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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “zangetsugirl,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
soIgIBrutish KahwiAdult (f)2,1518300
1cr4xBrutish OdeleAdult (f)2,4938961
ueJCrBrutish AlidaAdult (f)1,9206920
jwaNj(jwaNj)Adult (f)3,6728001
Q6lyW(Q6lyW)Adult (m)2,7797370
NFwZU(NFwZU)Adult (m)3,3898232
wXcMx(wXcMx)Adult (m)4,4589380
wBuTK(wBuTK)Adult (f)3,7208352
HsXqFaunus CanopyflyerAdult (m)1,8911,10721
UNVLSeda CanopyflyerAdult (f)1,63393829
1BoNGella CanopyflyerAdult (f)1,9076656
rGQn4Burning PinceconeAdult (f)2,4896542
YrazoArdara Saint PatrickAdult (f)2,1027610
Ca0oECael Saint PatrickAdult (m)1,8618011
fI2mLCashel Saint PatrickAdult (m)1,6606850
gmaAA(gmaAA)Adult (m)3,0867261
ntuh0(ntuh0)Adult (m)3,1267461
5k8rN(5k8rN)Adult (f)3,1567732
ykPFOMister MaroonAdult (m)2,9568432
SnQeaMiss MaroonAdult (f)3,3498062
EHx8zMissus MaroonAdult (f)3,1827653
r3nx5Prince MaroonAdult (m)3,0306310
uhqj3Princess MaroonAdult (f)3,7577091
LzJnLTaverad MagekillerAdult (m)2,9728011
PeudJRhae MagekillerAdult (f)3,8418511
k40ofSihu MagekillerAdult (f)3,4047650
34qCBTeu MagekillerAdult (f)2,8847520
wXn5THikraes MagekillerAdult (m)3,0427790
l2IqaMera KinslayerAdult (f)2,0395182
ezu3P(ezu3P)Adult (f)3,5417861
9QGnL(9QGnL)Adult (m)3,6436970
w6bo7(w6bo7)Adult (f)3,7796841
5ulU2(5ulU2)Adult (f)3,1705760
sBgcf(sBgcf)Adult (f)3,3235840
5ipgQ(5ipgQ)Adult (m)3,0097240
KF25Get That Fondue Away From MeAdult1,33747824
ZglBFeeling Slightly PeckishAdult (f)3,044791119
rbB5XThe Holly and The DragonAdult (f)2,3678474
tZCtcChristmas Day Is ComeAdult (m)3,6657575
q3MA1On This Christmas NightAdult (m)2,5886361
1BMIkChristmas Daughter of RohanAdult (f)2,1346591
ZZn7yLight Me Up For ChristmasAdult (f)2,6617690
KA0FxSing We Now of ChristmasAdult (m)2,3817281
0vZaWSing We Dragons All TogetherAdult (f)2,3807341
LQQv6Clara's HolidayAdult (m)2,1946741
GbUeTHero of the FestivitiesAdult (f)5,7271,2562
mzimPPryde of ChristmasAdult (m)5,6601,2050
ApkCPMrs Clara Celebrates ChristmasAdult (f)5,7301,2491
v5vscThuwed of the HolidaysAdult (m)5,1691,1461
o9hyRWinterborn ThuwedAdult (f)3,2578642
Ggeo8Holly Holy MagicAdult (f)3,1668561
mq1E6Pax FelicitasAdult (f)4,0551,0382
YEIrABaby It's Dragcave OutsideAdult (m)4,1231,0723
5nHm7Holly Berry DelightAdult (m)4,0551,0262
GNqvYCiannait HollydazeAdult (f)4,0491,0371
OPltmChristmas to the 4th GenerationAdult (f)2,2047171
cppmlWinter Holiday ThuwedAdult (f)2,5327726
yjkZRFelicitous DorkfaceAdult (f)2,5947582
FMR3F(FMR3F)Adult (m)3,4559533
Tck4p(Tck4p)Adult (m)3,3069451
Cs75Oiche ChiuinAdult (m)2,0651,36038
zLX3Just Missed ChristmasAdult (m)2,0571,36440
rHsHlSon of the Candy CanesAdult (m)2,5189095
Dz3DpDing Dong Merrily On DragcaveAdult (m)2,2868573
L938BMistletoe ObsessionAdult (m)2,3408021
cl1ENoel GoldenwingAdult (f)2,5411,1677
TlDkI Hung The MistletoeAdult (f)2,3041,0775
