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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Nerys,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
KKn3FSwell NoelAdult (m)2,8067802
zZfs5Cool-YuleAdult (m)3,0358891
8B8OGolden Angel VineAdult (f)2,2527585
Z4NGLes Fannara GoldenAdult (f)6,5451,0284
tmP2LLathyrus Golden AngelAdult (f)1,3916984
bOLMRAngel's StatueAdult (f)1,5086282
R7mroChione of AzuriteAdult (f)2,3806265
vHisRAngel DancingAdult (f)2,9158253
3Q5FyAngel FlyingAdult (f)4,1078602
SdcdRyybon WaltzAdult (f)5,7166497
IKCQRyybon Tango CBAdult (f)4,7736003
xbNHnRyybon SkeletosAdult (f)1,3857215
Qh6RSRyybon O'CharlindronAdult (f)2,2556999
8kPLnChristmas Magician   CBAdult (m)4,4863005
4CfTfChristmas Sorcerer   CBAdult (m)3,5362747
YM0L4Blizzard WyvernAdult (m)2,2427098
tOQO0Where's the sellotapeAdult (m)2,2896283
UWPoOPass me the scissorsAdult (m)2,3506445
eWlukRyybon LeafAdult (m)2,60076710
aJuZt(aJuZt)Adult (m)2,4167202
RQTtxSolstice Soul   CBAdult (f)1,7166891
bqtjfSolstice Spirit   CBAdult (f)1,6446672
EmwzTKissing under theAdult (f)2,4166159
VH6XZMother of a FavouriteAdult (f)2,4126106
CbWyxMisletoe FavourAdult (m)1,76231711
ZX1uKBlessed KissesAdult (f)2,3937061
15Sy7Benevolent GiantAdult (m)1,81333711
ZJUyZBenevolent for NowAdult (m)1,86234311
upsagFrosted ExplosionAdult (m)3,2064780
fsxpRLines beneath the snowAdult (m)3,4644621
yLMpE(yLMpE)Adult (m)2,3837371
9YivrFestive CoveringAdult (f)4,2556493
AZ8qFChristmas LuminosityAdult (f)4,6886812
ZJI0T(ZJI0T)Adult (f)2,3897482
ZNchA(ZNchA)Adult (f)2,4347420
7ZEBCB 7ZEBAdult (m)1,7645053
NQrmCB NQrmAdult (f)2,0495975
86hcCB 86hcAdult (m)1,7243679
qfyHD(qfyHD)Adult (f)6,9189994
s34FZ(s34FZ)Adult (m)6,7791,0322
LxRlY(LxRlY)Adult (m)3,8777736
OIzxh(OIzxh)Adult (f)2,4038322
K1RGa(K1RGa)Adult (m)3,2006363
geoFWCopper Myarina   LIIAdult (m)3,7568215
WmHT3Copper Diving  CBAdult (m)2,7409558
IwNqICopper Dracaena   CBAdult (f)5,2151,0389
PsPoPCopper Shadow   CBAdult (m)2,2847958
vXEZTCopper Silk   CBAdult (f)2,4048768
MBhsvCopper Shibuichi IIIAdult (m)2,8916266
DZXBTVerdigris Thuwed VIAdult (f)2,92880010
rFjFN(rFjFN)Adult (m)1,6485596
3zCE3(3zCE3)Adult (f)1,8026675
CQvnl(CQvnl)Adult (f)5,1428533
XmH7D(XmH7D)Adult (m)3,2095778
5k5eLIII 5k5eAdult (f)1,60763762
6dbuLVII 6dbuAdult (m)3,0615436
asnRLVIII asnRAdult (m)3,46225111
TAgM3Lathyrus 'Vine   CBAdult (m)3,6383604
aoMKuLII aoMKuAdult (m)2,9535022
9U9Q4LXI 9U9Q4Adult (f)1,7287352
