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You pick up the scroll labeled “Barbayat,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
911ueGaenor and Rhiannon FinleyAdult (f)2,7588773
XmJcpMeirion and Lughaidh MccabeAdult (m)2,5099264
NLjswDerval and Darina KiddAdult (f)3,2261,0303
NGQ51Driscoll and Niven O'BoyleAdult (m)3,5419984
NJOkACaitria and Donalda GreerAdult (f)2,4789492
PEC3rIarlaith and Aonghus ColquhounAdult (m)4,6081,0105
YPO3dMor and Lean MaceachernAdult (f)4,5559974
GcNz7Pilib and Culhwch O'MalleyAdult (m)3,9631,1432
iCHtVSileas and Tesni MaolmhuaidhAdult (f)3,8281,1265
HhA2ZAilpein and Carbrey RoseAdult (m)4,5151,2403
FptnqLiadain and Niamh O'CnaimhinAdult (f)4,6201,3162
yoVSiNiall and Meical MontgomeryAdult (m)4,8361,3285
oHFSSEithne and Eiluned NevinAdult (f)3,9231,1033
FO0TpFrang and Colm AchesonAdult (m)5,5581,3525
AJ7h7Eithne and Morna SloanAdult (f)3,4381,0153
zyHtATwo-Headed 3rd Gen DragonsHatchling (F)1,7702261
N83hGwythyr and Moray KeavyAdult (m)4,8761,0158
fr3oSlaine and Aideen LearyAdult (f)5,3991,2837
CH6sPhelan and Disgleirio BranAdult (m)4,21977010
2rWsDorean and Eileen GavinAdult (f)5,5251,1388
GEDIsDai and Craig BroganAdult (m)4,7161,1263
9EDWGobnet and Edna DarachAdult (f)5,5989622
pKP4LFelim and Tierney CeallachanAdult (m)4,1941,1457
IidlNCadi and Dylis MooneyAdult (f)5,4981,3354
Go6VPNaomhan and Emyr O'RiainAdult (m)4,7101,0412
0T9luEsyllt and Owena HinesAdult (f)4,7221,0392
hDL8STamhas and Kane RowanAdult (m)5,2439691
PqHv0Peigi and Honora McgillAdult (f)5,0229762
OpdGdFionntan and Neil ColemanAdult (m)4,1671,0394
nCKF2Caoileann and Oighrig RocheAdult (f)6,2909073
5shrYEoghan and Frazier PriceAdult (m)5,7038442
2f8mtMairenn and Gwenda O'ConaillAdult (f)3,1359382
KhbkNFarquhar and Aonghas McelligottAdult (m)3,0079803
D15D3Eadaoin and Beitris MurdockAdult (f)5,0601,0058
EAmQuSweeney and Tomos HameldonAdult (m)3,2071,1205
8ZtDsTegwen and Fionola TaggartAdult (f)3,1661,1024
VDeOVSweeney and Yale FitzpatrickAdult (m)3,1651,0413
UPkiyMoreen and Moira MaccailinAdult (f)2,7361,0706
Oq4qVBeathan and Aonghus LaneAdult (m)2,4299312
2vchgGreer and Meave MacintyreAdult (f)3,2231,0285
yyiabShamus and Mainchin MccabeAdult (m)4,7841,0214
ypuueMurphy and Sine MacentireAdult (f)2,5529556
L5iv4Ruadh and Alby ColquhounAdult (m)3,1231,0213
zZvETDympna and Aine MaceachernAdult (f)5,8251,27515
3D8DCDaragh and Fionn O'BoyleAdult (m)6,0541,31415
xokR1Ornat and Iseabail O'CnaimhinAdult (f)4,2991,2114
efvsnGrizel and Dympna AchesonAdult (m)2,9311,0413
