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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “ArcticMidnight,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
yLVBECampanula AM IndigoAdult (f)4,4508771
C5BDrSyringa AM IndigoAdult (f)4,8047031
QMt4PSassafras AM IndigoAdult (m)4,2549151
MkBPHBellflower AM IndigoAdult (m)4,2318571
9UHcVLilac AM IndigoAdult (f)5,5037551
LxtblHyacinth AM IndigoAdult (m)3,9408270
CJ2iEGlory AM IndigoAdult (m)4,3478671
W1QSJMorning AM IndigoAdult (f)3,6719841
HTWM8Fabaceae AM IndigoAdult (f)2,8718611
jt3HrJaruki AMAdult (f)4,5177132
Cz68ZZena AMAdult (f)4,6747462
BvTE3Wolfsbane AM IndigoAdult (m)6,8288123
0FxTJFragaria AM IndigoAdult (m)6,7957851
MLlHAVaccinium AM IndigoAdult (m)4,4637251
A2G5zSempervirens AM IndigoAdult (f)4,6217250
HTFlRIberis AM IndigoAdult (f)4,8247461
7vhcZNightshade AM IndigoAdult (f)3,6467624
L9leHAngustifolia AM IndigoAdult (m)3,5037902
SzROyRoyal AM IndigoAdult (m)3,8128062
pNnd6Bellis AM IndigoAdult (m)4,6228304
CLxcESolanaceae AM IndigoAdult (m)3,3297592
fmL4WRubus AM IndigoAdult (f)3,2697121
Pn9dUScilloideae AM IndigoAdult (m)4,1357250
BP7yiIndigoferra AM IndigoAdult (m)3,8437001
7a2ITAstera AM IndigoAdult (m)4,7087321
15sxrLiliaceae AM IndigoAdult (f)4,2806931
hkpfmViola AM IndigoAdult (m)3,1157962
SDFPlDrymarchon AM IndigoAdult (m)3,5617822
3MIN0Three Minutes AMAdult (m)4,6186751
ILx2Q(ILx2Q)Adult (f)3,8788091
ALS0sCobaltMarine AMAdult (m)6,9218722
CQLUYMountainAir AMAdult (f)3,4115071
oh5gmPrismaBluAdult (m)3,5583871
aP0h0Pebble AMAdult (m)3,2924863
bmruOBruno AMAdult (f)3,0857082
Xz6LyZigzy AMAdult (f)2,4386461
sOsfBSoft AMAdult (m)3,4477611
CPTqRCyooers AMAdult (f)2,7155641
Y90VrVrenu AMAdult (m)2,6036523
zKrlYCanary AMAdult (f)4,1634132
kIjaxMustardYellow AMAdult (f)3,4584422
GSzj1OliveFireAdult (m)9,7811,5652
bJ3mxOliveGarden AMAdult (f)2,8747788
jRmbHOliveTree AMAdult (m)4,0397121
MBA8eOliveBark AMAdult (m)4,1086961
8jOchOchoa AMAdult (f)3,3507581
RLgiUQuill AMAdult7,3921,3017
kgJecVelvetTree AMAdult (f)5,75685110
iJQcvFlufflepuff AMAdult (m)7,0211,0741
zTyYm(zTyYm)Adult (m)2,3536420
CXaCl(CXaCl)Adult (m)2,9176321
1jssdBlushViolet AMAdult (m)3,7284132
39DToMagentaGarnet AMAdult (m)4,1234181
UPPhESakuraFire AMAdult (f)4,0824921
SfIzqPlink AMAdult (f)3,2805081
2GxefPinkCandytuftFlower AMAdult (f)4,5407271
rnDuHDuh ur a Purple DragonAdult (f)4,9727452
b6bEXPlenkPyre AMAdult (m)4,7566862
X3NqAX3 Nyah AMAdult (m)4,7517912
HRr7v7th hour AMAdult (f)4,5828011
FxUDAHope for HerAdult (f)3,5657732
