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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “PonyTales,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
aOIDWelcome To PinklandHatchling (m, F)2,56199016
ozfcMS1  CarterAdult (f)3,8571,0723
uqFfPP  EaglestonAdult (f)3,9511,0923
VA2MLR1  CarterAdult (f)3,9931,0213
g9XTPWrong Bright and PinkAdult (f)3,8431,0612
k4u5K(k4u5K)Hatchling (m)4,7151,0053
5iyCs(5iyCs)Hatchling (f)3,6089133
orf2G(orf2G)Adult (m)4,2371,0704
Cb3LF(Cb3LF)Adult (f)4,2771,0932
Oz0sb(Oz0sb)Adult (m)4,3031,0531
glKQA(glKQA)Adult (f)3,9819931
ahQma(ahQma)Adult (f)2,7727552
wgliw(wgliw)Adult (m)2,8207302
9UgU3(9UgU3)Adult (f)3,9218123
KBY4E(KBY4E)Adult (m)2,7236842
1HItP o n y T a l e sHatchling (F)1,210817
7Unk(7Unk)Egg (F)
WYCea(WYCea)Hatchling (f, F)3,3288183
dn3lP(dn3lP)Hatchling (F)1,92537717
MARAH(MARAH)Hatchling (F)2,2328669
KVKE(KVKE)Hatchling (F)6491537
SeWm(SeWm)Hatchling (f, F)1,23454114
Qh2Woo HALL OF FAME ooHatchling (m, F)1,08046610
YvR8U11th EG PB PinkHatchling (F)1,9371962
9Ja68A KhediraAdult (m)5,9706907
ljA7m2nd gen Pink PrizesHatchling (f, F)3,6295121
UFbemEnsemblesAdult (m)7,46779942
MV85sRoostersesAdult (m)8,3908742
OJDvPKeg ArundelAdult (m)6,53798917
4N7hcHobbitAdult (m)4,3941,26513
tQUUlMonpetitchouAdult (f)7,0169895
zNMo2PatternsesAdult (f)3,44698611
qWkG0WymsysesAdult (f)4,8496916
tm9HwShim ArundelAdult (f)4,6541,0682
teVQGPynco ArundelAdult (f)3,8269192
woHgaVyliva ArundelAdult (f)3,1777992
M4HTGAurilisAdult (f)8,2968433
aFdaWFlamieeAdult (f)6,6104902
lmqKHLucky ChancesAdult (m)7,37379116
KBgqtOur Dreams of SpringAdult (f)6,3978649
lEF97(lEF97)Hatchling (f, F)3,8237994
CvcoArundel ThuwedAdult (f)4,3891,30316
e2p2Alex Arundel ThuwedAdult (m)2,56893512
UEtxvPyrope DragonAdult (m)5,4246665
HkabNeglected DragonAdult (m)4,74557455
7WKylQueen In The NorthAdult (m)6,7851,0843
LLrVA3rd gen Pink PrizesHatchling (f, F)4,7861,1648
swzyQSparkles ArundelAdult (m)7,3179138
NC14dViarian ArundelAdult (m)4,34191614
lX6cSilver Tinsel DragonAdult (m)4,118730283
pEQGqAntony CarterAdult (m)3,231966164
6jX5BCalankh ArundelAdult (f)7,8041,0498
ORdvT(ORdvT)Adult (f)7,9419453
3mQpfTullysAdult (m)9,02196293
D0ta4(D0ta4)Adult (f)3,9901,16311
Crkbl(Crkbl)Hatchling (F)3,26895729
dnuRCB PinksAdult (m)3,1501,17814
DS1goo The Arundels ooHatchling (F)1,5195386
0W0LAlexander ArundelAdult (m)1,8055803
UNdWAlexis ArundelAdult (f)1,8205894
sMgXBrendan ArundelAdult (m)2,01379415
GIHFBrenda ArundelAdult (f)2,7938354
saadCharlie ArundelAdult (m)3,2943246
fXYKCharlene ArundelAdult (f)3,5441,0224
F9C7Daniel ArundelAdult (m)2,22735810
Tv7GDanielle ArundelAdult (f)3,08689211
oF8HElijah ArundelAdult (m)2,6457955
pBthElizabeth ArundelAdult (f)4,0011,0789
WqmgFrancis ArundelAdult (m)3,0569047
QlVmFreda ArundelAdult (f)3,55892110
vBrXGabriel ArundelAdult (m)3,4569968
AS9LGabrielle ArundelAdult (f)3,9897628
XRpZHarry ArundelAdult (m)3,3659406
j57cHarriot ArundelAdult (f)3,3679044
VbVsIvan ArundelAdult (m)3,9651,0918
eF6dIvana ArundelAdult (f)3,6939748
E82qJonathan ArundelAdult (m)2,4837454
CLZTJohanna ArundelAdult (f)3,0068637
WSvoKaiser ArundelAdult (m)2,8757704
F9G8Kairos ArundelAdult (f)2,8147924
3pAmLeon ArundelAdult (m)2,7998116
8neALeonora ArundelAdult (f)1,9456494
UVVCMichael ArundelAdult (m)3,28587711
rTftMikaela ArundelAdult (f)3,2208766
E850Nicholas ArundelAdult (m)1,8306027
TPpVNicolette ArundelAdult (f)1,4324695
gGeAOliver ArundelAdult (m)2,2096485
1idmOlivia ArundelAdult (f)1,4365064
J6YFPaul ArundelAdult (m)1,2484445
ifbaPaula ArundelAdult (f)1,2764084
nj6CQuinto ArundelAdult (m)2,9768835
vWvrQuinta ArundelAdult (f)5,3269439
ImnSRae ArundelAdult (m)3,5669869
