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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “patterns,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
x2zHI501 - Cousin of Jack RyanAdult (f)6,8367976
U2Udt501 - Jack RyanAdult (m)6,6717859
4XS38501 - Second Cousin to Jack RyanAdult (m)5,82176412
rO9k5501 - Third Cousin to Agent RyanAdult (m)6,7958102
u0o2s999 - All the OoohsAdult (f)3,2701,2959
JxTR4999 - Bad Trade BaitAdult (f)6,1711,15223
HSQV0999 - Girlfriend of the BeastAdult (f)3,39698011
kg85C999 - Hear me RoarAdult (f)5,8891,10511
Hofdd999 - Home of the BeastAdult (f)6,23079017
wxFlw999 - I am no beastAdult (f)4,7121,0569
s9Gdl999 - I had no offersAdult (f)5,65592620
wCqOK999 - I like the Beastie BoysAdult (f)3,5011,0465
wsMl9999 - I was at MI9Adult (f)8,02264914
sDoGu999 - Lapdog of the BeastAdult (f)4,6191,3756
LsXOw999 - Low on SocksAdult (f)5,9681,1613
zjelE999 - Mother of the BeastAdult (f)2,98235724
MFGrl999 - My Favorite GirlAdult (f)5,0041,3438
JmLfB999 - My Life for BajorAdult (f)6,6007126
jwyUg999 - Not For SaleAdult (f)6,3661,02015
G74gn999 - Running out of NamesAdult (f)6,6231,03610
qTUEd999 - Silver MadnessAdult (f)5,8501,18610
TEgeH999 - Silvery BeastAdult (f)6,1901,26113
OE9iL999 - Silvery EggAdult (f)6,39991813
fMeqY999 - Silvery SaintAdult (f)6,7521,0019
XZko7999 - Sister of the BeastAdult (f)6,1391,15211
wcHvR999 - The Eye of the BeastAdult (f)6,0351,1718
nFEN5999 - The Heart of the BeastAdult (f)5,8561,1858
ML4Cr999 - Tired of TradingAdult (f)5,4201,2208
UgQSY999 - Too lazy for tradingAdult (f)6,7821,26913
PA7zr999 - Trade for a Strip of BaconAdult (f)5,3851,0069
TU9F2999 - Tuff GirlAdult (f)6,68088012
9wKAQ999 - Turned LazyAdult (f)6,0187755
PYtNy999 - What a PityAdult (f)6,4007273
ZJeJQ999 - What the BeastAdult (f)3,3369924
Y3aXg999 - Who let the Beast outAdult (f)6,0261,2777
Yduzs999 - Why so seriousAdult (f)7,1238089
WIPqB999 - Working the QuarterbackAdult (f)7,2759956
dVRDj9999 - Hey Mister DJAdult (m)4,6671,0349
TWPhcA DiamondAdult (f)5,3151,05621
3HH3TA long way DownAdult (m)6,4181,11912
6kaKBa simple factAdult (f)6,8611,17311
461iiAaron ClearscalesAdult (m)8,0671,20210
Upnu8AasterinianAdult (f)7,4741,16025
hr6fxAll your metals are belong to usHatchling (f, F)3,2331,0463
74BUhAmfejjarc0 Secehot Kxinot ThuwedAdult (m)5,9778589
cZ14LAnna BrightscalesAdult (f)3,4811,3456
2ogMiAren't you gladAdult (m)8,7141,05417
YVUyoArgon BrightscalesAdult (m)7,8951,0758
mZ7I1Ash BrightscalesAdult (m)4,8611,4397
qFlRYAshley BrightscalesAdult (f)4,9991,2725
LoMZvAzure Baron of Fifteenth CityAdult (m)6,0141,1306
U7y4wAzure Baron of Fourteenth CityAdult (m)3,8679638
z07FIAzure Baron of Sixteenth CityAdult (m)2,9619984
HQBoqAzure Baron of the Eighth CityAdult (m)3,1018718
B9HC6Azure Baron of the Eleventh CityAdult (m)5,6638653
dH1BjAzure Baron of the Fifth CityAdult (m)3,7419768
qlmdcAzure Baron of the First CityAdult (m)3,8091,1456
woRzWAzure Baron of the Fourth CityAdult (m)3,0121,0713
BBghdAzure Baron of the Ninth CityAdult (m)3,3489777
j2h5gAzure Baron of the Second CityAdult (m)4,6941,0211
tIoBXAzure Baron of the Seventh CityAdult (m)3,8598902
9VIpZAzure Baron of the Sixth CityAdult (m)3,7821,1257
sCftkAzure Baron of the Tenth CityAdult (m)3,4841,0738
XOWmuAzure Baron of the Third CityAdult (m)3,2398858
YBs6CAzure Baron of the Twelfth CityAdult (m)4,2131,2045
Fxk8SAzure Baron of Thirteenth CityAdult (m)3,5971,0868
3X1lZAzure Baroness of Eighth CityAdult (f)5,4451,2009
