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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Quinney,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
miVxXOnly A PrankAdult (m)3,7911,0191
EZiXIUnseen Spell CBAdult (m)5,6301,0973
oAwvYDusty Grimoire CBAdult (m)4,7939335
zQYT5Spell Unbinder CBAdult (m)4,3831,3044
lGMtzMagic Cancelled CBAdult (m)4,7011,1871
jQUjZNo Magick Here CBAdult (f)4,1071,1556
eexbHReversible Magic CBAdult (f)4,5411,4172
7YpX2Blanket Magic CBAdult (f)4,4281,0163
zCc9RSpelless Majesty CBAdult (f)4,8691,3373
NE23sMagic Secret CBAdult (f)5,4529853
3WPT5Damp Spark CBAdult (f)4,0561,1231
DnTIcGolden Autumn 3GAdult (m)5,2109222
Sl5dzFalconry ChickHatchling (F)1,3694571
zxt3fFalconry MasterHatchling (m, F)2,7888371
M2rQdFalconry MissHatchling (f, F)2,6898582
B60rlBoorl Wyvern ArrowAdult (m)12,3381,2186
6Upn7Lupon Falconry CBAdult (m)3,1531,1003
yI6TYHydro Falconry CBAdult (m)3,2001,1382
ZjYrGFalconry New Dawn CBAdult (m)3,3389463
YyJd9Falconry Malkin CBAdult (m)3,5991,0446
LahlYFalconry Lhaly CBAdult (m)3,1799791
GtgGbFalconry Allgee CBAdult (m)3,5011,0881
ir94eFalconry Ire CBAdult (m)3,4551,0201
nXW3zFalconry Zen CBAdult (m)3,2361,1222
zQJLTJoltz Falconry CBAdult (f)3,2641,1573
MiY5uSumiy Falconry CBAdult (f)3,2151,1556
EKxzzFalconry Final CBAdult (f)3,3971,0121
gxG9RFalconry Raggox CBAdult (f)3,5841,0241
uDDMAFalconry Damud CBAdult (f)3,4549842
RxXO9Falconry Rooks CBAdult (f)3,6401,0966
ZaS6AFalconry Azas CBAdult (f)3,5181,0302
Zw69eFalconry Yin-Yang CBAdult (f)3,2051,1511
l8LA8Baby Frosty SparkHatchling (F)1,2644372
pz1e6Firefrost Growing UpHatchling (m, F)2,9678352
RIxOzFirefrost Days CBAdult (m)7,0221,1882
QRTIpFirefrost Torip CBAdult (m)3,7371,1172
oRrX2Firefrost Torox CBAdult (m)5,3889224
9TinoFirefrost Tino CBAdult (m)3,6251,0573
lgK8MFirefrost Sorting CBAdult (m)5,0589661
iISC6Firefrost Slico CBAdult (m)3,1578232
alY2BFirefrost Blay CBAdult (m)3,7421,0783
INAU1Firefrost Inaui CBAdult (m)3,3068713
eXOFfFirefrost Fefox CBAdult (m)4,1281,1104
IO8f3Firefrost Fountain CBAdult (m)3,2391,1533
P7XN8Firefrost Pixie CBAdult (m)3,2401,0522
yopAQFrosty Yapoo CBAdult (m)7,3341,0671
bXkX2Firefrost Book CBAdult (m)3,3831,2185
hmj2GFirefrost Image CBAdult (m)2,8481,0631
FCUj6Firefrost Will It Happen CBAdult (m)4,4081,1011
b63GQFirefrost Bright CBAdult (m)5,7249624
OdWjRFirefrost Wintry CBAdult (m)7,0661,2383
nbC3IFirefrost Crisp CBAdult (m)5,1689771
pROtJFirefrost Mild CBAdult (m)4,7401,0181
r3NinFirefrost Ninja CBAdult (f)3,2741,1272
ekAiVFirefrost Rain CBAdult (f)4,5519112
iw5FpFirefrost Swipe CBAdult (f)2,7441,0022
XB5swFirefrost Sewing Bee CBAdult (f)3,7451,1095
Il6lMFirefrost Limits CBAdult (f)4,2359601
9QaQbFirefrost Booknine CBAdult (f)3,5101,0573
lKigaFirefrost Kilga CBAdult (f)3,6101,0211
7dTFwFirefrost Flawted CBAdult (f)2,6121,0352
0EZSqFirefrost Square CBAdult (f)4,4689984
Zh9feFirefrost Zhefer CBAdult (f)3,1111,0691
wGJXLFirefrost New Year CBAdult (f)6,1299375
