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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Dryadia,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
lFxBpScimitar-wing DraconisAdult (m)8,3551,3133
bhJpXScimitar-wing DrakoniaAdult (f)7,9431,3152
dy9Z2Scimitar-wing DrakonisAdult (m)9,6111,2764
aZYZvScimitar-wing DrakaAdult (f)8,3721,2792
Qv0C5Scimitar-wing DrakoAdult (m)9,1791,3181
F7vUmScimitar-wing DrakiaAdult (f)7,6241,2004
NBrLAScimitar-wing DrakioAdult (m)10,0301,3241
YOXlbScimitar-wing DragaAdult (f)9,7761,3501
Z5v1xScimitar-wing DragoAdult (m)9,9591,3522
qv0UtScimitar-wing DragiaAdult (f)9,4931,3042
oQtPOScimitar-wing DragioAdult (m)10,4511,3804
i8VpwScimitar-wing DrakanAdult (f)10,1941,3855
ipIZIScimitar-wing DrakasAdult (m)10,3291,3562
erzkcScimitar-wing DrakleAdult (f)10,3511,3872
pXC8gScimitar-wing DrakelAdult (m)10,6431,4262
JmbTHScimitar-wing DraganAdult (f)10,6601,4243
fRKwFScimitar-wing DragasAdult (m)10,2171,4112
LKyTfScimitar-wing DracaAdult (f)10,3081,3812
2li0FScimitar-wing DracoAdult (m)10,3711,3942
P72yNLil Scimitar-wing DrakaHatchling (f, F)6,4919403
LlMSrLil Scimitar-wing DrakeHatchling (F)3,9257393
sDKzNScript DraconiaAdult (f)8,9461,0884
htuzJScript DraconisAdult (m)8,8641,1282
eHstqScript DrakoniaAdult (f)9,2131,1162
OY0OzScript DrakonisAdult (m)9,4271,2333
ZNxFoScript DrakaAdult (f)10,2941,1894
edlFYScript DrakoAdult (m)9,4441,1843
L6TTdScript DrakiaAdult (f)10,8511,2182
SXQmdScript DrakioAdult (m)9,9391,2093
rbaOJScript DragaAdult (f)10,0081,2292
Fm9CIScript DragoAdult (m)10,4231,2292
g2qTFScript DragiaAdult (f)10,9131,2241
ZMpxhScript DragioAdult (m)10,9371,2382
bHBdLScript DrakanAdult (f)9,8921,2353
y0l6yScript DrakasAdult (m)9,9851,3431
T0xgiScript DrakleAdult (f)10,0011,3165
j5I3FScript DrakelAdult (m)10,6671,3231
bSzOBScript DraganAdult (f)10,0771,3052
MDI1qScript DragasAdult (m)10,1581,3541
TOTMNScript DracaAdult (f)10,5021,2641
7dW3BScript DracoAdult (m)10,5771,2321
EkSivLil Script DrakaHatchling (f, F)6,7251,0321
sxqiOLil Script DrakeHatchling (F)2,5564664
DoDgSpring BlossumAdult (f)2,50581116
vatmMia Frosty SpringAdult (m)2,0146296
NbXRSpring CrystalAdult (f)1,9725999
70QjBeltaine SpringAdult (m)1,96168212
Ugjg1Leafy SpringAdult (f)11,3901,7808
S1erNLate Bloomin' SpringAdult (m)7,2421,2361
Pb0pNMia Spring BlossumAdult (f)5,4741,3442
67oR2Spring Time FrolicAdult (m)7,1291,5063
ZxOX5Leafy Bloomin' SpringAdult (f)5,6941,3604
nRjd7Beltaine Frosty SpringAdult (m)6,3011,4233
oDC2wSpring Sunshine DraconiaAdult (f)8,0371,3122
JZa31Spring Warmth DraconisAdult (m)7,1381,3551
u3wdkSpring Peeper DraconiaAdult (f)6,0321,4363
PdZRJSpring Season DraconisAdult (m)6,4911,4596
irBjdSpring Equinox DraconiaAdult (f)6,6101,4302
Jr44DSpring Equinox DraconisAdult (m)6,4601,3743
v58pySpring Sing DraconiaAdult (f)7,2581,5296
HzgbGSpring Song DraconisAdult (m)5,6111,5758
qLIZESpring Sing SongAdult (f)7,6411,2534
lCzpcSpring Song SingAdult (m)7,0801,3801
oRYuSpring AleafHatchling (f, F)1,91859214
K9CvVLil SpringsterHatchling (m, F)4,5451,1222
