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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “PonyTales,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
AWJK6(AWJK6)Adult (m)6754917
hI0rsG3 SilverxShadowAdult (m)2,8446872
H7NqySunburst LindwyrmAdult (m)3,2341,0313
qdgGXFake Frill DragonAdult (m)4,7201,05911
WVcsM(WVcsM)Adult (m)5,2311,04211
t1bSw(t1bSw)Adult (m)6,0967178
GTJT4(GTJT4)Adult (m)4,0818309
FjWNVCavern x SilverAdult (m)5,7968932
9He9I(9He9I)Adult (m)4,7066732
e3iQc(e3iQc)Adult (m)4,4906812
eacxASpecial OneAdult (m)5,2621,04814
1pAUS(1pAUS)Adult (m)3,8801,36712
0CsF7G2SAAdult (m)3,00351316
WpbhpDranic ArundelAdult (m)5,01895220
V8xRiLeetle PikaAdult (m)3,4531,0757
CQeWF(CQeWF)Adult (m)2,91999824
grbQNDeon ArundelAdult (m)7,72792511
dXJCOGold Val 4Adult (m)3,4071,06914
yHlRtLannistersAdult (m)3,9091,0865
gux7gSoulpeacesAdult (m)4,2665487
6mTI7Daydreamer ArundelAdult (m)3,9451,02910
kFKOPGold Ribbon 3Adult (m)6,1428326
qO952Goldie BeardAdult (m)3,3931,3346
678MPGold val 4th genAdult (m)4,6471,0648
vGtlnGold Angel 3Adult (m)5,53590515
YBcAiGold x Arsani 2nd genAdult (m)3,4029028
UEFwzGold x SA 2nd genAdult (m)3,3318976
tUkeaGold x RB 3rd gen 1Adult (m)3,3158957
rcOBTGold Arsani 3Adult (m)5,4477773
Fc0zKGold x RB 3rd genAdult (m)4,7001,3629
xgeYaSweet Gold 30Adult (m)2,85157210
uEbTM(uEbTM)Adult (m)4,5146713
9Mvow(9Mvow)Adult (f)3,4811,33015
XtZFT(XtZFT)Adult (f)4,0531,28716
QXQFc(QXQFc)Adult (f)5,7788359
U3SOS(U3SOS)Adult (f)2,95194912
eXap6Xia XueAdult (f)5,28292917
WfzZ8(WfzZ8)Adult (f)3,0381,5174
JlEhjGold Blu 3Adult (f)5,4889453
bAcCgFrost Flame DragonAdult (f)4,8477387
qrG2NAlmandine PyralspiteAdult (f)6,5888526
q1G65Gold Sweet 3Adult (f)6,56178811
MGSoEGold Sweet 2Adult (f)6,4467657
JrsSqCopper WyvernAdult (f)3,5891,5264
lxvs9(lxvs9)Adult (m)2,8931,4660
2MdO0(2MdO0)Adult (f)2,7321,4641
CAkTI(CAkTI)Adult (m)2,6771,4231
bx9lV(bx9lV)Adult (f)2,8641,4071
7Mvq6(7Mvq6)Adult (m)2,9981,5123
8vW0J(8vW0J)Adult (f)1,8995342
3fhR9(3fhR9)Adult (m)2,6721,5250
mRn2A(mRn2A)Adult (f)2,7371,5811
vN4Vy(vN4Vy)Adult (m)2,3901,47270
eyF73Seragamma Wyvern DragonAdult (f)2,7201,5710
GWvJo(GWvJo)Adult (f)7,4511,9233
G5vpi(G5vpi)Adult (f)3,5325361
P9RYkCopper Wyvern DragonAdult (m)2,2288172
pUyVc(pUyVc)Adult (f)2,2021,0613
MbGjtCopper HatchlingAdult (m)2,7701,2805
uRWwcGilded BloodscalesAdult (f)2,7241,2830
RTUaqGilded Bloodscale DragonsAdult (m)2,7261,2390
DIQzz(DIQzz)Adult (f)3,6981,00114
gpmnSwirl DragonAdult (f)1,7168313
z7xrC(z7xrC)Adult (f)4,0899072
sDGKf(sDGKf)Adult (m)5,3778614
WPsEi(WPsEi)Adult (m)3,0979415
ZHpPBlueCanary1Adult (m)3,42179028
