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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “arcania1997,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
IgKap(IgKap)Adult (f)3,4194050
qAaAF(qAaAF)Adult (m)3,8134620
kotrM(kotrM)Adult (f)3,5174030
OLKQu(OLKQu)Adult (f)3,6744130
ZaOF(ZaOF)Adult (f)1,59846260
QlvI(QlvI)Adult (m)3,07388625
DuJs(DuJs)Adult (m)1,90624347
aNaa(aNaa)Adult (f)1,60735845
cRXD(cRXD)Adult (m)88148146
7uN8(7uN8)Adult (f)1,3414506
TVGD(TVGD)Adult (f)2,32242716
lkgc(lkgc)Adult (f)1,92635451
6ub4(6ub4)Adult (f)4,9181,43018
S9Lc(S9Lc)Adult (m)1,83537129
qaCA(qaCA)Adult (f)2,29531532
3Ysc(3Ysc)Adult (f)1,4274522
jbZB(jbZB)Adult (f)1,2494525
I8Ci(I8Ci)Adult (f)1,2654313
BfA3(BfA3)Adult (f)1,4835321
OWlo(OWlo)Adult (f)1,5565492
t1JR(t1JR)Adult (m)3,23089920
8kdQ(8kdQ)Adult (m)2,24533534
lsjp(lsjp)Adult (m)2,91058329
8XKh(8XKh)Adult (f)2,91787319
80t4(80t4)Adult (f)2,58058917
nReM(nReM)Adult (f)2,12422046
r9F4(r9F4)Adult (f)1,98026246
lVv6(lVv6)Adult (m)1,10337749
IJv8(IJv8)Adult (m)1,65529752
7B09(7B09)Adult (m)3,9921,08550
Yn1d(Yn1d)Adult (f)1,32654726
HCrv(HCrv)Adult (m)1,73622460
sDKs(sDKs)Adult (m)2,26625461
0ZOK(0ZOK)Adult (m)2,25321258
0qTq(0qTq)Adult (f)1,58929245
vF5q(vF5q)Adult (f)2,27217146
PUtM(PUtM)Adult (m)2,26325177
rWrM(rWrM)Adult (f)1,55232537
H7hZ(H7hZ)Adult (m)1,19249845
X4it(X4it)Adult (m)1,03954937
DsDP(DsDP)Adult (m)1,64538168
2ZUY(2ZUY)Adult (f)1,49243162
PWYm(PWYm)Adult (m)1,63544363
Yjo2(Yjo2)Adult (f)1,85659514
kK7W(kK7W)Adult (m)2,8818966
DpR0(DpR0)Adult (m)3,43473111
oYqe(oYqe)Adult (f)5,3098585
rRjq(rRjq)Adult (m)6,0881,1146
KPbW(KPbW)Adult (m)1,7884926
F456(F456)Adult (m)1,8104995
eopt(eopt)Adult (f)2,1013614
3dms(3dms)Adult (m)2,5064053
YrSK(YrSK)Adult (f)1,7523077
cAYk(cAYk)Adult (m)2,1523323
ZmOi(ZmOi)Adult (f)1,48740712
0XgN(0XgN)Adult (m)1,3953919
46Bu(46Bu)Adult (f)1,6874353
Z8We(Z8We)Adult (m)2,21536815
t9sK(t9sK)Adult (m)1,7193359
G1ZY(G1ZY)Adult (m)1,9355854
W4g8(W4g8)Adult (m)1,6556307
WlO2(WlO2)Adult (f)1,7576868
NjVX(NjVX)Adult (m)2,2245513
6OQC(6OQC)Adult (f)2,4586122
UYbp(UYbp)Adult (m)2,8136395
SkJQ(SkJQ)Adult (f)2,4344642
fd1d(fd1d)Adult (f)3,6629721
JNaE(JNaE)Adult (m)3,4899343
Enbl(Enbl)Adult (f)3,5349451
FFJg(FFJg)Adult (f)2,4814093
C56P(C56P)Adult (m)2,0856163
alhJ(alhJ)Adult (m)2,0105804
KRAc(KRAc)Adult (f)2,4735892
qvL9(qvL9)Adult (f)3,9084464
8dEc(8dEc)Adult (m)2,6796095
oKjV(oKjV)Adult (f)4,2419228
NjgIO(NjgIO)Adult (f)3,3354551
L55I0(L55I0)Adult (m)3,2244132
n1stb(n1stb)Adult (f)3,4695090
4h65(4h65)Hatchling (m, F)2,44487937
tdjl(tdjl)Hatchling (f, F)2,24830730
8FAW(8FAW)Hatchling (m, F)2,26117923
BHvN(BHvN)Hatchling (m, F)2,65131167
3XPb(3XPb)Hatchling (m, F)3,0844914
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