ln5uRaeanne ArundelAdult (f)3,1889098
0Z6SSaber ArundelAdult (m)1,9176515
j4mvSabrina ArundelAdult (f)3,7277599
9QdpTimothy ArundelAdult (m)2,9188708
foNSTiffany ArundelAdult (f)2,2416844
ROvgUriel ArundelAdult (m)1,5936266
TSJLUrsala ArundelAdult (f)2,1906724
MChfValentino ArundelAdult (m)3,5289569
1edVValentina ArundelAdult (f)2,63175910
bGhQWilmer ArundelAdult (m)2,3838048
RCD1Wilma ArundelAdult (f)2,6158076
1LCFXavier ArundelAdult (m)5,6541,17325
YOkDXena ArundelAdult (f)3,21491427
ssfTYannis ArundelAdult (m)2,78555010
d4KWYanka ArundelAdult (f)3,0718888
tujNZander ArundelAdult (m)3,17399010
jlHXZandra ArundelAdult (f)2,6147987
9oZ2Angelo ArundelAdult (m)1,4594916
0fQ1Angela ArundelAdult (f)1,6326307
Hp9ZBello ArundelAdult (m)1,4814949
5r6OBellatrix ArundelAdult (f)2,83467210
rEUgCaius ArundelAdult (m)2,0384443
PVDfCailyn ArundelAdult (f)2,0404438
e69ODavid ArundelAdult (m)2,9602349
34HdDavita ArundelAdult (f)1,2974529
IMKpEarl ArundelAdult (m)1,3435279
BY6JErlinda ArundelAdult (f)2,3055424
gsRGFlorentino ArundelAdult (m)2,0016198
umdSFlorence ArundelAdult (f)9405276
b3RlGavin ArundelAdult (m)1,6523086
aOgWGwen ArundelAdult (f)1,6494844
tna3Haldir ArundelAdult (m)1,0535675
6GjiHaley ArundelAdult (f)3,5381,0465
kunkInigo ArundelAdult (m)2,1999068
llvvIniko ArundelAdult (f)5,6691,08220
dmd4James ArundelAdult (m)1,3394393
Jsn7Jamie ArundelAdult (f)1,6295198
1q0KKevin ArundelAdult (m)4,6751,3909
B6ACKaren ArundelAdult (f)1,4654599
c1N7Lucas ArundelAdult (m)4,4631,09024
pomBLuna ArundelAdult (f)4,55074322
Tpn0Matthew ArundelAdult (m)4,51796914
P9OdMattea ArundelAdult (f)2,50998917
kBgBNathan ArundelAdult (m)3,42892013
2XiCNancy ArundelAdult (f)6,4241,20114
XOBFOrpheus ArundelAdult (m)1,99359414
87nXOphelia ArundelAdult (f)3,42677812
JeTnPage ArundelAdult (m)6,0761,40817
sEGSPaige ArundelAdult (f)4,6778869
okvnQuirin ArundelAdult (m)1,16664113
194UQuirina ArundelAdult (f)1,2524655
oXsYRaphael ArundelAdult (m)3,44482714
a85BRachel ArundelAdult (f)2,41743712
j67USouly ArundelAdult (m)1,99887511
lp3mSoulyn ArundelAdult (f)2,16244364
k7hCThomas ArundelAdult (m)4,8191,33217
VhePThomae ArundelAdult (f)2,05784227
AB6qUlises ArundelAdult (m)2,83651016
qMUtUlita ArundelAdult (f)1,64160025
5vneVincent ArundelAdult (m)2,15081317
BG5CVinita ArundelAdult (f)2,97244415
4sA0Winter ArundelAdult (m)2,82095612
bIP3Winterlynn ArundelAdult (f)2,73396214
g8PKXerxes ArundelAdult (m)1,5906509
6IfMXevera ArundelAdult (f)1,84273910
dR13Yvon ArundelAdult (m)2,3904149
XuO0Yvonne ArundelAdult (f)2,16960739
KkBbZephyrin ArundelAdult (m)6,6601,33320
Sv8BZepharine ArundelAdult (f)4,7631,03713
BNPCAlvin ArundelAdult (m)2,51392514
WKWNAlvina ArundelAdult (f)5,57976717
dgPpBraeden ArundelAdult (m)2,07056012
OHDcBraewyn ArundelAdult (f)3,8101,11711
TT7JCharles ArundelAdult (m)2,77155216
u4KACharlotte ArundelAdult (f)1,66255812
NmMGDixon ArundelAdult (m)3,93553215
80HqDixie ArundelAdult (f)2,43799123
OeV5Errol ArundelAdult (m)2,26161613
12GgErrin ArundelAdult (f)1,09252716
2NQqFinnian ArundelAdult (m)7,56078211
Cbj9Finola ArundelAdult (f)2,68145811
hDMdGolovior ArundelAdult (m)2,8711,01121
8Qq8Germelia ArundelAdult (f)2,90367813
jv09Hamza ArundelAdult (m)1,9774348
sQ3HHodah ArundelAdult (f)1,8706325
vFsgIsaac ArundelAdult (m)1,96556415
uJrDIrene ArundelAdult (f)3,09628027
16FUJoseph ArundelAdult (m)2,15970513
uuiAJosephine ArundelAdult (f)8,5631,02813
bj73Kota ArundelAdult (m)2,96844313
HvO5Koto ArundelAdult (f)2,20070514
1rJELeif ArundelAdult (m)4,18283223
DV9WLeia ArundelAdult (f)3,3233756
i5M9Mel ArundelAdult (m)3,6701,05121
GeBaMelissa ArundelAdult (f)2,8165599
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