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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Velvet_paw,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
Y9hmRAutumns Copper Glow CBAdult (m)5,6901,0731
GC7BkShimmering Bonfire FL2Adult (f)6,1841,2021
5dIoAGolden Riot D'Arancia FL3Adult (f)6,9941,2563
Z9fXpRustling Peacebringer FL3Adult (f)6,2801,1272
OhaC2Saffron Bonfire Glow FL2Adult (f)8,4411,3163
6CXa5(6CXa5)Adult (f)2,8058770
68Ob8Autumna CBAdult (f)3,4589904
7AhfbGlorious Acer CBAdult (m)3,3329550
i8uaP(i8uaP)Adult (m)3,1008472
3HPfE(3HPfE)Adult (f)2,5426593
Amm84Radiant Autumn 2Adult (f)8,6841,02723
sWPtW(sWPtW)Adult (m)5,3251,1190
eWgEfFrost -BiteAdult (m)5,5241,2091
cN58EFrosty -SparkleAdult (f)5,4431,2687
hNJKOFrostgatherer W2Adult (m)5,7571,2872
cg9BoFrosty Sapphire w2Adult (m)4,5921,0774
aFGLGDolphine's Frosty Winter w3Adult (f)5,0581,1155
aYa8hMirhana's Wintry Reflection w3Adult (m)5,5331,1486
kLOM0Klomo w2Adult (m)5,2451,2926
4tgjPHiekiru Samurai w2Adult (m)4,4391,2385
1TAmfRidshadowfox's Ice Butterfly w2Adult (m)4,4661,2103
BWhosWho's a  little Frosty CBAdult (m)4,1781,0511
sLPr9Slippery Frost CBAdult (f)4,6901,1331
jB2F4Winter Rose 2Adult (m)4,5121,2611
tDeI2Frosty Te Dei CBAdult (m)4,1521,1201
9bv8BEira CBAdult (f)4,9951,4633
nU3NWFrosty Lady CBAdult (f)4,1891,0532
UNUH0AzureTe Dei w2Adult (m)2,0537341
LKjuBJubbly CBAdult (f)2,8208822
KTvS3Jack of Frost CBAdult (m)3,0561,0292
RSbvkBollinger w2Adult (f)1,7827861
0NxLiHonesty w2Adult (f)1,8457511
COwNKArctic Dottir 2Adult (f)3,8591,1094
twzYdCrystal Frost 2Adult (f)5,2699927
7HBm6Seiryos 2Adult (m)3,9111,2921
y1dwsFrosty Sapphire 2Adult (f)3,0931,0234
E6qlZFrost Crystal 2Adult (f)2,9639441
MdWZ8Hiekiru Lazuli 3Adult (m)2,7248832
ZKRYaZaKaRY CBAdult (m)3,3959901
CEwUCFrosty  CBAdult (f)3,9361,1583
OcXg5Schnee CBAdult (m)2,6408532
bGr0J(bGr0J)Adult (m)5,0891,0274
bWhteBarry White CBAdult (m)2,7208553
LzE4jLazeaeAdult (f)3,8821,0532
BjQNMSnow Rose PrinzeAdult (m)2,7208743
UZCecZaphirost 2Adult (m)2,2378354
sMuQgSmuQg 2Adult (f)2,2758611
SYWO7Sywo 2Adult (m)4,0291,1393
KlJ32Kivlis 2Adult (m)3,9631,1043
zWMtN(zWMtN)Adult (m)2,6755521
KtkLnFrosted RosaAdult (m)2,1967573
3tY58Toast of WinterAdult (m)3,5728162
QkITpVive la Reine RosaAdult (m)4,8401,1612
MDSh0Silvery WintermoonAdult (f)5,9571,2103
WZ5k6Dry Ice 3Adult (m)3,7828473
azRc1Celebration SparklesAdult (f)3,6718182
mJcXHIcyglow 2Adult (f)6,4041,1344
AMmalAmmalAdult (f)4,1889882
TjHI2Sno'rose Roi d'HiverAdult (m)2,9598222
R3BgV(R3BgV)Adult (m)3,8267582
9Kr9W(9Kr9W)Adult (f)4,4477200
