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You pick up the scroll labeled “Barbayat,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
k1GHUJasmine GingerAdult (f)7,5851,3721
udauHGargamel GingerAdult (m)7,4181,3312
1DJGZCallina GingerAdult (f)8,4211,4135
VQ0nOHerman GingerAdult (m)7,3421,3404
fUWZFUsmana GingerAdult (f)7,0581,5204
il9crZachion GingerAdult (m)7,9171,3479
PRoJSTansania GingerAdult (f)7,5691,6175
vmOdoZamir GingerAdult (m)5,7437491
0rlUJSorvinia GingerAdult (f)4,9207912
V5CflVaughn GingerAdult (m)6,6096021
KbXOAPaulette GingerAdult (f)5,1347823
hJCm9Rauol GingerAdult (m)6,6076011
XEusXXandria GingerAdult (f)5,5366261
M58t3Michelangelo GingerAdult (m)6,5395871
LNw3kRamada GingerAdult (f)8,7175950
ZnkBhRichard GingerAdult (m)7,2951,4856
fsDlgCandita GingerAdult (f)7,9881,5614
u6WU6Grendel GingerAdult (m)5,9751,4984
PWOWQLelia GingerAdult (f)4,9721,2793
ts03cEntion GingerAdult (m)5,9111,21312
i70e6Levia GingerAdult (f)6,3191,3246
PpZPXBarrion GingerAdult (m)3,1157876
U6E5nIrene GingerAdult (f)4,9601,3974
QeIhGOoman GingerAdult (m)6,5566011
FKjF3Evangeline GingerAdult (f)8,7045951
y4ccsLincoln GingerAdult (m)5,5336332
0K0cmNigel GingerAdult (m)6,1986031
MWu0nUrik GingerAdult (m)6,4205991
F2jHBRaymond GingerAdult (m)8,1766930
iL9ZoErnesto GingerAdult (m)4,6387801
rj2HsVorik GingerAdult (m)4,6717782
l0L6MSteven GingerAdult (m)4,5397861
DzcdKBrittany GingerAdult (f)5,9116221
tetoCSally GingerAdult (f)6,9478712
3ncyCReyda GingerAdult (f)6,4246171
L6insGina GingerAdult (f)4,5397551
X7mDCyron CinnamonAdult (m)1,6891,1518
43UPTolia CinnamonAdult (f)10,2081,4767
mt6MKeller CinnamonAdult (m)6,4291,2696
U5VZMania CinnamonAdult (f)10,2221,4676
Beh0QMemphis CinnamonAdult (m)4,0291,2504
bH6URShandra CinnamonAdult (f)4,0401,2985
DQj9QLumen CinnamonAdult (f)5,8971,1835
hGBu6Lloyd CinnamonAdult (m)4,0471,1943
Ree4KKeysia CinnamonAdult (f)3,9401,1496
1jXseClovis CinnamonAdult (m)4,3011,2154
fLmaOFullevia CinnamonAdult (f)3,6531,0741
TmEXmRezion CinnamonAdult (m)3,3971,0681
o4B7QMarson CinnamonAdult (m)3,5541,1035
BRFKYEphesos CinnamonAdult (m)4,5839745
t8PSJAnastasia CinnamonAdult (f)4,5839724
8Y2TZJemenia CinnamonAdult (f)4,9069853
uU0fJon VanillaAdult (m)6,7411,7037
pScBAva VanillaAdult (f)5,8231,12112
VmVTRSelbius VanillaAdult (m)4,2091,1971
nAHtKJamelia VanillaAdult (f)4,1551,1933
j97bnJoyba VanillaAdult (m)3,3401,4153
NxEyBHonea VanillaAdult (f)3,3391,2721
A85sZHereon VanillaAdult (m)4,5011,3052
2np6gMercia VanillaAdult (f)4,6651,2493
meftfRefusals Left OversAdult (f)3,4151,4001
pXQvSLaedica LovageAdult (f)5,3761,2585
1cRDCaramon of the FrostAdult (m)1,5041,00924
n2HUThalia of the FrostAdult (f)7,8211,4337
X8hpThorgan of the FrostAdult (m)4,7041,0298
YIn9Celana of the FrostAdult (f)5,4209179
vqm6Craig of the FrostAdult (m)4,6541,0418
TtvTTamara of the FrostAdult (f)6,5759669
