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You pick up the scroll labeled “Barbayat,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
79dAhDanke dass es Dich gibtAdult (f)4,3299721
oq3b8Danke dass Du mich liebstAdult (m)4,2881,1031
jvn88Danke dass Du michAdult (f)5,0001,1802
4BE7uin Wuerde siehstAdult (m)4,6301,0903
WJfNKUnd Dich meinenAdult (f)5,8101,2503
1h4OfTraeumen nicht entziehstAdult (m)4,4959474
ZTbHlDass Du mir Treue schwoerstAdult (f)5,5868974
nI9nEUnd mich als echtenAdult (m)5,4119991
rCK42Menschen ehrstAdult (f)3,8897652
d4b5mHab' alles ueberwundenAdult (m)3,8299111
bhj3Jund ertragenAdult (f)5,4641,1915
0qHTZIn harten StundenAdult (m)6,2281,1870
wxrQaund die dunkelsten TageAdult (f)4,8321,3557
EnFXbUnd nur weil DeineAdult (m)5,1559033
aofq4Liebe nie vergeht undAdult (f)3,3471,0214
4LPCLsie immer ueber allem stehtAdult (m)5,5791,5395
OsCYADanke dass Du niemalsAdult (f)4,2001,0252
08okvglaubst was man erzaehltAdult (m)4,0779191
nbn1mUnd Du es einfach uebergehstAdult (f)5,5068933
IjgQcDass Du mir das Beste goennstAdult (m)5,4301,0051
KVqS1Und immer da bistAdult (f)3,6551,0253
iXC0kwenn es total brenntAdult (m)4,3139625
MGZTiDass Du immer einenAdult (f)2,3058433
RZjfKAusweg weisstAdult (m)5,1229001
3lzOdAuch wenn mein LebenAdult (f)1,9666421
PkRXkmir total entgleistAdult (m)4,7421,0173
Bm1cCDanke dass Du bis ans Ende gehstAdult (f)4,4531,0221
BBV4mWenn es sein mussAdult (m)4,9301,1101
TiWFHmich auch traegstAdult (f)4,2381,0662
Kv4Y7Danke denn ich weiss wasAdult (m)5,1837441
ifarHauch passiertAdult (f)3,9581,0343
XXElqIch Deine Liebe nie verlierAdult (m)5,9388971
u7AUFDanke ich - Danke DirAdult (f)5,3801,0002
Mg9WB1st Gen SpareAdult (m)4,5471,2053
p6PDKSleeping Sun by NightwishAdult (f)2,5298735
brrhoThe sun is  sleeping quietlyAdult (m)2,8148812
t942gOnce upon  a centuryAdult (f)3,2331,1002
utKIaWistful oceans calm and redAdult (m)2,7789725
LpxmfArdent caresses  laid to restAdult (f)3,0878896
epXNFFor my dreams I hold my lifeAdult (m)3,1701,0612
mt3JxFor wishes I behold my nightAdult (f)3,1431,0443
CazcRThe truth at the end of timeAdult (m)3,3161,0572
2bgSVLosing faith makes a crimeAdult (f)3,2451,0315
7LIWAI wish for this  night-timeAdult (m)4,2311,0292
ZmQNOto  last for a lifetimeAdult (f)5,7881,3162
nl6pHThe darkness  around meAdult (m)5,5201,0834
S4qeSShores of a  solar seaAdult (f)5,3241,1012
9rRwUOh how I wish to goAdult (m)3,9021,0902
R6tIhdown  with the sunAdult (f)5,6561,0982
OtCXeSleeping WeepingAdult (m)4,5671,0883
kbYEMwith   youAdult (f)4,5451,1402
O0oJ9Sorrow has a human heartAdult (m)5,8801,2783
FL9r9From my god it will departAdult (f)7,0521,3153
u9uMDI'd sail beforeAdult (m)3,8931,0642
o6Ri2a thousands moonsAdult (f)4,5461,0350
StZSUNever finding where to goAdult (m)5,9581,0083
AqEjXTwo hundred twenty-twoAdult (f)4,7641,0820
4LwwUdays of lightAdult (m)5,5671,2033
BEs27Will be desired by a nightAdult (f)3,7491,0063
eKnIgA moment forAdult (m)3,9448705
6PboLthe poet's playAdult (f)3,9008831
bUD17Until there'sAdult (m)4,0149941
h92WKnothing left  to sayAdult (f)3,8389343
urfO1I wish for this night-timeAdult (m)3,4309753
