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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Dryadia,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
IopzyBronze Magi KegluneqAdult (m)5,88693411
gngD5Solstice Bronze KegluneqAdult (m)9,6691,12335
IpY7oBronze Solstice KegluneqAdult (m)6,5751,4093
E6TB8Shimmering Solstice KegluneqAdult (m)8,6751,3815
56zcpQueen Bronze BlusangAdult (f)6,2951,4324
Jvn0zQueen's Bronze BlusangAdult (m)6,8611,3962
rRWmaHellfire n Bronze QueenAdult (f)9,2381,3035
Y2D5kCopper n Bronze Z'LenaAdult (f)5,36974511
ZN9ZABronze Ridgewing Z'LenaAdult (f)8,4096889
RQBj7Bronze n Copper Z'LenaAdult (f)6,0221,46915
uosfoBronze Skywing Z'LenaAdult (f)7,64376211
sVapBBronze Thunder LUFFYAdult (f)7,49476513
nhQz9Verdigris Copper n Bronze CarrotAdult (m)8,6181,2558
zLnjbShimmery Bronze n Copper CarrotAdult (m)6,0121,0494
CEPeZCopper n Bronze Carrot TwistAdult (m)8,1351,3672
bSy3bBronze Blusang Xiiao YenAdult (f)7,97377112
7ViYTShimmery Bronze Grave DreamAdult (f)8,5821,3533
KTC3oShimmery Bronze Moonstone ReiesAdult (m)7,7829402
zZRJBShimmery Thunder ReiesAdult (m)6,9081,5587
Spl8HBronze Moonstone ReiesAdult (m)7,2476112
a26lxBronze Grave DracheAdult (m)6,5536544
ccyxmRoyal Blue n Bronze DracheAdult (m)6,0801,5595
O1dQ5Royal Bronze Shimmer DracheAdult (m)7,0401,3655
0EhnEBronze Schimmer DracheAdult (m)8,5101,40510
866D3Bronze Shadow Magic DrakoAdult (m)7,5681,5015
hk7q1Bronze Shadow Magic DraconisAdult (m)5,9541,06311
6sBEBBronze Shadow Magic DraconiaAdult (f)6,8437995
HRWNrBronze Lurker Muggles LeviosaAdult (m)5,9461,0124
XjV7vAutumn Magi SatanAdult (f)5,5416133
fPelBBronze Lurker SatanAdult (f)10,1221,3843
i6fEHBronze Lurker Satan SpawnAdult (f)7,3071,0337
KFqdgShimmery Bronze Satan LurkerAdult (f)7,4661,3834
yOTaeMy Precious of Bag EndAdult (m)6,6531,6038
fKyC2Smaug's Revenge on BilboAdult (m)5,6281,1605
sfw1CBronze Lumina Wrap of PlentyAdult (m)5,5151,2563
eygIwArsani Moonstone LeviosaAdult (m)7,2531,42612
T5FHyShimmery Blusang LeviosaAdult (m)7,1831,3845
KJyn8Bronze Blusang LeviosaAdult (m)6,4591,0253
fSg3hBronze Frilled HakuAdult (m)6,3871,2465
rbVqBBronze n Golden DiamondAdult (f)7,0981,51111
raVlXShimmery Golden DiamondAdult (f)7,0021,5258
pxtGvBronze Thunder MysticAdult (f)4,5751,36014
tAnCFBronze n Thunder MysticAdult (f)7,1431,4633
JFNptBronze n White BabsangAdult (m)5,6931,3589
XbPCUWhite n Bronze BabsangAdult (m)6,3391,4485
MWp9VBronze Lurker LeviosaAdult (m)5,9261,4294
tfmh5Merry Luminous WrapwingAdult (m)7,0981,1475
fLkK7Unbelievable Red Bronze ShimmerAdult (m)6,1301,5203
G12aOUnbelievable Red Shimmer BronzeAdult (m)7,0851,5886
28ETaBronze Utren Shim MagiAdult (m)7,9917424
fzlzmBronze Shim n RidgewingAdult (m)7,0971,4544
Je7aqUtren Shim Bronze RidgewingAdult (m)8,4491,2312
HrY0fMerry Arsani Wrap DraconiaAdult (f)5,3841,33215
Zu8rWGolden Bronze Huntress DrakaAdult (f)9,0781,16310
8b1nbGolden Bronze Huntress DrakiaAdult (f)5,2891,1299
IylwiBronze n Golden HuntressAdult (f)4,8201,3755
akVO4Bronze n Golden Wyvren HuntressAdult (f)6,6601,3863
RDRvxBronze n Ember SeagloryAdult (f)6,3731,4115
gAds4Merry Purple Nebula DrakiaAdult (f)7,3661,3573
UZUAoMerry Purple Nebula DraconiaAdult (f)7,1001,4165
Rj8VzBronze Age Ice HuntressAdult (f)6,7791,3866
