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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “PonyTales,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
VchjRIngaberg CarterAdult (f)6,5909663
eP7ssJair CarterAdult (m)4,8763722
3SsjhJaira CarterAdult (f)4,0961,1582
nGmqqKirkby CarterAdult (m)3,6171,0833
nkfV0Kirke CarterAdult (f)2,0177105
V3lArLarkin CarterAdult (m)3,1829414
wlKTnLark CarterAdult (f)3,2001,0896
eAiWPMorris CarterAdult (m)1,7546230
yktjKMorrigan CarterAdult (f)1,6555891
giHRqNeil CarterAdult (m)1,7796542
X2OHQNeila CarterAdult (f)1,7986443
7HH0BOctave CarterAdult (m)2,5069243
MgBGAOctavia CarterAdult (f)3,2269522
ZGFCCPaz CarterAdult (m)3,0949000
iSyhvPazia CarterAdult (f)2,9001,0182
9pJ62Quim CarterAdult (m)3,1989491
SrmjeQuianna CarterAdult (f)2,5369253
pOu4dReagan CarterAdult (m)3,0039251
Xja7iReagen CarterAdult (f)3,1769402
l7Eb9Shir CarterAdult (m)2,7029491
bgkn4Shirah CarterAdult (f)2,5079254
ybvOqTheron CarterAdult (m)2,5749793
5pOC0Theresia CarterAdult (f)2,5609561
L0FdRUriah CarterAdult (m)2,5379192
cjXwPUrbi CarterAdult (f)2,4299321
VHabzVesa CarterAdult (m)2,6189223
AMDWVVeva CarterAdult (f)1,4456071
cAURfWinthrop CarterAdult (m)3,1629683
Upqd8Winnifred CarterAdult (f)2,7689613
NZ1cZXuan CarterAdult (m)2,5239333
gxH2lXue CarterAdult (f)2,8309386
7SBchYechezkel CarterAdult (m)2,7549743
GSlXpYechezkela CarterAdult (f)2,5329223
QCptRZeviel CarterAdult (m)2,5319261
xAJYaZevida CarterAdult (f)2,3029402
xNDD3Apara CarterAdult (m)2,5139241
dKclsApala CarterAdult (f)5,1281,0395
2qvE8Bradly CarterAdult (m)4,8251,0435
9p9NEBradley CarterAdult (f)5,0621,0444
xEADPCody CarterAdult (m)3,3471,2194
3GDscCodie CarterAdult (f)4,8749141
vBDPWDemetres CarterAdult (m)4,9629161
6bLgkDemetra CarterAdult (f)5,4228845
cdQzFEitan CarterAdult (m)4,7029083
KJV8dEisa CarterAdult (f)4,4509664
7vtxhFielder CarterAdult (m)4,0529454
eT4b0Fiducia CarterAdult (f)4,8219102
fqSR8Gerlach CarterAdult (m)4,3399482
DCrE0Gerlinde CarterAdult (f)4,3309472
pomcBHermie CarterAdult (m)5,2738772
uzdSPHermia CarterAdult (f)5,3878253
AGgGaIndra CarterAdult (m)5,4368362
Q5xyJIndrabala CarterAdult (f)5,4788891
Q5YsKJenx CarterAdult (m)5,7618781
8QZSYJenyne CarterAdult (f)5,3828692
XPdD5Kelil CarterAdult (m)5,4478154
E5DbeKelilah CarterAdult (f)6,2917873
KU6V3Linn CarterAdult (m)6,0948652
jjIQiLinnette CarterAdult (f)5,2658702
Aur8AMaarav CarterAdult (m)6,5768342
j0HHzMaaria CarterAdult (f)6,7578322
7v0i4Nestor CarterAdult (m)6,9538353
6hO5VNesta CarterAdult (f)5,5679132
Kmk76Osahar CarterAdult (m)4,6228322