JMh35to last for  a lifetimeAdult (f)3,5349683
tXjGnAny means necessary - HammerfallAdult (m)3,1941,0523
uJjRdI won't pull the triggerAdult (m)3,9411,0893
CFkCKJust to see you dieAdult (f)3,4461,0033
7iW1iNo remedyAdult (m)4,0121,0314
XrIogto make meAdult (f)3,9167412
KdWUpcome  aliveAdult (m)5,1221,0261
BdJBrI'm tickingAdult (f)4,1299154
B0AFYlike a time bombAdult (m)4,0811,0743
5asPLno fuse justAdult (f)5,9991,1212
fruxZguts and  goreAdult (m)2,9739004
qwN12Initiate the burningAdult (f)3,2919622
9DJuZof the coreAdult (m)5,3971,1092
pYX19I count downAdult (f)5,5211,1392
MH1iito zeroAdult (m)5,3229192
pcoZVPull the triggerAdult (f)5,2521,2322
dA64Zno paroleAdult (m)7,2501,1881
PHRDsNo  mercyAdult (f)2,8368344
fQBtCno mercy onAdult (m)5,0208983
hJfUhyour   soulAdult (f)4,5681,0170
7i8tJKill by any means necessaryAdult (m)3,3381,0042
JJdh0Win by any means necessaryAdult (f)4,8439687
d94TZLive by any means necessaryAdult (m)5,2051,0613
FbWPQDie by any means necessaryAdult (f)2,9178855
XH5BBI am not judgmentalAdult (m)4,9398962
6XFGgnor a saintAdult (f)4,5959553
MQISnCause eitherAdult (m)3,4489911
Wui59you're  my best friendAdult (f)4,5498913
sV3jVor you ain'tAdult (m)7,2341,2032
7Vi7GCome gather here around meAdult (f)4,7331,0441
fMpiFFeel my breathAdult (m)3,7611,0751
H6Xjnunder  your skinAdult (f)3,7721,0881
3PYgZI'm deadly onlyAdult (m)3,8651,0333
J7Zdhwhen I'm getting caughtAdult (f)4,5131,0513
Lv21DI count down  to zeroAdult (m)5,8181,2925
Nn5sI'm a soldier without soulAdult (f)3,6511,61329
9fEWRNo  mercy - No mercyAdult (m)5,5029292
evLX1on your  soulAdult (f)5,0891,0682
Ori0MKill by any means  necessaryAdult (m)4,0351,1864
FJBN2Win by any means  necessaryAdult (f)6,2731,2251
6Qh79Live by any means  necessaryAdult (m)5,8381,0742
Nu0mADie by any means  necessaryAdult (f)4,7711,1031
Kf051I am born to killAdult (m)4,8441,3156
3kMYajudge and condemnAdult (f)3,4191,0234
qTYZMI am born to winAdult (m)4,3505401
WWDiQslay and maim 'emAdult (f)4,3061,1481
TQWnqI am born to dieAdult (m)5,3601,2064
7XeSpfight for gloryAdult (f)4,9431,1724
R7CDiI am born  to dieAdult (m)5,7131,0292
BmDUIKill WinAdult (f)3,4278502
fX5ZhLive  DieAdult (m)6,2791,1572
AiXPFKill by  any means necessaryAdult (f)6,6359734
YSRKdWin by  any means necessaryAdult (m)5,2551,1955
Q92ggLive by  any means necessaryAdult (f)5,1491,0124
tUAXbDie by  any means necessaryAdult (m)6,3461,1543
Gk4M4I am  born to killAdult (f)7,1611,2013
3173ojudge and  condemnAdult (m)6,2691,0711
L2KZ5I am  born to winAdult (f)6,1991,1872
Eltsuslay and  maim 'emAdult (m)6,1421,1911
WPruI am born to liveAdult (f)7,1941,02016
JCPffight  for gloryAdult (m)7,3631,16313
JJU1I am bornAdult (f)2,7711,33717
l1rasto  dieAdult (m)5,0491,0275
34BKhmemento    moriAdult (f)3,8471,2046
tK1EXFor love and friendship by DoroAdult (f)5,3881,3743
KuEH4So many years agoAdult (m)4,7061,0185
VIONFWe walked side by sideAdult (f)4,3971,3703
hc6YsYou meant everything to meAdult (m)4,2621,2823
iYdPfThe light of my  lifeAdult (f)5,6041,1101
3TDRGI miss all the time we hadAdult (m)3,4841,1371
C1WlYAnd all that we sharedAdult (f)3,5121,1442
