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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “haloGoddess,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
dtCbvto myselfAdult (m)2,7269911
0iYuqat    nightAdult (f)2,0926901
7HHezBecause  I  can't forgetAdult (m)4,6584673
VQkiGBack and  forthAdult (f)3,1188501
Jn7N5(Jn7N5)Adult (m)2,8659201
7NSYgthrough  my  mindAdult (m)4,5565915
58yOyBehind a  cigaretteAdult (f)3,1979931
vakf3And the messageAdult (m)4,5608174
rNFFPcomin' fromAdult (f)3,8327063
l6OIymy  eyesAdult (m)2,9028741
21geVit saysAdult (f)4,8897754
AVSo8leave  it aloneAdult (m)4,5587451
BQ3dADon't  wannaAdult (f)2,7129362
rnwdFhear about itAdult (m)4,6049832
LqNRycomin' back my wayAdult (f)4,1995153
77jXSgot a storyAdult (m)1,5745632
OvWEfAnd the feelingAdult (f)3,1219252
U7HOHI'm gonna serve it to youAdult (m)3,2069094
9Qsf3coming from my bonesAdult (f)3,8618232
vnx6bwhat you want to hearAdult (m)3,1839254
0iHcBut that'sAdult (f)4,0148957
CNuWxAnd that  ain'tAdult (m)3,7038036
XTwnAwhat you  wantAdult (f)4,3671,1102
xPuBL(xPuBL)Adult (f)4,3428736
nQ7RO(nQ7RO)Adult (m)4,0599451
MQLs5(MQLs5)Adult (f)3,9759500
6hKNWAnd that ain'tAdult (m)3,0579254
EjUXSEvery single one'sAdult (f)3,9444644
gNKzZto tellAdult (f)3,9244042
NLWkz(NLWkz)Adult (m)4,7209384
8PueR(8PueR)Adult (f)4,2009834
IDGiw(IDGiw)Adult (m)4,0633061
s78npFrom  the Queen of EnglandAdult (f)4,3687163
jRmSUto  the hounds of hellAdult (m)4,4417354
6aS2Q(6aS2Q)Adult (f)3,9593032
55vp0(55vp0)Adult (m)4,4727623
F7ImO(F7ImO)Adult (f)6,1501,2474
MS1mm(MS1mm)Adult (m)5,0991,2411
xwbNM(xwbNM)Adult (f)4,6749382
nuv6H(nuv6H)Adult (m)4,4988078
10XdKEveryone knows about itAdult (m)3,9994144
YrBnzAnd if I catch itAdult (f)2,3889124
iFVho(iFVho)Adult (f)6,2011,5245
Hq3RA(Hq3RA)Adult (f)3,6229622
YVNdhFar from thisAdult (f)3,8337832
kH3sQI'm going to WichitaAdult (m)3,4807414
XztLS(XztLS)Adult (f)4,5727312
KUf3v(KUf3v)Adult (m)6,3711,2523
v2Bld(v2Bld)Adult (f)2,2177791
knHWJ(knHWJ)Adult (m)4,8791,1532
wfNlI(wfNlI)Adult (f)2,2138481
OvJeS(OvJeS)Adult (m)2,2108502
qsYNd(qsYNd)Adult (f)2,1658822
Gwdmc(Gwdmc)Adult (m)1,5177292
K0VIh(K0VIh)Adult (f)2,8121,0224
Q5VFZ(Q5VFZ)Adult (m)1,5137101
pPZJL(pPZJL)Adult (f)1,5727590
QI8Fs(QI8Fs)Adult (m)1,4627061
SKK2j(SKK2j)Adult (m)2,9354821
yEkaq(yEkaq)Hatchling (f, F)4,0051,0845
6AAAK(6AAAK)Hatchling (F)1,2261961
0ZOcnAtriox - Halo Wars 2Adult (m)2,6845640
Nf6MO(Nf6MO)Adult (f)2,5745561
5tMdhDecimus - Halo Wars 2Adult (m)2,4205051
