,1231
Ewg31Gewgi Siyat Seahorse CBAdult (m)5,3101,1173
NQmKgNomko Ash CBAdult (m)3,8021,1192
FO6JuFosiju Ash CBAdult (f)4,5311,1502
9mvDFNive Ash CBAdult (f)4,5071,1481
SaBwASabwa Ash CBAdult (f)5,2751,0931
yOXhrHorxy Ash CBAdult (f)6,0301,2722
ePkhWPhwek Ash CBAdult (f)3,8561,1182
sOlWuSoiwu Ash CBAdult (f)5,2491,1131
ZiO84Zioa Ash CBAdult (f)3,8641,1271
ILFVvBaby Fliv SiyatHatchling (F)5111981
qwd1CTeen Cwid SiyatHatchling (f, F)3,1187752
iTIeWTwiel Siyat Seahorse CBAdult (m)6,6381,2044
2sK6DToosk Siyat Seahorse CBAdult (m)4,2541,0042
xLWQuWuxl Siyat Seahorse CBAdult (m)1,9497602
LU4f5Luafs Siyat Seahorse CBAdult (m)2,8334601
9SpSvNisp Siyat Seahorse CBAdult (m)6,2481,2121
OiitPPoiti Siyat Seahorse CBAdult (m)6,4791,2352
eMpVSVemps Siyat Seahorse CBAdult (m)6,7281,2342
79qqvSeniq Siyat Seahorse CBAdult (m)4,2371,0243
idOcGGidoc Siyat Seahorse CBAdult (m)7,1098501
TEL2gTeltog Siyat Seahorse CBAdult (m)4,3921,0612
Wc9DJJince Siyat Seahorse CBAdult (m)2,6119353
sTX7HThisx Siyat Seahorse CBAdult (f)6,5991,2492
VoYc7Voycl Green Siyat Seahorse 2GAdult (m)2,3428193
GDRcPGord Siyat Seahorse CBAdult (f)4,0339881
dgeSmSmedge Siyat Seahorse CBAdult (f)6,7761,2832
GLgAEGagle Siyat Seahorse CBAdult (f)4,8061,0691
w2Gv5Gussuw Siyat Seahorse CBAdult (f)6,8031,2873
rn6rgGoron Siyat Seahorse CBAdult (f)2,2917922
72La6Blase Siyat Seahorse CBAdult (f)6,9348491
OwBlkBlowk Siyat Seahorse CBAdult (f)2,3188014
ogcZDCogz Siyat Seahorse CBAdult (f)4,3881,0851
ukxo6Uksio Siyat Seahorse CBAdult (f)2,6308905
nWQpwWonop Siyat Seahorse CBAdult (f)8,1901,3952
mINdEBaby MindeHatchling (F)2,5133462
sBlt8Teen BlootsHatchling (m, F)3,4126072
Pyx28Pix Siyat Seahorse CBAdult (m)5,5691,2433
WM91KKlowm Siyat Seahorse CBAdult (m)5,5381,2431
rxR9dNirdex Siyat Seahorse CBAdult (m)5,4341,2032
l7wesWesil Siyat Seahorse CBAdult (m)6,1781,2162
DOCUEDocue Siyat Seahorse CBAdult (m)3,1397064
05FIKSkiof Siyat Seahorse CBAdult (m)5,6331,1452
5vOaXSovak Siyat Seahorse CBAdult (m)7,8839891
B3WugBuwgs Siyay Seahorse CBAdult (m)5,8681,2393
1xannAnnix Siyat Seahorse CBAdult (f)5,5021,1893
K4Yo8Kayo Siyat Seahorse CBAdult (f)5,7391,2193
r2TcQCroot Siyat Seahorse CBAdult (f)5,2691,2201
1ekR2Rekito Siyat Seahorse CBAdult (f)3,2547532
GJbGMMigg Siyat Seahorse CBAdult (f)4,4331,1932
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