Q0PBPFirefrost Flowers CBAdult (f)5,0819922
aYzsGFirefrost Beauty CBAdult (f)6,7341,0693
QP8n4Frosty Panate CBAdult (f)6,1541,1783
19cbeFirefrost Brighter CBAdult (f)4,6369972
xPT4zFirefrost Technology CBAdult (f)6,2891,0223
WWvWfFirefrost Flowery CBAdult (f)5,7361,1913
nizxyFirefrost Spring Snow CBAdult (f)5,2479231
GEp5qFirefrost Success CBAdult (f)6,5651,0771
cZNebFrosty Scneb 2GAdult (m)7,3521,1131
x9SAhFrosty Hashax 2GAdult (m)5,2619712
k9LJeFrosty Jekle 2GAdult (m)5,3049762
WbqPKFrosty Cold 2GAdult (m)8,6571,1143
P1qQ7Frosty Ploqul 2GAdult (m)6,6171,0325
Cbt2TFrosty Cobalt 2GAdult (f)6,2621,1821
4SOnVFrosty Sonva 2GAdult (f)6,1871,0503
uPLIDFrosty Pluid 2GAdult (f)6,9261,0492
X7kAgFrosty Axlag 2GAdult (f)7,6741,0781
nLAPVFrosty Palava 2GAdult (f)8,1571,1122
l5kULFrosty Skully 3GAdult (m)4,0418781
0xqVCFrosty Coxog 3GAdult (m)6,6491,0511
51uTJFrosty Flute 3GAdult (m)5,7281,0432
MYAUTFrosty Myaut 3GAdult (f)5,2141,0292
rIycTFrosty Rilict 3GAdult (f)3,8608742
f52XPFrosty Expel 3GAdult (f)5,8641,0222
ywekiFrosty Wekiy 3GAdult (f)5,2811,0461
uolYRMorning Frost 4GAdult (m)7,1198832
HktAHFrosty Thaka 4GAdult (f)5,0321,0352
BKCYWA Frosty Day 4GAdult (m)4,0708851
GbQOsFrosty Giboos 4GAdult (m)6,9491,0564
h9pvsFrost On The Water 4GAdult (f)5,6811,1071
DF5hqShining Frost 4GAdult (f)7,3359181
YqYkpGround Frost 5GAdult (m)6,3081,0485
dk3EEFrosty Deek 5GAdult (f)5,3549643
bhet7Firefrost Guardian Bhelt  3GSAdult (f)5,5251,0046
drb2eGuardian Drobe 2GAdult (m)4,0981,0913
0hNxpFirefrost Phonx 2GAdult (f)5,3701,0154
0GR7YSilver Frosticle Same 3GAdult (f)4,8291,26311
FJPh0Deep Snow 2G IceAdult (f)3,7531,0053
FOCmJIcefrost 2GAdult (f)7,8631,0352
0sQ0uCrisp Snow Ice 2GAdult (f)3,6301,0713
T19e0Frosty Eto Ice 2GAdult (f)6,0251,2251
Ojhi0Baby BawlHatchling (F)1,3695002
d9jdSScreech YouthHatchling (m, F)2,5987611
sraPOScreaching Opera CBAdult (m)3,1401,0802
Kj4hfScream With Me CBAdult (m)2,8651,0401
y8wWzScreech Forever CBAdult (m)3,3891,1411
sJHL3Hell's Screech CBAdult (m)4,5311,2981
ITqVCQuietly Screech CBAdult (m)3,1291,0152
ETrCyCry Territorial CBAdult (m)3,1601,0042
gyFbMShout Shout Let It All Out CBAdult (m)3,2411,1352
WLuWnCry Wluwun CBAdult (m)3,4969792
P40rsPoars Out Screaming CBAdult (f)3,0431,0121
6xlpYSixex Yelp CBAdult (f)3,7659912
SHmelRoaring Melsh CBAdult (f)2,8641,0321
M93aKMeak Squawk CBAdult (f)3,1639911
NUq94For Crying Out Loud CBAdult (f)2,9511,0792
rOyfzYodel Croak CBAdult (f)3,3741,0161
OtgKaKatoga Shout CBAdult (f)3,0801,0252
G73tcHue And Cry CBAdult (f)3,3311,1493
Bj9WOBaby Ocean SwimmerHatchling (F)1,4675471
Ws8uZYouth SwimmerHatchling (f, F)2,5468071
iCvbkI Am Sailing CBAdult (m)4,1561,3312
Jl2A2Ocean Breathes Salty CBAdult (m)3,6671,2841
GDDADGood Ship Dad CBAdult (m)3,0061,0153
Y4ML9Home Loving Man CBAdult (m)4,2311,3072
A5Q8QSail Away CBAdult (m)3,7669941
3KMEgMy Little Boat So Brave CBAdult (m)2,9721,0111
JH4PrOcean Ranger CBAdult (m)3,4291,0361
WusvcIn The Arms Of The Ocean CBAdult (m)3,3511,0122