mUY8Agrona ArundelAdult (m)1,90963325
LgXTi(LgXTi)Adult (m)4,8671,0876
UHIRk(UHIRk)Adult (f)2,65695315
5m77n(5m77n)Adult (f)2,4889252
81A36(81A36)Adult (m)2,3237182
cUcN(cUcN)Adult (m)2,95587714
15Tbg(15Tbg)Adult (m)6,9031,2566
E840Miles QuaritchHatchling (m, F)1,10446329
yaQ4wTanglewurm DragonHatchling (f, F)2,5789212
QdgKBriar DragonHatchling (m, F)4,5535569
Y78PRapture PygmyHatchling (F)1,58243614
J7InThe Tree of SoulsHatchling (F)1,335893
4NpMToothless DragonHatchling (F)3,6336216
DSR0Princess NeytiriHatchling (f, F)3,28243910
tOgTTollyHatchling (m, F)1,87877426
NKsjNeglected HatchlingHatchling (m, F)2,7027538
NGbhCrimson Pygmy DragonHatchling (F)1,41858214
pfYNSneaky KingHatchling (m, F)3,41379215
JtMWDark PygmyHatchling (m, F)4,03166411
cdchOGrowing PB pinksHatchling (F)3,0976813
2OKRL(2OKRL)Hatchling (F)3,0707155
PLXgAGrowing CB pinksHatchling (F)3,0152014
lCmBQ(lCmBQ)Hatchling (F)1,7213834
uHBQToothless Donkey Splashes PikaHatchling (f, F)86050671
fi5qRose ValentineHatchling (f, F)1,7675182
L1H41oo The Khediras ooHatchling (F)1,0932972
2BfP8(2BfP8)Hatchling (F)1,336891
gjCel(gjCel)Hatchling (F)2,64853230
UyYtT(UyYtT)Hatchling (F)1,5724273
RmXvDragon-DaddyAdult (m)2,4866809
V5aGDonkey-MummyAdult (f)3,1496136
PsnRJobsAdult (m)1,51975813
5BQ3Flaming O ArundelAdult (f)2,89665713
jlliSomeoneSneakierAdult (f)2,38983010
sLCpAHow You Use ItAdult (m)2,2769847
GngcYPurple ArundelAdult (f)3,8308385
LNALEShanthaiaAdult (m)3,11748110
irX1HMaelie of the SeaAdult (f)4,7669276
f3DbRI Want A Long OneAdult (m)3,9011,6568
qvSe9Shan's Splintered Baseball BatAdult (f)8,6851,2067
cpaJpCohesin HelixAdult (f)1,7491,04511
JILHtTo The HiltAdult (m)3,8609253
iKo1tLast Chance To Say NoAdult (f)3,8521,6818
tl2IGAmazing AcrobatsAdult (m)3,3679583
WbQCXFleshy GrowthsAdult (f)3,8679936
SsZOqSilversky ArundelAdult (f)3,7619333
k5IfhIndigo Fire - BlueAdult (m)3,5348813
X1HJPLotus DragonAdult (f)2,6719064
8l9sJMercury PygmyAdult (m)2,6261,1295
Ne5qTI Lost It To S'aarAdult (m)6,09689333
ILTWbSer DavosAdult (f)8,49290711
gk8d4(gk8d4)Adult (f)8,0047402
uw6c1(uw6c1)Adult (f)7,28791411
69AfInspectorDonkeyAdult (m)7,243819164
1nqHlStubborn DonkeyAdult (m)2,9401,062150
baWmaBawma ArundelAdult (m)3,694936234
ZEjG2Cherry ArundelAdult (f)5,05891064
6vqWDDonkey ArundelAdult (m)5,8981,37187
GmHldGimli ArundelAdult (m)7,5061,406100
CkhisChris ArundelAdult (m)8,2631,139118
aZVSkAzie ArundelAdult (m)6,2451,378133
CM7gMSad ArundelAdult (m)5,85384154
IlnMCHodahAdult (f)7,1981,18183
qGnteNaly ArundelAdult (m)4,5581,15156
WYZPKFlame ArundelAdult (f)7,6571,04118