Q7IkqLil SpringtimeHatchling (F)1,7015831
w5kEMia Frosty SummerAdult (f)2,4277565
EM0KBeltaine Crystal SummerAdult (m)2,3537285
lRFZRSummer Breeze DrakiaAdult (f)11,8711,7217
AWZUgSummer Breeze DrakoAdult (m)7,7981,2965
02DDaSummer Sunshine DraconiaAdult (f)11,5641,59610
sk5HJSummer Sunshine DraconisAdult (m)10,1061,4837
IFvjrSummer AleafAdult (f)9,2571,5216
XYVmVSummer BlossumAdult (m)9,7061,5306
FGJP6Crystal Summer DraconiaAdult (f)10,6071,5153
pn6pWSummer Shadow FrostbyteAdult (m)10,5531,5153
RBN5RSummer Solstice DraconiaAdult (f)5,2431,2302
Y7ITCSummer Solstice DraconisAdult (m)5,9201,3672
nX2oESummer's End DrakiaAdult (f)7,7311,5442
khok3Summer's End DrakoAdult (m)6,9151,4401
KeJrgSummer Night DrakiaAdult (f)8,8481,4082
9ryWaSummer Night DrakoAdult (m)8,7371,3743
MZEzOSummer Solstice DrakiaAdult (f)6,5781,3471
SVo4lSummer Solstice DrakioAdult (m)6,4821,3346
vEhnKSummer Solstice DrakoniaAdult (f)6,6371,3772
Nm6FxSummer Solstice DrakonisAdult (m)6,6311,3573
MQCNPLil Summer DrakiaHatchling (f, F)3,3437744
r5qUnLil Summer DrakoHatchling (m, F)4,0428915
isXLmLil Summer DrakeHatchling (F)2,2846482
qTEDFoliatiaAdult (f)2,0535175
gJmwAutumn AleafAdult (m)2,07558416
XomKaFrosty Autumn BlossumAdult (f)6,6961,1621
g5XISAutumn FrostbyteAdult (m)7,0161,1965
jHktQAutumn Rain DrakiaAdult (f)8,5441,5467
5rk5KAutumm Rain DrakoAdult (m)8,5811,5698
3HSiHAutumn Mia AmorAdult (f)10,8851,6798
IDgIbFrosty Autumn DraconisAdult (m)9,9461,5252
YtiQRAutumn FrosttbyteAdult (f)9,6101,5015
W4XXNAutumn FrosttnipAdult (m)9,7191,5354
Sq3DZAutumn Leaf DrakiaAdult (f)6,5891,4553
cNWaWAutumn Leaf DrakoAdult (m)6,2161,3392
NPhnBAutumn Leaf DragaAdult (f)7,3531,4872
LkRB1Autumn Leaf DragoAdult (m)7,0171,4174
owumNAutumn Leaf DracaAdult (f)7,0851,4462
Nc6wAAutumn Leaf DracoAdult (m)5,0571,1802
AoSmUAutumn Leaves DrakaAdult (f)8,8461,4784
rJ1J6Autumn Leaves DrakoAdult (m)8,2271,4831
1prhkAutumn Leaves DrakiaAdult (f)8,5301,3652
mI8ghAutumn Leaves DrakioAdult (m)7,8231,5184
dppnNAutumn FoliatiaHatchling (f, F)5,9581,0533
O2gJFAutumn SpiritusHatchling (m, F)6,2771,0561
p0N6aLil Autumn LeafHatchling (F)3,3217734
VpzVFrosttnipAdult (f)1,7664705
9uYJFrosttbyteAdult (m)1,7994786
qgp9FrosttbyterAdult (m)1,8214796
kTJDFrosty FoliautumnAdult (f)1,7334685
4GUTuFrosty Winter CutieAdult (f)6,3611,6977
LrEIpSweet Frosty WinterAdult (m)6,7401,8007
ooIf0Silky Frosty WinterAdult (f)6,3551,6405
kbVBGMia Frosty WinterAdult (m)6,4221,6766
dhAIHWinter FrostbyteAdult (f)5,1631,4707
ZT9eOFrosty Winter FestivusAdult (m)5,1521,4257
iq0yBWinter SnowblindAdult (f)6,9511,6967
sD1KRWinter SnowboardAdult (m)6,8141,7657
1sxRdWinter SnowbirdAdult (f)6,3451,6202
gPYMAWinter SnowboundAdult (m)6,5241,5933
uh7x7Winter Snow BallAdult (f)6,3951,6086
msjAgWinter Snow BootsAdult (m)6,5601,5976
Z0cf2Winter Snow FlakesAdult (f)6,4741,3326
NpNogWinter Snow ManAdult (m)7,4031,3575
yebFlWinter Snow SledAdult (f)7,2541,3155
c01B8Winter Snow PlowAdult (m)7,2561,3433
mscKSnowflake DrakonisHatchling (m, F)8503098
L250WLil FrostyHatchling (f, F)5,3431,2253
0mQegLil Frosty SnowballHatchling (F)4,8929104
