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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “haloGoddess,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
W2ZPr(W2ZPr)Adult (f)4,1764332
QimQV(QimQV)Adult (f)6,1271,0802
viyQI(viyQI)Adult (m)4,2864112
fL3SK(fL3SK)Adult (m)3,9554184
POltJ(POltJ)Adult (f)5,4358781
XsrgD(XsrgD)Adult (f)4,6556553
DuQVg(DuQVg)Adult (m)4,9186763
DwktW(DwktW)Adult (f)5,3586943
ydDyD(ydDyD)Adult (m)6,5799502
NAFzW(NAFzW)Adult (m)6,1828753
ZYrDRHALO - MA5C Assault RifleAdult (m)3,6069782
9fOcUHALO - BR55 Battle RifleAdult (f)4,8771,0649
ImHpTBR55HB SR Battle RifleAdult (m)3,9181,0433
edTFQMA37 Assault RifleAdult (m)3,0341,0762
HqC19M392 Designated Marksman RifleAdult (f)8,5941,7645
WWaCFM7-Caseless Submachine GunAdult (m)5,4751,0359
S4eWVHALO - Spartan LaserAdult (m)5,8191,13916
8bsYSHALO - M6C Magnum SidearmAdult (m)3,5139372
qZVr9HALO - M68 Gauss CannonAdult (f)3,9049706
aMakLHALO - M45D Tactical ShotgunAdult (f)3,6458577
c8lg7HALO - RailgunAdult (m)3,0931,0392
NPqtk(NPqtk)Adult (m)3,1869311
Z2qXv(Z2qXv)Hatchling (m, F)4,5998132
nIlssHALO - Gravity HammerAdult (f)5,0681,1283
319esHALO - Plasma PistolAdult (f)2,7081,1301
elkQAHALO - NeedlerAdult (m)2,6681,1202
ssoCMHALO - Energy SwordAdult (m)3,7609673
6PBJTHALO - Fist of RuktAdult (m)3,5191,0753
RBKvbHALO - Fuel Rod GunAdult (f)4,7741,04917
OBZ4R(OBZ4R)Hatchling (f, F)4,3618473
NYgNG(NYgNG)Adult (f)4,2287255
sCEPS(sCEPS)Adult (m)5,5648724
6FQGl(6FQGl)Adult (f)4,0717741
zaZTX(zaZTX)Adult (m)3,8927512
v794l(v794l)Adult (f)6,6981,0477
wta3W(wta3W)Adult (m)6,5051,0364
h3b6t(h3b6t)Adult (m)3,9668640
lZOYjSkull - IWHBYD - HALOAdult (f)1,8258051
CjZI6Skull - Iron - HALOAdult (m)1,9528341
NCHoISkull - Black Eye - HALOAdult (f)1,9227321
aIXpSSkull - Tough Luck - HALOAdult (m)1,9498112
SY1LQSkull - Catch - HALOAdult (f)2,2208572
hp4akSkull - Fog - HALOAdult (m)1,7347565
piMo4Skull - Famine - HALOAdult (f)2,0018102
b5SlCSkull - Thunderstorm - HALOAdult (f)2,3639681
2w8TkSkull - Tilt - HALOAdult (m)4,3411,1032
7EZBa(7EZBa)Adult (f)4,1007861
9iMhO(9iMhO)Adult (m)3,4384236
SSl2cSkull - TiltAdult (f)4,6491,0855
PgJ03Skull - MythicAdult (f)5,2441,20911
icHaOMA5B Assault Rifle ThuwedAdult (f)4,2091,08911
JBGtn(JBGtn)Hatchling (m, F)4,4668475
j9pAkFocus Rifle - HALOAdult (m)2,4538343
d4JLLBrute Shot - HALOAdult (f)2,3408143
larS2HALO - Spike RifleHatchling (f, F)2,2307312
YBdNVKilled by the Guardians - HALOAdult (f)1,8968322
JMjmTI need a weapon - HALOAdult (m)1,8427541
hms18Bet you can't stick it - HALOAdult (f)2,1997852
IXg7FI have defied gods and demonsAdult (m)1,5827200
WUimaI am your shield I am your swordAdult (f)1,6407171
mInjcI know you your past your futureAdult (m)2,0767751
XWtK1This - is the way the world endsAdult (f)1,9578332
