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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “nooey,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
tXHtb(tXHtb)Adult (m)2,8525502
khGyT(khGyT)Adult (f)3,9796291
jLRcS(jLRcS)Adult (f)4,0776041
y3eoA(y3eoA)Adult (f)3,8786212
Q33px(Q33px)Adult (m)3,9355931
C5JC5(C5JC5)Adult (m)3,9936041
Jpk8pMystic AjipiaAdult (f)3,6307711
qYJoEBewitched BAdult (f)2,9027132
lOR16(lOR16)Adult (m)2,9786593
AGtoy(AGtoy)Adult (m)3,1996693
6oE68(6oE68)Adult (m)2,6385684
GckY2(GckY2)Adult (m)2,6765944
JE9Kk(JE9Kk)Adult (f)2,2385861
gJm6J(gJm6J)Adult (m)3,5546241
hSHlo(hSHlo)Adult (f)2,9105634
qzPOQ(qzPOQ)Adult (f)2,2245801
ofZZY(ofZZY)Adult (m)2,3296351
yaWId(yaWId)Adult (f)3,2866510
lHViJ(lHViJ)Adult (f)2,1196400
RQCXb(RQCXb)Adult (m)3,1766611
kiyeJ(kiyeJ)Adult (m)2,9336122
oWPFZ(oWPFZ)Adult (m)6,4999194
HUtmP(HUtmP)Adult (m)6,6409281
UoWey(UoWey)Adult (m)6,3349021
ZV5lb(ZV5lb)Adult (f)3,2006491
hqk4ZChi KirktonAdult (m)3,2068092
W84e8Mystic AwmitonAdult (m)3,2378092
ZqHuiMystic AZacorAdult (m)2,3636049
TGPPcDeep SishaAdult (f)3,0286422
k8NsrMystic AkritoAdult (m)2,3256730
CkyeLMystic AcikiorAdult (m)6,1581,0501
Fdl91Mystic BolloAdult (m)2,1725501
AnfhgMystic AniffaAdult (f)2,3685921
fvoBUDeppioAdult (m)2,6896491
vKEafMystic BeastishAdult (f)3,1038071
UOyZTMystic DoldAdult (f)2,4478132
rv5IUMystic  DarkmoonAdult (m)2,4948050
nLlAIMystic CillAdult (m)2,7258022
rXbEd(rXbEd)Adult (m)2,9945942
zzbLUDaZZiorAdult (m)2,4538201
zuWEeCount BoneAdult (m)2,6917893
YBk41Cri RoseAdult (m)2,4478112
BV4BE(BV4BE)Adult (m)3,3564644
bNwhmDark ChocoAdult (f)2,4615756
tXoI2Countess BoneAdult (f)2,0915922
OYe2YConstelliasAdult (f)3,3304854
1YlXE(1YlXE)Adult (f)3,0974664
FomrOCiliviasAdult (f)2,6734494
Chhr9CexonAdult (f)2,6388092
pqcxZBrute GuardAdult (m)2,5658082
qCawa(qCawa)Adult (m)3,0525711
UNh1LDoldingsAdult (m)2,5568062
NafHnMystic AsinataAdult (f)3,6905105
cqEgQCelestionsAdult (m)2,6934415
IApurCauitoAdult (m)2,6215621
jcze3(jcze3)Adult (f)2,5645761
oiGIrBrashitoAdult (m)2,9835881
8MRX9(8MRX9)Hatchling (m, F)1,7935361
RVmobMystic BilasaAdult (f)2,7328071
zYjKeMystic BzyitoAdult (f)2,7158102
jetQGMystic BilatinAdult (m)2,3958042
DlREGMystic BillyAdult (m)2,4798163
21Pxj(21Pxj)Adult (m)2,9445851
74TXd(74TXd)Adult (m)2,4395466
YxunyBriptintorAdult (m)2,6418053
eP3YuBendascriptAdult (m)2,5438042
anbbzBo TreatAdult (m)2,8728132
DWEXbBill TreatAdult (m)2,1908031