kmyx7Meabh and Meave NevinAdult (f)3,5161,0565
d4MB9vv 4th Gen Splits vvHatchling (F)9211472
RcTNCallum and Celyn BranAdult (m)7,6661,1059
RYh3Anna and Katelynn LearyAdult (f)5,8029058
dPWa3Fingal and Illtyd CeallachanAdult (m)4,3281,1574
Dv9jkAifric and Mallaidh DarachAdult (f)4,3061,1681
30UPsAodhagan and Ianto O'RiainAdult (m)6,5251,1512
nv1IABrigid and Bethan McgillAdult (f)6,3901,4512
ibuKNCody and Sawney PriceAdult (m)5,5461,1244
qVkHhNeilina and Rodina RocheAdult (f)5,7108262
AMqsXStiofan and Tiarnach HameldonAdult (m)3,2221,0821
SCHBACatriona and Kirsty MacintyreAdult (f)4,1211,0937
CV34mCadoc and Oscar LaneAdult (m)4,0921,1375
iWTv6Cadi and Oonagh MurdockAdult (f)2,8809793
apI4wShay and Bedwyr ColquhounAdult (m)4,0121,2054
227kJDelma and Devin MacentireAdult (f)4,0891,1786
4FNMRTrystan and Heulog AchesonAdult (m)3,3431,0843
wJ7xdMave and Gobinet O'CnaimhinAdult (f)3,0021,0025
hyooLvv 5th Gen Splits vvHatchling (F)1,0351561
07D25Illtyd and Llewelyn CeallachanAdult (m)5,1901,1622
WH6WLuiseach and Maura LearyAdult (f)9,3831,3487
dHol4Odhran and Daithi O'RiainAdult (m)5,6498782
Ys7MgMyfanwy and Rionach RocheAdult (f)5,9429344
x8jS8Siothrun and Gus LaneAdult (m)6,1531,32814
1SxSrOnora and Gwynedd MacintyreAdult (f)6,0921,29712
wBsTeScott and Fechin ColquhounAdult (m)4,0231,1873
UKP19Finley and Ailbhe O'CnaimhinAdult (f)4,0491,2314
rJWgmvv 6th Gen Splits vvHatchling (F)1,1642272
T0VHdCahir and Drystan CeallachanAdult (m)7,1281,1474
6LB5qMalina and Muireann RocheAdult (f)4,8641,0474
zYVUzAindriu and Gwillym ColquhounAdult (m)3,9361,2824
qJEWaAeron and Eluned MacintyreAdult (f)4,1591,2854
udiaARufusia and Denial AnnoyancaAdult (f)4,4661,2093
trvmAvv 7th Gen Splits vvHatchling (F)4323681
ITvEMFionnlagh and Gronw CeallachanAdult (m)5,1651,0172
Chcv1Orlaith and Ennis MacintyreAdult (f)3,8571,2284
Iibz3Ciara and Nessa MacintyreAdult (f)4,9291,2984
P2HpfPaderau and Felim DoughertyAdult (m)4,9467333
Oh6fbSawney and Mannix MacQueenAdult (m)4,7777211
jEkDjAodh and Phelan FrielAdult (m)4,7607341
FsWuqFelim and Tadhg DuibhshitheAdult (m)5,0347301
xWDTqMaire and Laoise O'TadhgainAdult (f)4,8697301
teFeSEilidh and Shan DarrowAdult (f)4,9867341
AD18r(AD18r)Adult (f)3,6937611
lMAd7Pedr and Findlay HolmesAdult (m)2,6577033
iU7c7Seren and Neve BeattieAdult (f)2,4987031
sERRUBranimira and Evdokiya AntonovAdult (f)5,1856512
kVd1fDenys and Gabriel KovacAdult (m)4,8937402
ZQnoZSnjezana and Sasha IvanovicAdult (f)5,4087232
Hq1H5Luba and Natali KrizAdult (f)4,2018091
THVbtSrecko and Erik CrncevicAdult (m)5,3037291
