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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “haloGoddess,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
hibaV(hibaV)Adult (f)2,7824341
PyJYY(PyJYY)Adult (m)5,3751,2105
TLxdY(TLxdY)Adult (f)5,2441,2026
rWEmc(rWEmc)Adult (m)3,9529747
hT1oN(hT1oN)Adult (m)4,8679025
uQt0A(uQt0A)Adult (f)5,5181,3844
wu729(wu729)Adult (f)3,5923994
i5jBv(i5jBv)Adult (f)5,0819434
uweVh(uweVh)Adult (f)3,1585986
C9NZm(C9NZm)Adult (m)4,2696693
BYdjZ(BYdjZ)Adult (m)3,5667063
gFMGb(gFMGb)Adult (f)3,8648391
0Aw6M(0Aw6M)Adult (f)4,5378132
9QWay(9QWay)Adult (f)3,1487045
Kgkwq(Kgkwq)Adult (f)4,8737134
a0TcI(a0TcI)Adult (f)3,0724301
vc4w4(vc4w4)Adult (f)2,9767054
RJxx6(RJxx6)Adult (f)3,1094462
TDNK9(TDNK9)Adult (f)3,1614502
NtaEK(NtaEK)Adult (f)2,8954214
5nCUE(5nCUE)Adult (f)3,4683823
EtTmPHALO - OddballAdult (m)4,5913072
mg9Nd(mg9Nd)Adult (f)3,3847542
ydSrD(ydSrD)Adult (m)3,9224385
5ehnj(5ehnj)Adult (m)3,7104303
LBe4BHALO 4 - PitfallAdult (f)4,5221,0221
85hBPHALO ODST - FirefightAdult (f)4,3249181
Wr4RM(Wr4RM)Adult (m)5,1681,1559
yZRHlHALO - King of the HillAdult (f)3,3949454
142QWHALO 4 - VertigoAdult (m)4,7761,0613
kAhxm(kAhxm)Adult (f)3,9109993
QKJLO(QKJLO)Adult (f)10,4471,40816
OQe2tHALO - SwatAdult (m)4,4702982
EnWyz(EnWyz)Adult (m)4,4396432
M7HBp(M7HBp)Adult (m)1,9976084
It1SiHALO - Spawn KillingAdult (f)3,4088974
3Flu0(3Flu0)Adult (m)3,6706673
jnC0M(jnC0M)Adult (f)4,8071,1201
JEU8v(JEU8v)Adult (m)3,2295155
KZYeZ(KZYeZ)Adult (f)4,3867755
v9lAW(v9lAW)Adult (m)5,1861,1241
hBox5(hBox5)Adult (f)3,6354254
vsHA2HALO 4 - Majestic DLCAdult (m)4,7959262
Ieys7HALO 4 - Crimson DLCAdult (f)4,8969142
ghvBY(ghvBY)Adult (m)3,5225233
aItFC(aItFC)Adult (m)3,6015643
91dvQ(91dvQ)Adult (f)4,4474271
PxiqSHALO - AsheraAdult (m)4,4634110
4mbcZ(4mbcZ)Adult (m)3,9734623
5kf3I(5kf3I)Adult (f)3,2163886
FT6zh(FT6zh)Adult (f)3,3264982
6f6ce(6f6ce)Adult (f)3,8693962
OtSMY(OtSMY)Adult (m)4,7918882
kUNYVHALO 4 - LandfallAdult (f)2,5277952
bmHGT(bmHGT)Adult (m)4,4119093
GBHw8(GBHw8)Adult (f)4,5547802
IpWCq(IpWCq)Adult (m)3,5273772
Q1CNq(Q1CNq)Adult (m)4,8467862
9G9Ei(9G9Ei)Adult (f)3,4814062
Tc1vUHALO 4 - MonolithAdult (m)4,1009043
0gbwF(0gbwF)Adult (f)3,8614370
j8OKr(j8OKr)Adult (m)3,8467029
M0SLjHALO 4 - SkylineAdult (m)4,8059233