7JCSlDijja DeliciousAdult (f)3,0996002
H2Ko8Che TreatAdult (f)2,6535481
jYrNYDilly DeliciousAdult (m)2,6125671
OcdmLDora DeliciousAdult (f)2,7825981
ycFmgDun DeliciousAdult (m)2,7625711
bsO3dMystic CredorAdult (m)3,9078111
4l3sUDillisaAdult (f)3,4057941
OIRCh(OIRCh)Adult (f)3,5968082
Hp91dMystic ApittiaAdult (f)3,0008022
2dizl(2dizl)Adult (m)3,8917992
7Ea9p(7Ea9p)Adult (m)2,17862811
N7vr3(N7vr3)Adult (m)2,1616792
g1ZpzMystic AgisiaAdult (f)2,5466321
uk56dMystic AukAdult (m)1,6706741
pG3n5Mystic ApragoAdult (m)1,5726411
Lw3bLClogoldAdult (m)3,2926642
43T9zBwyvisaAdult (f)2,0765182
jqojhBoomenaAdult (f)2,5645912
iKSsCMystic AkatiaAdult (f)2,4485882
bVu21Mystic AbravoAdult (m)2,3965832
dXnxOMystic AdraxAdult (m)2,4926072
6MO3tMystic AbiniaAdult (f)2,1565706
evBnd(evBnd)Adult (m)2,3675791
vaH5E(vaH5E)Adult (m)3,3267810
9JnRoMystic AprifoAdult (m)2,8317114
85yhgMystic AbasiaAdult (f)4,2788523
NR5SjEdo QuantumAdult (m)5,4109524
HD4NYFia Lung YingAdult (f)5,0859135
nLOcNBurning BoyAdult (m)2,7146995
URTO1CilitraAdult (f)2,2885834
faxCQTnim YdalAdult (f)2,3947051
KefeQMystic CillaAdult (m)2,9107042
TF1RrMystic CottoAdult (m)3,7747033
h7UYSCarsaniiAdult (m)6,6265712
y5iNdGingonessAdult (m)4,3826211
GoIK4Dark O'MasterAdult (m)5,8545581
SLEJOMystic BlugemAdult (f)2,7485452
Sm7uuMystic BasintaAdult (f)4,6697221
4HgWN(4HgWN)Adult (m)4,9767471
O3qg8Mystic BoejaAdult (f)5,2536252
HtCUd(HtCUd)Adult (f)2,4685013
f6T9U(f6T9U)Hatchling (m, F)2,2374644
P9gP6Gia HypnoAdult (f)6,5589112
QvrLlMystic BilisoAdult (m)5,9648483
vq8hPMystic BilitraAdult (m)6,1329555
RUKgpBiasweetAdult (f)2,1176833
AgAj8Mystic BlisymaAdult (f)3,0946422
Kdc8wDevil LurksAdult (f)2,8366854
S9qoRMystic BlisangoAdult (m)1,6186330
SNwMnBlusangorAdult (m)3,0276601
jeKRHMystic BilissimaAdult (f)1,7156333
2442GMystic CasangoAdult (m)2,4915591
eGB6SMystic AgritonAdult (m)2,2486043
DWlxHBithundoAdult (m)3,2546862
eVvp8Blitz OAdult (m)1,9186501
BUM8F(BUM8F)Adult (f)2,2536096
ROsBMMystic ArosaAdult (f)2,1525736
197xYB Sil DuplicAdult (f)5,1528893
ysCRY(ysCRY)Adult (f)2,1226331
Densg(Densg)Adult (m)2,9096081
yEUGyMystic AytiquaAdult (f)2,1925980
lht2XMystic AlathroAdult (m)2,2996881
sQ08lMystic AsatillaAdult (f)1,5656562
tZcAMMystic AtaziaAdult (f)2,6006451
OAP6UMystic AppiaAdult (f)2,6446371
NztLnMystic AnzillaAdult (f)2,1115771
Nj73YNinjisHatchling (m, F)4,3785011
xJw7B(xJw7B)Hatchling (m, F)4,2426831
517Z5(517Z5)Hatchling (F)4,1263802
