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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “zangetsugirl,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
n3m57Torneon EpicaAdult (m)2,4986442
ehYIjLady Sif of the AesirAdult (f)2,6281,0040
5z69wPilot 01 Heero YuyAdult (m)2,1328513
rxFKXPilot 02 Duo MaxwellAdult (m)2,0957781
r1eltPrince of the Thieves GuildAdult (m)1,6206790
e4dVuIron AvengerAdult (m)1,5876762
FAR6iPilot 03 Trowa BartonAdult (m)2,1036864
FCeeqI Just Wanna ShineAdult (f)3,1527752
BFzJyArianrhod of the MoonAdult (f)3,3668540
Rvt4RPilot 04 Quatre WinnerAdult (m)3,2319515
875hDPilot 05 Chang WufeiAdult (m)3,4066572
tw8L7Lord LaurentinAdult (m)3,3226410
hZGvjLord NicomedesAdult (m)3,8907300
nm8INeed You To Justify MeAdult (m)1,19079546
uPpJSephiria ArksAdult (f)2,8118216
tbFgMValea the BlueAdult (f)2,7627731
IhksLieutenant Nyota UhuraAdult (f)1,06467948
KQ9jBlood of a HeroAdult (f)2,5281,08439
dv7YVChristmas Magic ThuwedAdult (m)3,3437573
snR6Leave Nothing To ChanceAdult (f)1,19877439
50qaNGolden Ribbons of ChristmasAdult (m)4,0401,1722
lcL4fKissing Cousins IAdult (m)2,8226143
WcGRLight Up The NightAdult (f)1,3585833
JIuHmTurn Out The LightsAdult (m)2,87888614
COV0QCorona-tine Disaster IAdult (m)3,2497751
BigocTierney RiverineAdult (m)3,8278730
aI7Q7Delyth RiverineAdult (f)2,9166340
ru7VIShifra RiverineAdult (f)3,9916981
3fnGoDanu RiverineAdult (f)3,4286750
UcDQyTempo RiverineAdult (m)4,0157690
RM0PDRenon RiverineAdult (m)3,5717160
HEwzsAutry RiverineAdult (m)2,4676881
oKY5cSwithun RiverineAdult (m)3,3257320
rRy4YIniko RiverineAdult (m)3,7208340
hbgTyYellow-Crowned DishadAdult (m)2,3387881
PJ9NyYellow-Crowned YaliyaAdult (f)2,7758671
iMMooYellow-Crowned HaramAdult (m)2,0017180
o5w3Hi'iakaAdult (m)1,21985861
rfT6Rakuen no TobiraAdult (m)1,20684237
AXWgEssien SunriseAdult (m)88056044
6mtoAzalee SunriseAdult (f)1,6466265
OXV88Eilam SunriseAdult (m)3,4258060
Kh6AKahoaliAdult (f)1,19884169
yFEHDhiren SundownAdult (m)86761615
40M4Hajari SundownAdult (m)82551134
XX21Majestic EveningAdult (m)3,0141,17616
NgWj0The Sun Sets On MeAdult (m)3,1601,01223
EENvQNikola SundownAdult (m)2,0537462
yswt8Caterina SundownAdult (f)2,2778871
lAu1xAlexi SundownAdult (m)2,6469651
llDKILeera SundownAdult (f)1,9156980
WdVNkAmirani SundownAdult (m)3,0587831
XyCtvBala SundownAdult (m)3,4078233
sJiMT(sJiMT)Adult (m)3,6707500
6hFbHeliacal AriaAdult (f)1,7191,0068
dRm9Solar CanticleAdult (m)1,7519174
dDm8Heliacal ChorusAdult (f)2,0051,0264
8vccSolar AnthemAdult (m)1,3407372
XbmYSolar DescantAdult (m)1,2905784
IDxXpSolar RefrainAdult (m)3,0446710
flkd8Power of the SunAdult (m)1,6527711
VVBtRHonor of the SunAdult (f)1,6987810
