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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “ArcticMidnight,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
Ukw7y(Ukw7y)Adult (m)3,0427571
77ocoAquaMarine AMAdult (f)8,1131,3103
jHF1gStarPeace AMAdult (f)7,0151,2446
YYaSSYYaSS AMAdult (m)5,1979801
d5hKqKquide AMAdult (m)2,9607112
can9NCan Can AMAdult (f)2,8006291
rCaD1Caddis AMAdult (f)2,7966561
ZAaYtZayt AMAdult (m)2,4656320
QnUSl(QnUSl)Adult (f)2,8665960
le2ru(le2ru)Adult (f)2,7036052
Xh9JFChesnutTurtle AMAdult (f)6,0977731
G6kQmSixk AMAdult (f)3,1027361
FHlONFion AMAdult (f)2,6156513
EytODRunningGem AMAdult (m)6,3768782
juRY5Jury AMAdult (m)4,2977461
wMigIMiglAdult (f)4,1237380
u3AS3Demi Pride AMAdult (f)4,5547592
2RcsT(2RcsT)Adult (f)3,3737432
P8xzsProtector AMAdult (f)6,3798092
22MP3TornFlame AMAdult (f)8,1351,3522
ASCjlBurningFlare AMAdult (f)10,6401,4373
IHMkIMelodySong AMAdult (f)4,0116331
b38G8SpottedLeaf AMAdult (m)3,5884673
jOqOSJoquos AMAdult (f)4,0657682
fN9cIWisperingDuskAdult (f)9,1401,14112
ad5oQStormyWeather AMAdult (m)3,8164242
3Afa9Afa AMAdult (f)6,9238245
HNj36RainStorm AMAdult (f)7,7081,2702
3gxjeWispyHurricane AMAdult (m)3,8858051
tnPhQSkierah AMAdult (m)2,9416912
LkQZCYeeterSkeeter AMAdult (f)2,7987091
b7arxBax AMAdult (m)3,0316931
wttwv(wttwv)Adult (m)3,1417201
borHC(borHC)Adult (m)3,3126601
BCbwL(BCbwL)Adult (m)2,3786271
dkYdLDidi AMAdult (m)3,3027522
2nzDGStormyWaves AMAdult (f)6,4461,2883
lFYe8(lFYe8)Adult (m)2,9366962
3nJDd(3nJDd)Adult (f)3,4967292
3s3Zb(3s3Zb)Adult (f)3,3417041
FeKMlWhiteCoral AMAdult (m)8,1671,3631
2yriGEbonyCoral AMAdult (m)5,2337294
Q30Hp(Q30Hp)Adult (f)3,3495511
3sRoOBlueCoral AMAdult (f)6,6146323
5OyU0TurquoiseCoral AMAdult (m)6,3438003
FvOVLGreenCoral AMAdult (m)5,9977751
sXmMZCoalCoral AMAdult (m)4,0373942
UML2CRiverSlate AMAdult (m)9,4511,2092
Wt7GtRinestoneRiverAdult (f)3,6925821
YnMeeDawnCloud AMAdult (f)7,9688801
aOlhKSunset AMAdult (f)5,0784181
2wWikWik AMAdult (f)3,8836281
nxIvfSleepingSun AMAdult (m)4,1757551
fviqDRoseland AMAdult (f)5,6801,0301
4wscoWisconsin AMAdult (m)2,9626125
Wtz3dWistDawn AMAdult (f)2,3926751
CZdS0Shimmer Light AMAdult (f)4,5987803
3NXCZ(3NXCZ)Adult (f)4,5337362
6hBzwMidnight Reaper AMAdult (m)13,4821,61013
g8APVShadowDawn AMAdult (m)10,3431,4134
WDwP3GlowingSong AMAdult (f)8,2631,2602
