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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “patterns,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
uw1YoForest Dwelling FoolAdult (m)2,5471,0542
3LscVForty-Two is all the rageAdult (m)6,0311,06010
e0wYzFrost in the NorthAdult (f)3,5501,2080
Q2Rq9Frostbitten SilverAdult (m)4,0239148
PvH23Fush FushAdult (f)4,3111,2123
FPkjsFyre FighterAdult (m)4,1781,31310
37HWAGaladriel of LorienAdult (m)10,1951,26228
LKz4hGemmea Rubida NonaAdult (f)3,7081,0415
ahqlVGemmea Rubida OctaviaAdult (f)3,6659824
8UinsGemmea Rubida PrimaAdult (f)5,4537793
uiVXmGemmea Rubida QuartaAdult (f)5,5867882
El5EJGemmea Rubida QuintaAdult (f)4,9651,3932
9BMnPGemmea Rubida SecundaAdult (f)5,4617803
lwbWBGemmea Rubida SeptimaAdult (f)4,6301,4233
Fv1SRGemmea Rubida SextaAdult (f)4,9861,3193
iIKxjGemmea Rubida TertiaAdult (f)5,5027791
makVFGemmea Viridis PrimaAdult (f)5,9211,0366
SuIk2Gemmeus Rubidus PrimusAdult (m)5,0357883
eqjiXGemmeus Rubidus SecundusAdult (m)5,2287821
lT0h3Gemmeus Rubidus TertiusAdult (m)4,7859513
wPJzxGemmeus Venetus PrimusAdult (m)5,4068483
VFUQNGemmeus Venetus QuartusAdult (m)4,1348641
qtrCiGemmeus Venetus QuintusAdult (m)4,1818762
UpM5PGemmeus Venetus SecundusAdult (m)5,1988471
MmAjIGemmeus Venetus TertiusAdult (m)5,3831,1664
uCDAVGemmeus Viridis PrimusAdult (m)4,8521,4017
3n6UhGG IIAdult (f)5,1511,0026
A4ljQGG IIIAdult (f)6,3521,07713
mGbk5GG IVAdult (m)4,7321,0174
lJsmWGG IV-IIAdult (f)4,5601,37410
DOtT3GLB AlphaAdult (m)4,1181,2506
zNrzNGLB BetaAdult (m)5,6271,1394
Wspq4GLB Tri-AlphaAdult (m)6,1381,1675
0XvOEGlorious WaterAdult (f)3,9071,18411
l5EQZGM  BetaAdult (m)3,6511,0401
JHl6ZGM DeltaAdult (m)3,9839954
e3WJaGM EpsilonAdult (m)4,5461,3283
zcVJgGM EtaAdult (m)4,5791,3333
VXJ2NGM GammaAdult (m)4,5441,3363
09ZSyGM IotaAdult (m)5,7678501
t5jVpGM TetraAdult (m)6,2101,1286
aL8V9GM ThetaAdult (m)4,8111,3305
dSafdGM Tri-AlphaAdult (m)2,4485854
NlHA1GM Tri-EpsilonAdult (m)3,8951,1176
uDTDyGM Tri-GammaAdult (m)4,1971,0696
xtBhxGM ZetaAdult (m)4,5411,3492
GG5bHGood Game 5Hatchling (F)2,8155272
sR1b4GWS BetaAdult (f)4,0321,1297
1ZY1DGWS DeltaAdult (f)3,0789424
HZiGzGWS GammaAdult (f)3,5061,2489
zsXblGWS TetraAdult (f)4,6061,15615
TBXTRGWS Tri-BetaAdult (f)2,9641,1333
lU2XYGWS Tri-DeltaAdult (f)6,1261,15615
e0XL2Happy OxalAdult (f)5,2941,30614
sO5DKHolidays are no proper lineagesAdult (f)4,8291,26110
msc8CHow will I ever continue thisAdult (f)4,8361,17114
7eEg0I am an EgoistAdult (f)4,5861,2493
jiSzRI form my bodyAdult (m)8,3161,6576
dGEuVI know it's a typoAdult (f)3,0561,0355
RaYi4Iced Blue SilverAdult (m)6,2607194
ipXk7Is not very longAdult (f)3,1756457
Ow7v2It's the realAdult (f)6,1808438
I4NoZJanoszAdult (m)5,8566553
Xkp5oJewel's DelightAdult (f)7,88495813
8q5HEJust ask yourselfAdult (m)3,6971,0459
0uEawJUST SOHatchling (F)6,18044710
KhEotKi AiAdult (m)8,0021,14515
MII2WLBG AlphaAdult (f)5,9651,41614
ie3LLLBG BetaAdult (f)5,7631,35613
