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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “nooey,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
kKl2KMystic Sunstar of GoslandAdult (f)3,3283908
gq5lQMystic AggsioAdult (m)1,7235219
Jr03e(Jr03e)Adult (m)2,4725202
cSbFwMystic AcasilaAdult (m)1,7035952
FCETMystic AmatanAdult (m)7,6481,2975
j0n0Mystic AbrodonAdult (m)4,9566572
iAtpMystic AshgritorAdult (m)5,1636658
rIGU7(rIGU7)Adult (m)4,0293492
02aCMystic AshyzeAdult (m)7,6101,3015
uKbLMystic AylistorAdult (m)4,58391326
kC9O0Mystic BaneblaAdult (m)3,6944835
XUiGMystic ByfogeAdult (m)5,6626194
KmhWMystic BinkatorAdult (m)5,7466364
dnZ5Mystic ChanglingAdult (m)7,2575069
SZNbPMystic DawnAdult (m)3,7397111
Cg0LEMystic AgargoilAdult (f)1,8936051
UtqWRMystic ArraAdult (f)3,1894325
OR143Mystic ArolasAdult (f)1,4205871
grpoHMystic AlteriaAdult (f)5,0713392
YLNIuMystic AzippiAdult (f)2,7635193
cQTvjMystic AllisonAdult (f)4,5473972
9TbnYMystic AytogisAdult (f)4,3494327
EvKaMystic EvkaAdult (f)4,22276023
QXErtMystic AthitroAdult (m)1,9836322
4d5TpMystic AdalonAdult (m)1,4185842
fcXQhMystic AffiloAdult (m)1,2776031
Aw3Y9Mystic AwynatorAdult (m)1,3195661
DcrJVMystic AmbernessAdult (m)3,1156496
U4bnMystic BruenAdult (m)6,73059412
VWeQMystic BurnishAdult (m)5,2834477
D6mtMystic AmberaAdult (f)6,0544836
cLERMystic AmberiAdult (f)3,9713898
QgoQMystic AmborellaAdult (f)4,84264716
PcmdJBastapaAdult (f)3,4566023
3NepFMystic CydrophaAdult (f)3,3914738
R2JbMystic CagyiAdult (f)5,0094217
YxUbHMystic AllatorAdult (m)2,5845451
O5K23Mystic AoskroAdult (m)4,9414862
ssdp8(ssdp8)Adult (m)2,0135353
h16FBMystic AmmitaAdult (f)3,8814949
apJeOMystic ApadaAdult (f)4,4664765
hflToMystic AmmivaAdult (f)3,9266521
IXZ5MMystic BrysinkAdult (f)4,79958810
ZZG2CMystic BypalidaAdult (f)3,9804756
Nh2W4Mystic CoobilaAdult (f)4,0364092
mP8HPMystic DisweetiAdult (f)5,6454332
rsdsTiddelypomHatchling (F)1,2951936
wMh0QMystic AstibelleAdult (f)3,7334604
Gt1hRMystic AgiselleAdult (f)4,0807562
79mBMystic BougenAdult (m)8,15966818
c3K3Mystic BaubleAdult (m)6,64566815
HVItgMystic CadmiumAdult (m)5,4384443
3s8CcMystic DribbaAdult (m)2,0304585
V06ljMystic DribamontAdult (m)5,8704052
4iG1Mystic DargortAdult (m)7,13055911
u13jeMystic EntwinorAdult (m)3,7314322
FmSgMystic Golden ShadeAdult (m)2,8406955
OxlhiMystic BuxilaAdult (f)1,6845782
jsDEcMystic ButtercupAdult (f)4,5984135
M4eKrMystic ButtercaAdult (f)5,1313434
P1dAMystic ButterAdult (f)4,9974984
gbc2XMystic BrandysnapAdult (f)4,37840510
lYwrQCreeping ClyriqAdult (m)3,1586526
nYDpBMystic ChissiaAdult (f)3,70949113
