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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “PonyTales,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
p99XdA e r i sAdult (m)6,7299879
ojc3p(ojc3p)Adult (f)1,4727776
syukh(syukh)Adult (m)2,41490019
GBHVNSoulpeace HatchlingAdult (f)2,8129594
sewid(sewid)Adult (m)1,8976330
NO2zR(NO2zR)Adult (m)1,6685521
kUep8(kUep8)Adult (f)1,7385670
enFpG(enFpG)Adult (f)1,8656032
F3KWl(F3KWl)Adult (m)1,6457782
gogcl(gogcl)Adult (f)1,7058010
82pMh(82pMh)Adult (m)1,7257890
6hu7bSeawyrm PygmyAdult (f)1,86772517
jtKpi(jtKpi)Adult (f)4,4181,2216
D5WW0(D5WW0)Adult (m)5,9788898
D7H1uBlusang LindwurmAdult (m)5,5381,01514
qGhXs(qGhXs)Adult (m)5,8901,1088
LX7Nt(LX7Nt)Adult (f)5,4051,0905
2POoa(2POoa)Adult (f)5,2771,0818
4WAbm(4WAbm)Adult (f)1,86062710
MXRvK(MXRvK)Adult (m)1,9876149
JvjREAzure ArundelAdult (m)3,4511,3066
mQlDuRoyal CrimsonsAdult (m)5,2831,5069
glj0I11th gen pinksAdult (m)4,0211,0089
jgiEzBlu Sweet 2Adult (f)7,1107335
6fsbq(6fsbq)Adult (m)7,7801,5091
p0nye(p0nye)Adult (f)5,3561,4649
Y2fyX(Y2fyX)Adult (f)4,2148001
yoG66(yoG66)Adult (f)4,4287780
tuIAs(tuIAs)Adult (f)5,6396222
R2gnJGlaucus Drake DragonAdult (m)4,2687960
Q9FMv(Q9FMv)Adult (m)4,4917860
gLrFd(gLrFd)Adult (m)3,0168700
YyCEL(YyCEL)Adult (f)3,3158430
LqcYj(LqcYj)Adult (m)2,8528860
C7XEk(C7XEk)Adult (f)4,1057481
a1ekU(a1ekU)Adult (f)2,7255717
F9LLWelfareAdult (f)1,1346315
q0elRainbow's ShieldAdult (m)2,46767210
8RLNY(8RLNY)Adult (f)4,2471,0876
KLoDW(KLoDW)Adult (m)3,4279194
ILbxb(ILbxb)Adult (f)2,7772657
7JPXH(7JPXH)Adult (m)3,0654526
tiNVoBraavosiAdult (f)3,2098323
T8GcQLannisportAdult (f)3,2748712
vMAstOldtownAdult (f)3,7339180
vPE1PThe StormlandsAdult (m)3,7069183
rjJOlLhazarAdult (m)3,4907982
4fnC1Slaver's BayAdult (m)8,1941,3103
Qft4A(Qft4A)Adult (m)4,8059061
UrZGG(UrZGG)Adult (m)7,2279012
MMkmJ(MMkmJ)Adult (f)4,5397284
cAIn7(cAIn7)Adult (m)4,4417224
GyyPu(GyyPu)Adult (m)4,5157322
Gw260(Gw260)Adult (m)4,5307264
X5eqC(X5eqC)Adult (m)4,4145903
3GQkbRadiant Angel HatchlingAdult (m)9,0811,7899
A9lK9Radiant Angel HatchlingsAdult (m)2,9669387
46jqARadiant Angel DragonAdult (m)3,6628702
u5U9nRadient AngelicAdult (f)3,5658471
3S5qFRadiant Angel DragonsAdult (m)1,9178582
R8QSbRadiant AngelsAdult (f)2,0148612
gA9s(gA9s)Adult (m)2,7856322
34aIlNhiostrife WyvernsAdult (f)3,8461,1111
L05jpNhiostrifesAdult (f)3,6931,1240
rhv6a(rhv6a)Adult (m)3,3471,0751
Nrsde(Nrsde)Adult (m)3,0091,1060
6kiI5(6kiI5)Adult (m)3,6541,1163
