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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “zangetsugirl,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
nFnpGKilauea VolcanoAdult (f)3,1961,19034
20SK2Mount AlaytaAdult (f)2,8831,05217
p9AMqMiravalles VolcanoAdult (f)3,19199020
biL9qMount RishiriAdult (m)4,8621,36832
P0d5LKrakatoa VolcanoAdult (m)3,1531,1242
eOXAD(eOXAD)Adult (m)3,4268880
kqsLC(kqsLC)Adult (f)3,3679120
paHmZan's Little OneAdult (f)2,060793110
43BHZan's Runt of the CaveAdult (m)1,12368040
4hdXbZan's Little MintyAdult (f)6,1731,76418
tg937Zan's Curiously Strong MintAdult (m)2,6678622
FDdllMint-Green Vine LoverAdult (f)2,6519314
9sdPTZan's Little Mint Candy DragonAdult (m)2,6066196
hAxsPZan's HalorAdult (m)2,1276600
Z0aptEnye Saint PatrickAdult (f)2,2497800
8IpxRInnis Saint PatrickAdult (f)1,7787700
5UZJW(5UZJW)Adult (m)2,5046620
cKOCL(cKOCL)Adult (f)2,4256090
qOdhk(qOdhk)Adult (m)2,4536340
Iwn5Q(Iwn5Q)Adult (m)2,7235990
5u7Q6(5u7Q6)Adult (f)2,7116090
9KXR4(9KXR4)Adult (f)2,8076360
7mUBh(7mUBh)Adult (m)2,4455530
CDTMaLike A Shadow On The MoonAdult (m)1,6897893
u9VKbLunar LunacyAdult (m)1,5977792
rPpdVMoons of TalokAdult (f)1,6527682
BupZLNot That Kind Of MoonAdult (m)1,9351,0123
GJGYoAnd The Moon Went DarkAdult (m)1,8339291
n9gP7Darien MoonstoneAdult (m)2,0558890
WBiETOrion of the MoonAdult (m)2,0378981
1OsohLuna's Over The MoonAdult (f)2,5358572
Uii5sJulianna MoonstoneAdult (f)2,5959020
PLCvaAmita MoonstoneAdult (f)2,5068920
MuPF6Rachel MoonstoneAdult (f)2,95692113
rCgLnSeamus MoonstoneAdult (m)2,30689811
buYscRainbow Over the MoonAdult (f)2,8718540
Bcq8dMoonlight NoxAdult (m)3,0408505
FGEqkDreaming of the MoonstoneAdult (m)3,1989573
A0WXbMoon Dreams of VinesAdult (f)2,3257342
FzFEALady ElralithAdult (f)2,4917563
b7JD6MoontobiAdult (f)2,0826314
0dFYTThironAdult (m)2,7609290
44ORk(44ORk)Adult (m)2,5026920
IQDmj(IQDmj)Adult (m)2,8015361
5dQvr(5dQvr)Adult (m)3,0656541
PWzoO(PWzoO)Adult (m)2,7977711
bxndz(bxndz)Adult (f)2,7606580
2PN1K(2PN1K)Adult (m)2,9597350
IvYbb(IvYbb)Adult (f)4,4577702
VweT4(VweT4)Adult (m)3,5418210
qOUDLuminous StarwingAdult (f)2,0781,1478
1Pi2Anang StarchaserAdult (m)2,1211,1605
t2MaDes StarchaserAdult (m)9876211
ZinnZinn StarwingAdult (f)1,5838956
WCCRNeith StarwingAdult (f)1,9719503
6kDeStarwing DorkfaceAdult (m)2,1649604
s6EIXMusical StarwingAdult (f)2,4928612
15AuJNicholas StarchaserAdult (m)4,1621,41417
9dAGHYule StarchaserAdult (m)3,2931,07416
FPdImTarathiel TinselfailAdult (f)3,0856780
opdFkMyralia StarwingAdult (f)1,8727470
K4A1YThelte StarwingAdult (f)2,6009442
XQT7WDareh StarchaserAdult (m)1,8636860