LC7SQMystic ChalditaAdult (f)4,3484369
HBZz2Damsel DandylionAdult (f)1,9436514
geAJTMystic DelorosaAdult (f)3,8523747
DGa1Mystic TriffidAdult (f)4,09183131
E127mMystic AesipeAdult (m)2,1275561
UiOc8Mystic AndoliviAdult (m)2,8901,0616
OJyazMystic AlavintoAdult (m)4,6941,3505
5lgWUMystic AsigaworAdult (m)4,7996841
IhLXzMystic AlyforAdult (m)2,2745831
wjf8PMystic AwajorAdult (m)4,7428053
aklETMystic AkletAdult (m)5,6176262
EDzMVMystic AzadindonAdult (m)2,3176721
aM2LTMystic AmetorAdult (m)2,2094762
SxQYqMystic AsatranAdult (m)1,8315611
QSvbDMystic AsavoAdult (m)2,5305141
aHYUMMystic AlahoroAdult (m)2,8774812
mYk59Mystic AmattonAdult (m)1,7816011
s2VNGMystic AsaboAdult (m)4,4504982
FzZYvMystic AfizzyAdult (m)3,4284803
nCK0eMystic AnockenAdult (m)3,1233931
pdSnA(pdSnA)Adult (m)3,9354103
f7VNMystic AkrostanAdult (m)3,4627168
l4ohMystic AgoranAdult (m)4,83575314
Rm7lMystic ArgonisAdult (m)3,94255820
HvaCBMystic BavilirAdult (m)1,6256141
WJ6WiMystic BraniganAdult (m)4,3333101
uYbBMystic Burning BushAdult (m)4,69145411
LrmRMystic BriarmasAdult (m)5,30555613
HQudMystic BukkarAdult (m)5,7685509
GEYuMystic BorrichAdult (m)3,34555910
d0jfMystic BindarAdult (m)4,7291,08831
oVMW3Mystic ChristopherAdult (m)2,9035606
TQ51hMystic C Whood ThuwedAdult (f)3,7966596
iTSvMCordis VineAdult (m)2,3508024
frj8JMystic CatagrowAdult (m)3,31749111
ZixuaCcccccccooAdult (f)3,4267101
P8sEMystic CaboAdult (m)4,57364811
U3kJMystic CagoroAdult (m)4,94171018
6MBXyEd AltersAdult (m)6,4666191
rsCq(rsCq)Hatchling (F)2,8242936
rNFOMystic ShootHatchling (F)3,9106248
HigGU(HigGU)Hatchling (F)2,4622371
Q40oMystic SprigHatchling (f, F)2,3513363
Qc74jMystic AcyiaAdult (f)3,0886123
1cCaKMystic AlecallaAdult (f)2,4446043
mHZiiMystic AmahalaAdult (f)1,6236003
PSQ6BMystic ApasoniaAdult (f)5,5778431
pXzpQMystic ApixiaAdult (f)6,6471,5933
fG8hTMystic AfoliniaAdult (f)2,1576531
WdoaWMystic AbadonaAdult (f)1,6446543
RdZLnMystic AradinaAdult (f)1,6956262
k9mlaMystic AkamaAdult (f)2,2616081
tdY30Mystic AtadiaAdult (f)3,5644122
V4TDnMystic AvalasaAdult (f)1,9235772
NsjS3Mystic AnasaAdult (f)2,2204802
vU18yMystic AvaliyaAdult (f)3,3584723
R7Jq4Mystic AryjaAdult (f)2,3805343
YwUWgMystic ApticoAdult (m)3,4335722
2dSY2Mystic AminaAdult (f)4,6684643
zHELUMystic AfoloiaAdult (f)4,5093943
532IXMystic ArisimaAdult (f)3,43342011
5JZWMystic ArriblaAdult (f)6,98455210
j4GdMystic AdicatiaAdult (f)3,8576798
gEuFJMystic BulisaAdult (f)5,1093411
7TSmWMystic BribbissaAdult (f)2,5467334
8P3djMystic BribilisaAdult (f)2,7197351
NAqZAMystic BallisaAdult (f)4,3293153
2bAEKBindissimaAdult (f)5,3488904
