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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Dryadia,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
qKbYABoreal DragasAdult (m)9,9621,3662
UbF30Boreal DracaAdult (f)10,0401,4151
VFTSnBoreal DracoAdult (m)10,2981,4251
m02WULil Boreal DrakoHatchling (m, F)6,5659243
548CsLil Boreal DrakeHatchling (F)2,7005352
eGlrWyvren DraconiaAdult (f)1,1504935
3Zg9Wyvren DraconisAdult (m)1,1304817
VRJAGBright Wyvren DraconiaAdult (f)4,0489382
B9iFUBright Wyvren DraconisAdult (m)6,4051,1982
kbTkdBrighty Wyvren DraconisAdult (m)7,1681,6063
FRYDZWyvren DrakiaAdult (f)8,3651,5972
kFdf5Wyvren DrakoAdult (m)7,0691,6442
JDwh3Brighty Wyvren DraconiaAdult (f)6,7671,6571
LjkfHDrakia WyvrenAdult (f)6,1721,5112
XeHCzDrako WyvrenAdult (m)4,6911,2643
ZFelFRunning and Hiding Much Too LongAdult (m)5,1306782
GPhLQBright Wyvren DracaAdult (f)5,2566392
w858kBright Wyvren DracoAdult (m)6,3981,1692
ug2a9Bright Wyvren DrakiaAdult (f)7,6881,2882
J6X4ZBright Wyvren DrakleAdult (f)6,6011,3305
T8rQ7Bright Wyvren DrakelAdult (m)7,3421,5214
gPI2Wiley WyvrenHatchling (m, F)1,1404548
9iv50Lil Brighty WyvrenHatchling (F)4,1228013
9WM8QHot Mama BrimstoneAdult (f)7,4301,3587
HQFDqHot Tamale BrimstoneAdult (m)8,5091,5193
ErJV1Brimstone SulfuriaAdult (f)8,4951,6102
mvgCfBrimstone SulfurisAdult (m)8,3621,5934
P1FMgFire-n-BrimstoneAdult (m)7,1981,49310
KEj7ABrimstone DraconiaAdult (f)8,8871,6597
Oe1gnBrimstone DrakiaAdult (f)8,8341,6858
b2soRBrimstone DraconisAdult (m)7,2721,4837
uyp8uBrimstone DragaAdult (f)8,3291,3521
8NS3OBrimstone DragoAdult (m)8,7911,5893
BtrTTBrimstone DrakoAdult (m)6,3091,2872
R9QZqBrimstone DrakaAdult (f)5,3231,1737
3TcNEBrimstone DragiaAdult (f)7,9551,3805
2jj59Brimstone DragioAdult (m)8,1731,3432
AZ0mbBrimstone DrakleAdult (f)7,0641,3785
qRrBpBrimstone DrakelAdult (m)8,2601,3253
FBDRpMagma BrimstoneHatchling (f, F)6,3271,3243
WemdTLil Sulfur BrimstoneHatchling (F)3,5962965
mxOtgBruta DraconiaAdult (f)5,1391,4643
Xo9A6Brutus DraconisAdult (m)4,8691,4643
X7PBOBruta DrakoniaAdult (f)5,2251,4283
XbP1nBrutus DrakonisAdult (m)5,0971,4583
Cg493Bruta DrakiaAdult (f)4,9841,4651
hbF17Brutus DrakioAdult (m)4,8251,4152
eEeGzBruta DrakaAdult (f)5,0461,4271
5Ugn6Brutus DrakoAdult (m)6,0371,5124
Y9NvrBruta DragaAdult (f)5,6601,4993
buxuDBrutus DragoAdult (m)5,7941,5214
R9XPMBruta DrakAdult (f)5,7771,4721
tvNTXBrutus DrakeAdult (m)6,0381,4293
y9RldBruta DracaAdult (f)5,7541,4682
SHAWvBrutus DracoAdult (m)5,7111,5044
2xsJlBruta DrakleAdult (f)5,1841,3501
xwEQEBrutus DrakelAdult (m)5,2771,3532
xSVvpLil Bruta DrakaHatchling (f, F)3,4629333
zIUQdLil Brutus DrakoHatchling (m, F)3,1638922
MhCmvLil Brute DrakeHatchling (F)2,6377161
QiResCandelabra DraconiaAdult (f)6,8961,2003
hxcf5Candelabra DraconisAdult (m)6,7741,2222
mmLwqCandelabra DrakoniaAdult (f)6,6261,2084
J2rq0Candelabra DrakonisAdult (m)7,7151,2391
taQjwCandelabra DrakaAdult (f)7,7961,2261