toLVcIcy Bronze HuntressAdult (f)7,4861,3944
bqFeWMerry Tangar Wrap DraconisAdult (m)9,5331,5846
GA5SbBronze Shimmer n HellfireAdult (m)9,4721,6527
owF1CBronze Shimmer n Red NebulaAdult (m)8,3621,5335
c8uhTLucky Shimmer ThunderAdult (m)7,6681,5619
gbuGYShimmer Thunder RaffleAdult (m)9,2581,6108
z5Gx1Lucky Bronze Shimmer ThunderAdult (m)10,0461,63612
x9EgYBronze Shimmer Lucky ThunderAdult (m)7,9661,4666
ueSQlWinter Ice Bronze DomiadraumrAdult (m)5,7681,2594
XuN5oIcy Winter Bronze DomiadraumrAdult (m)9,2999569
ir5FdDaydream Bronze DomiadraumrAdult (m)7,8111,0907
krR8fBronze n Ice DomiadraumrAdult (m)7,4301,5705
GzsMWGreen Bronze SeianAdult (f)8,09588514
sscHKRoyal Blue n Bronze SeianAdult (f)7,9379819
Rj8I7Bronze Shimmer n Pillow SeianAdult (f)7,2521,4836
bAs9iMystic of the 7 Bronze BalloonsAdult (f)8,0271,5562
SvTALBronze n Ember LieghtensteinAdult (m)7,1911,1005
XVYHRBronze Ribbon ShimAdult (m)4,88663811
GGLaGShimmery Bronze RibbonAdult (m)10,1671,2053
dGSJVMystic of the 7 Bronze BlusangsAdult (f)8,8811,0563
OQBM2Bronze Shimmer Pinoy WaifAdult (m)7,8441,2475
IJ8SSBronze n Black BagginsAdult (m)6,2391,09714
iNC40Lucky Bronze ArsaniAdult (m)7,3541,6166
0nzkyUnbelievable Bronze StoneAdult (m)10,5771,27410
FFvhhBronze Sunsong Utren ShimAdult (m)6,6331,44110
dZBCJBronze Wrapwing ShimmerdustAdult (f)6,7921,5592
uGyEDShimmering Grave SatanAdult (f)8,2626889
323C4Shimmery Bronze SunsetAdult (f)8,2761,5974
foWC9Lucky Bronze SunsongAdult (m)8,7221,72911
d8zqKBronze Magma SeianAdult (f)7,0511,4643
6j1NKBronze n Silver SatanAdult (f)6,0481,5217
CTyyZBronze Arsani LeviosaAdult (m)6,8601,3663
DohijCrazy little Bronze LurkerAdult (f)5,9571,5527
MQPNdBronze Magi SatanAdult (f)6,7471,4324
hGZL9Lucky Bronze MagmaAdult (m)8,6531,51714
RsHRdBronze Moonstone HuntressAdult (f)7,1891,49713
mbmbMBronze Breasted Utren ShimAdult (m)7,4321,78810
AUwJULucky Bronze RidgewingAdult (m)6,7451,6956
HPoYvShimmery Winter TholaAdult (f)8,3521,0338
7nGOxShimmery Desipis SansaAdult (f)8,1839024
De1dcShimmery White FrozenAdult (f)9,0508774
3nthLLucky Shimmering RidgewingAdult (m)8,2831,0014
E6ZlgLil Bronze Shimmer DrakeHatchling (m, F)6,0661,0478
UFRk5Lil Bronze ShimmerHatchling (F)4,0996893
FUYcnPseudo-wyvern DraconiaAdult (f)7,9781,3461
CaXynPseudo-wyvern DraconisAdult (m)8,2301,3334
02vJkPseudo-wyvern DrakoniaAdult (f)7,9741,2923
4KuMfPseudo-wyvern DrakonisAdult (m)7,7671,2881
7B8j0Pseudo-wyvern DrakaAdult (f)7,8561,3392
vNraAPseudo-wyvern DrakoAdult (m)8,1381,3382
snJbQPseudo-wyvern DrakiaAdult (f)7,6651,2923
oiZF2Pseudo-wyvern DrakioAdult (m)7,9431,2992
By2SAPseudo-wyvern DragaAdult (f)9,2571,3262
L1vAaPseudo-wyvern DragoAdult (m)9,3411,2872
4IdAXPseudo-wyvern DragiaAdult (f)8,3681,2661
942UNPseudo-wyvern DragioAdult (m)8,9171,2722
PHTuBPseudo-wyvern DrakanAdult (f)8,6341,2544
UAwIQPseudo-wyvern DrakasAdult (m)8,1571,2474
XXU43Pseudo-wyvern DrakleAdult (f)8,5461,2951
rU9kVPseudo-wyvern DrakelAdult (m)8,9321,3041
GM9tRPseudo-wyvern DraganAdult (f)8,6981,3552
zQm3RPseudo-wyvern DragasAdult (m)8,3701,3712
6eeUfPseudo-wyvern DracaAdult (f)8,4951,3103
hKw5kPseudo-wyvern DracoAdult (m)8,7591,3313
kZt89Lil Pseudo-wyvern DrakoHatchling (m, F)6,3771,0681
CQC3eLil Pseudo-wyvern DrakeHatchling (F)3,3946301
XQ9VPurpentiaAdult (f)2,21356518
