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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “nooey,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
eIue5(eIue5)Adult (f)3,5636851
L6vSM(L6vSM)Adult (f)3,3786901
RaLoq(RaLoq)Adult (f)2,2956331
J9S6T(J9S6T)Adult (m)3,4316882
R7WX3Mystic AqualisAdult (f)3,8177032
8MotE(8MotE)Adult (m)3,7517180
fxwQPMystic PipioAdult (m)2,6275801
rD2RTMystic ArdoAdult (m)1,8505721
OJ2IEMystic AojaAdult (f)2,5245731
5h5j3Mystic AetherAdult (f)2,4486772
G31zA(G31zA)Adult (m)2,6206832
Wjmn9(Wjmn9)Adult (m)2,3226621
Tcuvq(Tcuvq)Adult (m)2,5137201
RcufM(RcufM)Adult (f)2,5177231
OOkjV(OOkjV)Adult (f)2,6507083
ymfk0Mystic BorealAdult (m)2,5356611
fyE2d(fyE2d)Adult (m)2,5746665
hEI9g(hEI9g)Adult (m)2,5596741
M8nss(M8nss)Adult (f)2,5106503
f0hbXMystic  AshAdult (m)2,6116651
Eb5WY(Eb5WY)Adult (m)2,5956662
C8bH3Mystic MimicAdult (m)2,7377061
L5uGWMystic AlsioAdult (m)3,1118032
gjQ4v(gjQ4v)Adult (f)2,8027081
C26gkMystic AAdult (f)2,7265812
FzF5nMystic AfaziaAdult (f)2,8228011
MM07NMystic AmmimaAdult (f)2,9118022
XR2HFMystic AxarisaAdult (f)3,0527772
AP3DxButternutsAdult (f)2,2177050
7YepbMystic Black TruffleAdult (m)2,9457054
wybw9(wybw9)Adult (m)3,3307020
mGnnGMystic AmagorAdult (m)3,3247033
Ct1M8Mystic AcitroAdult (m)3,7017051
T4ZynMystic AtratoAdult (m)2,0077073
JpactMystic BilvitronAdult (m)2,9547061
VLxDdMystic BardoAdult (m)3,9867050
u8EVQ(u8EVQ)Adult (m)2,1667014
CCunS(CCunS)Adult (m)2,4497065
Ddm5nMystic AdisaAdult (f)3,2466893
07gcNMystic AyoraAdult (f)2,7557941
KvZE8Mystic AkizaAdult (m)2,9237042
hgqHJMystic AchiaAdult (m)3,1357073
nItb7(nItb7)Adult (m)3,3117031
xQqin(xQqin)Adult (f)3,4967061
9BOCIMystic SiyatAdult (f)3,4257072
f7NCX(f7NCX)Adult (m)2,9017110
Xn6X6(Xn6X6)Adult (m)2,7407051
Sbd0i(Sbd0i)Adult (f)2,7327202
pJT4a(pJT4a)Adult (f)2,8377031
KyJcR(KyJcR)Adult (f)2,4437022
32Ogl(32Ogl)Adult (f)2,5747060
9uKGn(9uKGn)Adult (m)2,8377091
p5ktIMystic PyrovarAdult (m)2,8847043
9Ea7i(9Ea7i)Adult (m)2,7457021
92xtt(92xtt)Adult (m)2,3487062
A09Ix(A09Ix)Adult (m)2,5307031
gmJt8Mystic AglitorAdult (m)2,1207121
ISDdw(ISDdw)Adult (f)2,4847051
gcSneMystic AgissaAdult (f)2,5067042
0WrkwMystic TatterdrakeAdult (m)2,5326951
yAHZCMystic AyahaAdult (f)2,5716541
DxcmSMystic AdaxaAdult (f)2,5407021
E4JfSMystic AstilaAdult (f)2,6676862