7DMQePinky Cheeser AMAdult (f)2,6826701
J6mbAJamba AMAdult (m)2,7186323
hqwitSilk AMAdult (m)3,4447631
4buUMPip AMAdult (m)3,4368081
EZhCVViera AMAdult (m)3,8858251
SJJLiLilo AMAdult (m)3,9277792
vvyDfIppy AMAdult (m)3,9638091
15mlxWhite fire AMAdult (f)3,4437180
JKAQ5Silk Fire AMAdult (m)3,6356831
kMpXtOopa AMAdult (m)2,5176441
4SpLMSpill AMAdult (m)2,7066431
yJjofGrassLeaves AMAdult (m)12,9641,6158
ymKqHForestfire AMAdult (f)5,4425693
S3Z7pShimmerLight AMAdult (m)7,9381,3242
9EV6ZTwo Ounces AMAdult (m)6,0139515
yKimKMercury AMAdult (m)9,0901,3863
zQiu6Quart AMAdult (f)5,3381,0101
fsVVnGallon AMAdult (m)4,9231,0003
WqGtxPint AMAdult (f)5,2529922
K8BNfOunce AMAdult (m)5,5271,0351
yHGaDHalf Gallon AMAdult (f)5,8819754
O0QGhPeanutSilver AMAdult (f)6,6006355
hDqYYPeanutButter AMAdult (m)8,1787535
wA11aA Pumpkin Spice Latte AMAdult (f)3,7724872
tSmioA Sweet Pumpkin Pie AMAdult (m)3,2555741
p5vw8TwilightDarknessAdult (f)7,8431,18711
Jw8XXAmethystCrystal AMAdult (f)7,1168811
hM1VPIndigo AMAdult (m)9,2721,2301
a1uGHUgh I'm PurpleAdult (m)5,4897941
HJUIoHollow AMAdult (f)3,1057210
ZGUYZGuyzu AMAdult (f)2,6476562
QLnpQQuii AMAdult (f)2,8526381
zoo8pZoo AMAdult (m)4,1778290
znVCYZvinci AMAdult (m)5,2346761
Kluxm(Kluxm)Adult (m)3,2737062
Bai1LPyrightFire AMAdult (f)9,8341,15810
JZHG9Garner AMAdult (f)4,3127053
kNh9fPyrone AMAdult (f)5,4667022
iTkxBTikkiloua AMAdult (m)3,5714581
IDm9sI DM Fab 9sAdult (m)4,4497281
nSNIZSniz AMAdult (m)2,7266681
p1vQJ(p1vQJ)Adult (m)1,9592962
XsAWsBlue AMAdult (f)3,6054532
0T91JFlareRed AMAdult (f)10,1351,5493
mBTceFire and Ice AMAdult (f)6,1861,2414
ix7N4Nora AMAdult (m)2,6196561
9JPC1Narci AMAdult (m)2,8626792
HBsVo(HBsVo)Adult (f)3,3856311
X31jVFlameWater AMAdult (m)7,3638974
0UPfyOup AMAdult (f)3,2027072
pkwgZMountainFlight AMAdult (f)9,9031,3923
gcBc1ArcticFox AMAdult (f)10,5631,4693
NhWvyDazzlingFoxy AMAdult (m)9,7871,3403
oIfXqReain AMAdult (m)4,3057372
cJr5iArcticFire AMAdult (m)4,0367201
WFU77FireOrchid AMAdult (m)6,0811,1321
MmImILilacFawn AMAdult (m)8,0291,3132
M7NdrMoonriseViolet AMAdult (f)7,3651,3091
B0ASeDancingPetals AMAdult (m)7,1551,2053
hB4GARagingPetals AMAdult (m)5,4961,0671
PTXsFPetalStorm AMAdult (m)5,8101,0832
tgnzqVioletLace AMAdult (f)7,8841,2671
IWzLSReose AMAdult (f)7,8771,3222
bBe7YViilet AMAdult (f)6,5111,1431
6MDoYDoy AMAdult (m)4,6229661
fJD2kRibbonDancer AMAdult (f)4,6239243
sYcdNBalletDusk AMAdult (m)4,6099122
SobTpSobbing Rain AMAdult (m)5,8299891
IInjwInnec AMAdult (f)3,6196491
7kRfDRosefe AMAdult (f)4,1227951
