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You pick up the scroll labeled “Barbayat,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
m2MQmghost  townAdult (m)3,5369394
1kZ4SHe will go down he willAdult (f)3,6769823
B3BuIdrown drown  deeper downAdult (f)2,8158471
MHbXyIf you want meAdult (f)3,6179832
XHNSLthen do come acrossAdult (m)4,8899812
dg47hWhat is it you dream ofAdult (f)6,1639552
KJf1Gchild  of mineAdult (m)8,4541,4936
tgfRZThe magic rideAdult (f)6,0531,2773
staAZthe mermaid coveAdult (m)3,9091,0983
ghtvuNever met a kinderAdult (f)7,0901,3385
igccaheart than yoursAdult (m)6,4101,0122
IHMqKLet  it bleedAdult (f)3,3038566
iLwGgLeave  a footprint onAdult (m)3,7661,0854
fy9meevery island  you seeAdult (f)2,7498682
VboPKI am the painted facesAdult (m)3,6139513
4ih2mthe toxic kissAdult (f)3,5979144
seOnNSowing of doubtAdult (m)3,0589772
gRYJutroll beneath the bridgeAdult (f)3,3531,0012
Y05O9Come acrossAdult (m)2,5528021
x6nZjDeath  by a thousand cutsAdult (f)3,3719533
M29Z6Believe it - we live asAdult (m)3,1749885
nrPgtwe dream -  screamAdult (f)3,2531,0131
Jb277I am the desert-scapeAdult (m)2,4407221
jktPrthe sand insideAdult (f)2,6959272
XHXm3your hourglassAdult (m)2,5069761
zokw3I am the fear and abuseAdult (f)2,6569722
jvn6Qthe leper childrenAdult (m)4,3941,01010
fdx81Every eye sewn shutAdult (f)3,92895615
KmKy0We will go down we willAdult (m)2,8198491
OJrJQdrown drown deeper downAdult (m)5,4448671
Ai4ikThe river wild willAdult (m)3,7831,1653
4PD55be our last rideAdult (f)4,4401,1671
sk1gE3rd Gens for Ghost RiverHatchling (F)8652652
qzX052nd Gens for Ghost RiverHatchling (F)8582551
KiabY4th Gens for Ghost RiverHatchling (F)1,1942742
0THNPThe Holy Mountain by X-PerienceAdult (m)3,0681,0404
l4wjFTake me right here where we areAdult (m)3,1311,0522
7PXAwWe fight the holy warAdult (f)3,1831,0564
nmDfeI go downAdult (m)6,6861,1832
Rxq4TAnd if God is one of usAdult (f)2,8278673
H4WYXThe only one to trustAdult (m)2,8758702
S03RfTake the crownAdult (f)2,8789312
urUV3I believe I  can  flyAdult (m)3,5438193
tE94ZAnd I feel I can touch the skyAdult (f)6,8761,1731
SyFA1Make me feel I surviveAdult (m)2,5649445
qNytTYour embrace will keep me aliveAdult (f)5,4731,0843
aEzstTake me to the Holy MountainAdult (m)5,7921,1262
VFbUhTo the  place whereAdult (f)3,1481,0444
v0iowWe belong to our faithAdult (m)2,6648952
lsGtvTake me to the secret outlandAdult (f)2,9738803
iuQCMWhere the gods of loveAdult (m)7,8831,2105
RBH2VWill fight crime and hateAdult (f)8,6901,2535
ROoQuGet me right I got my wayAdult (m)7,0311,3062
2crpoOn every single day of my lifeAdult (f)6,0911,1603
PIjQiStay down on our kneesAdult (m)4,5471,1013
WoJ03We Pray to surviveAdult (f)7,0118783
KqjnnI  believe  I can flyAdult (m)6,8491,1771
svR2rAnd I feel I  can touch the skyAdult (f)2,8868182
MMgfTMake me feel  I surviveAdult (m)5,9031,0693
uQShUYour embrace will keep  me aliveAdult (f)5,6121,4019
Y7jSXTake me to the  Holy MountainAdult (m)3,7541,0573
hWJJzTo the place whereAdult (f)2,6349687