6QtCMystic ArgloriosaAdult (f)6,3761,01811
ris8aMystic BribbaAdult (f)4,1136578
oJCUMystic BindoraAdult (f)7,2316788
XLNuMystic BindribaAdult (f)6,2854779
UcgAMystic BiamassAdult (f)7,03757415
mdG0Mystic BisstmasAdult (f)5,61356812
KXbZMystic BagorasAdult (f)4,56765011
HeqlMystic BoradanAdult (f)4,8991,30625
SetH4Mystic ChristoniaAdult (f)1,6695684
pptzgMystic ChrissAdult (m)2,6826903
XskRMystic ChaxskerAdult (f)7,4801,35122
TTDvMystic CeltiaAdult (f)2,37770015
THZPMystic CaramineAdult (f)10,95093737
zWIyODazawy GirlAdult (f)2,2485411
WfW8rMystic DelisicaAdult (f)4,3954101
SaFVVMystic DribboraAdult (f)4,4434391
q4NeZMystic Devil's DaughterAdult (f)3,4455546
m2qcoMystic DissapiaAdult (f)4,9395895
HAHGQMystic DiviniaAdult (f)3,7684937
doIKXMystic DoIkxAdult (f)3,7984845
TPlqMystic DicortasiaAdult (f)6,29361515
bomNMystic DevilrushAdult (f)4,34459715
vAk9KMystic Dark DahliaAdult (f)4,6145263
6btjfDooohhhAdult (f)3,8553162
kZrCaMystic Doh not AltAdult (f)3,7846251
1eCVGDooohhhhAdult (f)5,2363502
8eqNNooey NiliaAdult (m)3,0594689
vkIMDMystic AkidAdult (m)5,0113351
PcwvbMystic ApaconAdult (m)2,9205540
QiJoAMystic AtiaAdult (f)5,4453631
8uOdNilia NooAdult (f)4,9525225
FtcAj(FtcAj)Hatchling (m, F)2,4537592
7IIGMystic Ali NiliaAdult (f)4,00467511
o5vTAMystic AsavitaAdult (f)2,9775851
QOjUmMystic AjummaAdult (f)3,1836060
LPchMystic NiliaAdult (m)6,7446028
MeJdDark Myst NooAdult (f)3,1744005
ulq0Mystic Ay MystAdult (f)3,2193984
baIFMMystic BalmyAdult (f)5,0894686
HFL8UChaflia PumpAdult (f)4,9726742
3ljWUDaluphineAdult (f)3,3739193
gWXTVMystic AllitAdult (m)5,2163532
OEGkRMystic ApillusAdult (m)5,0133443
T4u6Mystic Dark MystAdult (m)5,3865286
890MMystic Ab MystAdult (m)2,9543774
0sqb8Mystic Black MystAdult (m)3,1344869
i6CkeMystic ElkinabeAdult (m)3,8866014
S3nmSeawyrm NooAdult (f)4,9425185
sRtYMystic SeawyrmAdult (f)7,79761610
RnZMxButternut BeanAdult (f)2,7416898
Addg8Mystic BiortisAdult (f)3,6935088
b5PTOMystic CalypsoAdult (f)3,2873993
JJDN2CrajapumpaAdult (f)5,2066142
QF7l0Mysic DiAdult (f)4,4444422
ilM7Mystic AtlantisAdult (m)4,0536677
1XakgMystic AixakAdult (m)4,6403481
GsDqNooey SeawyrmAdult (m)3,6976438
Nr2hlMystic ByvalinAdult (m)5,0905048
Zaf0gMystic CazistaAdult (f)1,7032803
BD5ElMystic CalAdult (m)3,4724856
rPCLMisfit NooAdult (m)3,7932535
u7ZsWMystic BypAdult (m)3,1104467
IaFcNooey MisfitAdult (m)5,6396766
qTClI Love PumpkinHatchling (F)2,0056456
isMGR(isMGR)Adult (f)4,0764944
jmd1Mystic MisfitAdult (f)5,2505477
nT7kMystic An MisfitAdult (f)4,7455485
VRL80Butter MissesAdult (f)2,7898992
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