9XNtnWake me - when you need meAdult (m)2,1107831
p9FYhHALO 3 Campaign LevelsAdult (m)1,5416991
HB0eiArrival - HALO 3Adult (m)1,9996850
72EnsSierra 117 - HALO 3Adult (m)2,0036710
Ph3BDCrows Nest - HALO 3Adult (m)1,4357061
5vP6oTsavo Highway - HALO 3Adult (m)2,0386811
XupTbThe Storm - HALO 3Adult (m)1,8306471
bnCdtFloodgate - HALO 3Adult (m)1,9236832
v1p0UThe Ark - HALO 3Adult (m)2,3257271
GKBpRThe Covenant - HALO 3Adult (m)1,7717841
EgLYfCortana - HALO 3Adult (m)1,9916464
bhCJvHalo - HALO 3Adult (m)3,4469443
O7mXMSteaktacular - HALOAdult (m)2,9439222
TETZULinktacular - HALOAdult (m)2,5911,0173
hLCWjRvB - CabooseAdult (m)1,8046573
hGp1cHALO teabag G-4thG tinkinAdult (m)2,5967517
ooLMr(ooLMr)Adult (m)1,5336995
8gpIAHALO Multi kill medalsHatchling (f, F)1,2816491
3aITpDouble Kill - HALOAdult (f)1,9206750
LgMl9Triple Kill - HALOAdult (f)1,8896554
NFLjeOverkill - HALOAdult (f)2,9135063
8NMIPKilltacular - HALOAdult (f)2,4456944
mHJoBKilltrocity - HALOAdult (f)1,9866652
J84fFKillimanjaro - HALOAdult (f)2,2126945
MtZL1Killtastrophe - HALOAdult (f)2,4166893
U2ZvBKillpocalypse - HALOAdult (f)6,0727442
nGqkTKillionaire - HALOAdult (f)2,2757571
Qq5lHalo Reach - BeachheadAdult (m)1,9436654
VYBTHalo Reach - GlacierAdult (f)2,0286751
4YA2nHalo Reach - Anchor 9Hatchling (f, F)1,4716452
j72VHalo Reach map - Sword BaseAdult (m)1,9346583
HcSVHalo Reach map - ReflectionAdult (f)2,4898451
SlJC8Halo Reach map - CorvetteAdult (m)1,5278531
aqONCHalo Reach map - PowerhouseAdult (f)1,9467131
Zr8cq(Zr8cq)Adult (m)1,8337331
1vkDNHalo Reach map - TempestAdult (f)1,9096822
XfIr2Halo Reach map - PinnacleHatchling (f, F)1,4676522
zb6gi(zb6gi)Adult (f)5,1308372
Boi7Halo Reach - ZealotAdult (f)1,9676303
hi5vHalo Reach - SpireAdult (m)1,9176221
BivXHalo Reach - AsylumHatchling (m, F)1,8996122
00oMHalo Reach map - ParadisoAdult (m)2,1486902
JuJpHalo Reach map - HemorrageAdult (f)2,4418172
iCum1Halo Reach - The CageHatchling (m, F)1,5116641
5E9qHalo Reach - WaterfrontAdult (f)1,9636671
bQlbHalo Reach - CourtyardAdult (m)2,3507093
NnOgHalo Reach - OverlookHatchling (m, F)1,8816351
mlnNYHalo Reach - OutpostHatchling (F)1,2214941
JqHeo(JqHeo)Adult (f)3,7474352
p588UNSC Point of No ReturnAdult (m)2,7178316
kXm2UNSC Last GleamingAdult (f)1,1795605
Hu1GM(Hu1GM)Adult (m)5,2039254
NjLsUNSC Razor's Edge - HALOAdult (m)3,5398906
NgZXDHALO - UNSC Say My NameAdult (m)2,4789523
JTWBN(JTWBN)Hatchling (m, F)1,9687482
EHmeW(EHmeW)Adult (f)2,7435695
Uj7KUNSC Edge of UmbraAdult (f)3,9889856
UZ1CYVulture - HALO WARSAdult (f)1,9497611
EebgT(EebgT)Hatchling (f, F)1,9946941
dBAgURvB - TuckerAdult (m)1,9957022
i0dP(i0dP)Adult (f)2,7731,0151
9Ke9Colonel James AckersonAdult (m)3,6211,15510
otBiHalo Reach - BoardwalkHatchling (m, F)2,8398211
4Dztb(4Dztb)Adult (f)2,6844532
