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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Nerys,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
rWwKb(rWwKb)Adult (f)2,1326535
gwowX(gwowX)Adult (f)2,0106405
eSGmi(eSGmi)Adult (m)3,1581,0017
6IYyM(6IYyM)Adult (m)3,3886512
mMO4I(mMO4I)Adult (m)3,4696411
dquvi(dquvi)Adult (f)3,1416941
zlFuV(zlFuV)Adult (m)2,9186671
R25bV(R25bV)Adult (m)3,1636502
4d1u(4d1u)Adult (f)1,7834965
CHZ8(CHZ8)Adult (m)1,28234121
YOSLdCB YOSLdAdult (f)2,2596663
Sc5qMTouch The Moon    LIVAdult (m)4,9534442
IOb1TCB   IOb1TAdult (m)2,2575106
jqGz6(jqGz6)Adult (f)2,1546194
KJSUWCB   KJSUWAdult (m)2,1216851
oIGHz(oIGHz)Adult (m)4,0816614
9KoqC(9KoqC)Adult (f)2,6156041
Yi8Rm(Yi8Rm)Adult (m)2,6505335
2quh9(2quh9)Adult (f)4,1696546
try7e(try7e)Adult (f)3,2065131
epfIy(epfIy)Adult (f)5,0216951
egIjQ(egIjQ)Adult (m)4,4533497
su0pBTio'lenne   LIIAdult (f)3,8657043
ZKHxbTiolenne Phantom   LIIIAdult (f)2,1997482
4V4uS(4V4uS)Adult (f)2,0876137
NnBPZMeihua   CBAdult (f)1,4926125
AqegeKaminia Shadowmist   LIIAdult (f)2,18478314
ns5cjBlushing Narrator   LIIAdult (f)2,54170020
0PlQA(0PlQA)Adult (m)2,2377541
5D8sA(5D8sA)Adult (f)2,3016494
3mZPy(3mZPy)Adult (m)2,5006562
19Khp(19Khp)Adult (m)2,2675734
TjSQw(TjSQw)Adult (m)4,8309991
z7haH(z7haH)Adult (f)3,0066902
4BMHo(4BMHo)Adult (f)3,8588950
3B1CE(3B1CE)Adult (f)3,7357460
Ho3Uy(Ho3Uy)Adult (m)2,5056643
kCt20(kCt20)Adult (m)2,3876641
gtX4e(gtX4e)Adult (f)2,4916281
z2pVl(z2pVl)Adult (f)2,5416590
A7SqS(A7SqS)Adult (m)2,6545901
CL1nsMajestic's CobaltAdult (m)3,8743626
cWAYWMajestic Sapphire   CBAdult (f)3,8984072
tyG2vMajestic Cerulean   CBAdult (m)1,3606490
xB3M0Majestic Celeste   CBAdult (f)4,2584992
uDEPvMajestic uDEPv   CBAdult (m)3,0016385
WGTHM(WGTHM)Adult (f)1,8296462
4VkxQ(4VkxQ)Adult (m)3,1747375
cOaX1CB cOaX1Adult (f)3,1994933
y8YdoRoyal Blood  CBAdult (m)2,2545983
t8BOwCB   t8BOwAdult (m)2,7158095
P8cUmCB   P8cUmAdult (f)2,6239283
K1SFU(K1SFU)Adult (f)2,1398455
DjOpx(DjOpx)Adult (f)4,0126441
c9nTb(c9nTb)Adult (m)2,7336922
7vzTL(7vzTL)Adult (m)3,2676040
YLRaQ(YLRaQ)Adult (f)3,2387301
bIFZd(bIFZd)Adult (f)4,2771,0150
hAvw8(hAvw8)Adult (m)4,5127841
DSdEi(DSdEi)Adult (f)5,9307482
t526t(t526t)Adult (f)3,4777842
zi0T5(zi0T5)Adult (m)3,8798101
S7h7Spring into StepAdult (m)3,9918503
g6Z3Winterholly Spring   LIIAdult (f)2,2265551
0p8cvWinterice Spring   LIIAdult (f)1,2576191
DCrDjIcewinter Spring   LIVAdult (f)1,8526302
s6kQhCernunnos   CBAdult (m)3,6307844
