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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Nerys,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
5D2KDouble Trouble  CBAdult (f)1,71759447
0iBiOne And One Is   LIIAdult (m)2,79645910
JR7eWTwo's Company CBAdult (m)2,5855636
0Wa3LIt Takes Two CBAdult (f)5,2214092
qPdXjTea for Two  CBAdult (m)4,8044004
TSk8sJust The Two Of Us CBAdult (m)4,6737083
ib61aOpaline Shahrizai   LIIAdult (f)2,20974410
u5aFKOpalus u5aFK   CBAdult (m)2,3106431
NwXTEOpalia NwXTE   CBAdult (f)1,9386833
OBJc5Opalia OBJc5   CBAdult (f)2,4733383
YyKi6Opalus YyKi6   CBAdult (m)4,4581,0587
8KccgOpaline 8Kccg   LIIAdult (m)2,5077893
VNh7K(VNh7K)Adult (f)4,1816801
w5TzcOpaline kwtrtlz   LVIAdult (f)4,2147459
rR1VPOpalus rR1VP  CBAdult (m)1,4036054
vGuBAOpalus vGuBA   CBAdult (m)3,1296944
r3zMbOpalia r3zMb   CBAdult (f)4,5311,2753
PDSqWOpalia PDSqW   CBAdult (f)2,2767495
9OHw7Opaline 9OHw7   LIIAdult (f)2,5228356
z7CVOOpalia z7CVOAdult (f)2,5937051
nq3BU(nq3BU)Adult (f)1,9323342
j4rZtInnate ControlAdult (f)2,4166470
wHbELSecret DimensionAdult (m)2,2986541
GkiOIHidden OracleAdult (m)4,3355742
EElJjI Know Your MindAdult (f)3,8308353
FqilGAsk Me A QuestionAdult (m)3,1779711
wH8Q3(wH8Q3)Adult (f)3,5178662
xYpwh(xYpwh)Adult (m)3,0826553
S2qEo(S2qEo)Adult (f)2,1246663
qWBOq(qWBOq)Adult (f)3,4899972
o65uW(o65uW)Adult (m)3,2857092
LrFgTranslucent CriesAdult (f)3,2066335
Va8GdTransparency SongAdult (m)5,1243427
ajYuYTranslucent CallingAdult (f)3,9353044
hWA7f(hWA7f)Adult (f)2,8586540
COiyE(COiyE)Adult (f)3,5326532
MTUCc(MTUCc)Adult (m)2,4476502
74g5i(74g5i)Adult (f)4,1485611
DFyG7(DFyG7)Adult (f)4,4058071
vVaay(vVaay)Adult (m)3,6357892
KCqDJ(KCqDJ)Adult (f)2,0987060
EUSKu(EUSKu)Adult (m)2,2697540
aBHz2(aBHz2)Adult (m)2,7816494
jY6SJ(jY6SJ)Adult (f)2,8126494
AFS5s(AFS5s)Adult (m)2,7336395
6zG7G(6zG7G)Adult (f)2,4127073
idD6wSanta PauseAdult (m)2,7508901
EZooR(EZooR)Adult (f)3,2197411
ZxKcD(ZxKcD)Adult (m)2,7276742
Yg5j4(Yg5j4)Adult (m)4,1526531
H3fOJ(H3fOJ)Adult (f)4,0166461
QA1H0(QA1H0)Adult (f)3,2857500
Qbnij(Qbnij)Adult (m)3,8208491
etwgy(etwgy)Adult (f)3,8348292
pkmHS(pkmHS)Adult (m)3,6338952
89lC4(89lC4)Adult (f)3,6097372
l7gVg(l7gVg)Adult (m)2,4306301
T8HgA(T8HgA)Adult (f)2,4326111
95EOo(95EOo)Adult (m)2,3625932
oa2N5(oa2N5)Adult (f)2,4345921
2nm1A(2nm1A)Adult (m)3,4296352
OFb2KyyrraAdult (f)4,6711,530139