JjTgTazon of the FrostAdult (m)4,9831,0778
kVWVCecilia of the FrostAdult (f)5,4161,0914
21NPgCypher of the FrostAdult (m)4,2991,2223
et7q0Thivia of the FrostAdult (f)4,2671,2522
kYjZUTroy of the FrostAdult (m)5,9201,5865
Do0oqCameron of the FrostAdult (f)4,5121,2462
cScklConan of the FrostAdult (m)3,2951,1556
jhk3HTersha of the FrostAdult (f)5,3271,6374
ZRr5sTomas of the FrostAdult (m)3,4031,2394
Eu40cCarlotta of the FrostAdult (f)3,9101,1263
V1R00Christian of the FrostAdult (m)3,3511,1331
aEXJkTunipa of the FrostAdult (f)4,1961,0893
MictoTorwal of the FrostAdult (m)4,0911,0866
ADIEMCuliona of the FrostAdult (f)5,2221,1053
GlIRkCabal of the FrostAdult (m)3,4151,2171
ugMgtTwinia of the FrostAdult (f)4,4709842
lPBf3Tergan of the FrostAdult (m)4,1401,0001
0ZD9ASybille of the FrostAdult (f)3,6041,5663
QSavvRaislin of the FrostAdult (f)5,9267650
KeJFEgon out of the FrostAdult (m)8,1901,1953
bCNOLana out of the FrostAdult (f)8,0451,2388
etlALenard out of the FrostAdult (m)8,1741,1736
0tHOElveda out of the FrostAdult (f)7,4301,1117
I65DnEsher out of the FrostAdult (m)4,1751,1941
CowCoLeila out of the FrostAdult (f)4,4171,1644
a8KUDLeeland away from the FrostAdult (m)4,2961,2735
2b5WYEsra away from the FrostAdult (f)4,1461,1664
EPa4dJulie back to the FrostAdult (f)4,7261,0713
mteEGenevieve  DieudonneAdult (f)1,49471341
mEiAAlexander LucardAdult (m)5,2021,64132
CgGEKlaus HelsingAdult (m)4,3501,05518
APO9Yaroslav Van KarnsteinAdult (m)5,3621,1276
J1i9Yaroslava Van KarnsteinAdult (f)5,3671,23210
nJVIEliza van KarnsteinAdult (f)5,1031,23728
kXmFPavla van KarnsteinAdult (f)3,52888716
rvT8Count Strahd von ZarovichAdult (m)2,1941,14937
HU4tErzsebeth BathoryAdult (f)4,0051,23015
vj5PVladislaus DraguliaAdult (m)1,7867884
7W4LVerona the FirstAdult (f)7864628
FhciMarishka the RecklessAdult (f)4,1081,29919
NLUcAleera the Wild OneAdult (f)6,4411,50323
gHBjMarcus Van SciverAdult (m)6,8571,03811
ctVKKarl von WultendorfAdult (m)2,21879019
gmnBBelpheghorAdult (m)2,1246565
XgAkIXermosiconAdult (m)4,7191,1805
l0BmBaron of the SilverstoneAdult (m)6,8341,0914
eA0sMagenta of the SilverstoneAdult (f)7,6381,1888
aDYuAranka the Ice-HeartedAdult (f)4,60097111
BGA9Ransom StarkAdult (m)4,5939997
3aWIcMonsieur MisfytAdult (m)4,0581,4635
0u7S6KostakiAdult (m)4,2361,4728
CtqDKVon KlatkaAdult (m)3,5511,2157
9NR8ECedrik the BloodyAdult (m)6,0491,2343
SYpbFiend from the GraveAdult (m)7,4441,0588
SAjbbRisen from the EarthAdult (f)3,9528808
fEoA8The NyghtwalkerAdult (m)4,7369141
bQCSk(bQCSk)Hatchling (f, F)4,0499582
TtoYVBeatrice FluttershyAdult (f)5,4071,2203
joeKq(joeKq)Adult (m)4,6981,0354
gNv2Q(gNv2Q)Adult (f)5,3569901
2bMQt(2bMQt)Adult (m)4,2761,1121
Jkecc(Jkecc)Adult (f)6,6461,3293
pKhc7(pKhc7)Adult (m)4,1597762
Z4t01Self Control by Laura BraniganAdult (m)2,3617023
CoyH0It's the nightAdult (f)5,3345592
WfvMIOh the night is my worldAdult (m)2,0007171
