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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “ArcticMidnight,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
m07mhSatin AMAdult (f)3,5224191
cNzkjGlossySpire AMAdult (f)6,8821,1603
7AiG1Pyrite AMAdult (f)7,5651,2923
zHgyNHig AMAdult (f)2,3596981
C6wM7Zibot AMAdult (f)3,1116012
TiXc9StarlitFlame AMAdult (m)2,4896302
xDLfJFirelight at MidnightAdult (f)2,9295861
2Gs8aGasa AMAdult (m)2,8246923
EP76FPiper AMHatchling (F)2,4024174
FkwNiShySpots AMAdult (m)4,8497385
WXFuyGreenQuake AMAdult (f)6,4748991
W4RzfChange AMAdult (m)9,0497345
0lj55Creation AMAdult (f)6,4398761
s2b2bGuardian of the Galaxy AMAdult (m)4,1404381
VvCXgHarvestMoon AM ThuwedAdult (f)3,5113892
gvZSqHarvestSun AMAdult (m)5,4795734
wJLNbHollen AMAdult (m)4,0958872
2pRCZ(2pRCZ)Adult (m)3,0528090
oWTZI(oWTZI)Adult (m)3,9797111
djoai(djoai)Adult (f)3,1478321
a9Xm2MagmaLava AMAdult (m)8,8761,35313
hoGn9BurningAsh AMAdult (m)11,3411,5163
j12QxHolly AMAdult (m)3,4924203
dYzhxDizzy AMAdult (f)3,5789401
hf0W3Holly How AMAdult (f)2,8717141
T4rSP(T4rSP)Adult (f)2,8567501
hfmW6HollyMint AMAdult (m)3,8874943
AQhBnShib AMAdult (m)2,5098452
haQIR(haQIR)Adult (m)2,7626621
yEP1tYep its Winter AMAdult (m)2,6096941
Ly0CvLyon AMAdult (m)2,8227181
8yGAOGao AMAdult (m)2,6047711
TzEYzAngel AMAdult (f)3,1434942
4u8MIUmi AMAdult (f)4,1319101
hEuY6Hey u AMAdult (f)3,9368301
aI53bAngela AMAdult (f)2,5308131
ZIluFZulu AMAdult (f)3,0207330
0zbSPPsper AMAdult (f)2,7887071
dK9JnDeeki AMAdult (f)3,0727180
OrcVrVereen AMAdult (f)2,8936642
ywkhHNipu AMAdult (f)2,5267603
JgE26Janu AMAdult (f)3,3819201
i2ztP(i2ztP)Adult (f)2,2987751
FFuJYFujy AMAdult (f)2,2077221
SOwdXSowa AMAdult (f)2,6377610
0VltaCandieKane AMAdult (m)3,9774833
oQyE9(oQyE9)Adult (m)2,7048890
AdV8KArbra AMAdult (m)2,2207010
pyaZlPeppermint AMAdult (m)3,5494093
WvitJWit AMAdult (m)2,2667141
CsTXc(CsTXc)Adult (m)2,6286571
bc9H0(bc9H0)Adult (m)2,2867570
bL3h9Papper AMAdult (m)2,7736223
MjQNjSnowFawnAdult (f)3,1344923
Se4MnSeaman AMAdult (f)9,1041,6787
NfqffNisu AMAdult (f)2,3757513
6KCxIMintyGreen AMAdult (f)3,0345012
YOVElYovei AMAdult (f)2,4238501
2awHwSnowMountain AMAdult (m)2,6388793
1JwsfSoftGlowy AMAdult (m)2,6617781
tNR5SCharana AMAdult (m)2,7257121
cWZTaShtar AMAdult (m)2,6217051
jqpHuCherrySnowAdult (m)2,9045221
wb9XiHeai AMAdult (m)2,3497821
o3owiOwO AMAdult (f)6,2281,4954
FzfTRHollyWhite AMAdult (f)2,2997611
6LyjtLylit AMAdult (f)2,4267522
gJsDFStarDust AMAdult (f)2,4637460