7IGQgI think of the things you saidAdult (m)4,0321,2533
CHbVeWhen I miss you so badAdult (f)3,9091,2242
QQzgPFor love  and friendshipAdult (m)3,8911,2284
W1Bs3I would leave it  all behindAdult (f)4,6411,1735
j0JpVLove  and  friendshipAdult (m)3,8541,5425
862JKIs the  best thing in my lifeAdult (f)6,0851,5304
XYglxLove   and friendshipAdult (m)3,8631,0774
cbVrvIs so sacred and divineAdult (f)3,7861,5481
1FJxALove   and  friendshipAdult (m)4,3741,1341
IaOQbNever ends and never diesAdult (f)3,0921,0097
kkxzGI know it's the holy groundAdult (m)3,7691,0134
muoWUI walk into theeAdult (f)3,4161,0203
IbaoiYou hear on the other sideAdult (m)3,8121,1145
ZgnUjWaiting  for meAdult (f)2,9749532
7puAdEven this long agoAdult (m)2,4921,0142
lFP9Acould be ages or moreAdult (f)2,8919771
HxsbgThe ground works right to theAdult (m)3,7591,0524
T8InAcore - I promise for sureAdult (f)3,5671,0284
Ya49tFor love and  friendshipAdult (m)4,3711,0421
orjwTI would leave it all behindAdult (f)4,9781,3462
NlyoGLove and  friendshipAdult (m)3,4068131
l00alIs the best thing in my lifeAdult (f)3,7861,5502
cKEP9Love  and friendshipAdult (m)3,8591,5091
EjgQwIs so  sacred and divineAdult (f)5,5721,1954
UIvPKStorytime by NightwishAdult (m)4,8681,0662
Sg9PjTwas the  night beforeAdult (m)6,2061,4584
1VcMZWhen all through the worldAdult (f)6,0078855
HZpZ0No words - no dreamsAdult (m)4,9799503
vUvSuThen one dayAdult (f)5,1381,0323
qeZgvA writer by a fireAdult (m)3,2669043
VQI6TImagined all GaiaAdult (f)3,4209853
eMsRlTook a journeyAdult (m)7,3871,2022
TShqhInto a child-man's heartAdult (f)4,8731,0103
3dVcDA painter on the shoreAdult (m)4,6291,0023
iQitPImagined all the worldAdult (f)5,8651,0713
WbSe9Within a snowflake on his palmAdult (m)4,8707972
F3VejUnframed by poetryAdult (f)4,9469682
4NV7oA canvas of aweAdult (m)4,7869383
UocRdPlanet Earth falling backAdult (f)5,9211,0773
2gRFqInto the starsAdult (m)6,6311,1854
hX8uFI am the voice ofAdult (f)6,9101,2224
t4n1FNever-Never-LandAdult (m)4,5389951
tapflThe  innocenceAdult (f)5,8158643
aLLq8The dreams of every manAdult (m)5,0481,0171
iZd3gI am the emptyAdult (f)4,7399992
eUaS2crib of Peter PanAdult (m)4,6711,0412
K4HraA silent  kite againstAdult (f)4,4941,1322
TL6bQThe blue blue  skyAdult (m)4,4469731
CitCGEvery  chimneyAdult (f)4,6819323
rvVstEvery moonlit  sightAdult (m)5,1671,0423
b0vFNI am the story thatAdult (f)4,7979914
M4GXfWill read you realAdult (m)4,4949652
SJdDFEvery memory that you hold dearAdult (f)4,5379901
C8EQII am the journeyAdult (m)4,5899781
r1nTBI am the destinationAdult (f)5,5849981
GacqCI am the homeAdult (m)4,7421,0112
8RCHgThe tale that reads youAdult (f)4,2411,1151
fsSvdA way to taste the nightAdult (m)4,8921,1541
9JMdaThe elusive highAdult (f)3,9039101
BFCD6Follow  the madnessAdult (m)7,1921,2432
3Lh8JAlice - you know once didAdult (f)5,6841,0533
HGhJZImaginarium - A dream emporiumAdult (m)3,9711,0121
3GAotCaress the talesAdult (f)4,3751,0501
RZkSsAnd they will dream you realAdult (m)5,2261,3403
G01FmA storyteller's gameAdult (f)5,8349650
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