1i9PZ(1i9PZ)Adult (m)3,0751,1360
iLbLp(iLbLp)Adult (f)3,1091,1351
pW7tnDr Sheldon CooperAdult (m)3,1731,1002
fNfbWHolly Grail of DragonsAdult (m)2,4309501
scq8S(scq8S)Adult (f)4,9566382
odlw5(odlw5)Adult (m)2,2656485
vplTUFalconiformsAdult (m)2,9978771
tb3ExFalconiform Wyvern DragonAdult (m)3,1588920
WcSUx(WcSUx)Adult (f)2,8408920
v7VPu(v7VPu)Adult (f)3,4005340
eN0d(eN0d)Adult (f)5,7805764
qTim3(qTim3)Adult (f)4,5998352
ahtADonkey DearAdult (f)4,21888211
82fsA(82fsA)Adult (f)3,7151,0906
b3Mlo(b3Mlo)Adult (m)1,5187876
CUGIvBlue-BandedsAdult (f)3,4998410
fUjJMBlue-Banded DragonsAdult (m)3,1458811
ub8g(ub8g)Adult (f)1,6614827
aIRd4(aIRd4)Adult (m)7,9639992
A74BFun GhoulAdult (m)1,6284845
DuIXFairy PonyAdult (f)6,52580612
mI71tFizzly Thuwed ElectricAdult (f)2,4584524
jr1Y4(jr1Y4)Adult (m)8,9998891
KeMWBWrapping-Wing DragonsAdult (f)2,6356272
ifLejSoulpeace DragonsAdult (m)4,2911,4085
FcKk(FcKk)Adult (f)3,0236888
PtcUk(PtcUk)Adult (f)1,9558037
VDkK1Prude DragonAdult (f)1,9818165
UEQiA(UEQiA)Adult (f)6,4191,3814
72m2RPurge DragonAdult (f)6,3591,3764
NL4APudldesAdult (f)6,25293721
JCNPoBlueNebxMarrow1Adult (f)4,4941,0602
j7kgCA rich shiny patternAdult (f)1,5256066
SXeH3(SXeH3)Adult (m)4,4627063
dZbAThese Pigs Are After MeAdult (f)1,7356806
NSlNSing It For The OnesAdult (m)2,5885602
mraEGold Tinsel DragonAdult (f)4,6999146
rMMb(rMMb)Adult (m)2,00150618
5YgNRainbow's ManeAdult (m)1,92564652
eV5eThat'll Hate Your GutsAdult (m)1,4245691
FiJaJet StarAdult (f)2,0888099
UHTE(UHTE)Adult (m)4,2051,08519
XNeWGPink Tinsel DragonAdult (f)2,5127263
H4LDVI Love Your TechniqueAdult (f)2,8758842
crt4JNot CB AwwwwAdult (f)3,8131,0001
2yyDrBaratheonsAdult (m)4,5168513
ofrHQ(ofrHQ)Adult (m)6,39186215
XnXbP(XnXbP)Adult (m)6,1021,1713
BqAEJPurpleNebxMarrow1Adult (m)5,7381,0844
COCL(COCL)Adult (m)2,59068110
cd78i(cd78i)Adult (f)1,84389710
9r1P6Fleshcrown DragonAdult (f)2,5279292
Zp0xG(Zp0xG)Adult (m)2,5769511
5KNnUA Time for WolvesAdult (m)2,7697547
gE5KblackhilllifeAdult (f)2,5597306
rJ9UGGlaucus WyvernAdult (f)3,2829303
KsOgI Lost It To MishiiAdult (m)3,52675710
HW5ZEBlack Tea HatchlingAdult (f)2,7555907
YDZLhHell Horse DragonAdult (m)5,3621,44315
fnEHzSean Bean On A StickAdult (m)5,5571,1551
EA1aPYoung GriffAdult (f)5,0769184
xUHg7(xUHg7)Adult (m)6,5117582
O2VfDSpotted GreenwingsAdult (f)3,0541,1238
29XJESpotted Greenwing DragonAdult (m)2,8881,0025
zGOXAIt seems rather lazyAdult (m)4,4968594
0C1id(0C1id)Adult (m)4,2791,0032
FP1Uo(FP1Uo)Adult (f)2,9658396