GJfgkAkebia 'Vine   CBAdult (f)1,6165904
vT7nNMaurandella 'Vine   CBAdult (f)2,9886505
iRK5NWisteria 'Vine   CBAdult (f)2,7767007
W2R9jIpomoea 'Vine   CBAdult (m)1,9506914
Z9E9j(Z9E9j)Adult (m)2,3027447
nEF7j(nEF7j)Adult (m)2,9677141
Sg6Z5LII Sg6Z5Adult (f)3,2915178
o9LcCB o9LcAdult (f)1,6904752
ibHVCB ibHVAdult (m)1,9615663
mkWeYLXII mkWeYAdult (f)2,5468016
paULeCB paULeAdult (m)4,0347199
l1gW4Healios Dreamer    LIIAdult (m)3,9254712
YiOPKMorning Feather   LIIAdult (f)4,5204771
V31NXCB V31NXAdult (m)1,9176992
rcvZyCB rcvZyAdult (m)1,9607075
CPnQJCB CPnQJAdult (m)4,6093793
QeKmCCB QeKmCAdult (f)4,4373984
B0cdoCB B0cdoAdult (m)3,9053787
4kn4FCB 4kn4FAdult (m)4,0481,1725
osdd5CB osdd5Adult (f)2,40167218
yllpo(yllpo)Adult (f)2,0906170
18sGM(18sGM)Adult (m)3,0305151
Jb32e(Jb32e)Adult (f)3,2175432
OUAIE(OUAIE)Adult (m)2,9505031
jwaOQ(jwaOQ)Adult (m)3,1185250
dzsEm(dzsEm)Adult (f)2,0645765
fEYPZ(fEYPZ)Adult (f)6,4279970
GIRtkFederico ArsufAdult (m)5,3969564
QurG5(QurG5)Adult (f)5,8158811
dqInl(dqInl)Adult (f)5,8699265
kstaCB kstaAdult (m)1,8036581
OSV1CB OSV1Adult (m)2,4052574
r6ElCB r6ElAdult (f)3,2293838
htraCB htraAdult (m)2,1423686
RQ6bCB RQ6bAdult (f)1,9685165
e4JftCB e4JftAdult (f)3,8645442
dc0OJDrDoo   LIIAdult (m)2,4767862
JOS0uCB JOS0uAdult (m)2,1006822
Vjb42(Vjb42)Adult (m)2,5764613
sxoGq(sxoGq)Adult (f)2,5998653
pfqehRedneg Arcana   LVIIAdult (f)3,0713485
XcShDCB XcShDAdult (m)2,2957673
3jJx4CB 3jJx4Adult (f)3,0637775
gCGLaCB gCGLaAdult (m)4,2718815
2GYG7CB 2GYG7Adult (f)2,8218144
CXibqCB CXibqAdult (m)3,2251,0864
ZOipjCB ZOipjAdult (f)3,6188152
kwQbZ(kwQbZ)Adult (m)4,5161,0061
nCAZLVII nCAZAdult (f)5,54291411
h0T4CB h0T4Adult (m)4,1968948
I47LCB I47LAdult (f)4,2219613
pSpskCB pSpskAdult (m)3,9384482
4RtAZCB 4RtAZAdult (m)4,8163222
WFKV8CB WFKV8Adult (f)3,4483603
YEbfGlowing Ember CBAdult (m)2,3586633
EhcuLX EhcuAdult (m)8,6097558
W46DEmber Fire CBAdult (f)3,50147911
Ea5vgRedfire Ember CBAdult (m)4,7064154
Ee02rLX Ee02rAdult (f)4,8503577
aJduNLIII aJduNAdult (f)3,3722314
SUUiMLIII SUUiMAdult (m)3,1572203
4uMC3Ember Flame CBAdult (f)5,3119865
vzvIrBurning Ember   CBAdult (f)1,6596563
XpHaK(XpHaK)Adult (f)3,4037480
SC2mwCB SC2mwAdult (m)2,0005952
KWBq2CB KWBq2Adult (f)2,0385914
7RmtFCB 7RmtFAdult (f)2,4066391
eZgudLIV eZgudAdult (f)2,3056066
apELW(apELW)Adult (f)3,0754980
6hsP8(6hsP8)Adult (m)3,2614960
Vvkf9Streptococcus ferus   CBAdult (m)2,3526582
Ar5pwFrancisella tularensis   CBAdult (f)2,3706323