yKwuYUku AMAdult (f)4,6861,0083
MI2dFInor AMAdult (m)4,1828122
HNX7PSlushyRed AMAdult (m)2,6966621
EdUk3Ukuu AMAdult (f)3,2007301
ns9U7(ns9U7)Adult (m)2,2486180
wkB03(wkB03)Adult (m)2,3846422
A2LxI(A2LxI)Adult (m)2,7986281
qsWSW(qsWSW)Adult (f)2,8757201
WiqXT(WiqXT)Adult (f)2,3806003
6jI4I(6jI4I)Adult (f)2,4605882
60Lbx(60Lbx)Adult (m)2,5526202
2SuTDSnowViolet AMHatchling (m, F)6,1561,0532
7R8meIndigoLunaria AMHatchling (f, F)6,4171,0441
9ln08NightFox AMHatchling (F)1,4912090
cL8WXStarFox AMAdult (f)3,5164871
mbtVHSilkRibbon AMAdult (m)2,7186773
c3X5x(c3X5x)Adult (f)2,3636072
XXEubRisenMood AMAdult (f)10,1741,2371
SZ207Last One AMAdult (f)4,1899001
H17tq(H17tq)Adult (f)3,1038291
hQyNL(hQyNL)Adult (f)2,6716232
B2L6fRoyalCobalt AMAdult (m)4,6597174
NgHrdBlueOpal AMAdult (f)6,6761,2923
sSm7eBlueMoon AMAdult (f)8,0681,3971
xcuQGSilverMoon AMAdult (f)7,8571,4072
1J6qXCrecentMoon AMAdult (m)7,4001,3212
KWchiChi AMAdult (m)4,6307901
9ZxIeZexel AMAdult (f)3,2396930
dOrKIdOrKI AMAdult (m)2,7056631
hi8kGCrimson Royal AMAdult (f)9,6401,3501
uiWNNU Win AMAdult (f)5,0737422
E5acPResper AMAdult (m)4,3039060
mpkCs(mpkCs)Adult (m)2,8716502
6fOAdCrimsonCyan AMAdult (m)12,1791,3390
1p04gRubyFire AMAdult (f)3,4354311
9XqFmFigi AMAdult (f)4,2001,06513
nRh2MShydii AMAdult (f)7,5331,1002
qWUqHScroo AMAdult (f)3,6917461
0Rc9IFallenLeaves AMAdult (m)6,5348342
KHTumFallLeaves AMAdult (m)3,8944663
FlbicFici AMAdult (f)4,9329681
DiR2ASakuraLeaves AMAdult (f)5,4499631
RSIgfCrystallineWinter AMAdult (m)3,7444311
QVDzhShatteredIce AMAdult (f)3,8094390
tgmqoRiverStone AMAdult (m)12,4651,3755
4obfySilverRiver AMAdult (f)6,6331,1601
Rqg2bRagg AMAdult (f)3,0976781
0sALrLavaFlare AMAdult (f)3,9604482
stFUsStonecold AMAdult (f)3,5294381
bigV4Biggie AMAdult (m)4,6247552
wszALGlowingReaper AMAdult (m)8,9691,2052
UEDkhSunfall AMAdult (f)3,1717582
ySlLISilverShadowwalker AMAdult (f)2,9905422
TJuTZOnyx Shadowwalker AMAdult (f)4,3226821
hqRVEHquarve AMAdult (f)4,1218032
kdkOhOrangeSea AMAdult (f)6,6596231
1fzLnLuflyn AMAdult (f)3,1506347
SpiezSpiezAdult (m)2,4676401
meJ2zSilverOpal AMAdult (m)7,7601,2833
okJJdSilverStream AMAdult (f)3,6567732
q80CdSilverMist AMAdult (f)2,9946182
0mrUJKoiPond AMAdult (f)7,9321,3434
cZ8NTStarlt AMAdult (m)
r4ujCPetunia AMAdult (f)6,6171,2114
O2s3ZOssuary AMAdult (m)3,5387822
MEoWwMEoWw AMAdult (f)3,5566051
2OkISCosmos AMAdult (f)3,6097571
TVf7IGalgol AMAdult (m)2,4887472
rBmdqRustyGold AMAdult (m)3,7097861
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