560tMOtter ArundelAdult (m)6,4971,0929
CsRg6Hansel ArundelAdult (m)7,9321,0547
P7AUdS a c r i f i c eAdult (m)7,1761,3019
WOLrZSirius LeeAdult (m)6,8271,02451
oEtF9Betto ArundelAdult (m)7,1001,23310
JjssQGenderless ZombieAdult (f)8,6539377
2F8GQGenderless Zombie BabyAdult (m)7,6371,0398
pd4t3Black Cap DragonAdult (f)7,9531,0869
6CGCXTeal DragonAdult (m)4,4041,0488
TA2pVBlack-capped ChickadeeAdult (m)9,0007493
UalCdBlacktipsAdult (m)9,6771,67314
PgJeXBlacktip HatchlingAdult (f)6,45386323
EQuV3S p o o k yAdult (f)3,3461,1569
NslRVAndrew SilverShadowAdult (m)3,8221,2719
rUcg5(rUcg5)Adult (f)4,5261,0716
tT7rzBlooming DragonAdult (m)4,9481,2983
BmZn4(BmZn4)Adult (m)4,8398254
7Wp1u(7Wp1u)Adult (m)4,3411,0434
eDd4X(eDd4X)Adult (f)7,1541,0952
r4GEJ(r4GEJ)Adult (f)4,1881,15411
LdBYBronze Tinsel DragonAdult (m)6,268703153
C9uWLuciously LuciusAdult (m)6,006549188
39XnDI Love Purples TrollAdult (f)3,853940166
XSCFAchireAdult (f)8,27563575
8V0pUMiross ArundelAdult (m)7,53998136
jCZJ2Adriano DarwinAdult (m)7,4061,11119
vje7AAndre EaglestonAdult (m)4,8071,3268
u2OIfThere Was A DuckAdult (m)5,9961,35810
FFrRvAlberto FarrellAdult (m)5,37387810
e6bDRlmNj and T9rPAdult (f)6,0881,1586
dlsqPLollys StokeworthAdult (f)8,6451,24412
OnEdCStannis the MannisAdult (m)8,2249338
aMFh5Corporal Jake SullyAdult (f)6,05497428
G2i3R(G2i3R)Adult (f)6,4869766
tboeB(tboeB)Adult (m)5,3831,1011
MYbKL(MYbKL)Adult (m)7,4879296
w0rYQHorZeyAdult (f)5,9591,039106
MjJy8Roslin FreyAdult (m)6,2501,12912
K0xObPatterns' Pink PantiesAdult (f)6,1681,44882
YXnV7Gregor CleganeAdult (f)5,9681,03426
TtdzjRamsay BoltonAdult (m)4,6761,2295
XYU9jAmory LorchAdult (m)6,2591,33951
KDxTZ(KDxTZ)Adult (f)5,9431,04914
o7PaRIP Sunny 27012012Adult (m)1,32651713
nYJGI Vant To Bite EggsAdult (f)2,79227210
8feFRIP Split 31072010Adult (f)1,62642721
4k0MRIP Greeny 14072011Adult (f)1,43044811
6m4j(6m4j)Adult (m)1,57562423
nRvW(nRvW)Adult (m)1,93646543
BgdcsG2StripeAdult (m)2,9021,3145
abQEpG2MintAdult (m)2,7001,1974
W48wLG3StripeAdult (m)3,9339344
L4umyG3MintAdult (m)2,4169995
ArQnyG4StripeAdult (m)4,0681,1854
ziffXG4Stripe2Adult (m)2,6691,1985
aUqffG4MintAdult (m)2,9681,3136
auIk3(auIk3)Adult (m)5,6978823
3Tjf3Dranica ArundelAdult (f)1,3666748
1tnWV(1tnWV)Adult (f)2,0979417
X2T5RVal Gold 2Adult (f)5,4159104
LkFfNVal Gold 3Adult (f)4,7688307
BljjgVal Gold 4Adult (f)5,03684710
ro1KOVal Gold 4 1Adult (f)5,0851,0197
DIoPrVal Gold 5Adult (f)3,8631,2332
Idj8(Idj8)Adult (m)4,4941,47539
Q91W(Q91W)Adult (f)4,0191,31426
8vjE(8vjE)Adult (f)3,7371,24523
FDR0(FDR0)Adult (m)2,04980925
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