W6as2Azure Baroness of Eleventh CityAdult (f)2,8561,1426
ZuOymAzure Baroness of Fifteenth CityAdult (f)5,1081,5463
FzmL0Azure Baroness of Fourth CityAdult (f)4,4041,0407
WA8sSAzure Baroness of Second CityAdult (f)3,6447226
vooJuAzure Baroness of Seventh CityAdult (f)4,3809895
Eg9pRAzure Baroness of Sixteenth CityAdult (f)4,0991,0243
TuzsLAzure Baroness of the Fifth CityAdult (f)3,9911,0348
2c0RCAzure Baroness of the First CityAdult (f)4,1591,16812
izKawAzure Baroness of the FourteenthAdult (f)2,0185006
WrLEUAzure Baroness of the Ninth CityAdult (f)2,7269372
ZCfOdAzure Baroness of the Sixth CityAdult (f)3,8989647
8LRCaAzure Baroness of the Tenth CityAdult (f)2,9501,1177
hFMZPAzure Baroness of the Third CityAdult (f)3,7251,0054
Qh7OdAzure Baroness of the ThirteenthAdult (f)3,7011,0439
MP96YAzure Baroness of Twelfth CityAdult (f)3,7079482
gpP4sAzure Count of EighthingtonAdult (m)5,5447456
Id31GAzure Count of FifthingtonAdult (m)6,1261,0322
LO7D7Azure Count of FirstingtonAdult (m)4,9481,3543
8i8d7Azure Count of FourthingtonAdult (m)3,4281,1895
k1EDCAzure Count of SecondingtonAdult (m)3,9899372
w1CHpAzure Count of SeventhingtonAdult (m)5,9521,1138
0I9VyAzure Count of SixthingtonAdult (m)7,7481,0197
4je9fAzure Count of ThirdingtonAdult (m)5,6557807
7Ik7lAzure Countess of EighthingtonAdult (f)4,8231,3264
yJwrIAzure Countess of FifthingtonAdult (f)3,9071,1706
0XVP1Azure Countess of FirstingtonAdult (f)3,1331,01310
zLUJ0Azure Countess of FourthingtonAdult (f)5,8959008
STM9dAzure Countess of SecondingtonAdult (f)3,2511,0467
aqtOuAzure Countess of SeventhingtonAdult (f)5,4051,2456
7vsXmAzure Countess of SixthingtonAdult (f)6,2037086
N3SSmAzure Countess of ThirdingtonAdult (f)3,7431,0356
d9EK6Azure Dame Eighth GradeAdult (f)4,5279408
sKjMiAzure Dame Eleventh GradeAdult (f)1,5789456
wzFNTAzure Dame Fifteenth GradeAdult (f)4,0411,0769
o2q81Azure Dame Fifth GradeAdult (f)4,4231,4398
Pm6WEAzure Dame First GradeAdult (f)5,9131,1597
KiLRTAzure Dame Fourteenth GradeAdult (f)3,9369906
saUD8Azure Dame Fourth GradeAdult (f)5,7621,4345
m91ulAzure Dame Ninth GradeAdult (f)6,4171,1649
N8n6vAzure Dame of Eleventh OrderAdult (f)3,8981,0382
86kmhAzure Dame of Fifteenth OrderAdult (f)3,7941,0553
af0yRAzure Dame of Fourteenth OrderAdult (f)4,1441,1104
5rg8aAzure Dame of Sixteenth OrderAdult (f)3,4949935
R80KkAzure Dame of the Eighth OrderAdult (f)3,8647105
YH9q4Azure Dame of the Fifth OrderAdult (f)4,1411,29513
ANXlaAzure Dame of the First OrderAdult (f)8,5361,0468
WWsfTAzure Dame of the Fourth OrderAdult (f)4,5891,0645
6s2HsAzure Dame of the Ninth OrderAdult (f)4,8049067
xYvDkAzure Dame of the Second OrderAdult (f)4,6941,1959
VGeoyAzure Dame of the Seventh OrderAdult (f)3,7459998
1ausEAzure Dame of the Sixth OrderAdult (f)3,0519838
2qjSpAzure Dame of the Tenth OrderAdult (f)4,6689436
ifuWBAzure Dame of the Third OrderAdult (f)3,7271,15816
mfPqaAzure Dame of the Twelfth OrderAdult (f)3,3561,0208
A1paSAzure Dame of Thirteenth OrderAdult (f)4,2251,0106
PXeZuAzure Dame Second GradeAdult (f)5,1541,1196
pPGq7Azure Dame Seventh GradeAdult (f)3,7401,0490
BXGhXAzure Dame Sixteenth GradeAdult (f)4,1931,0184
iHCIhAzure Dame Sixth GradeAdult (f)3,5601,0645
7soiWAzure Dame Tenth GradeAdult (f)5,8511,13610
bFi7qAzure Dame Third GradeAdult (f)3,2751,0653
GvApiAzure Dame Thirteenth GradeAdult (f)4,0719957
Lo0FSAzure Dame Twelfth GradeAdult (f)1,5269166
CTHGdAzure Duchess of First CountyAdult (f)2,7061,0524
dWZb4Azure Duchess of Fourth CountyAdult (f)6,4007657