CpZMuWe belong  to our faithAdult (m)4,5248035
ltkZ9Take me to the  secret outlandAdult (f)3,2609265
2rcj5Where the  gods of loveAdult (m)4,1106571
4FJLcWill fight  crime and hateAdult (f)4,8031,2531
fp1ACSisters of the Light by XandriaAdult (f)4,8791,1953
eRvryFollow me through the nightAdult (m)7,3791,32315
QA7EDWe are sisters of the lightAdult (f)5,0281,2435
DzRuLWe are daughters of sinAdult (m)4,4501,2314
UMQtDWe are laughter  in the windAdult (f)4,8181,1503
rdmHVFollow me through  the nightAdult (m)4,6371,3524
INISiWe are sisters  of the lightAdult (f)4,4971,3363
hvmhRWe are wild -  we are freeAdult (m)4,9428171
IkGinThrough the darkness  follow meAdult (f)3,7411,0526
I0JiZI am here to break theAdult (m)3,8231,0695
0UfdTsilence and I want you toAdult (f)3,7581,0662
xpv4hbe the voice of mineAdult (m)3,4621,1382
1LRyiFollow me nowAdult (f)4,7751,1163
5SwfQYou alone you can letAdult (m)4,5871,2444
3bt8Etime stand still andAdult (f)4,3591,2394
ecnCEyou create the missing elementAdult (m)7,8311,1723
aCHVWWe're the fires of hellAdult (f)7,9101,2267
lTdhoWe're the deep rough seaAdult (m)6,6621,0754
dr6NaWe're the stormy airAdult (f)3,9561,0564
esGmfWe're the ashes of timeAdult (m)5,0171,1936
FXhRVAnd we are bansheeAdult (f)4,8351,1384
FtrWfThrough the darkness sistersAdult (m)3,3191,0092
lBGpVFollow me Follow me nowAdult (f)6,8751,0576
GSuXWFollow me  through the nightAdult (m)6,1471,2037
G8SpSWe are  sisters of the lightAdult (f)4,0431,0371
gOpPzWe are  daughters of sinAdult (m)4,1039433
E28aPWe are laughter in the windAdult (f)4,6291,2884
W16c8Follow me through the  nightAdult (m)5,2598084
HRs3pWe  are sisters of the lightAdult (f)5,8429932
1ecgkWe are wild - we are freeAdult (m)4,5531,1195
6QqdhThrough the darkness follow meAdult (f)4,7801,0524
z6HqxNobody  wants  to be lonelyAdult (f)3,7351,5325
e6HRTThere  you areAdult (m)3,5231,3455
Cl141In a  darkened roomAdult (f)4,1061,0655
T9LeJAnd you're all aloneAdult (m)3,9687931
hwnCULooking out  the windowAdult (f)3,6771,1844
4llhhYour heart isAdult (m)3,3711,0592
ax86Rcold and lostAdult (f)2,5799316
Cqpn8the will to loveAdult (m)3,9219892
9kDgoLike a broken arrowAdult (f)4,0679581
cS8nKHere I  standAdult (m)3,0819512
HX26Lin  the shadowsAdult (f)3,6981,1624
OJRIICome to me - Come to meAdult (m)3,6551,0073
exdC0Can't you see thatAdult (f)2,5939453
rnZBYNobody wants to be lonelyAdult (m)3,3089696
Xb7dUNobody wants to cryAdult (f)3,1749595
4UuiPMy body's longingAdult (m)4,7079272
1Ou1sto hold youAdult (f)5,3429491
PuVA1so bad it hurts insideAdult (m)4,9619263
McC1vTime is precious andAdult (f)5,0889723
ERBdvit's slipping awayAdult (m)3,9011,0224
OX6mTand I've been waitingAdult (f)5,2491,0694
X2JTSfor you allAdult (m)3,1989372
fu6Hnof my lifeAdult (f)4,2977213
ICLgeNobody wants to beAdult (m)6,3891,4993
hIK0jlonely so whyAdult (f)4,6049321
ebWQ6Why  don't youAdult (m)4,5789322
BWMjIlet me  love youAdult (f)5,2741,0691
fKhekCan you hear my voiceAdult (m)3,2269571
Bl2q7Do you hear my songAdult (f)4,5089421