FLKDbLoyalty of the SunAdult (m)1,5337805
CmGSgTemperance of the SunAdult (f)1,8789481
sJoBuWisdom of the SunAdult (f)1,8679511
VUYBdFaith of the SunAdult (f)1,8319422
buGupHope of the SunAdult (m)1,8159311
vlk2QPatience of the SunAdult (f)1,7686051
BY4lISunstone's Purest GlowAdult (f)3,1649003
gn7meTrust of the SunAdult (m)2,7986281
XFSdDafydd ElaninaeAdult (m)1,5656422
sNutOEli DeNovi-ParisAdult (m)1,9048093
K74u8Llywelya ElaninaeAdult (f)1,7567172
TfWhKDelyth ElaninaeAdult (f)1,7317461
0I8K3Bran ElaninaeAdult (m)3,4824890
IUcnUCara ElaninaeAdult (f)2,4866251
zVevxMysterious TingAdult (m)2,0546283
zPI9uGethin ElaninaeAdult (m)2,0425931
eMxIzEirlys ElaninaeAdult (f)1,9097242
OGsUMMorwen ElaninaeAdult (f)2,4249540
VWy4mAderyn ElaninaeAdult (f)3,3645822
mpZiVAddaeAdult (m)1,8217151
EIXbmGzifaAdult (f)1,8696801
CYf04KatungiAdult (m)1,7926841
YomcT(YomcT)Adult (f)3,5665661
ZIgUE(ZIgUE)Adult (m)3,5876960
x6Xjy(x6Xjy)Adult (f)3,7687360
DCRSG(DCRSG)Adult (f)3,6688160
zFxZD(zFxZD)Adult (f)3,6278120
XYpF3(XYpF3)Adult (m)4,6429560
Sznw8(Sznw8)Adult (f)3,5758290
73XwZConever Sea-HunterAdult (m)2,9721,0610
toioLTaza Sea-HunterAdult (f)2,2117842
AeqLm(AeqLm)Adult (f)2,9297733
at1ME(at1ME)Adult (m)4,3761,1551
Qe7ju(Qe7ju)Adult (m)3,1118821
Ka6Gt(Ka6Gt)Adult (f)4,0528730
Q9IiAran TimberAdult (m)1,7709557
nFAYOihane TimberAdult (f)2,2309132
68EtV(68EtV)Adult (f)3,9218061
N48ac(N48ac)Adult (m)3,9247891
lRlWr(lRlWr)Adult (f)3,2918130
W2BSQ(W2BSQ)Adult (m)4,0958892
Y2wfK(Y2wfK)Adult (f)2,7077531
UW8Nb(UW8Nb)Adult (m)2,6456710
5BQ3m(5BQ3m)Adult (m)4,2547651
wlsru(wlsru)Adult (f)3,5506500
unlURairyuu no HoukouAdult (m)3,1181,32312
qm3YLei-gongAdult (m)1,25278531
uTqJHurricane CharleyAdult (m)1,88292026
d9W7Lady Tian-muAdult (f)2,1111,02026
hlOVHurricane KeithAdult (m)1,7458742
fgepHurricane DennisAdult (m)2,4906183
0G3DdThunder In The DarknessAdult (f)4,0831,26117
r6JK3Heartbeat Like ThunderAdult (m)2,9921,09224
2WoFtHer Wings Beat Like ThunderAdult (f)2,88495625
gne5xThunder Rolls Over the DesertAdult (m)3,0818682
j9rK9ThennaurAdult (m)1,4296491
Aw16hHuang of the TidesAdult (m)1,6257960
gr975Kaitsai of the TidesAdult (f)2,0697530
v5r4SOren of the TidesAdult (m)3,8007321
32iXw(32iXw)Adult (f)2,6168041
fDqGU(fDqGU)Adult (f)2,5318071
fQJhO(fQJhO)Adult (m)2,7779220
xz39G(xz39G)Adult (f)1,6318110
f8tU9(f8tU9)Adult (m)1,9797400
QAZJc(QAZJc)Adult (m)3,4367542
Y4WEn(Y4WEn)Adult (f)2,8966652
Ir8idMother of the Tidal WaveAdult (f)2,45288827
eN4iLSon of the Tidal WaveAdult (m)2,93895216
sqWdG(sqWdG)Adult (f)3,0998932
mPEIG(mPEIG)Adult (m)2,1247181
eqf4A(eqf4A)Adult (f)1,8757263
APyFv(APyFv)Adult (m)2,4098361
Lh6tF(Lh6tF)Adult (f)2,6559271