MybwDFull Steam Ahead CBAdult (f)3,4599821
5jE0VDeep Blue Jeovas CBAdult (f)3,1931,0112
jWWbUSwallowed In The Sea CBAdult (f)3,4539912
r4o9kBlue Ocean Floor CBAdult (f)3,4059922
7hqXEShips That Pass In The Night CBAdult (f)3,4849961
pxQ6mSomewhere Beyond The Sea CBAdult (f)4,2271,3291
wV8xxShips In The Night CBAdult (f)3,0541,0631
HHZjOMy Bonnie Lies Over The Ocean CBAdult (f)4,3091,3464
pcMJfGlass Bottomed Boat CBAdult (f)4,1838011
u42gAHovercraft To Calais CBAdult (f)4,1877662
cLiQJBaby BruteHatchling (F)9764551
YwKqbYouthful Boy BruteHatchling (m, F)2,2378171
cTVvWGirlie Grace BruteHatchling (f, F)2,4817583
zTv5ESteve Brute CBAdult (m)3,0971,2202
wnv9cWiniver Brute CBAdult (m)3,4501,1561
2jME5James Brute CBAdult (m)3,1601,1722
aYuQvQuay Brute CBAdult (m)3,4881,1905
cq8deDecq Brute CBAdult (m)4,7981,3423
rVc34Vrace Brute CBAdult (m)3,3311,1571
hZYB7Blahzy Brute CBAdult (m)3,1281,1772
pg1L4Plaig Brute CBAdult (m)5,0411,2761
XiuNYNyx Brute CBAdult (m)3,3541,1812
VLlVoVilvo Brute CBAdult (f)3,2951,1511
xgdDaDaxag Brute CBAdult (f)3,1151,2062
QxQOzQoz Brute CBAdult (f)4,2981,3932
1FSZpSpiffing Brute CBAdult (f)3,2521,2372
JNZcUJunz Brute CBAdult (f)3,5871,2061
UI7HAHaun Brute CBAdult (f)3,4671,1871
1ykgIGlyk Brute CBAdult (f)3,4771,1662
YHlb9Commodore Brute CBAdult (f)5,0389194
8HnMVMusic Brute CBAdult (f)3,2391,1212
7DjjWWhat A StoryAdult (m)3,4628674
HVptYBaby FeverHatchling (F)9874611
nE4GTYouth FeverHatchling (f, F)2,4049071
kJLpgKelg Fever CBAdult (m)3,0711,1301
n5AxqAxon Fever CBAdult (m)2,8941,0692
uccigGucci Fever CBAdult (m)3,3341,0211
ePg9dPegged Fever CBAdult (m)3,1401,1605
udqXBUbiquitous Fever CBAdult (m)3,3591,0061
at6hVThatch Fever CBAdult (m)3,4411,2232
I2603Numbers Fever CBAdult (m)2,8701,0711
lJhV7Jilvh Fever CBAdult (m)3,4971,1872
MtfCdMctof Fever CBAdult (m)2,9941,1032
T7VVvMarch Fever CBAdult (f)3,2381,1841
i5UYpYuppies Fever CBAdult (f)2,9461,1061
fySrjSafyr Fever CBAdult (f)3,3601,0322
Xz8hlZx81 Fever CBAdult (f)3,0341,1311
eJGBhElghin Fever CBAdult (f)3,4121,0021
YSW5FSwayer Fever CBAdult (f)2,9011,0732
l5dRhDhris Fever CBAdult (f)3,5761,1632
otRbmZee Z'member 2GAdult (f)4,4977091
xcMXqYoungberry TidalHatchling (F)1,4555472
WXqN0Mistletoeberry TidalHatchling (m, F)2,7528992
Qabb9Yewberry Tidal CBHatchling (f, F)3,0659601
tWWNaBlackberry Tidal CBAdult (m)3,4381,0603
2mIOgRaspberry Tidal CBAdult (m)3,6341,1991
4dp36Farkleberry Tidal CBAdult (m)3,7251,1892
lZnRjCloudberry Tidal CBAdult (m)3,9681,1422
bDDDpBlueberry Tidal CBAdult (m)3,4771,0351
DYImrElderberry Tidal CBAdult (m)3,8221,1412
zq7rEHuckleberry Tidal CBAdult (m)3,8231,1083
kN4S7Gooseberry Tidal CBAdult (m)3,6171,1372
HYClaDewberry Tidal CBAdult (m)3,7451,1321
QGNcJBerry Berry Tidal CBAdult (m)7,3479383
erZSfPoison Berry Tidal CBAdult (m)6,6611,0062
1DOSfStrawberry Tidal CBAdult (m)3,5391,2161
WYswMCrab Apple Berry Tidal CBAdult (m)3,9918571
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