mSKkHalo Reach - CountdownAdult (f)5,0981,6967
Lq3IRvB - Freelancer CarolinaAdult (f)2,9281,1113
Rrx6UNSC Forward Unto DawnAdult (m)3,82972885
IngFCortana - HALOAdult (f)2,9913354
idXseHALO Dorkface ThuwedAdult (m)2,3846883
oEfJMHALO camping B-9thG tinkinAdult (f)1,5646512
kG3bHALO - Cole ProtocolHatchling (m, F)1,6935022
SvQ4(SvQ4)Hatchling (F)1,5992388
IdKOD(IdKOD)Adult (m)2,2696463
lZv3(lZv3)Adult (f)4,7676145
YarcRvB - ChurchAdult (m)3,1971,4131
J9nG(J9nG)Adult (f)4,6701,4772
lsIlCairo StationHatchling (f, F)3,3061,0861
6qEBDelta-HaloAdult (f)2,44396310
CRQBInstallation 00Adult (m)4,2831,3403
ZYl8(ZYl8)Hatchling (m, F)3,4411,2502
P024(P024)Hatchling (F)9222911
n6epL(n6epL)Adult (m)4,0975790
V0eLz(V0eLz)Adult (f)2,8686241
ik0dZ(ik0dZ)Adult (m)3,2055738
3Zi5p(3Zi5p)Adult (f)3,9297432
TQoGTano 'InanrareeAdult (f)2,4079991
AXM4Half JawAdult (m)3,1833781
bBj0k(bBj0k)Adult (f)1,4906660
r15T(r15T)Hatchling (m, F)1,1586602
sU8CHALO 2 Campaign LevelsHatchling (F)6382634
8M3aIHalo 2 - The HereticAdult (m)1,4486554
BX7ThHalo 2 - The Armory -- 3GAdult (f)1,4047763
QWPLZHalo 2 - Cairo StationAdult (m)1,5076893
o55uHalo 2 - OutskirtsAdult (m)3,6858817
66fMHalo 2 - Metropolis -- 2GAdult (f)3,7411,2012
tptNHalo 2 - The Arbiter -- 3GAdult (m)1,1474552
IkkqHalo 2 - The OracleAdult (f)2,4807225
YXCUrHalo 2 - Delta Halo - 3GAdult (m)1,7464732
n71BHalo 2 - RegretAdult (m)2,5277235
n30XZHalo 2 - Sacred IconAdult (m)2,3118401
XePHVHalo 2 - Quarantine ZoneAdult (m)1,6596151
kI9eEnd of HALO 2 Campaign LevelsHatchling (m, F)5,2391,17510
Ykcwm(Ykcwm)Adult (m)3,7427002
6HOk0(6HOk0)Adult (f)1,6307223
VlD9p(VlD9p)Adult (m)4,2418491
gGOIq(gGOIq)Adult (f)4,5108521
1JKIB(1JKIB)Adult (m)3,1567092
f4H39(f4H39)Adult (f)5,21586212
WJ8tHalo CE-PC - Ice FieldsHatchling (f, F)1,8276052
vijds(vijds)Adult (f)4,3128772
49C3s(49C3s)Adult (m)3,9753243
xSNkk(xSNkk)Adult (f)4,0574233
vyoZ9(vyoZ9)Adult (m)3,4618882
vifRH(vifRH)Adult (f)3,7786872
Z5zZo(Z5zZo)Adult (m)2,9906832
U7At7(U7At7)Adult (m)2,7648031
z1J8Y(z1J8Y)Adult (f)5,1298633
m0xAG(m0xAG)Adult (f)3,6436761
rECmv(rECmv)Adult (m)4,8369402
XSBaO(XSBaO)Adult (f)4,9989610
h3K3I(h3K3I)Adult (m)4,3456392
5mcND(5mcND)Adult (f)6,5011,1901
3Msqc(3Msqc)Adult (f)6,7021,2182
rxIq1(rxIq1)Adult (m)4,5396762
mAiwi(mAiwi)Adult (m)3,2704592
8EYKz(8EYKz)Adult (f)6,8659465
utlGI(utlGI)Adult (f)3,7205343
MCt0P(MCt0P)Adult (f)3,7044061
MY3kd(MY3kd)Adult (m)3,6755453
KZxhq(KZxhq)Adult (m)5,5818475
9UivE(9UivE)Adult (f)3,9127602
KJ7kl(KJ7kl)Adult (m)3,1736682
v6zQX(v6zQX)Adult (m)4,6291,3484
axBFJ(axBFJ)Adult (f)4,5461,3760
6UBJ9(6UBJ9)Adult (f)3,5408881
5Zcig(5Zcig)Adult (m)3,8217943
Zy7Ce(Zy7Ce)Adult (f)4,6321,0345
hkn0K(hkn0K)Adult (m)8,2626723
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