n6LxoAnahita StarwingAdult (f)2,4778321
QStT5Limca StarchaserAdult (m)2,0476490
GUZ1m(GUZ1m)Adult (m)3,8496232
Wu0ISeren StarwingAdult (f)2,9319142
v3G8Evergreen StarwingAdult (m)3,0708662
AlYXNoelle StarwingAdult (m)2,9318421
ZMO5hFestive StarwingAdult (f)2,5628830
TsuosUnder The Light Of The StarsAdult (f)2,89586718
g68b3Red Star Lights My WayAdult (f)2,8879841
Ww4rx(Ww4rx)Adult (m)2,9616182
UVQOA(UVQOA)Adult (f)4,6917822
kGjCo(kGjCo)Adult (f)3,4158821
o2rpYaotlAdult (m)2,2597528
Gj1FVYaretziAdult (f)2,9271,00616
tcH03Randall RoyalNeoAdult (m)2,6336826
KnjOI(KnjOI)Adult (m)2,8187590
lD1hL(lD1hL)Adult (f)2,7867490
mbUtk(mbUtk)Adult (m)3,6995780
JCvMV(JCvMV)Adult (m)2,7616900
sCBPO(sCBPO)Adult (m)4,3379371
B0Xbi(B0Xbi)Adult (m)3,4009683
3hhY8(3hhY8)Adult (m)3,4218290
glraStone By DayAdult (f)1,9581,05729
daWcWarriors By NightAdult (m)1,6671,02628
3V44I Belong To The NightAdult (m)1,05570021
D5FcI Rise As The Sun SetsAdult (m)1,89294517
jX5mWe Are GargoylesAdult (f)1,9446542
TMi4Lord NocturneAdult (m)2,3087351
4qFeFNight Falls on the MountainAdult (m)2,6148081
pgnAKLady NocturnaliaAdult (f)2,2686072
79IxTLord NocturnalAdult (m)2,7969043
kyvdt(kyvdt)Adult (f)3,3629987
9fvsAdjatayAdult (m)2,1641,09640
6KR4AdeniyiAdult (f)1,75063129
7256EAthiamboAdult (f)1,7826860
LuCZ1Little Hunter of the ForestAdult (m)2,5071,00620
huntrLittle Huntress of the ForestAdult (f)2,9111,02526
rbZ6Teller of TalesAdult1,4641,00751
pai0Good MythAdult1,18278042
QD1eI Shall Call Him FluffyAdult (m)1,9266953
sli0Dude Looks Like A LadyAdult (m)1,23884676
9ttcBaby Maybe You're WrongAdult (m)85663228
OXJTYou Know It's All RightAdult (m)2,54683713
J6hjI Can Influence Your Eggs Baby IAdult (f)1,4176149
2lMfSo You Want To Be Female IAdult (f)2,1846478
8Zc9So You Want To Be MaleAdult (m)9945091
EANUEanuAdult (m)2,24195128
W0sCGNobody Ever Suspects MeAdult (m)2,90598920
cm9B5I Fight For FreedomAdult (m)3,2831,08527
XJ07hNot One of the Boys' ClubAdult (f)3,4331,10219
O5VGoZan's Little PrincessAdult (f)3,3661,04723
RS5abI Never Kiss And TellAdult (f)2,43386914
Tg6GUHave Mercy On MeAdult (f)2,89287315
TscO3Inspire MeAdult (f)4,7911,30516
X5eFqBecause I Said So That's WhyAdult (m)4,5581,34212
TqC02I Don't Feel Like ItAdult (f)2,6319253
kEZYLI Only Look InnocentAdult (f)2,6608440
UdOWIRheliaAdult (f)3,1197991
0u8hLDon't Breed With MeAdult (m)2,4616462
t3t8pRanei RosepetalAdult (f)2,6869480
0zALcSabdya RosepetalAdult (f)2,1817631
QdC8SDaughter of the Nameless LineageAdult (f)1,6366140
QLPESStyntalysAdult (f)3,1141,1531
w3cNxYou Look Perfect TonightAdult (m)3,5977130
PVX1FGolden Thuwed IAdult (m)2,9131,1073