TU1aeBacillus anthracis   CBAdult (m)2,4626622
ztk2EYersinia pestis   CBAdult (f)3,4537773
ENqx6Salmonella typhi   CBAdult (f)3,0529605
Yo1QQHaemophilus influenzae   CBAdult (m)3,1306416
H5V3DFrancisella spiritus   LIIAdult (m)2,0415914
YLpEYFebris cavae   LIIAdult (f)1,9655848
Ozw19(Ozw19)Adult (f)4,4558142
pgnsw(pgnsw)Adult (f)9,1878502
euLZu(euLZu)Adult (f)4,1838702
89ngL(89ngL)Adult (m)4,5011,0042
2Jn1E(2Jn1E)Adult (f)4,0808632
11dGn(11dGn)Adult (m)3,3577632
CENUflamyyngo falls faery   CBAdult (f)2,15064916
iisnflamyyngo falls fyyr   CBAdult (m)3,0105713
LSjqEflamyyngo falls flayym   CBAdult (m)2,9774778
agRA3flamyyngo falls flyer   CBAdult (f)3,5054272
D9NVgflamyyngo falls flyte   CBAdult (f)4,8143405
rg7ooflamyyngo falls vine   LIIIAdult (m)3,1976267
1B9zYflamyyngo falls flicker  CBAdult (m)2,9677382
u67SfBone Ray  LIIAdult (m)2,8234274
Q0aMlCB Q0aMlAdult (f)4,3654163
QKbsoCB QKbsoAdult (m)2,6508874
368URCB 368URAdult (f)2,6379273
ZvTjT(ZvTjT)Adult (m)4,1408857
m9nAN(m9nAN)Adult (f)3,4037511
P5x4P(P5x4P)Adult (m)3,2757422
17Lqa(17Lqa)Adult (f)3,1426851
ejfRc(ejfRc)Adult (m)3,7736492
4Vl9X(4Vl9X)Adult (f)3,8506851
oEVWr(oEVWr)Adult (f)3,3196001
UrbgX(UrbgX)Adult (m)2,0465982
QovTD(QovTD)Adult (m)1,9076061
Q4Bio(Q4Bio)Adult (f)2,1626124
qJhnY(qJhnY)Adult (m)2,1756192
v182j(v182j)Adult (f)2,2227441
AFOcs(AFOcs)Adult (f)2,1956114
3jDcR(3jDcR)Adult (f)3,3546963
Zeynv(Zeynv)Adult (m)3,3377051
IaFXy(IaFXy)Adult (m)2,5366223
h3grO(h3grO)Adult (m)3,4238864
1oYfp(1oYfp)Adult (f)3,2237112
kJh5r(kJh5r)Adult (f)2,8647021
2K0TA(2K0TA)Adult (f)5,3801,1819
qa9OS(qa9OS)Adult (m)3,6598069
IBWQd(IBWQd)Adult (f)2,2937237
usYWs(usYWs)Adult (m)6,3011,1144
evxKk(evxKk)Adult (f)2,9656927
Zo545Ruby DesireAdult (m)5,1681,2184
L6iczRuby DazzlerAdult (m)3,5925685
rRzQGRuby HighlightAdult (f)5,9308361
OC4Fx(OC4Fx)Adult (f)3,9809072
xJRyj(xJRyj)Adult (f)2,1127554
cxTKV(cxTKV)Adult (m)5,4261,0356
X3iox(X3iox)Adult (f)4,7448445
WH7iw(WH7iw)Adult (m)4,8038013
LUKU0(LUKU0)Adult (f)2,0295761
B03JoG'Ode LIIIAdult (f)4,2113633
vtnp6(vtnp6)Adult (m)1,6276690
e7QBE(e7QBE)Adult (f)1,6466620
q0XmU(q0XmU)Adult (f)1,6286950
wpTcI(wpTcI)Adult (m)3,1336354
w8Lun(w8Lun)Adult (m)2,8048227
1hx2K(1hx2K)Adult (m)2,2756644
C4bWl(C4bWl)Adult (m)2,8026172
qigaLII qigaAdult (m)2,64545915
KvD5rOrlith Cerberus   LIIAdult (f)1,9865220
M76t6CB M76t6Adult (m)7,1151,08615
Xdl6DCB Xdl6DAdult (f)2,9784803
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