48Qe4That this nightAdult (m)4,5039701
abIxOIt's the  nightAdult (m)3,2561,0660
VomCIwill to try and fightAdult (f)4,2729992
PINdeI must believe in somethingAdult (f)5,2778212
RFBQ6never go Oh-oh-ohAdult (f)5,4181,1162
KTLYbso I'll make myselfAdult (m)7,8931,3873
mL5dBI know the night isAdult (f)5,7431,0733
FKocRA safe night I'm livingAdult (f)4,5581,1494
QEuiJyou take  my selfcontrolAdult (f)2,4657993
S9NLpas it would seemAdult (m)4,6041,3403
S9vyWYou take my self controlAdult (m)4,7819124
Fo56eYou got me livinAdult (f)4,9049063
j51IAYou  take myselfAdult (m)6,9621,2611
8L7Igbelieve    itAdult (f)3,3631,4373
s5DZZYou take myselfAdult (f)4,5291,2103
ea3tFso I'll makeAdult (m)4,8689052
QjNS9You take my selfAdult (f)6,2107332
5Y0vOwill never goAdult (f)3,6981,5644
2R0jZIn the night - no controlAdult (f)6,0607392
0fR1vI haven't got theAdult (m)5,8728564
4o2nuI must believe  in somethingAdult (f)4,3811,2214
a1B9tyou  take my self controlAdult (m)5,7951,0472
T4XfI'm living in theAdult (f)4,4668348
mjc9forest of a dreamAdult (m)3,1397086
bCZ1xjust believe itAdult (m)3,9919382
YOWYhto play my roleAdult (m)4,5111,1755
KehBeonly for  the nightAdult (m)6,6907862
liadxanother day  goes byAdult (m)6,9607942
UHeY0The night is my worldAdult (f)4,6927251
g00ubThat this night willAdult (m)5,2361,3434
vHlHcin the forest of my dreamAdult (m)5,8081,0424
9msVa(9msVa)Adult (m)6,8081,2484
jLrS9I live among theAdult (m)5,9987782
GP18I know the night is notAdult (f)3,9948316
vT0b8time  that flattersAdult (f)5,7458362
oi306Oh-oh-ohAdult (m)4,7967252
CYXMBDown the street of my soulAdult (m)6,4537082
HLVnGto wonder  whyAdult (m)2,7847011
I305xYou help  me to forgetAdult (f)2,8226691
CbHvPcomes the story's toldAdult (m)4,5299413
VKOw1I never stop  myselfAdult (f)4,4819372
OvXl0creatures of  the nightAdult (f)5,9759101
HFrlA safe  nightAdult (m)5,5438887
aKBdGmyself believe itAdult (f)4,8729152
XNvafI guess I'llAdult (f)5,3456612
VHaO1Against a new tomorrow soAdult (m)5,9865882
MZtmJAnother  nightAdult (f)6,6276743
GgPDoYou take  my selfAdult (f)4,5237654
lgvSaBefore the  morningAdult (f)6,8626792
4KNuqIn the day  nothing mattersAdult (f)4,9526811
1c9YRThat tomorrow never knowsAdult (f)5,8856713
HxkucWearing white asAdult (m)5,1866352
evkknThrough the wallAdult (m)4,9661,1213
ShI5WIn the day nothing mattersAdult (m)5,2536332
5JYycCity light painted girlAdult (f)4,1518121
jHKXNtime that flattersAdult (m)3,0716343
f3DLssomething's breakingAdult (f)3,0436512
qirLiyou're walkingAdult (f)3,1166453
lo7gq(lo7gq)Adult (f)6,0739851
sZL2X(sZL2X)Adult (f)4,9276831
KHFIynot as it would seemAdult (m)5,2758271
BHEzB(BHEzB)Adult (f)5,7257201
sJ4KCCity light  painted girlAdult (m)6,0526253
gsfLuyou take my selfcontrolAdult (m)3,7647081
pjcIn(pjcIn)Adult (m)5,0947223
f8pSL(f8pSL)Adult (m)4,9807191
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