V8mXeSera Seragamma DraconiaAdult (f)5,2411,7141
6PGpnSereno Seragamma DraconisAdult (m)4,9321,7691
xifo1Serafina Seragamma DraconiaAdult (f)5,2231,7451
ryMr0Serge Seragamma DraconisAdult (m)4,9841,7981
R2UDvSerena Seragamma DraconiaAdult (f)5,0281,7061
MlBfySergio Seragamma DraconisAdult (m)5,0171,7231
D7du4Serendipity Seragamma DraconiaAdult (f)4,7541,0981
7cZRWSergei Seragamma DraconisAdult (m)4,0821,3952
hBe1LSerenity Seragamma DraconiaAdult (f)5,0627477
rhzJvSeraphim Seragamma DraconisAdult (m)4,9356484
VwUpCSerissa Seragamma DraconiaAdult (f)6,2337692
J2WRtSerquius Seragamma DraconisAdult (m)4,3206331
xjPtpSerra Seragamma DraconiaAdult (f)7,6061,2532
IKc9pSerreno Seragamma DraconisAdult (m)7,6631,5216
kXAL8Serrena Seragamma DraconiaAdult (f)4,8331,4125
7z6QrSerbia Seragamma DraconisAdult (m)6,8571,2075
4cdOYLil Seragamma DrakiaHatchling (f, F)3,5217113
eNtdILil Seragamma DrakoHatchling (m, F)5,0346552
R3QNeLil Seragamma DrakeHatchling (F)4,7714101
OZ48oSetsong DraconiaAdult (f)9,3701,3082
0N8dOSetsong DraconisAdult (m)9,4641,3673
ARC3VSetsong DrakoniaAdult (f)8,5491,3351
QhTEKSetsong DrakonisAdult (m)8,5731,2443
aNfmMSetsong DrakaAdult (f)9,7161,3225
3Oz5zSetsong DrakoAdult (m)9,4181,2834
Xhm4hSetsong DrakiaAdult (f)8,6191,2443
ewqaBSetsong DrakioAdult (m)10,0831,36910
qvuqwSetsong DragaAdult (f)8,1941,2953
4EC9SSetsong DragoAdult (m)9,4631,2122
9OZTTSetsong DragiaAdult (f)9,6191,2233
y4VJBSetsong DragioAdult (m)10,9081,2432
CTdoESetsong DrakanAdult (f)10,8821,2062
6HfpKSetsong DrakasAdult (m)10,8361,2202
Vq3yVSetsong DrakleAdult (f)9,4391,2002
IE6wgSetsong DrakelAdult (m)9,8191,2753
kLtrUSetsong DraganAdult (f)9,4241,3623
kj1eSSetsong DragasAdult (m)9,4491,1015
kReUpSetsong DracaAdult (f)9,3751,3383
IPTA9Setsong DraccoAdult (m)9,0161,2857
U2T31Lil Setsong DrakaHatchling (f, F)7,6299921
yfv7gLil Setsong DrakeHatchling (F)3,4383181
x1dsDraconis del PlataAdult (m)2,88875417
lUF7Draconia del PlataAdult (f)3,10083113
rfOAFSilky Silver JakeAdult (m)8,2991,7564
alNCKSilky Silver DraconiaAdult (f)4,2868037
GMa1CCheery Silver JakeAdult (m)8,2951,5945
Z3ItESilver Glow DraconiaAdult (f)8,1241,6864
KJhBcSilky Silver DraconisAdult (m)9,9621,7366
8lBK7Cheery Silver DraconiaAdult (f)10,6841,72316
aCasIDraconis Silver LiningAdult (m)8,9621,3572
X3sEmDraconia Silver LiningAdult (f)6,2721,3515
0mInaSilver Claw DraconisAdult (m)7,3991,22311
nq9zbSilver n Black DraconiaAdult (f)8,0041,1903
YFwLySilver Nebula DraconisAdult (m)7,3181,2554
T8qyoSilver Thread DraconiaAdult (f)6,4701,4904
9aEprSilver Sinew DraconisAdult (m)5,6171,2733
jZaj1Silver Silk DraconiaAdult (f)7,6631,5013
uQmOJSilver Dollar DrakoAdult (m)8,0841,30120
I27xmSilver Dollar DrakiaAdult (f)6,2151,4603
EPqkaSilver Chain DraconisAdult (m)6,5991,4954
1mJApSilver Spoon DraconiaAdult (f)6,5051,5717
wfQBpSilver Shadow DrakoAdult (m)5,9351,3257
fZABVSilver Chain DraconiaAdult (f)7,2531,4525
oJj0ySilver Joy DraconisAdult (m)6,3511,4333
WKd5PSilver Plated DrakaAdult (f)7,3701,5382
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