f5ucTyyrraAdult (f)2,359986110
rPKap(rPKap)Adult (m)4,4347673
gt6FM(gt6FM)Adult (f)2,9037421
bjLvl(bjLvl)Adult (m)2,5056511
UjOiH(UjOiH)Adult (m)3,3077431
NSBx9(NSBx9)Adult (m)3,3861,0044
oNSMN(oNSMN)Adult (f)2,8526592
GCCZs(GCCZs)Adult (m)3,2116884
4EycJ(4EycJ)Adult (m)4,1567193
t4shS(t4shS)Adult (f)2,9184911
sDOWg(sDOWg)Adult (m)2,7944590
ifsrr(ifsrr)Adult (m)4,8757332
xJWbh(xJWbh)Adult (m)2,6758601
sLsnB(sLsnB)Adult (f)9,6478861
F91VHyylium CBAdult (f)1,6666292
5JSZLyythium LVAdult (m)1,9095025
h3LAHyydrogen CBAdult (m)2,8504629
13uP6Krypton   CBAdult (m)1,7596372
3wt1X(3wt1X)Adult (m)4,2057681
NkjSd(NkjSd)Adult (f)5,5619620
46InRaevvyn LIIIAdult (f)3,9081,301146
F1F2LIV F1F2Adult (m)3,22690698
JQuI3LXII JQuI3Adult (f)4,5873944
VXBJgNight Spryte CBAdult (m)4,6033274
PME59Dark Knight   CBAdult (m)3,7877404
sCTVNDark SpryteAdult (f)2,4098274
Yna4UNight Lady   CBAdult (f)3,1269937
7CedTNight Queen   CBAdult (f)2,5793492
S9USRDark Wytch   CBAdult (f)2,5957253
CMZ5H(CMZ5H)Adult (m)3,0537863
moGaf(moGaf)Adult (f)2,1736445
AJrhCAlternative Phobia LIIIAdult (m)3,1802129
UGhFSNerys' Alt LIIAdult (m)2,4808204
P2J1DLady Gray   CBAdult (f)3,4428566
c97jNChamomile   CBAdult (f)1,9025696
zTdd1Tetley  CBAdult (m)3,0897256
zq1q0Darjeeling   CBAdult (f)2,4237405
eCX0GEarl Gray   CBAdult (m)2,5458475
LfD6RPG Tips   CBAdult (m)2,4047324
pDIYzYorkshire  CBAdult (f)4,1399701
YeEXDCB YeEXDAdult (m)3,4858662
st94FRiverview's Blue Cliff AffairAdult (f)2,0876322
z5qyFCB z5qyFAdult (f)3,3117275
rQSMECB rQSMEAdult (f)2,4678445
1XrfkCB  1XrfkAdult (f)2,1906523
KJIvHCB KJIvHAdult (m)1,8908094
U5d6ICB U5d6IAdult (m)3,2161,1443
8O7LX(8O7LX)Adult (f)2,7067201
CPhqo(CPhqo)Adult (f)3,5788071
2obAF(2obAF)Adult (m)3,6988291
3Jh87(3Jh87)Adult (f)3,9488410
VMKhl(VMKhl)Adult (m)3,5178251
84M4H(84M4H)Adult (f)4,1201,0071
dtY8l(dtY8l)Adult (m)3,8807561
SWP63(SWP63)Adult (m)3,5458171
mgeNT(mgeNT)Adult (f)3,5287821
zakqa(zakqa)Adult (f)4,1267621
Y9OknCevrya Bloodscale Thuwed   VAdult (m)2,2386845
86lP8Morecambe n'WiseAdult (m)1,4396447
W2gAbCagney n'LaceyAdult (f)1,4036285
OTT80Laurel n'HardyAdult (m)2,2296335
c9ViNStarskey n'HutchAdult (m)1,7457404
dIbOaThelma n'LouiseAdult (f)1,5306042
YXtvyFrench n'SaundersAdult (f)2,2457545
FeYOWWilma n'BettyAdult (f)2,4636782
IRtRSLythrypnus dalli   CBAdult (f)1,9705282
aG7vKAcanthrus lineatus   CBAdult (m)2,1005731
kxIrCHaemulon sciurus   CBAdult (f)2,9058305