9F76NHALO 4 - WreckageAdult (m)4,3274121
XmXm3HALO 4 - ShatterAdult (f)3,6903800
dXXzd(dXXzd)Adult (f)3,5906842
MKZ6k(MKZ6k)Adult (m)4,0157331
FG7TMHALO 4 - DaybreakAdult (m)4,6789514
emLYb(emLYb)Adult (f)3,5753055
R1NQ2(R1NQ2)Adult (m)3,9574275
QZlV2HALO - Team SnipersAdult (m)4,0977391
VbUqRHALO 4 - OutcastAdult (m)5,0499133
P6u8j(P6u8j)Adult (m)5,2868167
VYtTC(VYtTC)Adult (m)5,3581,1939
4TNd1(4TNd1)Adult (m)2,9544704
xL4Jk(xL4Jk)Adult (m)6,1421,0871
i7IXU(i7IXU)Adult (m)5,0881,00020
Dp2xv(Dp2xv)Adult (m)4,8791,0157
xiLko(xiLko)Adult (f)5,1298800
6Mblh(6Mblh)Adult (m)4,1597096
T9Nod(T9Nod)Adult (f)3,7924414
4NCfX(4NCfX)Adult (m)2,8012977
tliim(tliim)Adult (f)7,0148754
1D2Xf(1D2Xf)Adult (m)5,7418099
l5aeLHALO - Rumble Pit THUWEDAdult (f)4,2489131
uc7XE(uc7XE)Adult (f)4,8418575
4s70H(4s70H)Adult (f)4,8531,0402
zW3jQ(zW3jQ)Adult (f)4,9301,2142
JGXm0(JGXm0)Adult (m)3,1744215
0wZLg(0wZLg)Adult (m)3,5547335
iWKqLHALO - ThuwedAdult (f)3,0655513
kJCpd(kJCpd)Adult (m)3,5867174
8eK00(8eK00)Adult (f)3,7027783
XbBX1(XbBX1)Adult (m)3,1284154
qnJqM(qnJqM)Adult (f)3,5993714
g1Usc(g1Usc)Adult (m)2,0584075
WDD6J(WDD6J)Adult (f)2,2254044
s2u3q(s2u3q)Adult (m)3,7933953
AhO2q(AhO2q)Adult (m)2,6944782
mYfyo(mYfyo)Adult (f)3,8703822
VSvngHALO REACH - Invasion THUWEDAdult (m)6,5831,6675
q67aJHALO REACH - StockpileAdult (m)3,2211,0065
b1CWwHALO is the bestAdult (f)3,6337874
eFrl9Halo - Atriox ThuwedAdult (m)3,3655832
srIr0(srIr0)Adult (f)3,6748505
tMPuQ(tMPuQ)Adult (m)4,5959123
BCi25(BCi25)Adult (m)2,8737681
tqgkI(tqgkI)Adult (f)4,0938451
ZJUR4(ZJUR4)Adult (m)3,9087631
PcInaHALO - Big Team BattleAdult (m)3,3664576
E9mp4(E9mp4)Adult (m)3,6617961
d5531(d5531)Adult (f)4,0738771
Dtvua(Dtvua)Adult (m)5,0748973
g5645(g5645)Adult (f)4,2437655
ofYtnHALO 4 - DominionAdult (f)2,5678123
i3w1IHALO 4 - RegicideAdult (m)3,8557461
QTAri(QTAri)Adult (m)4,0058524
u7JwA(u7JwA)Adult (m)3,3724934
9WboP(9WboP)Adult (m)3,6354321
5G7Al(5G7Al)Adult (m)3,9499351
w06uO(w06uO)Adult (m)4,2597174
mhQ7Q(mhQ7Q)Adult (m)4,0467413
visUq(visUq)Adult (f)3,1304194
5mXjy(5mXjy)Adult (m)4,2274561
g0imP(g0imP)Adult (f)4,2404332
nDeqs(nDeqs)Adult (m)4,2084292
V1o03(V1o03)Adult (m)3,5444052
GvepU(GvepU)Adult (f)5,7056190
saXVv(saXVv)Adult (m)4,1064410
Sa8NR(Sa8NR)Adult (f)7,4481,1562
BygqKHALO 4 - ExtractionAdult (m)2,9028882