iqhqf(iqhqf)Adult (f)2,6475381
OxBiW(OxBiW)Adult (m)2,7195680
md3Bb(md3Bb)Adult (f)2,7535970
KCEu0(KCEu0)Adult (m)2,6975651
wmorG(wmorG)Adult (f)3,2864885
eJSrXCommander Tom Lasky - HALO 4Adult (m)1,6776722
4rxEx(4rxEx)Adult (f)3,8577704
xZpJw(xZpJw)Adult (m)2,2936903
WEGza(WEGza)Adult (f)4,3553872
cqWHO(cqWHO)Adult (m)3,6711,0952
5i9An(5i9An)Adult (f)2,0238951
Yw1h1(Yw1h1)Adult (m)2,9277303
aQqI1(aQqI1)Adult (m)4,2329772
e0yO0(e0yO0)Adult (m)5,2393652
HR1et(HR1et)Adult (m)6,6451,2054
f35LdArdo 'Moretumee - HALOAdult (f)3,7248273
uQCF6Noga 'Putumee - HALOAdult (m)3,6268475
4zQal(4zQal)Adult (f)3,5918124
eeW1vQualomee - HALOAdult (m)2,2257462
EVS8OAdo 'Mortumee - HALOAdult (f)2,3287503
26WBm(26WBm)Hatchling (F)2,8535314
lezSaHALO - Koida 'VadamAdult (f)3,6999387
SE2jf(SE2jf)Adult (m)8,0001,2135
HSccqHALO - OntomeeAdult (m)5,6231,2036
jgwlIHALO - Orna 'FulsameeAdult (f)4,48594017
if1eqYes HALO is greatAdult (m)8,6289905
inkpj(inkpj)Hatchling (f, F)3,0798262
3ITWf(3ITWf)Adult (m)4,9629467
8ZiE0(8ZiE0)Adult (f)7,6869478
lfW4s(lfW4s)Adult (m)9,0086014
E6lpZ(E6lpZ)Adult (f)4,0539782
iyyrk(iyyrk)Adult (m)3,8654561
ak5mf(ak5mf)Adult (f)2,2133243
Hw908(Hw908)Adult (m)3,8068823
ajZyY(ajZyY)Adult (f)4,3757432
FTMAqHan 'Chavam - HALOAdult (m)3,7021,5581
JCGsu(JCGsu)Adult (f)4,5779292
93g4p(93g4p)Adult (m)3,0594317
RoCfEHuki 'Umamee - HALOAdult (f)5,7671,1932
7qs1jIsna 'Nosolee - HALOAdult (m)3,6631,5621
iPDPr(iPDPr)Hatchling (f, F)3,3655211
JukmI(JukmI)Adult (m)5,6479505
UItYu(UItYu)Adult (f)2,9604267
ELRjhJora 'Konaree - HALOAdult (m)3,7201,5451
Aa9wZ(Aa9wZ)Adult (f)5,0951,1347
OG0FQHALO 4 Campaign LevelsAdult (m)1,9696492
hJREMPrologue - HALO 4Adult (f)3,6074586
moB0IDawn - HALO 4Adult (m)2,8553916
NDLCCRequiem - HALO 4Adult (f)2,0537751
X9sHJForerunner - HALO 4Adult (m)2,5566711
uTBNnInfinity - HALO 4Adult (f)2,2786864
lVhUVReclaimer - HALO 4Adult (m)2,7456616
7gFhvShutdown - HALO 4Adult (f)2,9497321
iqFAUComposer - HALO 4Adult (m)1,8976940
DN1LWMidnight - HALO 4Adult (f)1,8196351
s7rqbEpilogue - HALO 4Adult (m)2,2578301
P8WkLEnd of HALO 4 Campaign LevelsAdult (f)1,8316263
kh7lgKilling Spree - HALOAdult (m)2,8978352
glndqKilling Frenzy - HALOAdult (f)2,8528400
0vP4qRunning Riot - HALOAdult (m)2,8698841
Ln8b8Rampage - HALOAdult (f)3,61280011
1DGHaUntouchable - HALOAdult (m)2,8008281
7CoqPInvincible - HALOAdult (f)2,6887872
fZ3S3Inconceivable - HALOAdult (m)3,3478413
jeBiMUnfrigginbelievable - HALOAdult (f)3,3497943