Nkq2iNakita AMAdult (f)2,3027782
3TemgTemTem AMAdult (m)2,6946292
4nhi1Yeeni AMAdult (m)2,5076214
7zZTWWaspBumbleAdult (m)8,8621,15912
TAyPvCrimsonVermilion AMAdult (m)6,3417793
2sPBbPurpleDusk AMAdult (f)9,1821,3785
eB0a7Boa Constrictor AMAdult (m)4,2928031
TuED1BarrenSong AMAdult (m)4,4047582
ab99ZWolfhowl AMAdult (f)4,3464093
I0US2Louis AMAdult (m)3,4584964
NUAaJIce AMAdult (m)5,4349101
nBCieCie AMAdult (m)3,3359950
qBrQ1Maize AMAdult (f)3,5604541
eDOzUDesertFeathersAdult (m)3,4243892
P2IkNGoldyFluff AMAdult (f)6,8691,3006
zsrjmSatinGold AMAdult (f)3,6453692
V1NbFCinna AMAdult (f)2,6226822
orocGultramarinebluAdult (m)5,8587447
mDp6BLapis Lazuli AMAdult (f)6,4521,1352
eXRAaVery ExtraAdult (m)4,2947331
CB3EhAquamarine AMMAdult (m)2,9477080
PsKhpPisekip AMAdult (f)3,0257272
VWNtiVinwet AMAdult (m)5,3281,0232
DLCw5Pearl AMAdult (m)4,3581,0101
W9pAsWahpas AMAdult (m)4,3356321
dv5HETurquoise AMAdult (m)4,4976311
kqIFYJade AMAdult (m)3,0008541
9sT28Element AMAdult (f)2,3566791
rCRpR(rCRpR)Adult (f)2,7856601
a0uerMetallicEmerald AMAdult (m)3,4644571
bTxvBJaded AMAdult (m)9,8191,4225
xUnjHCami AMEgg (F)
Nmde0GoldenFlare AMAdult (m)3,5894491
BxaI1Baxal AMAdult (f)2,9256553
oBzfeWarmSpirit AMAdult (m)3,0796601
bNrUNEbonyAlbatrossAdult (m)7,5088513
yuqNLSatinSnow AMAdult (m)4,9275942
XYkRbDarkGold AMAdult (m)6,7657062
1Jkve(1Jkve)Adult (f)3,0366032
s3UXKLunaRain AMAdult (f)4,2584412
nzf1XLunaSong AMAdult (f)3,6415173
D9T5cFallen SkyshardAdult (f)5,6971,0015
HlvdTVioletGreen AMAdult (f)5,9128544
994HkLavenderGreen AMAdult (m)8,0628741
GENRfIrisGreen AMAdult (m)6,4121,2572
wZZnPRoseLight AMAdult (f)6,7311,1564
nNoSnDaisyGreenLight AMAdult (m)7,7621,1901
ubAk9AsterGreenLight AMAdult (m)7,4331,1760
GV1bYCosmosGreenLight AMAdult (f)3,3567182
9ADwQMonkshoodGreenLight AMAdult (f)3,9157333
uZ1hULight AMAdult (f)3,9297161
Zw9EqZwea AMAdult (m)5,0939721
nY8IaNyla AMAdult (m)5,8021,0381
ZtQivQuiva AMAdult (m)4,6499781
Y0E0BYarn AMAdult (f)3,2846391
PNQpwIngot AMAdult (f)3,4406551
wGaRZGarzz AMAdult (f)3,3846461
MlFLeMiple AMAdult (m)3,5766591
BhL4lOprio AMAdult (f)3,6256472
PArpmPaem AMAdult (f)2,8665860
9h9AjOrangeShifter AMAdult (m)9,5791,1863
hlEYwCoralColors AMAdult (m)9,7461,5773
RJc8sOrangeecremAdult (m)7,1911,1621
uEB8SGoldfish AMAdult (m)4,7297313
Q4DU8Dubstep AMAdult (f)3,8548060
uCPY7Cript AMAdult (m)3,1778301
HFPlB(HFPlB)Adult (f)3,1657261
8uAvZAvs AMAdult (f)3,1607141
ciSE8Shikiraa AMAdult (f)3,7525041
oVd5yShikiragana AMAdult (f)8,4511,4707