pkb6mMystic LaculaAdult (m)1,7647121
sJWgBMystic AjibboAdult (m)2,5997043
eEU3JMystic AesyusAdult (m)1,8127091
KQS8qMystic AkricAdult (m)1,9597061
7LHwtMystic AylatorAdult (m)2,0567211
GBLdUMystic AgarosAdult (m)2,0277021
bTsIzMystic AbatroAdult (m)1,7097051
t3qEnMystic BangelwingAdult (m)3,4557020
LETtJBest GarlandAdult (m)2,0367081
1I87qMystic AliciaAdult (f)1,7297031
WgA10Mystic AwglisaAdult (f)1,7467061
q2FtkMystic AffisaAdult (f)1,7207131
ulZA8Mystic AulinaAdult (f)1,7967051
3OyA3Mystic AsoyaAdult (f)1,9277011
2MGPYMystic AsamiaAdult (f)1,7797030
kMT6uMystic AkamissAdult (f)1,8347050
WYbM7Mystic BillinaAdult (f)3,0596592
eoLcgMystic Red Tailed WyrmAdult (m)4,1586893
SBG7ZMystic LeodonAdult (f)2,8007061
FGMcyMystic AfagonAdult (m)3,0907051
FV8W3(FV8W3)Adult (f)2,7876531
G24tW(G24tW)Adult (f)1,8997072
8gkxY(8gkxY)Adult (f)2,7977021
wPmB1(wPmB1)Adult (m)2,8337090
BP1lc(BP1lc)Adult (f)1,9217060
9PHywMystic ApillinaAdult (f)3,1187080
aJ4wrMystic MelismorAdult (f)2,7757071
4cEXvMystic AbricoAdult (m)2,1627013
lM9et(lM9et)Adult (m)2,3656711
7jMm6(7jMm6)Adult (m)3,7694902
40nklMystic AonkaAdult (f)2,7967031
VQqSh(VQqSh)Adult (f)2,6036421
4g7Dj(4g7Dj)Adult (f)2,9137081
Blovp(Blovp)Adult (f)2,7577022
q7Q76(q7Q76)Adult (f)1,8237111
TadNJ(TadNJ)Adult (f)2,3836922
zIv33Mystic RazorcrestAdult (f)3,0497041
JxXAFMystic AjixoAdult (m)2,5436496
TpQ1R(TpQ1R)Adult (m)2,5016241
A4JbS(A4JbS)Adult (m)2,4016150
wTRVv(wTRVv)Adult (m)2,8777050
x7bNl(x7bNl)Adult (f)1,7887122
vw3i9(vw3i9)Adult (m)1,8247051
7osEe(7osEe)Adult (m)1,7847050
1NqiHMystic  FloretAdult (m)4,1027041
q9GjR(q9GjR)Adult (m)2,8436372
0cqXM(0cqXM)Adult (m)4,1457092
0oTza(0oTza)Adult (m)2,7746680
DMrp6(DMrp6)Adult (f)2,7037112
IZxoo(IZxoo)Adult (f)2,5326060
MhRn9Mystic AmatisaAdult (f)2,5407022
bTmpA(bTmpA)Adult (m)4,1437033
C5v3FSoPurpleAdult (m)2,5215676
QuP7K(QuP7K)Adult (m)3,9977011
pMr8S(pMr8S)Adult (m)4,1287052
JjGn5Mystic FreckledAdult (m)4,0487021
lKnPSMystic AkistroAdult (m)2,4266692
q7kx6Mystic AtakinoAdult (m)2,9357751
s8ph6Mystic AskinaAdult (f)3,2877064
5OKQt(5OKQt)Adult (m)2,6066261
3MahN(3MahN)Adult (f)4,1937011
Z1zua(Z1zua)Adult (f)4,1187041
KZbyZ(KZbyZ)Adult (f)2,8106462
kZokU(kZokU)Adult (f)2,7296450
bOII1(bOII1)Adult (f)2,7566430
1O1PZ(1O1PZ)Adult (f)2,8166381
siayFMysticBautaAdult (f)4,8556810
osAsL(osAsL)Adult (m)6,6165321
