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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Dryadia,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
YfcGFCoastal DraconisAdult (m)6,5911,2262
M3iNcCoastal DragiaAdult (f)7,5131,50711
9brdpCoastal DragioAdult (m)6,9361,3821
JOf1PRoyal Surf-n-Sun DraconiaAdult (f)6,8281,3874
xAAbTBlue Surf-n-Sun DraconiaAdult (f)6,1661,3932
0KrHQBeach Bum ShoreHatchling (f, F)3,0887443
HlVrTLil Beach WaveHatchling (F)2,4144663
xVDVGPlated Colossus DraconiaAdult (f)5,3368676
3mmu8Plated Colossus DraconisAdult (m)5,2937881
K1mydPlated Colossus DrakoniaAdult (f)5,4157921
FqtyZPlated Colossus DrakonisAdult (m)4,5328493
Sp9FmPlated Colossus DrakaAdult (f)5,8261,2621
nDhdWPlated Colossus DrakoAdult (m)6,7521,2082
vi2E4Plated Colossus DrakiaAdult (f)5,7831,3161
MliNAPlated Colossus DrakioAdult (m)5,5651,3873
snC1GPlated Colossus DragaAdult (f)8,9171,2436
KkIvhPlated Colossus DragoAdult (m)9,2231,2584
Yzt3WPlated Colossus DragiaAdult (f)8,6391,2014
A2GT8Plated Colossus DragioAdult (m)8,6561,2265
xZv3sPlated Colossus DrakanAdult (f)5,7531,0932
GyUQ4Plated Colossus DrakasAdult (m)7,3041,2732
wiglHPlated Colossus DrakleAdult (f)6,5958531
LTrDgPlated Colossus DrakelAdult (m)6,4438982
fJAGcPlated Colossus DraganAdult (f)7,0107702
m6fisPlated Colossus DragasAdult (m)6,6448172
Hkr0aLil Plated Colossus DrakaHatchling (f, F)5,8536234
bZkKXLil Plated Colossus DrakoHatchling (m, F)6,0516035
EOgwOLil Plated Colossus DrakeHatchling (F)2,8892831
jzXIJBrown Patina DraconiaAdult (f)4,3981,4482
3zznIBrown Patina DraconisAdult (m)4,6341,4803
oP6tgBrown Patina DrakaAdult (f)4,1448023
PyGzcBrown Patina DrakoAdult (m)5,1539625
V2E7vBrown Patina DragoAdult (m)6,3191,3774
OjWJdBrown Patina DragaAdult (f)7,0851,3274
EKheJBrown Patina DracaAdult (f)8,2841,55612
tbXYrBrown Patina DracoAdult (m)6,6551,5681
MDHOjBrown Patina DrakoniaAdult (f)6,8821,42611
IAILCBrown Patina DrakonisAdult (m)6,2171,4566
9d0QfBrown Patina DrakiaAdult (f)5,2141,3825
cs2eFBrown Patina DrakioAdult (m)7,5781,3177
mtIf4Brown Patina DragiaAdult (f)5,8701,4101
lJ4IHBrown Patina DragioAdult (m)5,6841,4313
muHsBBrown Patina DraganAdult (f)6,0591,5575
J94WlBrown Patina DragasAdult (m)6,5051,5387
1NAzTBrown Patina DragleAdult (f)6,4421,2584
UcUkSBrown Patina DragelAdult (m)5,4996655
CetYvMissy Brown PatinaHatchling (f, F)3,3559682
6KnirMister Brown PatinaHatchling (m, F)3,1249052
yMKemLil Brown PatinaHatchling (F)3,1826172
QdWtWOrange Copper DraconiaAdult (f)4,3171,4661
dz4gzOrange Copper DraconisAdult (m)4,2791,4803
CnBY9Orange Copper DrakaAdult (f)3,8167872
cBxLvOrange Copper DrakoAdult (m)3,9007792
kU0iuOrange Copper DragaAdult (f)5,0038852
rTZDYOrange Copper DragoAdult (m)5,0001,1466
N03lxOrange Copper DracaAdult (f)7,7711,52511
8ZKCvOrange Copper DracoAdult (m)6,5291,4591
G7eK5Orange Copper DrakoniaAdult (f)2,0526004
WcVViOrange Copper DrakonisAdult (m)6,6671,4656
KwXz1Orange Copper DrakiaAdult (f)6,5801,5066
ZwpyzOrange Copper DrakioAdult (m)5,3481,4175
9qqsbOrange Copper DragiaAdult (f)6,1661,08712
