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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “patterns,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
3VJQcPatterns' 179th adultAdult (f)3,3377663
wQmajPatterns' 17th adultAdult (f)4,0256944
nSrNHPatterns' 17th frozen hatchieHatchling (m, F)1,6937192
s51bFPatterns' 180th adultAdult (m)2,0147441
v7ZXBPatterns' 181st adultAdult (m)3,8001,0064
h7Wr6Patterns' 182nd adultAdult (m)4,1529924
detyWPatterns' 183rd adultAdult (f)5,4866803
PehxPPatterns' 184th adultAdult (m)3,2921,0992
0q0I9Patterns' 185th adultAdult (f)2,0437373
8GQ6QPatterns' 187th adult IIAdult (m)2,4318285
jOGnTPatterns' 188th adultAdult (f)4,1935026
Qwg9IPatterns' 189th adultAdult (f)4,0321,2705
yPgVDPatterns' 18th frozen hatchieHatchling (f, F)6,3931,5004
rZVH9Patterns' 190th adultAdult (m)5,6391,0604
J0yQPPatterns' 191st adultAdult (f)3,2624681
OKJU4Patterns' 192nd adultAdult (f)3,7085533
isHzmPatterns' 193rd adultAdult (m)2,2617073
tGQDBPatterns' 194th adultAdult (m)2,5178464
tFbf5Patterns' 196th adultAdult (m)3,0368694
Dy7mSPatterns' 197th adultAdult (f)5,1501,3754
GQLkCPatterns' 198th adultAdult (f)3,0949006
QLQAdPatterns' 199th adultAdult (f)3,2383603
T8rASPatterns' 19th frozen hatchieHatchling (F)1,2212304
HIjsuPatterns' 1st adult NCBAdult (f)2,0717594
6ctMfPatterns' 1st frozen hatchieHatchling (F)1,7976294
k2dnVPatterns' 200th adultAdult (m)4,7044153
cGnB6Patterns' 201st adultAdult (m)2,3755905
QfVknPatterns' 202nd adultAdult (f)1,9585203
dtEpuPatterns' 203rd adultAdult (f)2,1385633
WIDNLPatterns' 205th adultAdult (m)2,1123950
Ne8hjPatterns' 206th adultAdult (m)1,8403540
XQTgvPatterns' 207th adultAdult (m)3,0005921
0F2CzPatterns' 208th adultAdult (f)5,8159124
oKNsHPatterns' 209th adult IIIAdult (f)2,7655364
jeSX0Patterns' 20th adultAdult (m)3,7123873
Atr2cPatterns' 20th frozen hatchieHatchling (f, F)2,9238714
EbQTRPatterns' 211th adultAdult (m)3,7411,0182
HApXPPatterns' 212th adultAdult (m)2,1056384
kly4zPatterns' 213th adultAdult (m)3,3188212
tcnD1Patterns' 214th adultAdult (f)2,5047116
d35wRPatterns' 215th adultAdult (f)7,6281,6661
uz1A7Patterns' 216th adultAdult (m)7,5461,6903
737kuPatterns' 217th adultAdult (m)2,4286929
9jJpGPatterns' 218th adultAdult (m)2,5367225
UWGNFPatterns' 219th adultAdult (f)2,1787031
rDxeYPatterns' 21st adultAdult (m)2,19276213
lpKKwPatterns' 21st frozen hatchieHatchling (m, F)3,0088723
UQyjJPatterns' 220th adultAdult (f)2,2896943
RU9bFPatterns' 221st adultAdult (m)3,5777673
nZTAgPatterns' 222nd adult IIAdult (m)6,0811,4573
rfVqrPatterns' 223rd adultAdult (f)4,4485464
hARjaPatterns' 224th adultAdult (m)3,0518423
pioVLPatterns' 225th adultAdult (m)3,0526292
lXwjuPatterns' 226th adultAdult (f)2,9845033
QMzORPatterns' 227th adultAdult (m)1,5896023
rVrp7Patterns' 228th adultAdult (m)2,1086494
yBGDbPatterns' 229th adultAdult (m)2,3816091
u3emGPatterns' 22nd adultAdult (f)3,5085732
Bs4zePatterns' 22nd frozen hatchieHatchling (f, F)4,6421,1746
BSluQPatterns' 230th adultAdult (m)3,6009705
paG9UPatterns' 231st adultAdult (f)3,5409994
SEGejPatterns' 232nd adultAdult (m)3,5361,0274
XwoNDPatterns' 233rd adultAdult (f)3,4489923
s8rSxPatterns' 234th adultAdult (m)1,7196412
ReKhtPatterns' 235th adult IIAdult (m)2,3467614
