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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “ArcticMidnight,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
e5C1A(e5C1A)Dead Egg000
bhMCgPocketWatch AMAdult (m)7,3651,3014
z2rN5TikClock AMAdult (f)3,6135903
6b04PChill AMAdult (f)2,2716691
M1pWUCurlySee AMAdult (f)2,8486362
O6jcfCedeno AMAdult (m)2,2576852
iIwdOWillow AMAdult (m)3,9749800
8LdXiWilit AMAdult (f)4,0128081
gC2NPLyle AMAdult (f)3,0486482
abSBLGhostlyGray AMAdult (m)8,9701,49211
Fx2BEScreamingTree AMAdult (m)6,5471,2663
xlt5iPipsqueake AMAdult (m)4,0947031
kglI3Huh AMAdult (m)3,4566463
iEMdQDustyGreen AMAdult (m)9,6761,3464
IKAXiKaxi AMAdult (f)2,9947220
Fqa5WFquo AMAdult (m)5,0158692
ehZ9DMidnightBlue AMAdult (f)5,2707248
LWe14PlueSkiAdult (f)4,2203982
V6CNRRoese AMAdult (m)4,0487101
eedNUNeed You AMAdult (f)4,4328542
1PjBJWingedGoldenrod AMAdult (m)10,1811,1363
mobArAphrodite AMAdult (f)2,4006711
UMx5BAveeni AMAdult (m)2,3036911
C2FG9Chardonnay AMAdult (f)2,4358151
ydjHYWhisk AMAdult (m)3,0057232
qRa4ASongLover AMAdult (m)4,5214441
uGPSYUGypsy AMAdult (f)4,1289630
LjtQ1Dust AMAdult (f)2,7539111
ZCnyK(ZCnyK)Adult (f)2,9277992
WwRnv(WwRnv)Adult (f)2,7256071
dpAhgDaphne AMAdult (m)4,1096002
cNrg4Charge AMAdult (f)2,3896291
VNVB3Vibing AMAdult (f)2,5806671
jko4PAveeno AMAdult (f)2,5516672
Uz4bnBenea AMAdult (m)2,4326200
Cn1yCBlueIce AMAdult (m)10,8221,6139
gPMzfSatinShimmer AMAdult (f)4,0584704
pS6KLLaceAgate AMAdult (f)3,4104160
GEkuSGecku AMHatchling (F)2,7592510
UbwO3Zarah AMAdult (m)4,2497771
zKQzdZara AMAdult (m)4,2739082
fneWOBalloon CloudyAdult (f)10,7731,28910
CK1UzGoldIndigo AMAdult (m)7,7898405
1NgUWSakura AMAdult (f)3,6804743
q16WjPeatrea AMAdult (f)3,6755781
QPAyfOpalecentMidnightAdult (f)9,8841,52712
rlm5vNightStorm AMAdult (m)9,2421,0304
TpG9jBlack As Night AMAdult (m)6,8319200
ap7x9ShadowyDarkness AMAdult (f)7,9079313
dh0wnYou can't push me Down AMAdult (f)6,4271,1547
5Y5qSDarkOpal AMAdult (f)5,9861,0094
iZAbBMidnight AMAdult (f)7,5501,2881
UbXzKZake AMAdult (m)3,9137201
eu9tpYuku AMAdult (f)3,3895744
f1Dx9Bone of Darkness AMAdult (m)3,2454821
l1Rh4Rhai AMAdult (f)2,4926973
uBtppSweetTea AMAdult (f)3,5044603
0lHKaWhat is a HamAdult (f)5,1317391
8oodSDarkWitchHazel AMAdult (m)4,8491,0043
BWIY3LavenderTruffle AMAdult (f)5,4551,0293
Az60dNightTruffle AMAdult (m)7,8841,4134
B19hDVioletTruffle AMAdult (m)6,8971,3932
d0irtEarthTruffle AMAdult (f)7,4861,3173
OIr3dBirchFlower AMAdult (m)7,8681,18011
mZd5vBirchSand AMAdult (m)4,1976791