93v2r(93v2r)Adult (f)3,3699561
i0XbO(i0XbO)Adult (m)3,5976942
nLzLb(nLzLb)Adult (m)3,1226730
xPcet(xPcet)Adult (m)3,7127661
Uo0W4These Colors Mean WarningAdult (f)2,10870323
JVuLKLook But Don't TouchAdult (m)2,80599123
0B5gLAerial KingAdult (m)2,3568300
B8UjmAerial MotherAdult (f)2,6458660
XsHUXAerial PriestessAdult (f)3,3279913
GswmvAerial FatherAdult (m)2,6258591
CulvYAerial PriestAdult (m)3,4729376
VTVwKMariconoAdult (f)3,2817762
8aeeE(8aeeE)Adult (m)4,5318634
V7qKABright As Desert FireAdult (m)1,91867918
Y7RZqNeon Light In The DesertAdult (f)2,88299912
s2Bx5Shut Up And Dance NowAdult (f)2,2965711
3H0pFNarya the Water SpiritAdult (f)3,1147571
Fg3KAVarsyl the Water SpiritAdult (m)3,1558231
3gGJjHelrian the Water SpiritAdult (m)3,2188172
1WKV7Tinuea the Water SpiritAdult (f)3,4648841
wCXabThranae the Water SpiritAdult (f)3,0837184
hmK4KLord BetelgeuseAdult (m)2,6157433
Ckfjr(Ckfjr)Adult (m)3,2018342
Aigap(Aigap)Adult (f)2,9567773
ffyC2(ffyC2)Adult (f)3,9116340
WwmKy(WwmKy)Adult (f)3,3477191
N8ubSaint Val's LadyAdult (f)1,23485942
4kcpSaint Val's DaughterAdult (f)1,5868336
YXL4HSaint Val's AmaranteAdult (f)4,0087181
HKGB1Saint Val's BloomAdult (f)3,1007731
e22ELSaint Val's ThuwedAdult (f)3,4498951
HavxTSaint Val's MaidenAdult (f)3,5559231
PX21hSaint Val's LoverAdult (f)3,9321,0130
GZJXQSaint Val's PrincessAdult (f)3,4298933
GaMWDSaint Val's DreamerAdult (f)3,4298304
LsY8qPink Badge of KindnessAdult (m)2,2011,0093
ABMUOHoney SylphAdult (m)2,9419275
LJwyDLove's Sweet EmbraceAdult (m)3,6476840
bAVknSweet Sound of LoveAdult (m)3,1786582
FiTQASweet Moon's DelightAdult (m)3,6039291
5tylTSweetness Be ThineAdult (m)3,0358581
956cc(956cc)Adult (m)3,5758942
S55KO(S55KO)Adult (m)3,6989011
Kg2HMaiden's BlushAdult (f)1,4888053
qJnALa Reine VictoriaAdult (f)1,6038583
L7hKeBeaute InconstanteAdult (f)3,9517520
cCEfcBelinda's DreamAdult (f)3,0227771
rkDhaGhirardelli's Little HelperAdult (m)2,2499831
slgXODraconis cacaoAdult (m)2,2769812
39JmAArsani ElanaAdult (f)1,9207985
ehi5XArsani MorganaAdult (f)1,9008052
grM3uArsani EmilianaAdult (f)3,8097190
b42NYArsani PandoraAdult (f)3,9227230
qahW2Arsani DamaraAdult (f)2,3986421
KYQhdArsani LyraAdult (f)3,0458841
58xjyArsani ZaharaAdult (f)3,3768272
1fOLYArsani RowenaAdult (f)3,3558641
d7ivpAnael the RadiantAdult (m)2,1348140
lHHZAHarahel the RadiantAdult (m)2,0258201
Hi534Barachiel the RadiantAdult (m)3,1946391
EOdTPRemiel the RadiantAdult (m)2,6237341
PdDUsSabriel the RadiantAdult (m)3,4099071
N1VWQZadkiel the RadiantAdult (m)3,0178811
DcE6TYou Steal My Heart AwayAdult (f)2,6198150
q8ZbQThief Of My LoveAdult (f)2,5807801
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