rPOa0Sunlight Sky AMAdult (f)4,0493861
54ZyHGoldenSong AMAdult (f)6,3711,2773
cCEPlShiny AMAdult (m)7,5211,0981
PVoaoVia AMAdult (f)2,8866652
lfb7fSunSong AMAdult (f)7,9631,3032
v0Jq3Sunglare AMAdult (m)4,0884252
RFMpcGracelessSun AMAdult (f)5,5961,0254
XdN06SunsetStone AMAdult (f)7,3241,1171
wYtz8SunnyStarlight AMAdult (f)3,3577082
mCsAdSwallowFeather AMAdult (f)3,5084041
NrwlV(NrwlV)Adult (m)3,1398211
x62Yf(x62Yf)Adult (m)3,9767330
gqkJd(gqkJd)Adult (m)3,6187132
dtVawVawn AMAdult (m)2,1276752
rDxVNSilkShimmer AMAdult (m)2,2897091
zc9kIRose gold AMAdult (f)2,2606971
M7rSGRoseDust AMAdult (m)2,4956321
ubCUdCudu AMAdult (m)2,4787132
Ue72o(Ue72o)Adult (f)3,3906792
SucVV(SucVV)Adult (f)2,6816201
bEBtY(bEBtY)Adult (m)3,4696341
BLtZ5(BLtZ5)Adult (m)3,3036062
Jx39cLeafyMoss AMAdult (m)3,7944862
UetYpLarkMossAdult (m)4,3815612
XmviXBlueVermilionAdult (m)4,5005574
ESDOtLightningStrike AMAdult (m)5,9718042
ywyA7Ahuk AMAdult (m)2,8157123
HJC4VIcicle AMAdult (m)4,0094763
dNdhgJajajjajaajjaja AMAdult (m)2,9186800
kGFDyWaveBeam AMAdult (m)4,8596891
gymO5ToxicShock AMAdult (m)7,6551,3512
R8ddrRadar AMAdult (f)3,5377920
5DciqAquaGem AMAdult (m)3,9594341
iLHpDIced AMAdult (m)3,3465102
B800R(B800R)Adult (f)3,6146592
XK2CAGreyCloud AMAdult (m)11,0061,3886
2gLMFLemef AMAdult (m)3,5718592
O7Jun(O7Jun)Adult (f)2,8646791
CXLjSGreenRibbon AMAdult (m)4,0367551
YC4f8BurningIndigo AMAdult (f)6,9909523
XGkUlGreenDew AMAdult (m)6,0908691
9Mr6JDewDrop AMAdult (f)4,4586631
pInOxSunDrop AMAdult (m)4,6406632
ryeEvRye AMAdult (f)2,3165932
FTZBp(FTZBp)Adult (m)3,6027467
1OzUX(1OzUX)Adult (f)3,3777540
aWmSkWarmSky AMAdult (f)2,7048661
ZTXdS(ZTXdS)Adult (f)3,0908392
dUjLt(dUjLt)Adult (f)2,6275921
ScK3pCountess FireFlyAdult (f)5,3566821
H0namCount VermilionAdult (m)6,8499256
piIkbCountess VertigoAdult (f)5,1634541
mjH5WCount MinuetteAdult (m)3,5564461
Tt3kTCountess FireballAdult (f)3,7674633
imUd4Count NightfallAdult (m)4,0194751
Rn0mXCount LuckyAdult (m)3,3444842
mOVCXCount Mon AMAdult (m)2,7896561
WuJm6(WuJm6)Adult (f)3,4246963
zFEf2(zFEf2)Adult (f)3,5377451
mZ5gZ(mZ5gZ)Adult (m)3,2486903
QZ2AK(QZ2AK)Adult (m)3,0367221
bou2XBou AMAdult (f)2,4286931
7NvoU(7NvoU)Adult (f)2,9466550
phNoLWaterGem AMAdult (m)3,6134154
4guuRWaterRunner AMAdult (m)3,2784631
uEyVwAquaBeaver AMAdult (m)3,8374323
iKlYy(iKlYy)Adult (m)2,9876152