Gf5XfGeff AMAdult (m)4,2447131
CZXe5Cezzerachi AMAdult (m)4,4337140
zogZyZogzyAdult (m)4,1316903
8gOiFAmyDolo AMAdult (f)2,6536401
kIMGfRedCyclone AMAdult (m)5,4297199
NVBKEBloodMoon AMAdult (f)3,3735001
Fuq4T4TAdult (f)4,0157792
CAKawCAKaw goes the birbAdult (m)3,5067512
FVpadPad AMAdult (f)3,4225922
ssOD7OceanicWaves AMAdult (f)6,5051,3345
rZHuqBlueSands AMAdult (m)4,8656660
nIv55Shell AMAdult (f)3,4767385
KbDKWAla AMAdult (f)3,2287122
AJI0nBoltThunder AMAdult (m)6,5369355
EeVAlEava AMAdult (m)2,8986922
fUqmZmZ AMAdult (m)4,1978581
rs1h7IceSpott AMAdult (m)3,2377042
8naSCSoulsMoon AMAdult (f)5,4576891
qJPVYAshed Spot AMAdult (m)4,0287282
82ZoYZoy AMAdult (m)2,9736941
aoS3dRedLeaf AMAdult (m)9,9281,2475
Bbc7ARed AMAdult (m)4,0273742
K2cGVDesertSand AMAdult (m)4,8035363
mw1UkHawkTalons AMAdult (m)3,3235623
tTV78The Bird that Brings DeathAdult (m)3,3477501
tn2FnCityLights AMAdult (f)9,2241,2874
DLGIuViridescent AMAdult (f)9,2661,3224
whJFjDazzlingNight AMAdult (f)10,4011,2513
66RL5DazzlingStargazer AMAdult (f)10,3611,6225
TiWr9BurningSky AMAdult (m)6,5441,1351
97eMnDazzlingDiamond AMAdult (f)7,3751,2481
ZmUZlZ'StunningSkye AMAdult (f)7,2111,1802
FqyTTDazzlingStorm AMAdult (m)3,5657791
205IZRedFawn AMAdult (f)9,9611,4938
aUuO9Carnelian AMAdult (f)6,7021,2644
nRgNoQuietShadow AMAdult (f)7,6661,2412
JlMksJimK AMAdult (m)2,9077203
Je0aBBlueBright AMAdult (f)8,5781,3964
08OTRGlitter AMAdult (f)3,8754441
2whoZTo who may I ask AMAdult (f)4,5507781
dIUz4Chester AMAdult3,2469250
auodWTsunamiSurf AMAdult (f)3,5053872
DMfABDM the FABAdult (m)4,4097311
V1QKjChesnutSand AMAdult (f)9,4861,1574
eX0ivExoi AMAdult (m)3,7656801
cy0kgCopperGunmetal AMAdult (m)3,5594021
PhT8JRustedGunmetal AMAdult (m)3,4057286
1jgebGeeb AMAdult (f)2,7086422
z4Ql5Z'RustedCopper AMAdult (f)5,1931,0052
7JKfUJakee AMAdult (m)3,9386422
OF5Op50 Cotton Candies AMAdult (m)2,0686401
YtidpTidePod AMAdult (m)3,0676522
JbkVhCandii AMAdult (f)2,8966601
afTOgMaroonSky AMAdult (f)11,3641,3845
kbuZcFlareCrimson AMAdult (f)3,9534584
7lFvA(7lFvA)Adult (m)3,2105903
6uG2o(6uG2o)Adult (m)2,9976852
240Hb(240Hb)Adult (f)3,4207151
GGNwiRosetteThornAdult (f)11,7921,55110
sCRt7Rosette AMAdult (f)3,3806923
p1pjpPipera AMAdult (m)4,4018293
zWSpMMistyOnix AMAdult (f)10,3831,3342
PdTsMCloudPuff AMAdult (m)11,0561,5807
E2hqhSweetDreams AMAdult (f)3,9244473
lhir5I Hir your dreamsAdult (m)3,3087481
bIa9fBla AMAdult (f)3,2825771
CmqmLCiqQuill AMAdult (m)3,1447061
OGxQsDeepWater AMAdult (m)3,2084061
BudrDButter AMAdult (f)2,7526211