NhyPvSpring Silver   LIIAdult (f)1,9066405
E6Pge(E6Pge)Adult (f)3,1078266
bMdAT(bMdAT)Adult (m)4,5159874
5OJih(5OJih)Adult (f)3,5398720
UFGlmCB UFGlmAdult (m)4,5584222
P5NBICB P5NBIAdult (f)4,1303415
9gAmRCB 9gAmRAdult (m)4,1724462
TSjnFCB TSjnFAdult (f)2,3838372
7kDSe(7kDSe)Adult (m)2,8606392
qS0LAutumnal RefinementAdult (f)2,6445743
sJZ7Autumnal SophisticationAdult (m)5,9686525
SGHJBAutumnal GrandeurAdult (m)1,5976645
c9GpWinter Isithiel   LIIAdult (f)6,1617979
qtB6Winter Skater   CBAdult (f)3,50046118
OVv5Winter Skier   CBAdult (m)2,8734148
20aS0Winter Sledder   CBAdult (f)3,4487886
C4TFW(C4TFW)Adult (m)5,0481,0843
KhXy6(KhXy6)Adult (m)2,9809061
XIrMVGoshogake   LIIAdult (m)2,4735615
Wqs3vJigokudani   LIIAdult (f)4,4765915
004k5Daisetsuzan   CBAdult (m)1,6545963
kb2wyTarumae   CBAdult (f)1,5566585
NB6ZAShirane   CBAdult (f)1,9276846
pFbdwKaimondake   CBAdult (m)2,1456486
dIFBf(dIFBf)Adult (f)2,8677583
HkuZo(HkuZo)Adult (f)2,9686741
q3gFSe' Miji   LVAdult (f)7,08759110
38n8Ser' Grizzin   LVAdult (m)2,59966214
s50oSe' Tyyrra LVIAdult (f)3,94657814
lFB1Silver Entropy   LVAdult (m)3,1487125
5HiehQuicksylva's Mercury CBAdult (f)4,39629450
OuizaSilver Decay   LIIIAdult (m)4,0993718
dt8FnHelinida Decay   LVIAdult (m)2,89288512
oWhvASilver AltitudeAdult (m)6,7196831
R7bPWEmotion Alley   LVIAdult (f)1,7965848
QpwW2Silver Chill LIIIAdult (f)2,21560910
sl8RDSilvered Holi LIIAdult (m)3,0475773
ZOPhPLady Stripey SilverAdult (f)8,7357872
1J8GU(1J8GU)Adult (f)3,2398681
DFsBE(DFsBE)Adult (m)3,1166723
RJ6HI(RJ6HI)Adult (f)2,5017232
mrG1O(mrG1O)Adult (m)2,5197451
LLON1(LLON1)Adult (m)2,4217471
eH8dx(eH8dx)Adult (m)2,4807531
rhZUSooar   CBAdult (m)3,6481,368115
qI4SGlyyde   CBAdult (f)1,32166349
TLqYDFlyy   CBAdult (m)2,8974399
ZJNgIWyyng   CBAdult (f)2,0357112
ktswAFlyyte  CBAdult (m)3,1745102
dQ77dClear Fire   LIIIAdult (m)5,3648903
DCySeD'Cy Se Shikatta   LIIAdult (m)4,6545544
sAZKHCB sAZKHAdult (f)2,9316444
E14b4CB E14b4Adult (m)2,9399134
aJ3nj(aJ3nj)Adult (f)4,4988122
2ptZJ(2ptZJ)Adult (m)2,8746881
7KCcx(7KCcx)Adult (m)2,5135481
oaYKa(oaYKa)Adult (m)2,5085121
HFyyv(HFyyv)Adult (f)2,5175142
EYPSy(EYPSy)Adult (f)2,5075161
RJVgk(RJVgk)Adult (f)2,7095411
zYoYv(zYoYv)Adult (m)2,4556303
IaLiy(IaLiy)Adult (f)3,4008591
0CUGSpitfyyrAdult (f)2,2296092
NWciaCB   NWciaAdult (m)4,49134610
1teafCB   1teafAdult (m)1,7556731
UNPSACB   UNPSAAdult (f)2,6038342
F85iCB   F85iAdult (f)4,6488193
O3p0CB   O3p0Adult (f)1,97355210
N0FJoCB   N0FJoAdult (m)5,2093541