ljzYg(ljzYg)Adult (f)2,8638662
OIsESunraven01Adult (m)5,5971,18818
jfZDSoul Song ArundelAdult (m)2,37296017
iKQDrOh Baby One More TimeAdult (m)3,1079103
9fvEb69 Oh What Fun It Is TonightAdult (m)3,0509525
BAoBePyrite DragonAdult (m)5,7511,0145
urTKLorimmelAdult (f)3,93895912
62T6CalankhAdult (f)4,6451,4836
Vkes5Pika Would KnowAdult (f)2,6098926
u0DX(u0DX)Adult (m)3,7008009
pPr9Lavender  LoveAdult (m)1,5567164
kq7FConventional WeaponsAdult (m)5,35096713
1NEUSun Conure DrakeAdult (m)2,94692210
Ov55The Light Behind Your EyesAdult (f)2,7477172
8W45Sat-Sun Thuwed DorkfaceAdult (f)1,30980870
lcjZKilljoysAdult (f)1,2345354
jWmAPurple  DragonAdult (f)1,71763111
49VgMake some noiseAdult (f)2,16876414
lOvOMoonlight DragonAdult (f)2,7671,0537
oj0EgDuotone DragonAdult (f)2,2466967
i74Z7(i74Z7)Adult (m)2,6941,1013
fNYuUSmaug's DesolationAdult (f)4,9666521
8FC5(8FC5)Adult (m)4,4661,30821
c2Xa27Adult (f)3,0941,05810
XFMi(XFMi)Adult (f)1,5197397
qRAQi(qRAQi)Adult (m)5,6101,0444
W2kASomeoneSneakyAdult (m)9,55890715
llsHSweetling DragonAdult (m)6,4871,0439
lvZWkPyrite Gold DragonAdult (f)3,9501,0452
Lu8eProfessorPonyAdult (f)1,70762122
VW7tq(VW7tq)Adult (m)2,1849663
DUJqm(DUJqm)Adult (f)1,7826935
sTL2z(sTL2z)Adult (m)2,8011,0684
MA2ROpalescent Triple Caramel ChunkAdult (m)1,95666517
8V3pBabbleAdult (m)1,6574866
SgcZWhitey StripykinsAdult (f)5,75099218
WScIArchire not ArchieAdult (m)4,35450720
0NWd1Equus DragonAdult (m)2,12283510
TmtUC(TmtUC)Adult (f)3,28192225
9K5fH(9K5fH)Adult (f)3,8511,32113
sumCSiliconRoseAdult (f)3,15056624
pqBadG2xSWAdult (f)2,57534811
e33lWA r s a n iAdult (f)2,9246325
Ktm8n(Ktm8n)Adult (f)2,8419333
aN4Qi(aN4Qi)Adult (f)2,1259227
QNUjrG3 ShadowxSilverAdult (f)2,1439058
tPWSSSilver Marrow 3 1Adult (f)3,2581,11512
QzXnASilver Marrow 3Adult (f)4,1221,2285
EGM7jSilver Blu 3Adult (f)6,00867211
eGq0pSilver Sweet 2Adult (f)5,5588717
ub4Gftan xAdult (f)4,3889424
6NO7mkojayo55Adult (f)4,1418641
tmDHD(tmDHD)Adult (f)4,8757747
a2wfI(a2wfI)Adult (f)5,3309666
HK5NN(HK5NN)Adult (f)4,8589485
en2Hi(en2Hi)Adult (f)5,6487795
WfvtBSilver Heart 21Adult (f)6,8057667
aFUFm(aFUFm)Adult (f)4,5756783
XnChK(XnChK)Adult (m)3,2431,1286
qNjL7(qNjL7)Adult (m)3,5451,0867
hKBYI(hKBYI)Adult (m)1,6384868
dk1WoSmack the OllehAdult (m)3,0471,24617
vAYBEWinter Magi DragonAdult (m)10,3031,30414
6gg3fWolfie ArundelAdult (m)3,5431,04315
pkVoJYear of the Water MonkeyAdult (m)5,6681,04213
P2CPSRadiant   AngelAdult (m)2,5531,02415
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