QvY6XPatterns' 236th adultAdult (f)2,2837256
RZTcpPatterns' 237th adult IIAdult (f)2,2297452
C8sStPatterns' 238th adultAdult (m)2,6237844
6ni22Patterns' 239th adultAdult (f)2,1277813
vhfoOPatterns' 23rd adultAdult (f)3,2465191
ghc1mPatterns' 23rd frozen hatchieHatchling (m, F)2,2805654
KQJaWPatterns' 240th adultAdult (m)2,3848101
xK8h0Patterns' 241st adultAdult (m)2,8624703
rxkigPatterns' 242nd adultAdult (m)2,8018218
LrlOYPatterns' 243rd adultAdult (f)1,6556592
yyTbzPatterns' 244th adultAdult (m)1,6876872
GpcBcPatterns' 245th adultAdult (f)4,64693213
XM1lDPatterns' 246th adultAdult (f)3,5697267
HN4W1Patterns' 248th adultAdult (m)6,9579415
Dwh8TPatterns' 24th adultAdult (f)2,5787876
EaQOwPatterns' 24th frozen hatchieHatchling (F)3,2436117
vQSypPatterns' 250th adultAdult (m)3,2175772
GlK2WPatterns' 251st adult IIAdult (m)2,5311,0535
nEh5QPatterns' 252nd adultAdult (f)3,5829825
CKgQzPatterns' 253rd adultAdult (m)4,1031,0214
IH4bxPatterns' 254th adultAdult (m)11,7647855
XYv9yPatterns' 255th adultAdult (f)3,5738803
DNblKPatterns' 256th adultAdult (f)3,9185347
E12PCPatterns' 257th adultAdult (f)3,1958974
9trr6Patterns' 258th adultAdult (f)3,02158920
DatUePatterns' 259th adultAdult (m)2,3487934
DtZ6pPatterns' 25th adultAdult (m)3,1116916
l2xkIPatterns' 25th frozen hatchieHatchling (F)1,6943281
F9bpIPatterns' 260th adultAdult (f)3,3365883
77OQIPatterns' 261st adultAdult (f)1,97061811
6VtOWPatterns' 262nd adultAdult (f)2,06763611
plfXaPatterns' 263rd adultAdult (f)2,1386414
rB2gyPatterns' 264th adultAdult (m)2,0767903
8WtmSPatterns' 265th adultAdult (m)2,4428583
pUoZfPatterns' 266th adultAdult (f)2,1708133
tjO6XPatterns' 267th adultAdult (m)3,7321,1832
Et1mMPatterns' 268th adult IIIAdult (f)3,7881,05513
i1iGjPatterns' 269th adultAdult (f)2,2941,0444
AHM4tPatterns' 26th adult IIAdult (f)3,2931,1374
i3kJTPatterns' 26th frozen hatchieHatchling (F)1,2651805
1l4QnPatterns' 270th adultAdult (m)4,3341,3684
PY09DPatterns' 271st adultAdult (f)4,3281,3253
VanjGPatterns' 272nd adultAdult (f)3,0703346
owrYkPatterns' 273rd adult IIAdult (f)2,0076806
0QCszPatterns' 274th adultAdult (f)3,2741,0517
TZrh3Patterns' 275th adultAdult (f)3,3171,0737
pyqn2Patterns' 276th adult IIAdult (m)5,3446694
R6HPoPatterns' 277th adult IIAdult (f)5,0736534
4pOFvPatterns' 278th adult IIAdult (f)4,0207935
hNyLvPatterns' 279th adultAdult (f)3,8434657
PoVcwPatterns' 27th adult IIAdult (m)2,0726074
m8pbQPatterns' 280th adultAdult (f)3,6574535
L85KKPatterns' 281st adultAdult (f)2,2868962
2dzm8Patterns' 282nd adultAdult (f)1,9508502
HYDwpPatterns' 283rd adultAdult (m)4,0279626
S5JYrPatterns' 284th adultAdult (f)1,8876794
XhnXvPatterns' 285th adultAdult (m)6,1281,1832
t2qcbPatterns' 286th adultAdult (f)4,1128064
zprSkPatterns' 287th adultAdult (m)6,7561,3386
xNQRMPatterns' 288th adultAdult (m)5,8971,2796
ACgYEPatterns' 289th adultAdult (m)5,0871,2615
bi0G7Patterns' 28th adult IIAdult (f)2,5286264
51s0SPatterns' 28th frozen hatchieHatchling (m, F)2,32180313
VxZBjPatterns' 290th adultAdult (m)11,3578024
DRNK6Patterns' 291st adultAdult (m)9,9509265
wB2rXPatterns' 292nd adultAdult (m)9,9817004
MGmirPatterns' 293rd adultAdult (f)10,4238838
eWpDlPatterns' 294th adultAdult (m)11,8208244