hT9y5Candelabra DrakoAdult (m)7,9031,2322
XwoT3Candelabra DrakiaAdult (f)7,7411,2271
9qjMnCandelabra DrakioAdult (m)7,7601,2402
AUUOSCandelabra DragaAdult (f)7,3421,2631
CxGsoCandelabra DragoAdult (m)7,1811,3011
dYsp6Candelabra DragiaAdult (f)8,4611,1134
WK2HuCandelabra DragioAdult (m)8,3101,1222
YH5EUCandelabra DrakanAdult (f)8,0181,0554
1snXACandelabra DrakasAdult (m)8,2691,0594
wkGWwCandelabra DrakleAdult (f)7,9761,1404
vV53ICandelabra DrakelAdult (m)7,6551,1712
CqFbwCandelabra DraganAdult (f)7,5371,2061
DDCN9Candelabra DragasAdult (m)8,7091,1573
t5rmdCandelabra DracaAdult (f)8,6491,1431
r5srjCandelabra DracoAdult (m)9,7661,0851
0tX27Lil Candelabra DrakaHatchling (f, F)6,3388145
VALQdLil Candelabra DrakeHatchling (F)3,2372192
KtqPEmerald Drake DraconisAdult (m)1,5584487
47Y4Emerald DraconiaAdult (f)1,1234018
VmkOrCanopy DraconiaAdult (f)7,7621,4506
IeRf1Canopy DraconisAdult (m)6,8871,2532
NLYlfEmerald Canopy DraconiaAdult (f)6,4981,4842
kFDbnEmerald Canopy DraconisAdult (m)6,5111,4757
sOb4PEmerald Canopy DrakiaAdult (f)6,6991,4472
T5c6sEmerald Canopy DrakoAdult (m)6,6861,4581
LfjTUEmerald Canopy DragoAdult (m)6,2721,4183
MBG6BEmerald Canopy DragaAdult (f)6,6271,4132
U1TG8Emerald Canopy DracoAdult (m)4,5676822
Oud40Emerald Canopy DracaAdult (f)6,2501,1982
7uleWEmerald Canopy DragioAdult (m)7,2951,2741
22JD5Emerald Canopy DragiaAdult (f)7,1691,2623
TtZgkEmerald Canopy DrakeAdult (m)7,7031,5895
Y8XOaEmerald Canopy DrakaAdult (f)7,4731,5213
4MVeLil Emerald DrakeHatchling (m, F)1,4373966
Jhnc8Lil Canopy DrakeHatchling (F)2,6274652
KYefCCarina DraconiaAdult (f)10,1011,3173
9MC7sCarina DraconnisAdult (m)9,9011,2905
EHbaPCarina DrakoniaAdult (f)10,0321,3002
VKCvDCarina DrakonisAdult (m)9,7951,3482
Bp7UjCarina DrakaAdult (f)9,1481,3194
pjlFaCarina DrakoAdult (m)9,4591,2944
ieNVJCarina DrakiaAdult (f)9,2461,3184
UqWDVCarina DrakioAdult (m)9,4601,3243
FlqzvCarina DragaAdult (f)11,2601,3424
2mG8uCarina DragoAdult (m)11,3941,3433
kGKfKCarina DragiaAdult (f)8,2601,3843
I8M82Carina DragioAdult (m)8,2821,3756
S5I3WCarina DrakanAdult (f)9,4251,1931
7iaauCarina DrakasAdult (m)9,3791,2453
HfaxyCarina DrakleAdult (f)9,4501,2658
X6KAsCarina DrakelAdult (m)9,1971,2154
HZnI5Carina DraganAdult (f)10,9841,3845
KBq1WCarina DragasAdult (m)9,2791,2436
X1rnsCarina DracaAdult (f)10,6761,3455
KdMg9Carina DracoAdult (m)10,2771,3759
YvcL3Lil Carina DrakaHatchling (f, F)5,6511,0332
L3CfDLil Carina DrakoHatchling (m, F)5,7041,0412
xcIgmLil Carina DrakeHatchling (F)2,5245431
BuYy2Carmine Wyvern DraconiaAdult (f)6,0391,3973
vFyZFCarmine Wyvern DraconisAdult (m)6,4021,4041
UOEmHCarmine Wyvern DrakoniaAdult (f)6,6361,4091
pn18dCarmine Wyvern DrakonisAdult (m)6,0961,4076
F2aLoCarmine Wyvern DrakiaAdult (f)6,4191,4203
HTqh6Carmine Wyvern DrakioAdult (m)4,3601,5374
A3npyCarmine Wyvern DrakaAdult (f)4,7121,5172
jk9hLCarmine Wyvern DrakoAdult (m)4,5431,5353
SapxKCarmine Wyvern DragaAdult (f)4,6051,5582