zSwQb(zSwQb)Adult (m)3,8537663
8mnVA(8mnVA)Adult (f)2,1456351
IGm92HALO - 'OntomeeAdult (m)2,4867821
GLwSc(GLwSc)Adult (m)1,6357103
doCKG(doCKG)Adult (f)4,7881,3141
mAVYl(mAVYl)Adult (m)3,5329201
1UmMP(1UmMP)Adult (f)2,47874015
OL0ct(OL0ct)Adult (m)2,7637744
ldUs5(ldUs5)Adult (f)4,4948779
cF29f(cF29f)Adult (m)1,9836842
Ca1i0(Ca1i0)Adult (f)3,1766119
FE107(FE107)Adult (m)4,5145949
SPsnO(SPsnO)Adult (m)5,1431,0631
v0dML(v0dML)Adult (m)5,1461,1210
pKR8d(pKR8d)Adult (m)5,2571,1080
WgXHc(WgXHc)Adult (f)5,0381,1000
BMaoq(BMaoq)Adult (f)5,1691,1152
nEHzf(nEHzf)Adult (f)5,0861,0981
SY4yO(SY4yO)Adult (f)3,8181,3132
OlzIA(OlzIA)Adult (m)4,1897921
nGG1g(nGG1g)Adult (m)7,1138954
rV95X(rV95X)Adult (f)5,7141,08810
TUQoL(TUQoL)Hatchling (f, F)5,7349524
RGUCQGuardians - HALO 5Adult (f)5,6589089
VqGc4(VqGc4)Adult (m)6,7891,47932
MfK5z(MfK5z)Adult (m)6,96562312
wnxkr(wnxkr)Adult (m)5,5149189
e0TQE(e0TQE)Adult (f)3,15152611
NbYH5(NbYH5)Adult (m)3,5224213
8i6JX(8i6JX)Adult (f)3,14271310
nX05VHALO - Forerunner EnforcerAdult (m)1,8316673
LDWm1(LDWm1)Adult (f)2,1627231
iXuan(iXuan)Adult (m)2,1316516
vvAE4(vvAE4)Adult (f)2,1607361
1h66J(1h66J)Adult (m)2,3226964
clkS6(clkS6)Adult (f)2,2037023
MiHhM(MiHhM)Adult (m)4,0224161
JDPOQ(JDPOQ)Adult (f)2,2767264
yPJnB(yPJnB)Adult (m)5,2889158
EMjbi(EMjbi)Adult (f)3,65041513
hgM2G(hgM2G)Adult (f)5,8791,0757
zu128(zu128)Adult (f)5,2851,0737
SHJiQ(SHJiQ)Adult (m)5,0628462
RduvZHALO - Thorn - HALOAdult (m)6,8301,1059
GbUeSHALO 2 - SpectreAdult (f)2,2436802
6OwJP(6OwJP)Adult (m)3,6114504
AQiAlHALO 4 - AdriftAdult (f)2,1866695
gfjJRHALO 4 - AbandonAdult (m)1,8286851
cW4NHALO 4 - ComplexAdult (f)3,4271,12815
TccEeHALO 4 - ExileAdult (m)2,49664111
BUZrOHALO 4 - HavenAdult (f)4,07850415
vCdICHALO 4 - LongbowAdult (m)2,1257442
ATJqKHALO 4 - MeltdownAdult (f)1,8127551
WOTK4HALO 4 - RagnarokAdult (m)1,9006866
QbqI4HALO 4 - SolaceAdult (f)1,9216632
7A6ArHALO 4 - VortexAdult (f)1,8716792
VKg4p(VKg4p)Adult (f)2,0386385
4rU7S(4rU7S)Adult (f)1,9836147
aZrfVHALO 4 - RavineHatchling (F)1,3414881
dGODFHALO 4 - ImpactHatchling (f, F)1,7356642
m9sE9(m9sE9)Hatchling (m, F)2,1146179
aXgU3(aXgU3)Adult (f)2,2786842
akW9J(akW9J)Adult (f)2,2166694
Z54Rp(Z54Rp)Adult (m)2,1476712
zoUQp(zoUQp)Adult (m)3,1015470
BzkjU(BzkjU)Adult (f)3,4525871
izkaF(izkaF)Adult (m)3,1585683
UEZTx(UEZTx)Adult (m)3,5526016
IejOA(IejOA)Adult (m)3,6655864
5ho65(5ho65)Adult (f)3,4525683
iiVo6(iiVo6)Adult (m)6,8001,0901
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