MgEXs(MgEXs)Adult (m)6,6795423
tX4UR(tX4UR)Adult (m)5,0665801
QVaXV(QVaXV)Adult (f)5,5105881
xt7ThMystic Spinel sAdult (m)4,9866800
OTimJ(OTimJ)Adult (m)4,7796801
2Y0P7(2Y0P7)Adult (m)4,8006750
kMh3sMystic BakinAdult (m)6,6706001
JPgCRMystic BajirAdult (m)6,7296001
PqgiuClurkiAdult (m)6,5795951
7TPZp(7TPZp)Adult (f)4,8496801
0aiyX(0aiyX)Adult (f)4,8086781
xXv8p(xXv8p)Adult (f)4,7816790
y6u3u(y6u3u)Adult (f)4,9446731
99WMzMystic AbbyAdult (f)2,6555514
DRAwj(DRAwj)Adult (f)2,3667010
hOHwJBlended KauAdult (f)8,5345793
UBgGjBia KauAdult (f)8,5265911
imi1QBiMutterAdult (f)6,5926243
mRMGgMystic KhusaAdult (m)5,3956101
7zPcH(7zPcH)Adult (f)5,0476080
igvsr(igvsr)Adult (m)4,6625991
WL10XMystic AwcillaAdult (f)3,7957210
76HWRMystic AtrinaAdult (f)2,3387024
eaOVf(eaOVf)Adult (f)4,0375941
eWbtI(eWbtI)Adult (m)4,5875941
oNeOr(oNeOr)Adult (f)4,5235971
1qQmUBia SpiritAdult (f)7,0791,0071
iePJn(iePJn)Adult (f)4,2946362
kMhWV(kMhWV)Adult (f)4,8186011
bx3Ac(bx3Ac)Adult (f)4,6716270
GXA3X(GXA3X)Adult (f)4,2316361
EifY6(EifY6)Adult (m)5,6357471
q0CkGMystic BailakaAdult (m)4,6517672
XMkrV(XMkrV)Adult (m)4,5256331
TWTHHMystic AzoAldAdult (m)4,8795961
r4Omg(r4Omg)Adult (m)4,5426281
qv6ZZ(qv6ZZ)Adult (f)4,5476301
qfjX7(qfjX7)Adult (f)4,6346310
unEj9Mystic ScriptAdult (m)4,6217752
eCCskMystic AeciciAdult (f)3,3686142
tehx8(tehx8)Adult (m)5,5327591
xbC77(xbC77)Adult (m)4,8187671
QOcgx(QOcgx)Adult (m)5,4597501
2DeoN(2DeoN)Adult (m)6,1695350
vcmWH(vcmWH)Adult (m)5,6287451
0OyJJMystic AmoojaAdult (f)5,5227530
VJputBia OmenAdult (f)6,3306291
bnsIsMystic SinomorphAdult (f)
aD1AaMystic AdiamAdult (m)
SyIKGZynormAdult (m)
hYHSOMystic AsinoAdult (m)
vNU1aMystic AsindroAdult (m)
MLhzY(MLhzY)Adult (m)
IXQmEMystic ZyumorphAdult (m)5,9381,0116
IMbWR(IMbWR)Adult (m)6,5319346
BkfMV(BkfMV)Adult (m)6,0609905
V7aSc(V7aSc)Adult (m)9,7716692
gJyUjBoctriaAdult (f)7,7328712
fznWG(fznWG)Adult (f)9,2617493
QEnVSMystic BoldinonAdult (m)5,8338232
DZ9YZMystic  ZyumorphAdult (m)7,1011,0512
AZdYaMystic AzyorAdult (m)6,9608273
jOu4OMystic AujorAdult (m)7,1569491
BWfhNMystic AbritonAdult (m)6,9111,0910
bnP91Mystic BoldimonAdult (m)7,6945772
pTgvZMystic BardAdult (m)6,3557974
3CZHjMystic BasoldAdult (m)6,6818864
rYojBMystic BayoldAdult (f)10,5787151
w2KSOMystic CAdult (m)6,0338366
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