r3NscOsadhi CarterAdult (f)4,7608282
xsXgPPeader CarterAdult (m)4,7757102
56YGHPearl CarterAdult (f)4,5168233
pPoJuQuintillus CarterAdult (m)4,5137840
Ims8pQuanna CarterAdult (f)4,6328235
vy6P2Reese CarterAdult (m)3,9058380
EOljHReeta CarterAdult (f)4,4518223
PjCpYSigfinn CarterAdult (m)4,2348273
0erNASigfinna CarterAdult (f)4,1538404
X9mN0Tevin CarterAdult (m)4,3078453
7QGjFTeva CarterAdult (f)4,0378543
Hsex6Urian CarterAdult (m)3,8948534
KP1jNUriella CarterAdult (f)4,9036940
tadHYVinzenz CarterAdult (m)3,9678493
rtgajViolaine CarterAdult (f)3,9478565
TrLl2Winfried CarterAdult (m)4,0861,4252
URwHKWinifred CarterAdult (f)4,9468691
GxHgSXidorn CarterAdult (m)4,8947280
2op4EXinavane CarterAdult (f)3,6768850
07n3eYardeni CarterAdult (m)5,1128170
dnFmSYardena CarterAdult (f)4,0407541
pL6vOZimran CarterAdult (m)5,0828560
5mXnxZimra CarterAdult (f)4,9668670
3160QAddis CarterAdult (m)4,3377841
rKHhmAddie CarterAdult (f)4,9178651
mxaCUBourn CarterAdult (m)5,6621,0022
wyOLPBoudicca CarterAdult (f)4,4127501
kTdIpCaron CarterAdult (m)3,9057552
i1Wv1Carpho CarterAdult (f)4,5677081
goSZKDennis CarterAdult (m)3,9707530
sQl7EDenny CarterAdult (f)3,6977930
XbktEEaton CarterAdult (m)3,9208070
ARUZkEavan CarterAdult (f)4,2987052
LWEqiFionn CarterAdult (m)3,9207971
tCQZMFiona CarterAdult (f)4,2391,0653
NtUJlGlynn CarterAdult (m)4,8271,0121
vscrvGlynis CarterAdult (f)3,9907631
wALGVHesperos CarterAdult (m)4,6341,3444
kOJemHesperia CarterAdult (f)4,8139001
pyqAuInayat CarterAdult (m)4,5371,3553
6HZXlInaya CarterAdult (f)4,8108701
CtiWEJerard CarterAdult (m)5,6651,0551
gIsLLJeralyn CarterAdult (f)3,0419171
ASLTzKieran CarterAdult (m)5,2681,1002
Vj0N3Kiera CarterAdult (f)3,6671,3943
LVreSLitten CarterAdult (m)3,7701,3302
MySZtLitsa CarterAdult (f)3,8161,3393
SLIBeMachir CarterAdult (m)4,7648683
Dv4SBMaci CarterAdult (f)4,7828752
A5CxmNealon CarterAdult (m)3,2601,1123
HC6GyNealy CarterAdult (f)4,4637681
qkKI8Orton CarterAdult (m)4,3049433
EFrHtOrthia CarterAdult (f)4,1649286
cRzaqPavle CarterAdult (m)4,8418664
1bDQRPavla CarterAdult (f)3,6611,0585
W82EaReinhard CarterAdult (m)4,9739353
WDgfMReine CarterAdult (f)5,1409514
NtAquQuang CarterAdult (m)5,0969412
LGg7pQiu CarterAdult (f)5,1729392
v5sgASinclair CarterAdult (m)4,8818742
ZlUDhSine CarterAdult (f)4,2068314
0qIMjTheo CarterAdult (m)3,9858901
fu4h1Theode CarterAdult (f)3,2831,0414
LVYyXUrsus CarterAdult (m)4,3479201
MWPKWUrna CarterAdult (f)4,4529501
TLj5OVeri CarterAdult (m)4,3199201
iDoXnVerity CarterAdult (f)4,9639122
IZidZWindsor CarterAdult (m)4,6379111
JW2csWinnie CarterAdult (f)4,4839402