9LPvgIt's a serenadeAdult (m)6,4321,4502
jBKXXSo your heartAdult (f)6,3361,4504
jF1IJcan find meAdult (m)6,5201,0774
JXmkUAnd suddenlyAdult (f)5,9381,5285
2B97Pyour flyingAdult (m)3,8701,2072
YTRvHdown the  stairsAdult (f)5,0181,2963
qt4fZInto my arms - babyAdult (m)5,5471,4174
9O6NEBefore I startAdult (f)4,5901,1801
jDTeigoing  crazyAdult (m)4,4129812
TP0mCRun to me - Run to meAdult (f)5,1999954
yQnV1Cause I'm dyingAdult (m)5,1417921
Bmr26I want to feelAdult (f)3,6068563
vb1tdyou deeplyAdult (m)3,3526601
f3DqtJust like the airAdult (f)4,5528671
IL0M9you're breathingAdult (m)4,4628671
6LFWsI  needAdult (f)5,9228731
LaOASyou hereAdult (m)2,5195464
cEQIain  my lifeAdult (f)3,5131,0453
DCjekDon't walk  awayAdult (m)4,3251,0454
Z6XiIdon't  walk awayAdult (f)8,0301,4092
teMmMNo  no  no  noAdult (m)6,6901,1172
9b0T1Nobody wants toAdult (f)6,1481,2355
pU0Mqbe lonelyAdult (m)5,5039963
d5qtRNobody wants  to be lonelyAdult (f)4,1971,0504
4dHlJI don't wantAdult (m)3,7126661
92UBVto be lonelyAdult (f)4,1289734
vo8fmNobody  wants to cryAdult (m)4,1379792
qE9KBI don't want to cryAdult (f)5,0201,1532
KFWCNMy body's  longingAdult (m)5,3211,0642
QVdBCto hold  youAdult (f)5,8351,1193
Q4N8TI'm longingAdult (m)2,7687933
nI3ento  hold youAdult (f)4,3121,0271
4XS2gso bad itAdult (m)6,0941,1574
iZIlqhurts insideAdult (f)4,4659921
Ftpik(Ftpik)Adult (f)5,7991,2224
8L9RI(8L9RI)Adult (f)3,4939952
LAfLH(LAfLH)Adult (f)2,9768411
lX9Xk(lX9Xk)Adult (f)5,9281,0382
FW3m9(FW3m9)Adult (f)4,8441,0333
Bk9bB(Bk9bB)Adult (m)4,0199974
9tt5Q(9tt5Q)Adult (m)2,8649362
t6LIf(t6LIf)Adult (m)5,8911,2016
GOL2T(GOL2T)Adult (m)5,8821,2385
h0GoM(h0GoM)Adult (m)4,5229405
hNi9EDanke von DoroAdult (f)5,4359682
mbW6SUnd dass Du michAdult (f)6,1339163
Dzu2Aauch nicht aufgibstAdult (m)4,1431,2751
aUaPlDanke dass Du zu mir stehstAdult (f)3,2751,0854
wBgrqUnd dass Du nichtAdult (m)5,4161,0611
FhPLKwie alle anderen gehstAdult (f)5,1211,1033
UJJuoDanke dass Du da bistAdult (m)5,9199484
GMaWOwenn es brenntAdult (f)5,7681,0055
cBxO2Und dass Dich niemalsAdult (m)4,6371,3474
rgevKetwas von mir trenntAdult (f)4,2601,3231
3wlLpDanke dass Du das WahreAdult (m)3,3089841
5fOrUin mir siehstAdult (f)3,3149861
XTk6nUnd mich trotz allemAdult (m)3,3039901
trpReimmer noch liebstAdult (f)3,4239881
k228jDanke dass Du mir vergeben hastAdult (m)5,7161,1313
3KmBwUnd nicht von mirAdult (f)3,5221,1012
pemyxsprichst in HassAdult (m)4,5091,1575
M4J17Und dass Du mirAdult (f)3,4911,2012
gdz7WVertrauen schenkstAdult (m)4,2417961
BtfP8Und niemals SchlechtesAdult (f)3,6428551
nQzeUvon mir denkstAdult (m)3,5948501
ZXWpqDanke dass Du fuerAdult (f)3,6198531
fG3jkmich kaempfst und siegstAdult (m)4,4741,1553
G9opGDanke dass Du bei mir bistAdult (m)5,6008924
d1ZBsUnd dass Du niemalsAdult (f)3,5791,1252
e0Wnzwirklich nie aufgibstAdult (m)3,9901,1932
PhXhtDanke dass Du nieAdult (f)3,9931,1892
RatYwverletzend bistAdult (m)5,6681,1783
zs2jrUnd mich auch ohneAdult (f)6,1101,1063
QnjlTWorte blind verstehstAdult (m)4,4409991
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