m7hzR(m7hzR)Adult (f)4,4126940
LJwjx(LJwjx)Adult (f)4,5737610
mBYUp(mBYUp)Adult (f)5,3709303
1rRVM(1rRVM)Adult (f)4,9539682
CCiSN(CCiSN)Adult (m)6,7269782
fdAtwSharpclaw  CBAdult (m)3,4461,6512
1XXi6Sharpwing CBAdult (f)3,6901,6991
KqP4iKanga CBAdult (m)3,3481,6221
EWOWyEwowy CBAdult (f)3,5511,7082
9POZ1Muertos CBAdult (f)3,0028373
dJ7rFTiffiniAdult (m)5,5711,1302
zevG3Captain ZevoAdult (m)5,8761,0733
rvahaRivahaAdult (m)5,7831,1113
suYhH(suYhH)Adult (m)5,5531,0451
bFpLn(bFpLn)Adult (m)6,6531,1443
4HuZiForhuziAdult (f)6,6451,0454
TOwCp(TOwCp)Adult (m)4,3179331
QrhadOrhadAdult (f)5,3681,02025
b6IjQAisoliaAdult (f)5,9331,02115
1AheeTaheeAdult (m)5,4081,00518
lgwj7Freaky Mistress Aerial CAdult (f)9,3741,09119
7kSpg(7kSpg)Adult (f)5,4171,0575
xyl5z(xyl5z)Adult (m)4,7361,1321
pDZU4Afas Silver SweetieAdult (f)4,8491,2116
FYtUYSet in silver 4Adult (m)4,6201,0134
hobdjElessar CBAdult (m)2,7149389
j9cSbSweetshadow Panic 4Adult (f)4,3241,31211
ARNcBSilverflame Rage 4Adult (m)1,20078812
nEDBZdancing in the Rain 3Adult (m)3,7189806
HOuyvIssy's Sparkle 2Adult (f)3,5647966
hUrz2Ninja Raven 4Adult (m)4,2169982
EBGvGSweet Sparkle 3Adult (f)3,2421,1331
uoqKkClose to my Heart  3Adult (f)2,9737884
xPKJHVerity 2Adult (m)4,9221,1074
h0hu6(h0hu6)Adult (f)4,08592110
I5ZOhIszoh the SeerAdult (f)3,03188710
i8slmArgento Moelle D'IsideAdult (f)2,8474428
vRTMMJacintha LoveflyAdult (f)4,18557714
YkTiXPurity glowsAdult (f)3,33770412
JBGysSparkleseerAdult (f)4,6059413
Ww6b9Tempting Silver Lilith 3Adult (m)2,4306831
f0ZgaSterling Malbona 3Adult (m)2,6727005
iSc9QMithrandil 3Adult (m)5,6631,0423
Ld3MsDark Lady 2Adult (f)2,4977003
KM0ZKK Arcurae Moz KAdult (m)5,5821,2928
Sv06GEerie LadyAdult (f)5,7341,3214
STRaPSTRaP 4Adult (f)5,8901,2452
MmtDYRuby LocketAdult (f)3,9938906
QWpgIArgento d'ArsaniAdult (m)5,6701,0324
V3T10Skeletal MaraudaerAdult (f)4,94986629
TzVB2Sir Argento MaroweenAdult (m)6,4131,06626
VsyRmViscaery bonesAdult (m)6,3301,13230
ORaUySir Marroween OrauyAdult (m)6,1021,15922
FVx24Elendil CBAdult (m)4,13542814
6NBHYMysterious DrumAdult (m)6,63599524
BSbYSElendarAdult (m)9,1981,24421
TvrCRMysterious SylphAdult (m)8,8691,12723
oEV6TKirjava's RoseAdult (m)7,8781,10622
YfVEjArgent  HeartstealerAdult (m)7,8951,06020
NKUukArgentum ArsaniAdult (m)8,84196821
TSz9YSilver Choc FountainAdult (m)6,7148885
eosWW(eosWW)Adult (f)4,10293111
2GnwHLunargentoAdult (m)5,4851,0636
LiLq8LialiqueAdult (m)6,3251,1178
qBBVzKitty GlowcatzAdult (m)6,6179703
alyaMalyaMAdult (f)6,6489863
PVayr(PVayr)Adult (f)3,8098812
l2XIg(l2XIg)Adult (m)6,4041,2432