TmNplChoas at its BestAdult (f)3,0465190
YL9YVSmokeyTourmaline AMAdult (m)3,4818021
4SOLbSold AMAdult (f)2,9457443
WBcp3RedGlass AMAdult (m)9,0381,1228
8T0vJCrystalline MothAdult (m)4,0334240
wuYbTDiamond AMAdult (m)3,2174210
Z1LihVioletShades AMAdult (f)3,7544672
2u0RDCrimsonShades AMAdult (f)7,2371,2564
8W0RSRuby Sapphire AMAdult (f)9,9311,43910
laQTlDuskWatcher AMAdult (f)3,5594252
xBmH2(xBmH2)Adult (f)2,5276272
DVITxElectricFlamedrop AMAdult (f)8,9251,3689
0RFWiElectra AMAdult (f)5,3249882
JLiYCStormClock AMAdult (f)3,1924632
igDI6Amber AMAdult (f)3,6157193
PgYiQYii AMAdult (m)8,7971,4084
vVBnsBurningBlue AMAdult (f)4,8038573
u8HgMBlue Fire AMAdult (f)3,7096863
vnlj6IronHammer AMAdult (f)6,4588623
WDFLeLumeras AMAdult (f)5,6831,0392
TfDf7Greenhouse AMAdult (f)3,5034612
E269HEpoxxxx AMAdult (m)3,9278090
wUFstCrystalFire AMAdult (m)6,5557805
GabzkCrystalWalker AMAdult (f)4,6425783
91iVBFireCrystals AMAdult (m)7,8949492
6xT8JFireSprite AMAdult (f)6,2796944
U97GWFlameCrystal AMAdult (m)4,6958020
aGEDqGeda AMAdult (m)4,5217723
y8jVZBlacktipPink AMAdult (m)4,4867013
yyrJqViolet Indigo AMAdult (m)3,2295202
aNQrkPorple AMAdult (f)2,6106152
fAyhbFeathers of Light AMAdult (f)4,7887312
8sm4fSmurp AMAdult (m)3,1477571
kOuOqSandman AMAdult (f)3,4044931
6OfSKBurningSands AMAdult (m)3,4504901
wxpEHFreckle AMAdult (f)3,8214881
jrb0IFrozenWind AMAdult (f)3,5954142
dflZlDifzel AMAdult (f)3,2657351
SobVY(SobVY)Adult (f)2,5696901
Q271iGitterPoke AMAdult (m)2,4106200
EuanjLeafyDawn AMAdult (m)9,3141,3819
VnnrdVinyard AMAdult (m)5,3271,0313
0jOdESparklingBlue AMAdult (m)6,8017335
jvqwuStoneQuartz AMAdult (m)6,1158421
3hO7xCrystalline AMAdult (m)6,9451,1172
wCOEYMagmaAshAdult (m)5,4787065
2uaM2ShyRiver AMAdult (f)4,1414693
BdFJ3AquaLover AMAdult (m)3,6995542
bX8Qs(bX8Qs)Adult (f)2,9255841
3Nx1RDawnSky AMAdult (f)5,8268747
wVHqkMorningWisp AMAdult (f)8,0211,0143
wZ35ZDuskSkyfall AMAdult (m)5,3941,0140
O9LmNDuskGlory AMAdult (m)3,5606992
YGpyUGeepy AMAdult (m)3,0227821
t1lxgGoldStar AMAdult (m)10,5151,53613
nwmGfGoldFirelight AMAdult (m)6,7151,1747
H1AYyMangoMoon AMAdult (f)7,9051,18314
Bne6BPineapple AMAdult (f)4,4354274
IfwrMGoldApple AMAdult (m)3,4814370
idSxJIdij AMAdult (f)5,0741,0372
6WzegStarlightGold AMAdult (f)5,4218055
fK98DGoldenFlame AMAdult (m)6,7367173
lUThlGoldenSpire AMAdult (m)4,0704642
rLgYtGlossyGoldenAdult (f)4,2644452
m07mhSatin AMAdult (f)3,5224191
cNzkjGlossySpire AMAdult (f)6,8821,1603
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