qOzqBHALO - Capture The FlagAdult (f)3,9837582
ao3Ri(ao3Ri)Adult (f)2,6308893
x1S37(x1S37)Adult (f)5,9351,5276
kTvvQ(kTvvQ)Adult (f)4,8643404
rL4mI(rL4mI)Adult (f)4,1527382
VdqCL(VdqCL)Adult (m)3,4796774
JqpRQ(JqpRQ)Adult (m)2,7435789
BrUt9(BrUt9)Adult (m)4,9808613
zk1K5(zk1K5)Adult (m)3,7384145
qz3ub(qz3ub)Adult (m)4,1147504
Tli9B(Tli9B)Adult (m)4,1147493
uGdBB(uGdBB)Adult (m)2,4825783
lqxFz(lqxFz)Adult (m)3,5246062
Yzmhl(Yzmhl)Adult (m)4,2317763
dUT8bHALO 5 - REQ PackAdult (m)5,4051,1526
3Ixuy(3Ixuy)Adult (f)2,8045652
al7lx(al7lx)Adult (f)2,7744513
x0vOL(x0vOL)Adult (m)2,7954503
y5RGY(y5RGY)Adult (m)3,6315574
wLaCm(wLaCm)Adult (m)3,5828473
tcFz9(tcFz9)Adult (m)3,6645966
7oiNs(7oiNs)Adult (m)3,3513983
ZS3MG(ZS3MG)Adult (m)4,0094003
Ld0Ss(Ld0Ss)Adult (m)3,4397106
rbGfe(rbGfe)Adult (m)4,7839746
0iZT9(0iZT9)Adult (m)7,4201,1731
jwjCp(jwjCp)Adult (m)3,4584391
VdckN(VdckN)Adult (m)4,0418312
3vHku(3vHku)Adult (f)3,9753982
21J9x(21J9x)Adult (m)3,7717506
qWAqd(qWAqd)Adult (m)3,9127656
lG6fQ(lG6fQ)Adult (m)3,5026172
ius41(ius41)Adult (f)4,7733460
YzMDs(YzMDs)Adult (m)3,8594204
gSBO1(gSBO1)Adult (m)4,3118435
sTAz8(sTAz8)Adult (f)6,9199905
qpSHS(qpSHS)Adult (m)3,9183743
d3wpk(d3wpk)Adult (f)3,0724894
ZQQSt(ZQQSt)Adult (f)4,5458444
l1kFN(l1kFN)Adult (f)3,4624151
fqVQL(fqVQL)Adult (m)3,3874513
VZ6W3(VZ6W3)Adult (f)2,8434384
2oEX8(2oEX8)Adult (f)3,2816793
nybxx(nybxx)Adult (f)2,8068173
bg0z8(bg0z8)Adult (m)5,4339015
THk0N(THk0N)Adult (f)5,1878614
aemNT(aemNT)Adult (f)2,8825095
ssUF1(ssUF1)Adult (m)2,0705212
HjjD9(HjjD9)Adult (f)3,4333985
ExhCO(ExhCO)Adult (m)2,6198781
Qk5zd(Qk5zd)Adult (f)3,3534302
yc2pb(yc2pb)Adult (m)3,5778102
6tCUz(6tCUz)Adult (f)5,7441,3231
UH7b2(UH7b2)Adult (f)5,3721,1873
ZheRG(ZheRG)Adult (m)4,7891,02713
6kq82I'm gonna fight 'em offAdult (m)3,7727414
WCzNzA  seven nation armyAdult (f)3,8743881
3z84tTo   hearAdult (m)4,8123562
MHWgscouldn't holdAdult (m)3,6345573
TjvmDme backAdult (f)3,1484832
YnWdmBut  that'sAdult (f)4,9751,1560
r3TVlThey're gonnaAdult (m)4,2434954
TvwW3rip it offAdult (f)3,5554992
TsxZI(TsxZI)Adult (m)3,3825164
ZChOsTaking their timeAdult (m)3,2744333
MvBmRright behindAdult (f)4,2948352
xDbjGmy backAdult (m)3,4737243
S4ch2And I'm talkingAdult (f)3,5531,0633
SJpJF(SJpJF)Adult (m)4,3553600
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