uuhzrDragons Go Where I Send TheeAdult (f)2,4568795
o9GfWOur Heart's Joy ReclinethAdult (f)2,2578340
CvDVeLet Men Their Songs EmployAdult (f)3,5598001
DumDRLove Was Born At ChristmasAdult (f)4,0258473
2dXVWAngels Bending Near The EarthAdult (f)2,8326630
L733Ornamental Yule LadyAdult (f)1,5287987
mA0hIs Santa Here YetAdult (f)1,5387618
hmNXhHope Of All The Earth Thou ArtAdult (f)2,4288475
U0c5LThis Magical ChristmasAdult (f)2,3128881
UvOOQWe Three Kings of DragCave AreAdult (m)2,0049161
9ULtjAngels from the Caves of DragonsAdult (m)2,0118783
p2f3AFast Away The Old Year PassesAdult (m)2,7159555
SHjIcGive Back The SongAdult (m)2,3128741
xMnvoLuminous Holiday MagiAdult (m)2,2017521
MdTreWrap Me Up In ChristmasAdult (m)2,5238763
kWSZiFestive-Winged DarlingAdult (m)2,4658673
MCkQ9O Hear The Angel VoicesAdult (m)2,3038553
bM7k4Christmas At The BeachAdult (m)2,4568972
KhrriGod Rest Ye Merry DragonsAdult (f)1,5796350
can98Venite Adoremus DominumAdult (f)1,5666670
jtqbeLet Us Bring Him Silver And GoldAdult (f)2,6639479
qnED1Hark The Herald Dragons SingAdult (f)2,6149106
VbnU1Storm of Christmas SpiritAdult (f)2,8239992
KgrG6Solstice FrostKnightAdult (f)2,5648163
KTdKw(KTdKw)Adult (f)3,5808295
XjkmTOld Familiar Carols PlayAdult (f)2,1787622
bG4PmTwas In The Moon Of Winter-TimeAdult (f)2,2527861
dPWcRChristmas SnowfallsAdult (f)3,0417461
gPCRSMr Yule LogAdult (m)3,0417290
x6CWtClassic Holiday MemoriesAdult (m)2,7366760
0vhqUCaitria NoelAdult (f)2,3197121
DE3VBDragons We Have Heard On HighAdult (m)2,3765920
bAAlnLet Us Serve With A SongAdult (m)2,3126270
kOKNTThat Old-Fashioned ChristmasAdult (m)2,1566412
RKvUsSpirit of Holiday LoveAdult (m)2,3867063
sROjhAngels Sing Again The SongAdult (m)2,4056902
eOv6dLet Us Find Our Rest In TheeAdult (m)2,4156870
jx933Ghost of Christmas Dragons PastAdult (m)4,8991,1261
aQthOJoyful All Ye Dragons RiseAdult (f)4,4811,0751
WdeOuJoin The Triumph Of The DragonsAdult (f)4,3851,0401
1N5GqLove And Dragons Come To YouAdult (f)3,1778411
Y8eqzOn Christmas Day In The CaveAdult (f)3,0688612
dm3t6Radiant Loving HolidaysAdult (f)2,6177954
sXJS5Luminous Winter SpiritAdult (f)3,3247734
c1SpdIn Heav'n The Bells Are RingingAdult (f)3,1849741
eCt6VBy The Light Of That Same StarAdult (f)3,1209620
RQCvo(RQCvo)Adult (m)3,1078890
SWexT(SWexT)Adult (m)3,1259191
1bPbEnapay GreatwaterAdult (m)1,6218474
n2TrAnevay GreatwaterAdult (f)1,9249175
oUVbeYbaerin GreatwaterAdult (m)2,1436101
2QTvCBaishan GreatwaterAdult (m)3,5916440
9ZoyJ(9ZoyJ)Adult (m)3,7196701
Ak7cl(Ak7cl)Adult (f)3,9306531
CQDD4(CQDD4)Adult (m)3,0796040
65Ci5RorneAdult (m)1,8329362
FaDJ8(FaDJ8)Adult (f)3,5987122
4LhuNSibrynAdult (f)1,8359540
SX8tx(SX8tx)Adult (m)4,0357040
y6ZuG(y6ZuG)Adult (m)2,8646512
UyW8n(UyW8n)Adult (f)3,1287051
a45nr(a45nr)Adult (f)3,2396962
FsQBRuriiro KujakuAdult (m)3,0381,397223
vFtoNatsu YuuzoraAdult (m)2,465805111
QonUSven VollfiedAdult (m)2,4851,419102