coJtz(coJtz)Adult (f)6,5701,0762
sTLzr(sTLzr)Adult (m)4,9751,1560
mMK3y(mMK3y)Adult (m)4,9231,0682
BgsFN(BgsFN)Adult (f)5,0421,1091
CzBAS(CzBAS)Adult (m)4,9141,0641
IL44U(IL44U)Adult (f)3,8898231
mI8BYmI8BYAdult (f)7,6951,0682
XWRke(XWRke)Adult (m)4,6517111
8oiyh(8oiyh)Adult (f)5,8051,1563
LFRUM(LFRUM)Adult (m)6,0441,1594
4lYE4(4lYE4)Adult (m)5,6349651
pOAHF(pOAHF)Adult (m)4,2718572
qPA6K(qPA6K)Adult (m)4,1878893
vQtIi(vQtIi)Adult (m)4,2528970
G02zjGO 2Adult (f)6,7901,2314
OZTIQOZTIQAdult (m)6,5931,2404
IQ8ZS(IQ8ZS)Adult (m)6,4671,2563
LYjk9LyarrraAdult (f)6,1521,2576
CsK9vCilkenskiesAdult (m)6,3231,2113
YbOH2(YbOH2)Adult (f)6,7101,2664
e5OAq(e5OAq)Adult (m)5,2261,1561
VjiZL(VjiZL)Adult (f)5,0161,1162
lJuNO(lJuNO)Adult (f)3,7508277
3lkQjCyberspace MissileAdult (m)4,9581,0042
iGF3p(iGF3p)Adult (m)4,8819770
Dr9UE(Dr9UE)Adult (m)5,3651,0491
mYdtEriseth CBAdult (m)6,3767559
jP6BErisaea CBAdult (f)3,9834992
fkYQSoloris Skydancer CBAdult (m)5,3995271
GU8mFErisele CBAdult (f)6,9001,1964
UmgjbCelestia CBAdult (m)4,2837983
4YSe5Eriayses CBAdult (f)2,8738540
D5Fu5Erinara CBAdult (m)3,2128712
UgjT0EriugitoAdult (f)3,3076381
SWEZDEriswez of the North CBAdult (m)6,3951,1206
lZlB8Erizibeth CBAdult (f)8,7601,3055
m4rSXErila de Salix CBAdult (f)7,1321,1953
90jVZErinova CBAdult (f)8,5471,3417
jrDH1Erissar CBAdult (m)6,0901,1900
BID7hEribide CBAdult (m)4,3591,1021
VwE7oHolly Goldenskies  3Adult (f)2,3749726
toRvaTorva CBAdult (m)2,0468581
KUYvCKuvala CBAdult (m)2,3417713
ENFl6Erista CBAdult (f)4,0609233
z3HmaErina CBAdult (f)4,4768433
TdgVOLord of Gallifrey 2Adult (m)1,9787663
zlQIlErizaquila CBAdult (f)2,9197604
hFrA2Lord Holly D'Or 3Adult (m)4,0758572
AK96iLady Skyholly D'OrAdult (f)2,9969643
V1eH3Goldenskies Holly 3Adult (m)3,0689861
sKisDSkykissed CBAdult (f)3,0058802
a3qRiArial Bells 3Adult (m)3,3689863
xVLcHSnowball 2Adult (m)2,8219683
ZSZzmZSZzm 3Adult (m)1,7678042
pRvfCArial Astray 3Adult (m)2,4317542
sIMTMSimtimAdult (m)2,4981,0122
mBvp7Silas SilverskyAdult (f)4,1216576
y1b0YGoldensky boyAdult (m)6,35393714
OAC3cShiroboshi 2Adult (f)2,6179225
66d7IPure Soul 2Adult (m)3,5579791
I1yCDPeace and Love 5Adult (f)3,4139843
SreJI(SreJI)Adult (f)4,9448295
mH0krSilky CBAdult (m)2,2779806
GqkJzMulberry CBAdult (f)3,3741,0284
ReQtJPearlized CBAdult (f)3,0328904
slzm7Pearl Wing CBAdult (m)2,9719013
LF99OChicks were born to give u feverAdult (m)3,6331,0316
rZlN7Zin sevenAdult (m)5,3259922
EldGh(EldGh)Adult (f)4,4799052
aW7gb(aW7gb)Adult (m)4,5649170
rro8JMalakk of the nightAdult (m)5,6321,02610
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