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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Nerys,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
H8YQjSweet CelisAdult (m)2,8975771
n7PZCSweet RedcelloAdult (m)2,9288292
1nrerCandystar CreationAdult (m)3,1257823
J0sTzVelvet AndromedaAdult (m)3,6248772
tutJSCelis' OrionAdult (m)3,3478443
2q69vSweet MagicalAdult (m)3,6198582
IVzYoSweet Gisela's StarAdult (m)3,6368644
jD5J0Dp'BijsevfethAdult (m)3,6738923
WlfjSWendy's WishAdult (m)3,0449182
dZ99tWanyuudo TemerayreAdult (m)3,5194565
MMp9MSweet Fluffy SkyAdult (m)5,1161,0152
MCu4fSweetstar WishAdult (m)3,2967823
80GjXSweet OliverAdult (m)3,4918231
ruvrtAddiction ExplosionAdult (m)3,2377863
8aS6eSweet KitharaAdult (m)3,5047753
AN00sSweet AnoosAdult (m)2,3507572
arldkSweet Tears in RainAdult (m)2,9327001
34S4RSweetstar CupidAdult (m)2,6656852
AfqwuSweet Star LordAdult (m)3,0507465
CDumhSweet MerrynAdult (m)3,0197472
VE47jSweet Blue SkiesAdult (m)5,2331,1641
cdrneSweet Time HealerAdult (m)4,4348395
vOEQ1Copper Love FavorAdult (m)6,2891,2272
9ShziRedstar ReciprocalAdult (m)2,5927203
g5PYGypsy Rose   CBAdult (f)3,3505596
F1AZRing O'Roses   CBAdult (f)3,4805465
MYgIsRomeo's Rose   LIIAdult (f)2,68478012
fRgvaLord of Roses   LIIAdult (f)2,7628575
JNbwBRose Memories   LIIAdult (f)2,4466594
cuR24(cuR24)Adult (f)2,33950616
0hHss(0hHss)Adult (f)3,0528736
LWyJA(LWyJA)Adult (f)2,4318604
thmm6Chocolate Wind   CBAdult (m)2,2516702
153sqChocolate MemoriesAdult (m)2,2096612
SHPPYChocolate Affection   LIIAdult (m)2,9255584
AKbrU(AKbrU)Adult (m)2,2888443
c52R2(c52R2)Adult (m)2,5675997
BQhAA(BQhAA)Adult (m)3,2866881
CdswH(CdswH)Adult (m)3,2617071
FeRLWHeart's NeedsAdult (f)2,0036011
NaaEGThe Heart's WishesAdult (f)1,9105813
bTeEGHeart's Spring   LIIAdult (f)1,8007766
1YVQdHeart's Perfume   LIIAdult (f)2,7885378
Hy4AZHeart's Silver   LIIAdult (f)2,3216422
s48Ax(s48Ax)Adult (f)2,5666187
ZRgWO(ZRgWO)Adult (f)3,6864081
wcDjv(wcDjv)Adult (f)3,2996811
Jge61(Jge61)Adult (f)3,2836911
JcF8G(JcF8G)Adult (f)3,0466872
66jKuGabriel On WingsAdult (m)2,2048096
GSWFLGabriel's  FeathersAdult (m)2,2627735
yqEABGabriel's  FoxAdult (m)2,29252617
DHZ7U(DHZ7U)Adult (m)4,2244023
3NXZt(3NXZt)Adult (m)3,94891615
OulIIValentine MarauderAdult (f)2,8416613
WUNRhValentine PoacherAdult (f)2,9786066
6Ud2tMatchmakers QuestAdult (m)2,4355240
uDFqNMatchmakers MischiefAdult (m)2,4335480
uxkLBPearl SympathyAdult (f)3,0065233
VmHmkPearl EmpathyAdult (f)3,1165191
TTomwDear TomAdult (m)4,6891,0678
xdtXDBonnie FloraAdult (m)3,1102813
WlNZoKojo-no-maiAdult (f)3,1127222
xEsZLTai-hakuAdult (f)3,4537430
HB3XR(HB3XR)Adult (f)4,8063234
T6NfD(T6NfD)Adult (f)2,1456675
Rkbb1(Rkbb1)Adult (m)1,5617032
cPXgP(cPXgP)Adult (f)2,9894201
9oHlG(9oHlG)Adult (m)2,9596773
xcLWh(xcLWh)Adult (f)1,8156226
UAM8x(UAM8x)Adult (m)3,4128494
LlChP(LlChP)Adult (f)3,4176894
cI4XKelpie Morvarc'h   CBAdult (m)2,4166484
A5pYbKelpie Morag   CBAdult (f)4,1077743
Vu9MIKelpie Ness   CBAdult (f)3,4893434
BxNCAKelpie Ceffyl Dwr   CBAdult (m)2,5598211
3gaCtKelpie Tiger   LIIAdult (m)2,6505877
msaeoCB msaeoAdult (f)4,5613714
lXDH8CB lXDH8Adult (f)1,9225962
Z7Hlk(Z7Hlk)Adult (m)3,2506615
yQs0fCB yQs0fAdult (m)1,6986382
cQaVmCB   cQaVmAdult (m)2,0276056
1GMAWhyyte Feather   LIVAdult (f)2,8461,024139
CgAiWhyyte Princess   CBAdult (f)3,04487679
VbedWhyyte Myynt   LVAdult (f)2,50767463
K44qWhyte Spryte CBAdult (m)3,8697507
54u1CSnow Whyyte   CBAdult (m)4,1885052
66X4mWhyyte Ice   CBAdult (f)1,8816272
NZ6z8White Winged Ribbon   LIIIAdult (m)1,4056675
VpeUULII VpeUUAdult (m)1,6525974
lVk2ICB lVk2IAdult (m)2,3365962
3UqiSCB 3UqiSAdult (m)2,5288204
45X5LTardis Delight   LIIIAdult (m)2,0856968
TSoFXMeadow Glimmer   LIIIAdult (m)1,8115974
qmhH5Imperium Adriel   LIIIAdult (f)2,0495974
OowV6Captain Christmas   LIIIAdult (m)2,0175657
M0UY9CB   M0UY9Adult (f)3,09385710
mlZlXFeliz Tardis   LIVAdult (f)3,3919356
qxfxA(qxfxA)Adult (f)2,81161011
rOGMd(rOGMd)Adult (m)2,0985497
W0NCD(W0NCD)Adult (f)2,7785540
qCW4lSnake Affection   LIIAdult (f)2,7745769
3dsgT(3dsgT)Adult (f)2,3895223
o4Amx(o4Amx)Adult (f)2,6945241
jSKIW(jSKIW)Adult (m)2,4415200
mFmpJ(mFmpJ)Adult (m)2,5665121
XWfdF(XWfdF)Adult (m)2,6035222
NImkRCupid's TruffleAdult6,9001,2796
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