1FUKHFuuki AMAdult (m)2,4266181
uIcEfFerretPaw AMHatchling (m, F)4,7077861
tTWjyVioletGaze AMAdult (f)6,4261,3601
fpXpxPixels AMAdult (f)3,4536971
BUJzqLime AMAdult (f)3,4164564
unO6ZOrangeSwirl AMAdult (f)12,8921,3644
dK0L5MothFlight AMAdult (f)6,8217183
DV5d0ButterflyflowerAdult (f)4,5534081
jeGCfCipus AMAdult (m)4,7307614
oLHD9MoonSong AMAdult (f)6,6569403
TBuUGMoonrise AMAdult (f)4,0244821
tlZHcMoonlitSkye AMAdult (f)7,4011,3785
jnKYXJinx AMAdult (m)7,9201,4303
qAnVMQuanVee AMAdult (f)6,2121,1962
1Ar0rLunaorAdult (m)8,4671,2812
tt1nSLunaStone AMAdult (m)5,6989636
BzhkcLuneLunaMoonAdult (m)3,3937552
0Gvh7LunnySunlight AMAdult (f)3,3977211
ycE8JLunarMelody AMAdult (f)3,7896991
CxuOvStop collecting Moonstones AMAdult (f)3,2147151
ZuQ9EZ'LunarHarmony AMAdult (f)3,5006991
VwwZr(VwwZr)Adult (m)3,0598121
cdUki(cdUki)Adult (m)4,2057211
yekb6StarGazer AMAdult (f)7,1041,3204
9WgmiMidnightSkies AMAdult (m)7,8108722
WGK89Zodiacstalker AMAdult (f)3,7724492
XBkEFStarlight PMAdult (f)6,9411,1581
Up3YWStarryLight AMAdult (f)3,7186571
vtyU2Vitette AMAdult (f)3,4417011
nmaT7StarFlower AMAdult (m)2,9336392
2neGs(2neGs)Adult (f)3,3787243
rztUtNebulaFireAMAdult (m)9,3961,1375
QTQchStarFire AMAdult (f)9,1381,0676
tGOWhFireNight AMAdult (f)6,8549292
ku6jPFlameburstMidnight AMAdult (f)6,6638682
rOsXRGreenDiamond AMAdult (m)3,2365071
F4LtMStarryNight AMAdult (m)3,7694869
0yGIjStarstruck AMAdult (f)7,6971,2763
If0H6Fire of the Stars AMAdult (f)3,5746701
y5GNjGlossDust AMAdult (m)2,3206671
AZLpe(AZLpe)Adult (f)2,9877032
xPRxHViridecentSkye AMHatchling (m, F)2,8765972
YYCTwGoldenrodGreen AMAdult (f)4,7454692
sAyvDRedCinderAdult (f)5,8158606
XJzTIGemshard AMAdult (f)7,7721,2673
3acUZFireWayer AMAdult (m)2,2046782
BQzwDViolet AM IndigoAdult (m)8,0379062
HhBUlPasque AM IndigoAdult (m)8,8191,5173
lzkrZLabradorica AM IndigoAdult (f)7,4331,3241
2Of5UCamissonia AM IndigoAdult (m)9,7281,4143
IrcczSaxifrage AM IndigoAdult (f)8,8551,4424
uCqC5Monkshood AM IndigoAdult (m)8,5901,4192
3y8SKLiatris AM IndigoAdult (f)8,3271,3602
e1VG9Solanum AM IndigoAdult (m)7,2751,1042
hol2BCandytuft AM IndigoAdult (f)7,4791,0992
ZazoXBatptisa AM IndigoAdult (m)8,0561,1621
SZNsyNemorosa AM IndigoAdult (f)6,3601,0611
wkZLUAquilegia AM IndigoAdult (f)4,5349160
WTFcFCosmos AM IndigoAdult (f)4,5058792
k2j0mCrocus AM IndigoAdult (m)4,6418760
eWlsgAllium AM IndigoAdult (m)3,8967521
NTuM4Thistle AM IndigoAdult (f)5,0758661
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