VZRbsLady VerdureAdult (f)4,0711,23023
l01tiSun-WorshipperAdult (f)3,0741,09727
cjJFhWrath of the VinesAdult (f)6,3001,75824
4ju5wGold-Touched VineAdult (m)1,7788241
jesNIMy Name Is TroubleAdult (f)2,1711,2342
uQla7Rhiryn ThuwedAdult (f)4,1196150
KJHVaMa'drytAdult (m)2,5356571
KmQrIRahhamAdult (m)2,0808111
Wnw24ElicenAdult (f)2,6259451
kSZY0RosmerilAdult (f)2,8148940
HO2s4SiciethAdult (f)2,5447972
DQZi9ShasathAdult (f)2,7118420
Y2u51She'oAdult (f)2,1538894
K4DzFRion'lyAdult (m)2,1478670
EhaTmAwnan Saint PatrickAdult (m)2,1497310
nTWPc(nTWPc)Adult (m)3,3817790
2qEm7(2qEm7)Adult (m)3,4609957
Fg7Xb(Fg7Xb)Adult (f)3,3576941
RY1Lz(RY1Lz)Adult (f)4,4899985
JhtPParthenocissus quinquefoliaAdult (m)1,86467915
jQsmSunny Day's DreamerAdult (f)1,14582733
WnUXWistful Day's DreamerAdult (f)1,12182225
yBsnLazy Day's DreamerAdult (m)99467035
C0LlSpring Day's DreamerAdult (m)89262829
5qwPActive Day's DreamerAdult (m)1,02974340
BgTiChilly Day's DreamerAdult (m)80860318
lidNWindy Day's DreamerAdult (f)80957422
3RG8Rainy Day's DreamerAdult (m)99266822
4xsaLonely Day's DreamerAdult (m)1,09278741
3MwHSchool Day's DreamerAdult (m)2,0691,08125
SItbSummer Day's DreamerAdult (m)3,11185822
FSoBSultry Day's DreamerAdult (f)1,8996686
1ALRCheerful Day's DreamerAdult (m)2,7171,00416
BgriBreezy Day's DreamerAdult (f)1,6326878
ifXsAutumn Day's DreamerAdult (f)2,33781514
NJXQStormy Day's DreamerAdult (m)2,74986510
A6ehWinter Day's DreamerAdult (f)2,2977623
MI3SFrantic Day's DreamerAdult (m)1,6535306
lchpRestful Day's DreamerAdult (f)1,4466866
8UNaBrilliant Day's DreamerAdult (m)1,32471820
fX0VShady Day's DreamerAdult (f)1,34170812
7gBSFeverish Day's DreamerAdult (f)1,3856783
dLU8Creative Day's DreamerAdult (m)1,4866133
vHmvHopeful Day's DreamerAdult (f)2,3347625
iM0CFantastic Day's DreamerAdult (m)1,2215591
EEX0I'm Drifting On A DreamAdult (f)2,2368063
DM42Library Day's DreamerAdult (f)2,6106631
5JIfcBewitched By A DreamAdult (m)1,9668401
5SSjDVacation Day's DreamerAdult (f)1,8857150
h4CFnMovie Day's DreamerAdult (f)3,4511,11613
vucENNature Day's DreamerAdult (m)3,3321,11130
n8lOEhsanAdult (m)3,94799433
QhWIEtienne of the Deep BlueAdult (m)2,4718388
rjF5AvaikiAdult (m)2,68890010
V7nGI Don't Need The ShallowsAdult (m)2,8901,12120
cW6BShekinah of the Deep BlueAdult (f)1,41964017
vECZIlithya of the Deep BlueAdult (f)1,25458212
ut8EDeep Sea DarlingAdult (f)2,06478312
lTuINiamh of the Deep BlueAdult (f)1,84370610
PJulShilin of the Deep BlueAdult (m)2,22185313
H6gnAneurin of the Deep BlueAdult (m)2,6238368
jfC9Dehateh of the Deep BlueAdult (m)1,05845910
ksCCNoelani of the Deep BlueAdult (f)1,8129685
0LD1Manelin of the Deep BlueAdult (m)1,5738514
Grn4Ayuka of the Deep BlueAdult (f)2,2808441
H1gsKelii of the Deep BlueAdult (m)2,0396881
oPbgTPadraic of the Deep BlueAdult (m)3,4561,13221
WElrkAtticus of the Deep BlueAdult (m)2,15789010
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