TmgoaAzure Duchess of Second CountyAdult (f)4,4821,11714
S4gH2Azure Duchess of Third CountyAdult (f)6,68199713
asIXyAzure Duke of the First CountyAdult (m)3,8719653
EMd2tAzure Duke of the Fourth CountyAdult (m)4,0807168
KHlcMAzure Duke of the Second CountyAdult (m)4,6169164
VMhkIAzure Duke of the Third CountyAdult (m)4,9071,2842
xn3mJAzure Emperor of the WorldAdult (m)5,2506331
1I9lUAzure King of the NationAdult (m)4,8671,2278
b742qAzure Knight Eighth GradeAdult (m)4,7349695
zX3DGAzure Knight Eleventh GradeAdult (m)3,1751,0412
cukk8Azure Knight Fifteenth GradeAdult (m)3,9311,0313
ORtw5Azure Knight Fifth GradeAdult (m)4,7138591
3EEUHAzure Knight First GradeAdult (m)5,9091,2354
pVTk7Azure Knight Fourteenth GradeAdult (m)3,1521,0382
2uOnvAzure Knight Fourth GradeAdult (m)3,9581,03310
4rTcLAzure Knight Ninth GradeAdult (m)5,4341,2169
8q6iBAzure Knight of Eleventh OrderAdult (m)4,0781,0723
WaG62Azure Knight of Fifteenth OrderAdult (m)3,8781,0650
GZ8i9Azure Knight of Fourteenth OrderAdult (m)5,0329896
qZdB9Azure Knight of Seventh OrderAdult (m)4,58486217
BLGduAzure Knight of Sixteenth OrderAdult (m)4,2721,1196
0ef6kAzure Knight of the Eighth OrderAdult (m)2,9528853
GshEEAzure Knight of the Fifth OrderAdult (m)4,1889301
E5nbRAzure Knight of the First OrderAdult (m)4,1351,2147
B35PBAzure Knight of the Fourth OrderAdult (m)3,5291,0588
NJ3Q4Azure Knight of the Ninth OrderAdult (m)6,7361,2233
XksGoAzure Knight of the Second OrderAdult (m)3,9921,1979
y36hgAzure Knight of the Sixth OrderAdult (m)4,4121,2065
BhXWtAzure Knight of the Tenth OrderAdult (m)4,78285515
g5IM0Azure Knight of the Third OrderAdult (m)3,9631,2567
EpA3FAzure Knight of Thirteenth OrderAdult (m)5,0199734
Ol3emAzure Knight of Twelfth OrderAdult (m)4,4231,0337
zZso8Azure Knight Second GradeAdult (m)4,1991,1955
RK432Azure Knight Seventh GradeAdult (m)4,0421,0872
uK3nCAzure Knight Sixteenth GradeAdult (m)3,1899275
Dl6dYAzure Knight Sixth GradeAdult (m)4,1451,0498
a6LBkAzure Knight Tenth GradeAdult (m)4,1061,0205
6NZetAzure Knight Third GradeAdult (m)3,3679896
RgZl4Azure Knight Thirteenth GradeAdult (m)1,5309136
grn0WAzure Knight Twelfth GradeAdult (m)3,2241,0732
DqHi4Azure Prince of the First StateAdult (m)5,4251,5925
nzKZRAzure Prince of the Second StateAdult (m)4,7818925
rmxdNAzure Princess of First StateAdult (f)4,7441,3528
oAK72Azure Princess of Second StateAdult (f)6,0049085
NF0A2Azure Queen of the NationAdult (f)5,5127674
BKscpBack in SpaceAdult (m)8,1011,17615
ujxF5Backup Agent II-IAdult (m)5,0661,1336
cKV5YBackup Agent II-IIAdult (f)5,3921,35310
D6Lq9Backup Agent II-IIIAdult (m)6,2651,1148
4eS04Backup Agent II-IVAdult (f)7,02475910
l3i2oBackup Agent II-VIAdult (f)6,1198904
kZ2YxBackup Agent III-IAdult (m)3,7151,0327
yl9MPBackup Agent III-IIAdult (f)6,4081,19813
5X0YEBackup Agent III-IIIAdult (m)4,2591,2029
iMvPTBackup Agent III-IVAdult (f)4,3941,1306
2ICpsbackup agent III-VAdult (m)2,9181,0347
HyaIEBackup Agent III-VIAdult (f)7,0119864
7imx1Backup Agent IV-IAdult (m)4,9231,22212
MpacxBackup Agent IV-IIAdult (f)4,1241,1456
MRBujBackup Agent IV-IVAdult (f)6,6171,07618
BbG2RBackup Avatar IV-IAdult (m)7,8009225
kuadxBackup Baron XVAdult (m)6,6138063
GKWsZBackup Baroness XVAdult (f)6,6009944
joJqABackup Countess VAdult (f)5,0781,5484
kkQFoBackup Dame IAdult (f)3,6063009
5gDjmBackup Dame IIIAdult (f)6,4029337
KYCRWBackup Dame IVAdult (f)6,2531,2885
7BtYBBackup Dame VAdult (f)4,7608944
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