FjH5ATacyn of Ice CavesAdult (f)3,7261,2414
M8nkQGalletian MedalistAdult (m)4,3551,30718
pfokWGalletian StarburstAdult (m)3,1851,0431
MqdN8Galletian StarchaserAdult (m)2,7891,0672
Ip8A8(Ip8A8)Adult (m)3,3677271
iuwAq(iuwAq)Adult (f)2,9517291
hNNjTruly OutrageousAdult (f)2,478935182
2fSvStardust EyesAdult (f)2,4471,28458
Pb62Madam PurpleAdult (f)2,8041,75745
qQ0OJinmayAdult (f)1,37991150
OlocPorphyrophobicAdult (f)1,2915617
po16Lady AyunliAdult (f)1,78571115
EnerViolaceous EnerAdult (f)1,1305759
TGB5Emperor AmaranthineAdult (m)3,0121,28822
lvjfGrape IceAdult (f)1,9458154
2q8HLCaine the AssassinAdult (m)2,59390826
PUZNRAsha Thuwed Dorkface IAdult (f)3,1171,02417
fHjYXRitchie RyanAdult (m)2,6319431
fRjTBThe Purple PrincelingAdult (m)2,4056422
e8ncoLady OrereAdult (f)2,3166934
BT9lIAene VaiyuAdult (f)2,8466442
4mXRrNesinsilAdult (f)2,1007754
xiZgW(xiZgW)Adult (m)4,6391,2350
Qn9su(Qn9su)Adult (m)2,7368354
2N0j9(2N0j9)Adult (f)2,8125310
FE39Ean LittleAdult (m)2,1571,06455
6Ld3Dacian LittleAdult (m)1,81489729
gQFPAlair LittleAdult (m)1,59759423
HKooCaitir LittleAdult (f)9505457
vSdCNenetl LittleAdult (f)2,0661,06029
SL3lXKendra LittleAdult (f)2,45279811
aUW45Alucia LittlesparkAdult (f)3,4369304
eNmblDakota LittlesparkAdult (f)2,9847954
p99rw(p99rw)Adult (m)3,5137381
RzDSb(RzDSb)Adult (f)3,5698140
TBWsa(TBWsa)Adult (f)3,4285791
e6veF(e6veF)Adult (m)3,5676100
R5O7p(R5O7p)Adult (f)3,4367740
bpJ0B(bpJ0B)Adult (f)3,4647931
Yetix(Yetix)Adult (f)3,0476414
yrqBs(yrqBs)Adult (m)3,4019131
2o1pw(2o1pw)Adult (f)3,4859354
7uuzO(7uuzO)Adult (f)4,2419101
ewEbb(ewEbb)Adult (m)3,1656581
bZkck(bZkck)Adult (f)3,5428501
eRNeR(eRNeR)Adult (f)2,9777841
RxF9S(RxF9S)Adult (f)4,0476301
wNpVN(wNpVN)Adult (m)2,8877470
Numv1(Numv1)Adult (f)4,3021,1041
JH1Cp(JH1Cp)Adult (m)3,3419110
4H7Wf(4H7Wf)Adult (m)4,2119002
BlaQl(BlaQl)Adult (m)4,2021,0281
3y4OM(3y4OM)Adult (m)3,1627302
v87PDario RedsparkAdult (m)2,9208984
MYYHVGenaro RedsparkAdult (m)1,7567552
iHVgaAlessia RedsparkAdult (f)1,7577312
fMWYVJacob LittlesparkAdult (m)2,3198057
MSZMOCaprice GildasAdult (f)2,4036381
VqnmpAcacia RedsparkAdult (f)2,4956404
wflvSMichael RedsparkAdult (m)1,8845911
hglVjElish NightsparkAdult (f)2,0968420
vvDRBrynn NightwingAdult (m)3,0078951
nX6JJAelwen NightwingAdult (f)1,9408221
IhcaUKiah NightwingAdult (f)1,9018190
1rlYfHeddwyn NightwingAdult (m)2,0128221
b8QPdRhydian NightwingAdult (m)1,7397001
GrgQ0Aweinon NightfireAdult (f)3,23199814
iD4jXMarion NightfireAdult (f)2,25179515
9KQR0Rukia NightwingAdult (f)3,3921,0701
jsPBLDagan NightfireAdult (m)2,9468143
yQsYJNightstar ThuwedAdult (f)2,5506644
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