N0BGlPatterns' 295th adultAdult (f)10,9578393
7VcCBPatterns' 296th adultAdult (f)10,32482016
gZ21cPatterns' 297th adultAdult (f)6,8309696
2tPEaPatterns' 298th adultAdult (m)11,85082412
ivAqBPatterns' 299th adultAdult (f)7,8881,0657
P0PvePatterns' 29th adultAdult (f)3,2239373
76uCsPatterns' 29th frozen hatchieHatchling (f, F)2,5168563
RrB9uPatterns' 2nd frozen hatchieHatchling (m, F)3,0988355
u95nrPatterns' 300th adultAdult (m)7,6628725
KrDFMPatterns' 301st adultAdult (f)9,3479625
W1Z4LPatterns' 302nd adultAdult (f)6,4211,1696
GoDYePatterns' 303rd adultAdult (m)7,7881,0635
15fcXPatterns' 304th adultAdult (f)9,8226686
KmvlzPatterns' 305th adultAdult (m)6,0429649
DwijXPatterns' 306th adultAdult (f)6,9989898
RkDoVPatterns' 307th adultAdult (f)9,4329457
mkpYfPatterns' 308th adultAdult (m)10,0696995
4R6VZPatterns' 309th adultAdult (m)10,0728818
ZTFtCPatterns' 30th adult NCBAdult (m)4,6061,4064
P7dbGPatterns' 30th frozen hatchieHatchling (f, F)2,0559467
QiZJzPatterns' 310th adultAdult (f)8,0408875
kSBqMPatterns' 311th adultAdult (f)10,0076738
5Suo8Patterns' 312th adultAdult (m)2,4327186
Ykm5zPatterns' 313th adultAdult (m)2,2257153
YdZQ5Patterns' 314th adultAdult (m)2,8775863
WxXqEPatterns' 315th adultAdult (m)2,2785675
PsFgLPatterns' 316th adultAdult (f)2,6519304
ppqPIPatterns' 317th adult IIAdult (f)4,0687655
48jelPatterns' 318th adultAdult (f)3,1455633
Jc6sAPatterns' 319th adult IIAdult (m)3,4961,1136
5p49QPatterns' 31st adultAdult (f)2,9749521
cKCGRPatterns' 31st frozen hatchieHatchling (f, F)3,6951,0992
zRCn7Patterns' 320th adultAdult (f)2,7635343
oCGDwPatterns' 321st adultAdult (f)2,2317674
hMQx7Patterns' 322nd adultAdult (f)2,6297474
4qku1Patterns' 323rd adultAdult (f)2,6987562
fyA6YPatterns' 324th adultAdult (f)3,3097702
yNDJgPatterns' 325th adultAdult (m)2,4176812
WmNEsPatterns' 326th adultAdult (m)3,6981,01835
79HlfPatterns' 327th adultAdult (f)3,1914252
jfQhoPatterns' 328th adultAdult (m)2,3687556
ShfJkPatterns' 329th adultAdult (f)2,99184110
TAav2Patterns' 32nd adult NCBAdult (f)4,6521,4537
63CRNPatterns' 32nd frozen hatchieHatchling (f, F)2,0479685
CLzyCPatterns' 330th adultAdult (m)1,90251326
8gHtbPatterns' 331st adult IIAdult (f)3,6751,1351
7GJNvPatterns' 332nd adultAdult (m)3,5445045
mXZGBPatterns' 333rd adult  IIAdult (f)3,1296037
9ZrySPatterns' 334th adultAdult (m)2,8805232
zOSq0Patterns' 335th adultAdult (f)2,1186772
468bvPatterns' 336th adultAdult (f)2,3927125
dYLO6Patterns' 337th adultAdult (m)3,5335774
U6aG1Patterns' 338th adultAdult (f)2,8904654
XvEplPatterns' 339th adultAdult (m)2,8387394
wKQqxPatterns' 33rd adultAdult (f)5,03433748
DIR78Patterns' 33rd frozen hatchieHatchling (f, F)2,8969675
iP50EPatterns' 340th adultAdult (m)3,9927416
j10hsPatterns' 341st adult NCBAdult (f)4,0861,1594
zFpXXPatterns' 342nd adultAdult (m)3,9323835
mLOpBPatterns' 343rd adult IIAdult (f)3,7391,2064
6hmLVPatterns' 344th adultAdult (m)3,9791,17212
UIghMPatterns' 346th adultAdult (f)3,9465044
5UKiwPatterns' 348th adultAdult (f)1,64234110
fCt7GPatterns' 349th adultAdult (m)9,21065610
Ed2DoPatterns' 34th adult IIIAdult (m)2,6811,0002
qbnwTPatterns' 34th frozen hatchieHatchling (F)3,2697905
sjtcsPatterns' 350th adultAdult (f)2,6535434
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