tDvjjLicorice SweetheartAdult (f)3,5661,1847
6vrXGLiquefactionAdult (m)5,2541,20814
I9XCmLiquid JuniorAdult (m)5,66695531
zKhHrLiquid NationAdult (m)6,7341,0254
XPXlNLiquidatoryAdult (m)6,5571,18310
n5sI8LiquificationAdult (m)6,8031,03911
RVO5OLurkers are no proper lineagesAdult (f)6,3419929
aOu3AMagical SinsAdult (f)5,3821,05511
72TB3MaittaAdult (f)4,8139404
gcXFJMerry ColorsAdult (m)6,6558838
FqUIYMerry SingularitiesAdult (f)3,8791,1914
VTbghMessy 12g shimmerAdult (f)6,7281,10041
d7dGHMG BetaAdult (f)4,89099814
O3Kd0MG DeltaAdult (f)5,2961,23618
pnLyoMG EpsilonAdult (f)3,7481,0606
R6mkZMG EtaAdult (f)4,5511,19917
nQqYrMG GammaAdult (f)4,9441,0918
aLs7uMG Gamma IIAdult (f)3,8481,01711
YeYvPMG PentaAdult (f)4,7591,03210
fozRcMG TetraAdult (f)4,0331,2407
ypSxiMG Tetra Backup IAdult (f)5,3961,2478
6QC8rMG Tetra IIAdult (f)3,7201,2404
gEPeJMG ThetaAdult (f)4,5121,22415
avBJoMG Tri-BetaAdult (f)4,6041,30813
0PUXqMG Tri-DeltaAdult (f)4,8221,1629
OMcY7MG Tri-EtaAdult (f)5,2351,2767
wlMSJMG Tri-ThetaAdult (f)6,3417939
B8olrMG Tri-ZetaAdult (f)5,3481,2778
FTk0JMG ZetaAdult (f)4,9511,16711
FkTu2Misgendered AvatarAdult (f)7,8358176
mbN8lMisgendered Avatar need new oneAdult (f)7,1109426
Q7HRGMisgendered Avatar needs replaciAdult (m)7,2599296
FUMyEMisgendered CopperAdult (f)6,1026344
4Ipt4Mister FluffleAdult (m)4,5184384
EDkZfMy First JewelAdult (f)4,2851,04311
MxF1NMy Second JewelAdult (f)6,3311,01710
9jc4INainiretsaaAdult (m)4,00763610
kmAlnObey to the LuminasAdult (f)6,9151,4586
UzRlWOne to make her happyAdult (m)1,4986435
H44mlParata PrimaAdult (f)6,5311,2035
pB1QZParata QuartaAdult (f)4,0271,0823
QKVsrParata SecundaAdult (f)6,6711,1571
o60c8Parata TertiaAdult (f)6,7401,2122
XOryPParatus PrimusAdult (m)5,2209243
KENBbParatus SecundusAdult (m)4,5181,0104
SDxRjPatterns 826th adult IIIAdult (f)6,3029535
XnzmvPatterns' 100th adultAdult (f)3,1705243
mCnjMPatterns' 101st adultAdult (m)2,2509083
Y7mx8Patterns' 103rd adultAdult (f)1,7185606
IXavTPatterns' 104th adultAdult (f)2,4867594
49FenPatterns' 105th adult IIAdult (m)4,9151,1864
a9ygBPatterns' 106th adult IIIAdult (m)4,8931,1746
mX34pPatterns' 107th adult IIIAdult (m)6,9211,2704
Nfj2pPatterns' 108th adultAdult (f)2,0247764
7gvZyPatterns' 109th adultAdult (m)3,8361,0583
cimWfPatterns' 10th adultAdult (f)7,7916598
t7zAJPatterns' 10th frozen hatchieHatchling (F)3,2798711
WF1maPatterns' 110th adultAdult (m)3,4328463
7dMLwPatterns' 111th adultAdult (m)3,1676994
UiOWUPatterns' 112th adultAdult (f)3,6181,1812
41FyYPatterns' 113th adultAdult (m)4,7671,2921
qaJbRPatterns' 114th adultAdult (f)2,8759461
zjrlPPatterns' 115th adultAdult (f)3,8099725
wtXE5Patterns' 116th adultAdult (m)2,5498374
DvPxCPatterns' 118th adult IIAdult (m)3,0761,0012
SMqt1Patterns' 119th adult IIAdult (f)3,0659883
814gvPatterns' 11th frozen hatchieHatchling (F)1,6671772
KNjcnPatterns' 120th adultAdult (m)3,7349135
ifurcPatterns' 121st adultAdult (f)3,6819563
OXV5NPatterns' 122nd adultAdult (f)3,4189573