oHRlL(oHRlL)Adult (m)7,5797427
jHBaX(jHBaX)Adult (m)6,6571,0362
ahYpLIV ahYpAdult (f)1,0824104
K8qOkOcean Spray   CBAdult (m)3,7674399
ouhnMOcean Cave   CBAdult (f)1,09261910
r8Udl(r8Udl)Adult (f)3,1284981
DR8tP(DR8tP)Adult (m)2,9945071
S0GAs(S0GAs)Adult (f)3,2315250
ppAqF(ppAqF)Adult (m)3,1855151
MD3c7(MD3c7)Adult (m)2,7375521
9ltpB(9ltpB)Adult (f)2,8905741
6pwUf(6pwUf)Adult (f)4,5997110
UssLa(UssLa)Adult (m)4,8327241
OxD8Z(OxD8Z)Adult (m)3,3279871
WTA5CB WTA5Adult (f)1,6465952
9A2V8CB 9A2V8Adult (m)4,6484701
CWoZACB CWoZAAdult (f)5,2533883
FP2yQJazekiz Gift    LVAdult (m)3,9853953
TNJ0rMidsummer Wyvern   LIIIAdult (f)2,4026564
yrWGz(yrWGz)Adult (f)3,0345797
R8UTQ(R8UTQ)Adult (m)5,3858562
UbUgiCB UbUgiAdult (f)5,3117283
emTCJCB emTCJAdult (m)5,6817083
0eplcO'Epic CBAdult (f)7,0281,2463
rQKICCB rQKICAdult (m)5,5439843
JsjR4(JsjR4)Adult (m)2,2576452
8YzPV(8YzPV)Adult (f)2,4056654
35cok(35cok)Adult (m)1,9217351
Ul8Cd(Ul8Cd)Adult (f)2,0027511
XcoJz(XcoJz)Adult (f)2,0868012
RjnzI(RjnzI)Adult (m)3,2206476
VUFum(VUFum)Adult (f)2,7546881
jpoBQ(jpoBQ)Adult (m)2,8075792
o4RSCB o4RSAdult (f)2,3356588
dOqnCB dOqnAdult (m)3,0805914
bhBHCB bhBHAdult (m)3,7454178
XrDVdCB XrDVdAdult (f)4,7063145
swk1jCB   swk1jAdult (f)1,8335612
DIqcG(DIqcG)Adult (f)3,3227331
D85eM(D85eM)Adult (m)3,9297412
ZfBuXCarmine Seeker   CBAdult (f)2,2245781
eeYiTCarmine Flight   CBAdult (m)2,1695572
cA2haCarmine On Air   CBAdult (m)2,5996172
lhMd4(lhMd4)Adult (f)2,1435861
uonlI(uonlI)Adult (f)2,1725951
xcVxB(xcVxB)Adult (f)2,4715970
vOIeW(vOIeW)Adult (f)2,4346230
eZSWt(eZSWt)Adult (f)2,3886190
fsKVX(fsKVX)Adult (m)2,5966341
hOfer(hOfer)Adult (f)2,4666360
Q9OyK(Q9OyK)Adult (f)2,5106090
usDBO(usDBO)Adult (m)3,4147351
bigdo(bigdo)Adult (f)3,5146722
tnT4tTNT   cluckcluckbangAdult (f)1,4536437
holiNerys' HoliAdult (f)1,678691149
ESMgQHollyday Fire LIIIAdult (f)2,45350635
7CRYzSeven Cries HollydayAdult (f)2,38167316
lKiZaHollyday TardisAdult (m)1,81952619
zzShFHollyday DelightAdult (m)3,2875212
sSOSoFeliz DelightAdult (f)3,4035114
jD1dQJoyful Holly NerysAdult (f)3,6329296
Pmu9121g Thuweed HollymessAdult (m)4,0509384
LkbfD7g Thuweed messW'nerysholiAdult (f)3,7029402
Unyf1Candy Luna DorkyThuweedAdult (f)4,1109253
YMk8DHoli BerryAdult (m)4,7158382
vt62zHolly n'KlineAdult (m)5,4588533
PdK6GHolly Thuweed of 6G'checkAdult (m)3,9347992
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