sIMjViolet DraconiaAdult (f)1,1634634
2qIUPurplie DraconisAdult (m)1,2284933
KH5vcViolet Shadow WalkerAdult (m)8,4591,5652
Wa5YOKringlekins PurpentisAdult (m)4,1198731
kAofsSpiritus PurpentiaAdult (f)8,1681,4082
J04cKPurplie ThunderheartAdult (f)6,0791,1402
5KcMrViolet ThunderheartAdult (f)5,8501,0892
YrmUCPurplie Thunderheart DraconisAdult (m)9,5611,6497
gvK2HViolet DraconisAdult (m)7,2211,6765
aKdoCPurpento DraconisAdult (m)8,5481,4977
QXF2oViolet DrakiaAdult (f)9,6961,47710
Ie7hkPurplie PurpentoAdult (m)8,4451,5039
pO61OPurplie PurpentiaAdult (f)8,6211,4989
PKtHKPurple DraconiaAdult (f)10,4711,6198
evQAaPurple DraconisAdult (m)6,6881,1597
9CFaXPurpentia DraconiaAdult (f)7,6791,6346
iST8hPurplie PurpentisAdult (m)7,8501,5976
gHkTpPurpentia ThunderheartAdult (f)7,6821,5955
4iM1mPurpento ThunderheartAdult (m)7,7381,5684
fIHsPViolet FrosttbyteAdult (m)8,4161,4779
v0JdASpiritus PurplieAdult (f)8,2271,4124
SlAeNPurple Kringle DraconiaAdult (f)10,1761,6985
SDQBtViolet Festivus DrakeAdult (m)9,5241,5995
aXtHqFestivus Violet DrakiaAdult (f)8,0821,6055
KUT3oPurplie Thunderheart RumbleAdult (m)7,6711,5557
urfnGFrosty Icy VioletAdult (f)7,3841,5508
Ufa0aCheery Purplie ThunderheartAdult (m)7,5781,52110
pNH1EViolet ThunderboltAdult (f)9,1721,4537
Jhd5bIcy Purplie RumbleAdult (m)10,1661,6319
7nGHDPurpentia IcicleAdult (f)10,8521,6945
To1mYIcy Thunder VioletAdult (m)11,1671,7018
q446SPurpentia RumbleAdult (f)10,2271,5595
nE8t0Purplie Mi AmorAdult (f)9,3711,5154
j5O7fGranite PurpentoAdult (m)9,3281,5389
fhK6UThunder Rumble PurpentoAdult (m)9,1051,4954
ZGUFDCheery Purplie ShadowAdult (f)8,6391,4718
XCip2Violet Frosty IcyAdult (f)8,4961,4318
4mmVBIcy Blue PurpentoAdult (m)8,5261,4574
eFMPnIcicle PurpentoAdult (m)10,3331,69512
FUa1nViolet Mint FrostyAdult (f)8,4511,5295
uMIp5Purpento RumbleAdult (m)8,6221,5077
B4bjtViolet Shadow DraconiaAdult (f)9,2071,5235
r5I5gSpiritus Violet DraconisAdult (m)9,3361,6128
5ntc9Purplie Kringle DraconiaAdult (f)9,0841,5935
1SVoEFestivus Violet DraconisAdult (m)9,0461,6196
KlroJViolet Draconia GalAdult (f)8,0911,63912
CPLmESpiritus VioletAdult (m)8,0021,6466
AkApnPurplie Kringle PurpentiaAdult (f)8,1111,70011
VWVqEViolet PurpentoAdult (m)8,1181,6927
iYmeBPurplie DraconiaAdult (f)7,3011,3915
lWODiPurpento HeartAdult (m)7,2661,4054
d361sSpiritus Violet PurplieAdult (f)7,6301,5114
dhnsiViolet Icy PurplieAdult (m)7,6001,4889
ZWWAGPurple Thunder DrakiaAdult (f)9,2461,4363
8J9f1Purple Ribbons DrakiaAdult (f)5,6021,3433
BWmfkPurple Smudge DrakeAdult (m)5,7351,2942
Eq2ESPurple DragaAdult (f)6,1061,3742
qhkXRPurple DragiaAdult (f)5,9631,3823
FktnuPurple Inky DrakeAdult (f)5,8301,1293
adKqjPurple Satan FailAdult (m)5,1661,2255
dZRZQPurple DrakonisAdult (m)6,0391,1296
92gNIPurple DragoAdult (m)5,6961,1625
guHW2Purple DrakioAdult (m)5,7421,4352
TmzSYPurple Shao Shi FailAdult (f)6,3551,1312
9uCINSatan Fail PurpleAdult (f)6,9181,1463
by5zPSoft Purple RainAdult (f)4,9411,1784
PRUFBBright Purple SkyAdult (m)5,8531,1183
BmqTVPurple n Gold DrakoAdult (m)6,1041,1272
Dk3AzPurple Violet DrakiaAdult (f)6,4281,4742
lc5lrPurple Mess DrakoAdult (m)6,6521,0994
iwL7OPurple Relentless DrakeAdult (m)5,8401,2012
OOY0QPurple violet DrakaAdult (f)6,3671,4494
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