dAfZKSandra and Helen OlsonAdult (f)4,9838073
XH7zTKris and Konrad EriksonAdult (m)4,9308022
a1l9BWalter and Ebbe RaskAdult (m)3,9277565
866zWLarus and Njala VilhjalmssonAdult (m)2,9269514
o9bGnPala and Margret VilhjalmssonAdult (f)3,2901,0112
N0coVLudvik and Vilhjalmur SteinssonAdult (m)5,2541,3863
GPAWuJona and Ragnheiur SteinssonAdult (f)3,2451,0674
cRxlpAri and Einar ArmannssonAdult (m)5,2301,0781
ZZDFFLea and Taehti ArmannssonAdult (f)3,9511,3024
y5w2dBirger and Tore ErikssonAdult (m)5,6475630
rertAMaria and Tatiana ErikssonAdult (f)7,3126371
GAsusInger and Emelie ErikssonAdult (f)5,1759463
KelF7Hasse and Kalle OttossonAdult (m)5,4128011
mNYjGBenedikt and Jon VilhjalmssonAdult (m)3,7491,0463
AglLVGudrun and Hanna SteinssonAdult (f)3,9121,3785
S7v0qHarri and Viking ArmannssonAdult (m)4,4091,2794
7qwVfEemeli and Juhani MustanenAdult (m)4,8071,2865
WsDCGLeena and Elisabet MustanenAdult (f)3,3571,1972
ShnCIPietari and Jalo JokinenAdult (m)3,3551,1455
dm07xSofia and Magdalena JokinenAdult (f)3,9221,2394
ZUzbLMiervaldis and Andris OzolinsAdult (m)2,4688531
imMXQLilita and Dagnija OzolinsAdult (f)5,7751,1626
Lh08EToms and Jazeps VotoronAdult (m)5,0241,0075
e0XdfLaima and Kristina VotoronAdult (f)5,2461,0031
sHlWHElita and Helena RemizionAdult (f)5,3661,1244
YaCUCVisvaldis and Ludis RemizionAdult (m)6,4371,3114
B7SJgOskari and Veikko MustanenAdult (m)5,2261,2012
BlJweValerija and Elita VoldemarsAdult (f)2,9871,0670
ASdnlAugusts and Jazeps VoldemarsAdult (m)5,4051,1963
2SIKdHelena and Dagnija VoldemarsAdult (f)5,5301,2802
5aiDePentti and Valdemar TakalaAdult (m)4,7701,3002
0ITXoMinna and Iida TakalaAdult (f)4,7791,3172
WLebnPavils and Mihails VotoronAdult (m)5,0221,1393
YQbnIAgnese and Daina RemizionAdult (f)5,2231,1132
QGWVdHeli and Sylvia TakalaAdult (f)3,2361,0863
Ej5ZaAkio and Hachiro KawaguchiAdult (m)3,7561,1182
S0x13Yui and Umeko KawaguchiAdult (f)3,5241,0885
G6cMlYoshi and Naoki MatsumotoAdult (m)5,5819725
nvAtLAyane and Takara MatsumotoAdult (f)3,1348994
tXsOENaoki and Taiki YukimuraAdult (m)3,7771,0673
plZh9Ume and Haruko YukimuraAdult (f)4,1011,1793
u65JZYuuto and Shiro OshiroAdult (m)3,0608552
JOSXHKotone and Emi OshiroAdult (f)3,5101,0825
VuWAnShiori and Hideki NishimuraAdult (m)4,6931,2506
a1NLOTamiko and Yuuna NishimuraAdult (f)3,4831,1311
GloI9Katsuo and Ryuunosuke KobayashiAdult (m)4,9921,3274
l5qGLHiroko and Hina KobayashiAdult (f)3,4488983
xxkydYoshi and Saburo UenoAdult (m)3,2371,1023
pk6KmRan and Kazuko UenoAdult (f)4,0021,2792