wihOOMystic AwiooAdult (m)2,8696115
qvLo5Mystic AvaloAdult (m)6,5651,0913
yGSn3Mystic AygasanAdult (m)2,7935302
CdqP0Mystic AdoniusAdult (m)4,5299542
38A4EMystic AkydarianAdult (m)4,0245248
FeQGGMystic AdrophonAdult (m)3,4374835
kifRMystic  AporgoAdult (m)7,12565415
rmFVBBurre BlazerAdult (m)3,0415782
DyS3zBalitroAdult (m)2,0695933
XRm0WMystic BarrowAdult (m)4,4132952
kYsL4Mystic ByonebAdult (m)5,1905301
6CAmbMystic Best BoyAdult (m)3,0029393
pEVuYMystic Beautiful BoyAdult (m)4,6095132
4mePOMystic BorrisAdult (m)3,1987216
mq5OGMystic Best LoveAdult (m)5,1884466
9H0cXMystic BicyboyAdult (m)2,9909172
Lg3DMystic BrayamarAdult (m)6,7385897
TNWRMystic BrandicorAdult (m)5,1994434
E7ObmMystic BittersweetAdult (m)1,9676234
oA182Mystic BowdimaAdult (m)5,2975278
QWsHMystic BorilloAdult (m)5,7471,38831
DD1tcMystic ChinkatAdult (m)3,7144412
0BjgXMystic CallamarAdult (m)4,0004572
os7CuMystic CharweetAdult (m)3,6189702
oNH2Mystic CridianmarAdult (m)6,8975867
tZXSMystic CardiusAdult (m)6,3991,49639
HZ7n9Mystic Death ThrowsAdult (m)2,4676112
hT1SYMystic DorrimanAdult (m)4,1955229
eWYXMystic DragortaAdult (m)5,8516608
lvDuBEdu ValentinoAdult (m)4,3327021
IdSgJMystic EleganceAdult (m)5,20947010
pa8OMystic Hempmill DawnAdult (m)5,64381419
Lrf5Mystic LaughsAdult (m)4,75656918
KRnqMystic Pink PrinceAdult (m)6,5901,53236
Eht3Mystic MojoAdult (m)4,44196520
77vv5XXXXXXXXXXZAdult (m)4,3526071
xsIvtMystic AxasiviaAdult (f)3,0749142
QkXIoMystic AvaAdult (f)4,2134502
kTScnMystic AbbiAdult (f)4,7744334
I0h4Mystic AquewllaAdult (f)7,53252811
TlPqMystic AquellaAdult (f)6,29465611
qO0FMystic AnnatoriAdult (f)6,63457310
EjcAMystic AmilitoAdult (f)4,3375499
AEtRMystic AllisoraAdult (f)6,44968410
EQrvMystic Angel O'JadeAdult (f)4,94979911
XdkjBMystic BellasAdult (f)3,8446907
Asc5vMystic BalletmarAdult (f)4,5493150
OEN8Mystic BeeyuleaAdult (f)7,1775899
75TUMystic BallarisAdult (f)5,2815177
P1q2Mystic BishmaAdult (f)6,78449310
Fvr7Mystic BallamarAdult (f)6,8975856
ibCvMystic BebittaAdult (f)6,11569021
GuGnMystic BellorisAdult (f)6,06960616
mjGpaChristmas Yule JoyAdult (f)1,8485523
juYBuClarishadAdult (f)4,9923332
ZeM9pMystic ChollistaAdult (f)4,1224542
W4r5BMystic CanesugarAdult (f)3,5266739
E1eg2Mystic CharmedAdult (f)4,0829917
JpQvAMystic CypayaAdult (f)3,3564386
MmIJvMystic CordimaAdult (f)5,0995797
R0PXMystic ChrystiaAdult (f)3,92158621
SDJgMystic CasidillaAdult (f)4,52852920
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