eTgj7LII   eTgj7Adult (f)4,6453116
osNhHere cometh the StripesAdult (f)3,6604554
HaHQApollo's Desire   LIIIAdult (m)3,00252712
KmiKJCold on IceAdult (m)4,4458978
ARkIIBoylfit   LIVAdult (m)2,8188243
2yEtYEzetieAdult (f)3,2767578
mc2GTEzetie On Ice   LIIAdult (f)2,2997648
lmR5TStriped SpryteAdult (m)2,8147842
EeDIOFairy StripesAdult (f)3,3437931
QnuBMBright Stripes of the CaveAdult (m)2,5997713
TI2tMHoliday Designs   LIIIAdult (m)2,0646648
HMiNYDazzling PatternAdult (m)4,4951,11815
NDWgKWhite Wonder   LIIAdult (m)1,7846733
nvYlnQueen StripesAdult (f)2,2107796
64chwForest FlickaAdult (f)4,2339862
XPLnJLord MeriheartAdult (m)3,0677552
GQ5MiStryped LoveAdult (m)2,9587382
qFrUaSnow CounselAdult (m)3,0307663
6qHlNDocco AmorAdult (m)2,3806782
Zq4YbDraco RayaAdult (m)3,0696358
9C6cELord MeriKamaAdult (m)3,4916328
WsGytApollo's CounselAdult (m)2,6206673
PGRwZVictor AmoraAdult (m)2,3035443
xMYzlGondira DelightAdult (m)3,1455291
CC5zsFoxy DestinyAdult (m)4,4866843
lFefwWhyte WolfAdult (m)4,4156953
IVDAg(IVDAg)Adult (m)3,5565381
J1DyyLord MeriloveAdult (m)3,6305331
Yc6PMWolf MoorAdult (m)4,6238272
L8OmlEvlon's AmorAdult (m)4,5868280
DudoORomantic DelightsAdult (m)6,4489981
PCHJJDraco PulseAdult (m)6,2899871
70nPIMi Dulce AmorAdult (m)4,0637026
PkChVFreaky TissueAdult (m)5,0648753
5RRHTStripte SongAdult (m)4,6666972
aJN9aRaya MoorAdult (m)3,3997932
turP8White SpectraAdult (m)3,5417891
IXpBKStriped AphroditeAdult (m)4,6117224
05t8jMoor CounselAdult (m)4,1817563
reTQnStripes of the CaveAdult (f)3,2106070
0zsiZTender TissueAdult (m)3,6677262
9l9bgHeart of AmorAdult (m)3,6227340
hJ6EaPassion CounselAdult (m)4,4958272
SLBQHSinger's StripesAdult (m)3,4057241
iVy5MStripes of IvyAdult (m)4,1747892
OAAodK'wara a VeaAdult (m)3,9546741
u0FmKK'wera a VeaAdult (m)4,3197062
cZDBWForest PatternAdult (m)3,1637250
ymbcsFenland a VeaAdult (m)2,9257411
cuQFOIvy ImmortalAdult (m)3,1407582
PxYXQIridescent DesireAdult (m)2,8267121
4K63ZAlabaster OliverAdult (m)4,0076892
4A53NIridescent SongsAdult (m)3,4576482
it9l9(it9l9)Adult (m)2,9276741
2HsNk(2HsNk)Adult (m)3,0767122
y6iLU(y6iLU)Adult (m)3,1837131
2Q3CLVI 2Q3CAdult (m)5,4634399
Bs48LVII   Bs48Adult (m)2,0842318
NzcrN(NzcrN)Adult (m)3,5206241
SfnNRed Kybac   LVIIAdult (m)3,6455036
RMiLvHot on Fire   LIIAdult (m)3,9193243
Aja7UHoliday Stripes   LIIAdult (m)2,2276445
ESDDfRed Reaction   LVAdult (f)2,0476984
oRdJ8Copper Stripes   LIIAdult (f)2,2957018
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