nFCWXSaburo and Kenji YamauchiAdult (m)4,0931,2051
41Q93Shizuka and Aya NakamuraAdult (f)4,2941,3463
7L7x8Rio and Haruna YamauchiAdult (f)3,6411,0252
I71oAKaito and Rokuro MatsumotoAdult (m)4,3261,0893
NzpKjTsukiko and Haruka KawaguchiAdult (f)4,1091,0984
dhsKNKouta and Kurou OshiroAdult (m)4,3521,3623
SNmP0Jurou and Nobu YamauchiAdult (m)6,4051,2055
qkziEYukiko and Haru YukimuraAdult (f)3,8911,0609
kIGZBYuu and Kouta NishimuraAdult (m)4,2321,3184
4Lr0lHaruko and Takara UenoAdult (f)4,0521,3004
fDEBXTakako and Yuuko KobayashiAdult (f)3,3531,1824
NkXlQRyouichi and Hideyoshi MatsumotoAdult (m)4,0081,0497
78m9H(78m9H)Adult (m)4,7577771
efuRK(efuRK)Adult (m)6,9116011
P3Wgo(P3Wgo)Adult (m)5,9877592
oZQql(oZQql)Adult (m)4,9707911
ftclZ(ftclZ)Adult (m)6,8216011
VcUPD(VcUPD)Adult (f)4,6107691
7LVeZ(7LVeZ)Adult (f)4,6847761
u3Tu9(u3Tu9)Adult (f)5,9907692
pX2sK(pX2sK)Adult (f)6,8176061
dwuxQ(dwuxQ)Adult (f)5,9795982
f6PcK(f6PcK)Adult (f)5,7936150
XVYhM(XVYhM)Adult (f)6,9055982
MZTMUCyril and Emile MontagneAdult (m)4,1361,4453
wPzz8Cunegonde and Floriane MontagneAdult (f)3,4208606
1xrpvGuillaume and Benjamin LecuyerAdult (m)4,0278458
Ce25eRoxanne and Zephyrine LecuyerAdult (f)3,8601,0803
xD9wyLou and Ambroise DeniauAdult (m)5,1371,4816
W1V2RMarianne and Isabelle DeniauAdult (f)4,3691,0194
X5v1xThierry and Lucrece SergeantAdult (m)4,3231,2300
uJmrZEugenie and Alexandra SergeantAdult (f)2,4167934
081BUEmile and Marcellin DenielAdult (m)2,3809953
sZkVmSabine and Fabienne DenielAdult (f)4,2181,3053
s9CBLAriel and Marius GermainAdult (m)3,3421,1983
QmnUiSylvianne and Adelaide GermainAdult (f)2,1049883
DOiCWPrudence and Laurent ArmisteadAdult (m)5,8817351
nIDxWVerene and Madeleine ArmisteadAdult (f)5,9071,1703
phDA4Adolphe and Judicael VictorAdult (m)5,8717682
W5s51Gratien and Felicien SergeantAdult (m)3,8921,3413
bh8XhNatacha and Delphine DeniauAdult (f)3,3361,1274
4s3KwLoup and Gael ArmisteadAdult (m)3,2611,0953
K936kSimon and Hadrien MontagneAdult (m)4,7127221
YMnG5Amour and Alderic ChastainAdult (m)4,7897141
owGbwGwallter and Andreas McNielAdult (m)3,9481,1353
10W08Glenda and Norene McNielAdult (f)4,0371,0192
uiaW3Rearden and Keefe WalshAdult (m)6,4451,3826
hPhqcEleri and Mairi WalshAdult (f)5,9021,5645
iU1WVSiothrun and Conchur DarrowAdult (m)3,0141,1210
EAnvsShevon and Norene DarrowAdult (f)5,0681,2912
YyzvGEinri and Aengus TraceyAdult (m)4,4171,0533
b4KrgBlair and Braith TraceyAdult (f)6,1381,1973
DlXdTMuiris and Erskine MacCarrickAdult (m)3,8951,2634
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