YWl1iXesus CarterAdult (m)3,5778731
BjJe9Xochilt CarterAdult (f)3,3679772
76KlPY  CarterAdult (f)5,0757082
UW3otZ CarterAdult (m)5,0787131
WmgJyZ  CarterAdult (f)5,0967142
Z0J13A CarterAdult (m)5,0907121
8Ed3wA  CarterAdult (f)5,0767163
X2ArYB  CarterAdult (f)5,2396933
20p4yD CarterAdult (m)5,3226962
5L2tZE CarterAdult (m)5,1607111
KMS9jE  CarterAdult (f)5,4097042
U8OslF CarterAdult (m)5,1776891
6oX7AG  CarterAdult (f)4,9506992
EdVPUB CarterAdult (m)4,4237351
hsK5ZY CarterAdult (m)4,4357290
HjTC4th Gen PinksAdult (m)3,14292612
3XTUsoo The Darwins ooHatchling (F)1,4304794
pMPSAdrian DarwinAdult (m)2,10660214
OFmAAdrianne DarwinAdult (f)2,293745211
HVniBeck DarwinAdult (m)3,8649407
H0mmBecky DarwinAdult (f)1,75759811
nULDCaden DarwinAdult (m)1,0726303
0KjSCadee DarwinAdult (f)3,05685712
3g6rDelphinus DarwinAdult (m)4,3451,03028
4d27Daphne DarwinAdult (f)9705285
Apq0Eleazar DarwinAdult (m)1,60752411
UCEiEleanor DarwinAdult (f)1,45964315
lH6EFlint DarwinAdult (m)2,05161912
duh2Fleur DarwinAdult (f)1,58873320
MsdrGlenn DarwinAdult (m)2,63672310
Z1H0Gladys DarwinAdult (f)1,5926137
4RPuHector DarwinAdult (m)4,08474726
WCYZHeidi DarwinAdult (f)4,5621,14421
rtceCIgnatius DarwinAdult (m)4,0591,2082
q0YL1Ignacia DarwinAdult (f)5,2351,1211
bAZZtJack DarwinAdult (m)2,9819663
FJ4c8Jackie DarwinAdult (f)3,3601,0653
VVksmKailas DarwinAdult (m)3,1209285
iRNYZKailani DarwinAdult (f)3,8217987
aP220Laken DarwinAdult (m)2,5548186
uHR8ULakelyn DarwinAdult (f)2,9809512
BfG7uMael DarwinAdult (m)3,3511,0752
bHdBNMaelie DarwinAdult (f)3,7021,2424
qMUdrNagisa DarwinAdult (m)4,7201,2182
WlX1XNarfisa DarwinAdult (f)2,4878685
AC1ABOthello DarwinAdult (m)3,3938866
48AorOttoline DarwinAdult (f)3,7911,0423
ESBCmPhillip DarwinAdult (m)2,7441,2977
eFgpGPhilippa DarwinAdult (f)2,8031,3137
f44CvQadir DarwinAdult (m)4,9621,0464
9LbQ9Qadira DarwinAdult (f)2,4909762
LtSG9Ragnar DarwinAdult (m)2,5199283
VKZ89Ragnhild DarwinAdult (f)2,6609041
oDqnPSaadia DarwinAdult (m)5,0121,0801
91uIESaada DarwinAdult (f)6,2551,2472
18tt8Tanuna DarwinAdult (m)4,1941,0944
j8q8ZTanuja DarwinAdult (f)4,1951,0564
dZUgrUlfred DarwinAdult (m)3,5351,0441
cagApUlla DarwinAdult (f)3,1745615
jCClqVallabh DarwinAdult (m)6,4781,1301
2UvDsVallabhi DarwinAdult (f)4,9241,0905
mJRONWajih DarwinAdult (m)4,4561,0722
OXSL6Wajiha DarwinAdult (f)4,7651,1175
dRfPEXenophanes DarwinAdult (m)1,79562712
Ln2kEXenia DarwinAdult (f)5,1231,3859
TlOUvYadin DarwinAdult (m)5,3771,1563
va4k3Yadira DarwinAdult (f)3,8161,0952
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