eQIfwSwift AMAdult (m)4,2004291
1xxaABlueSnow AMAdult (f)7,6141,2423
LGya6Whitefall AM DorkwedAdult (f)3,6264032
r4iubSnowEye AM DorkfaceAdult (m)7,3381,2773
ZZCxJZ'WhiteLie AMAdult (f)6,2871,2801
CMOImWhiteSolace AM DorkfaceAdult (m)6,3541,2153
LwTtnIvorySnow AMAdult (f)6,9181,3182
oNcofSnowSong AMAdult (m)6,6751,2672
NZuqBWhiteFloof AMAdult (f)6,7001,2882
YVcaCWhiteRose AMAdult (m)8,0291,2863
KLqTsHailStorm AMAdult (m)8,4091,3732
x1uO1SnowFire AMAdult (m)7,6821,3122
O25KJPermafrost AMAdult (m)7,9191,1901
1Uf1yMilky Way AMAdult (m)7,8041,1201
qzqb5PowderDust AMAdult (f)5,0578821
PTk7mPowderSnow AMAdult (m)6,7161,1692
iTfszSnow White AMAdult (f)6,8471,2316
eArvvEavvy AMAdult (m)6,4371,0551
60whqSnowy AMAdult (m)6,8791,0541
DbU04SnowWhiteChocolate AMAdult (f)2,8984732
jglX3WhiteChoco AMAdult (m)6,3331,1512
7cFXSWhite as Snow AMAdult (f)3,1194871
GPHyCSnow on Fire AMAdult (m)3,3244901
loeRPIceShard AM DorkfaceAdult (f)3,7275851
ADWZ5WhiteMist AM ThuwedAdult (m)4,5927022
GJo63WhiteFog AMAdult (m)4,2447511
5KgX4ScreamingLie AMAdult (m)4,6297131
qz2xEQuez AMAdult (m)3,8758711
MGMGqWiso AMAdult (f)4,0737916
LEXVGLexet AMAdult (f)4,7816311
ZwS7dZ'LifeAdult (f)3,5758851
IwmruMaru AMAdult (m)3,0247201
gvsm4Goobu AMAdult (m)2,9707061
Zu8UZZuuz AMAdult (f)2,6846601
PvIlpPaval AMAdult (m)2,8376491
VstTZ(VstTZ)Adult (m)3,4086572
I4LvcLittleSnowy AMHatchling (f, F)3,5387061
jJGOhLittleWitch AMAdult (f)3,0565153
5em14ZeliaThunder AMAdult (f)3,4534634
FwGMmStrike AMAdult (m)4,3366822
23EQQBlueWalker AMAdult (f)4,1844263
C1ZlHBlueSky AMAdult (f)4,0227091
CUozjFairyDancer AMAdult (f)3,7913923
n4cjeFire AMAdult (m)3,2984451
GH8LsGoldenrod AMAdult (m)2,3684982
dRZATDangernoodle AMAdult (m)4,7765240
56j05Quilu AMAdult (m)3,6476561
N4KWnRiver AMAdult (f)2,6894040
1VKktVikk AMAdult (m)3,4306831
S4SwLSwazl AMAdult (m)2,5506611
BgTPJCopperRiver AMAdult (f)3,3944511
t9aOQCopperCloud AMAdult (f)3,4387251
3IGVLSkyCopper AMAdult (f)2,4444621
4qX1w(4qX1w)Adult (m)3,1727221
CeQNzRoseQuartz AMAdult (m)8,9341,4452
1VPWySapphireSteel AMAdult (f)13,3681,3952
CBWQu(CBWQu)Adult (f)4,1638331
sOWDuSowdu AMAdult (m)6,4471,0972
VXp7rGoldenSteel AMAdult (f)7,7086866
EWXDRObsidian AMAdult (m)7,5021,1833
jN3jzRedZinc AMAdult (m)8,0829033
FY7PmDoesnt ExistAdult2,89664510
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