DR8LcOrange Copper DragioAdult (m)6,0281,3305
O3AGXOrange Copper DraganAdult (f)7,3291,6707
O6dvUOrange Copper DragasAdult (m)7,5901,5237
HMi6MOrange Copper DragleAdult (f)7,8501,5005
RKYFQOrange Copper DragelAdult (m)6,2911,4542
sUwaACopper PradaAdult (m)6,9951,2534
8HJV3Missy Orange CopperHatchling (f, F)3,8199164
AndYdMister Orange CopperHatchling (m, F)3,9028333
hkQ8ELil Orange CopperHatchling (F)3,2246043
J6AfXGreen Verdigris DraconiaAdult (f)5,2511,4814
wguWrGreen Verdigris DraconisAdult (m)4,2491,4324
67DSAGreen Verdigris DrakaAdult (f)3,9468032
ImoHsGreen Verdigris DrakoAdult (m)5,0708484
tV5FoGreen Verdigris DragoAdult (m)5,0231,1873
I9CeZGreen Verdigris DragaAdult (f)5,5501,3475
7YukzGreen Verdigris DracaAdult (f)7,3921,2524
KaHswGreen Verdigris DracoAdult (m)3,9611,36810
JBbemGreen Verdigris DrakoniaAdult (f)6,0581,4466
z5s3sGreen Verdigris DrakonisAdult (m)5,9171,6416
tU2vpGreen Verdigris DrakiaAdult (f)6,2741,43210
87NMDGreen Verdigris DrakioAdult (m)6,1511,4292
OSye5Green Verdigris DragiaAdult (f)6,3651,4541
zO2rkGreen Verdigris DragioAdult (m)6,5601,5265
gSLpGGreen Verdigris DraganAdult (f)7,4251,4687
qvqjpGreen Verdigris DragasAdult (m)6,4361,4992
l0SoQGreen Verdigris DragleAdult (f)6,3581,3603
F3PQEGreen Verdigris DragelAdult (m)8,2311,3972
GCAUEMissy Green VerdigrisHatchling (f, F)3,9089272
upCCjMister Green VerdigrisHatchling (m, F)3,9249061
KT77kLil Green VerdigrisHatchling (F)2,7935883
sdU0rCrystalline DraconiaAdult (f)8,0181,2105
BYghrCrystalline DraconiisAdult (m)8,4501,2614
0dJnfCrystalline DrakoniaAdult (f)8,0991,2033
ArXHyCrystalline DrakonisAdult (m)7,8851,1895
cq8hUCrystalline DrakaAdult (f)8,4141,2425
MfqjlCrystalline DrakoAdult (m)7,8811,1766
SM3l1Crystalline DrakiaAdult (f)8,4301,2373
OeqQdCrystalline DrakioAdult (m)8,4061,1734
AvNxXCrystalline DragaAdult (f)8,0991,2044
42OMiCrystalline DragoAdult (m)7,9511,2183
i5K8eCrystalline DragiaAdult (f)8,3651,2131
wdkeeCrystalline DragioAdult (m)8,5341,2253
IjnRaCrystalline DrakanAdult (f)8,4551,2243
jtnHdCrystalline DrakasAdult (m)8,3131,2273
va7mtCrystalline DrakleAdult (f)8,3761,2215
RnzYACrystalline DrakelAdult (m)7,9291,2054
CERsRCrystalline DraganAdult (f)9,0541,2954
LIiEwCrystalline DragasAdult (m)8,8311,3182
2cSUXCrystalline DracaAdult (f)9,2221,2814
iWNIwCrystalline DracoAdult (m)8,6561,3011
j1EoDLil Crystalline DrakoHatchling (m, F)6,3001,0162
1YQ0nLil Crystalline DrakeHatchling (F)3,3175191
6mTXFlorapodiaAdult (m)1,85556113
iNhZMuin FloraAdult (f)2,5807669
HUVlrMuin FlorapodiaAdult (f)8,3501,5497
8XsMOFlorapodia MuinAdult (m)8,6351,5466
usFsHMuin Flora PodiaAdult (f)7,3251,6331
npZCqTangled up MuinAdult (m)8,2371,6013
rn8BmMuin DraconiaAdult (f)4,8781,3482
8NfgkMuin DraconisAdult (m)6,1651,5034
Wpj4YMuin DrakiaAdult (f)5,8581,4902
0Wr45Muin DrakoAdult (m)5,7701,4275
798riGreen Vine MuinAdult (m)7,6601,3564
l1E3LVine Green MuinAdult (f)7,0981,3562
rC1RJMuin DrakoniaAdult (f)8,1291,4054
lrrqfMuin DrakonisAdult (m)7,9981,3055
7ZLPXMuin DragoAdult (m)5,6351,5703
M4B2ZMuin DracoAdult (m)5,8141,5501