2aXmpCarmine Wyvern DragoAdult (m)5,1681,3742
ZlP4aCarmine Wyvern DracaAdult (f)4,5731,3883
n7cIcCarmine Wyvern DracoAdult (m)5,6461,4191
2bMxFCarmine Wyvern DragiaAdult (f)4,7031,4231
qY60PCarmine Wyvern DragioAdult (m)4,7901,3771
yYmRVCarmine Wyvern DrakleAdult (f)5,1501,3782
RxIoxCarmine Wyvern DrakelAdult (m)5,9291,3872
ZWfFaCarmine Wyvern DrakanAdult (f)5,9231,4192
AK9MwCarmine Wyvern DrakasAdult (m)5,8871,3841
VqzK1Lil Carmine Wyvern DrakoHatchling (m, F)3,1781,0681
ZsF6NLil Carmine Wyvern DrakeHatchling (F)1,9757322
932xsCassare DraconiaAdult (f)6,2091,3923
ekK8bCassare DraconisAdult (m)6,3831,4321
Ho7zyCassare DrakoniaAdult (f)6,5481,4171
AduiECassare DrakonisAdult (m)6,8091,3852
lE7bFCassare DrakiaAdult (f)4,2021,5542
aeH3VCassare DrakioAdult (m)4,4281,5263
rUlDLCassare DrakaAdult (f)4,3241,5571
8ajS4Cassare DrakoAdult (m)4,4891,5672
wkP3XCassare DragaAdult (f)4,6021,5132
Xn4yWCassare DragoAdult (m)4,4551,5712
14Wq1Cassare DracaAdult (f)4,5201,3231
QTehzCassare DracoAdult (m)6,1271,4313
CWy92Cassare DragiaAdult (f)5,1011,4442
wX3O9Cassare DragioAdult (m)6,2781,3732
5hqepCassare DrakleAdult (f)6,1481,4452
6Ey0qCassare DrakelAdult (m)6,1931,3983
5CgVKCassare DrakanAdult (f)6,1531,4562
iHNqDCassare DrakasAdult (m)5,2961,5173
U8imaLil Cassare DrakaHatchling (f, F)5,0771,2872
TNnHKLil Cassare DrakeHatchling (F)1,9277071
s0pILCelestial DrakoniaAdult (f)6,7681,3043
WTeNkCelestial DrakonisAdult (m)6,2161,3821
U1bgmCelestial DrakaAdult (f)6,8921,3233
L3VVJCelestial DrakoAdult (m)6,2181,3725
5fqZJCelestial DrakiaAdult (f)7,4361,2473
y4ZxzCelestial DrakioAdult (m)6,5811,3302
fPT7YCelestial DragaAdult (f)6,5181,3822
cwWA9Celestial DragoAdult (m)7,3461,2083
8q3fYCelestial DragiaAdult (f)7,4851,2393
ByfZmCelestial DragioAdult (m)7,4551,2112
x4TSTCelestial DracaAdult (f)7,6141,2453
SLbKpCelestial DrakeAdult (m)7,2471,2544
Hr4PDCelestial DrakanAdult (f)7,3461,2563
s6DtaCelestial DrakasAdult (m)6,9591,3004
wienICelestial DraganAdult (f)9,1351,3815
KIdBNCelestial DragasAdult (m)8,1571,1812
HXxHiCelestial DragleAdult (f)7,7651,2353
FEn5yCelestial DragelAdult (m)8,0441,2191
t0Z0zCelestial DrakleAdult (f)8,2581,1823
4clZYCelestial DrakelAdult (m)7,0581,3571
77mGYLil Celestial DrakaHatchling (f, F)5,6757415
NgtMeLil Celestial DrakeHatchling (F)2,7565278
g63ECheezy GoodnessAdult1,6866355
AW9CYummy Goat CheezeAdult1,7126525
ZvL6STastee Swiss CheezeAdult7,3769868
Q9ijQCheezy LiciousAdult8,4181,5604
kvYKNCheddar CheezoidAdult7,2011,44811
r2O8ASavory Asiago CheezeAdult7,5521,4201
JzdoKJack Cheeze PleezeAdult4,7611,1292
BiGUcthe -BiG- CheezeAdult7,5161,2775
uulF2Cheez Whiz on a CrackerAdult4,2937453
gCwSrStinky Limburger CheezeAdult4,1881,0676
7SzyYCheetos CheezinessAdult6,2371,4525
2yFj3Who Cut The CheezAdult6,5371,2034
Qnvj1Say CheezeeAdult7,2701,3866
UyshPDelectable Romano CheezeAdult7,1171,5198
UaSyUString Cheeze PleezeAdult5,3481,3564
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