e5jQaPatterns' 123rd adultAdult (m)2,2147716
1ZkScPatterns' 124th adultAdult (f)4,2008844
DLCBcPatterns' 125th adultAdult (m)5,0151,3733
EpC2SPatterns' 126th adultAdult (m)3,5584073
JXvVGPatterns' 127th adultAdult (f)2,3857544
wwyjYPatterns' 128th adult IIAdult (f)3,1889463
g8UvePatterns' 129th adultAdult (m)6,2001,2449
emDV2Patterns' 12th adultAdult (f)6,5231,0446
ZThqSPatterns' 12th frozen hatchieHatchling (F)2,0564594
cUrH8Patterns' 130th adultAdult (f)6,2161,2097
VZKGDPatterns' 132nd adultAdult (f)2,07770411
et3A5Patterns' 133rd adultAdult (f)3,4175882
D6KILPatterns' 134th adult IIAdult (m)3,0291,0627
qvg7pPatterns' 135th adultAdult (f)2,7441,0184
41fjbPatterns' 137th adult NCBAdult (m)5,7559081
WtlecPatterns' 138th adultAdult (m)5,5949175
bXUDCPatterns' 139th adultAdult (m)5,7109275
RVn0XPatterns' 13th frozen hatchieHatchling (m, F)3,8179034
lQdkGPatterns' 141st adultAdult (m)2,7836273
9SH6xPatterns' 142nd adultAdult (f)2,6894813
p9SolPatterns' 143rd adultAdult (m)2,8175478
tRI1pPatterns' 144th adultAdult (m)3,3365843
68ITqPatterns' 145th adultAdult (m)2,8854744
sWWmZPatterns' 146th adultAdult (f)2,4715927
IBkqEPatterns' 147th adultAdult (f)2,8844663
MOmprPatterns' 148th adultAdult (m)3,3455493
dgjsqPatterns' 149th adultAdult (f)2,44764210
0xeekPatterns' 14th adultAdult (f)3,6699354
VYzjKPatterns' 14th frozen hatchieHatchling (m, F)3,8301,1102
cqUF4Patterns' 151st adultAdult (m)2,7549165
ado1DPatterns' 152nd adultAdult (f)2,4567052
UMXeHPatterns' 153rd adultAdult (m)2,7555685
9ydtXPatterns' 154th adultAdult (f)2,6038322
bzJHGPatterns' 155th adultAdult (f)2,1235583
FWop6Patterns' 156th adultAdult (m)5,3521,40618
jL99XPatterns' 157th adultAdult (m)4,1781,56812
MaMS0Patterns' 158th adultAdult (f)5,4861,3868
q3VugPatterns' 159th adultAdult (m)5,7411,32910
NiLBhPatterns' 15th adultAdult (f)5,2857326
igNIePatterns' 15th frozen hatchieHatchling (m, F)3,9551,1322
vd9CIPatterns' 160th adultAdult (f)1,9876361
ouf9yPatterns' 161st adultAdult (m)3,5869154
blQtcPatterns' 162nd adultAdult (m)12,1381,76219
YpR9OPatterns' 163rd adultAdult (m)2,4175033
NnpQ6Patterns' 164th adultAdult (m)3,6429577
WxqqZPatterns' 165th adultAdult (m)2,9754466
3jX6vPatterns' 166th adultAdult (f)4,1827345
iOVmLPatterns' 167th adultAdult (m)3,3076124
0KEc1Patterns' 168th adultAdult (m)5,3561,1705
2GyN2Patterns' 169th adultAdult (f)4,5751,12410
naHpwPatterns' 16th adultAdult (m)6,1531,06524
o3WvOPatterns' 16th frozen hatchieHatchling (f, F)3,5951,1742
TWrppPatterns' 170th adultAdult (m)3,7397915
NxX9QPatterns' 171st adultAdult (f)2,9536503
8ydXFPatterns' 172nd adultAdult (m)3,0405093
g6oLoPatterns' 173rd adultAdult (m)3,3936523
0yoUFPatterns' 174th adultAdult (m)3,0175453
wzfzUPatterns' 175th adultAdult (f)2,7745265
8jz0HPatterns' 176th adultAdult (f)5,4141,1592
Ym8KnPatterns' 177th adultAdult (m)4,5831,3082
0hepHPatterns' 178th adult IIAdult (m)5,8741,5015
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