oLR9FlorapentiaHatchling (m, F)2,35059014
jmCEFLil FloraHatchling (F)2,1754593
2R95Tangle MuinAdult (m)2,24178710
tZ8WKFlora MuinAdult (f)8,6671,5173
EFQSHOrange Shurburt FlowerAdult (m)8,2751,8674
ATejoOrange Flower VineAdult (f)7,9211,7995
gGA24Jack Muin OroAdult (m)10,5371,7695
P0jKAGreen Shur VineAdult (f)10,3331,5295
ppk35Sure Fine VineAdult (m)4,5181,34212
5TvffGolden Tangle VineAdult (m)4,5698513
lmhRYGreen Tangle MuinAdult (f)5,3821,1812
tKBBcJungle Tangle VineAdult (m)5,3261,1742
OFSHPClimbing Tangle VineAdult (f)5,1201,2405
oA6YZViney Tangle MuinAdult (f)1,7966694
OhWLbGreen Flower MuinAdult (f)5,8001,2023
YP3ElCoreopsis Tinsel FailAdult (f)6,3061,2383
NDAPkMessy Tangle MuinAdult (f)5,5601,2843
pQTaBGold Muin VineAdult (m)7,1617163
8E2p0Lil Flora MuinHatchling (f, F)5,2641,2862
m8XEYLil FlorHatchling (F)1,6395231
GAX5Draconis LenticularisAdult (m)1,8636268
AuChDraconia LenticularisAdult (f)1,9595457
bFLvbLenny LenticularisAdult (m)8,4261,4113
l4PQPFrillary LenticularisAdult (f)8,6981,9427
ukQUQPepper Mint LenticularisAdult (f)7,1011,4033
h01MWMi Amor Draco LenticularisAdult (m)6,8061,3792
0bTX6Daydream LenticularisAdult (m)6,8871,1513
Kc0C4Musing LenticularisAdult (f)4,7351,3503
4dEQRDraconia DaydreamAdult (f)5,9391,5246
N1hoODraconis DaydreamAdult (m)5,2101,3664
Q7ZDNDrakia DaydreamAdult (f)8,5511,4903
o3lWvDraga DaydreamAdult (f)8,6111,5553
OhVVdDrago DaydreamAdult (m)7,1671,2891
dakRCDaydream DrakiaAdult (f)7,4311,1841
H3Ls1Daydream DrakioAdult (m)6,3171,4984
RNtwtDaydream DrakaAdult (f)6,5031,2251
IPjhPepper LenticularisHatchling (f, F)1,4574873
Yg8EKLil LenticularisHatchling (F)3,1797892
5mSISeymour Sea DrakeAdult (m)1,3036224
okk0Siren DraconiaAdult (f)1,2516145
G21YoSea Drake DraconiaAdult (f)6,4051,2042
maSqLDraconis Kringle SirenAdult (m)8,7432,0302
65WpYSiren DrakiaAdult (f)8,3521,7233
WrrdfOceanic DraconisAdult (m)7,3871,1963
PNACGDeep Sea DraconisAdult (m)7,6501,1114
XOSERDeep Sea DraconiaAdult (f)8,1281,1203
GucVwDeep Sea DrakiaAdult (f)6,9971,6324
iWWcpDeep Sea DrakoAdult (m)4,5001,2573
sPjswDeep Sea DragoAdult (m)8,3911,3825
dSQAvDeep Sea DragaAdult (f)7,4141,3872
cIbthDeep Sea DragiaAdult (f)7,6831,3052
TgPxXDeep Sea DragioAdult (m)7,0191,2771
VBSQZDeep Sea DrakleAdult (f)7,0341,3692
UCT0wDeep Sea DrakelAdult (m)7,1131,3472
tLWcLil Scaley DrakeHatchling (m, F)1,2025403
MLdOLil Benthic DraconiaHatchling (f, F)1,4215838
gMLaMDeep Sea SquirtHatchling (F)3,1796693
EzSrWDiamondwind DraconiaAdult (f)7,9221,1661
W2rQJDiamondwind DraconisAdult (m)7,6601,1932
UqmSkDiamondwind DrakoniaAdult (f)7,5681,1823
buMJnDiamondwind DrakonisAdult (m)7,7211,1551
sNeIZDiamondwind DrakaAdult (f)7,4431,1781
CsiylDiamondwind DrakoAdult (m)8,9791,0881
f4lPPDiamondwind DrakiaAdult (f)9,0621,1037
jN7JVDiamondwind DrakioAdult (m)8,8571,1153
LSFbNDiamondwind DragaAdult (f)8,8581,1015
PVTCODiamondwind DragoAdult (m)8,7791,1681
eFTzzDiamondwind DragiaAdult (f)8,9001,0954
LD1pnDiamondwind DragioAdult (m)9,2641,1412
YEWRBDiamondwind DrakanAdult (f)8,9701,1154
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