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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Velvet_paw,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
d45HXDark Mysta CBAdult (m)2,1476720
EmfHCDark Mystie 2Adult (m)3,3131,0173
XUwuQ(XUwuQ)Adult (f)3,6167771
e24hF24 hour festivalAdult (f)6,5601,0655
b5CCmIn t' EveningAdult (m)9,2611,37929
vg8UnDusk'unAdult (m)8,6981,36036
6ZXc6ZedeptAdult (m)8,6811,37744
QbsrKObarkAdult (m)4,9891,0973
bXWsqGlo' WingAdult (f)5,7481,1382
scKIm(scKIm)Adult (f)5,3711,1391
Yqx62Glo' BackAdult (f)4,5031,1061
DgAAP(DgAAP)Adult (m)4,6821,1623
qofBA(qofBA)Adult (m)2,5626740
4khsH(4khsH)Adult (f)2,7966551
OmJnc(OmJnc)Adult (m)5,4441,0310
53KLU(53KLU)Adult (f)5,1481,0211
ENDZEShiny GreenjoyAdult (m)5,0931,0292
m8ZcM(m8ZcM)Adult (m)5,0639110
bi9Cj(bi9Cj)Adult (f)5,2579782
szCWV(szCWV)Adult (f)5,4711,0932
kw9yC(kw9yC)Adult (m)5,4441,1213
jnUGX(jnUGX)Adult (m)6,8801,3054
Q052H(Q052H)Adult (f)6,8861,3423
D3hIA(D3hIA)Adult (f)3,0868200
xtCeZ(xtCeZ)Adult (f)3,1257900
fiXGr(fiXGr)Adult (m)5,6769290
86tJB(86tJB)Adult (m)5,4071,1381
dvd5a(dvd5a)Adult (f)3,5868121
S2HHJ(S2HHJ)Adult (f)3,6284280
gV6X0(gV6X0)Adult (m)5,5429862
nXuBanXuBaAdult (f)5,3128351
tPZux(tPZux)Adult (m)3,2127612
7JN3w(7JN3w)Adult (m)3,1547270
ob3jc(ob3jc)Adult (f)5,1937812
ohU72(ohU72)Adult (f)3,7311,0221
uisjGUisge MagelightAdult (f)4,0671,0712
pYManPYmanAdult (m)4,1451,0780
2dnyp(2dnyp)Adult (f)4,7731,0090
rtWiy(rtWiy)Adult (f)4,0598820
52k17(52k17)Adult (m)6,7531,2312
TpM7X(TpM7X)Adult (f)5,9971,2461
wxhfi(wxhfi)Adult (m)5,1871,1322
j6QUl(j6QUl)Adult (f)5,1361,1262
auNUX(auNUX)Adult (m)5,1801,1141
GKqSU(GKqSU)Adult (f)5,3331,1211
L91td(L91td)Adult (m)5,4441,1600
OVhF1(OVhF1)Adult (f)5,4671,0950
FF1rT(FF1rT)Adult (f)2,9826690
8qHjD(8qHjD)Adult (m)4,6751,0490
FwhjT(FwhjT)Adult (f)4,6711,0381
5h1I2(5h1I2)Adult (f)4,7191,0691
IlpUE(IlpUE)Adult (m)4,8901,0842
TyDdR(TyDdR)Adult (f)4,8028120
PDTJN(PDTJN)Adult (m)4,8808071
Q078X(Q078X)Adult (f)4,0807081
ZLjEG(ZLjEG)Adult (m)5,8987610
bG5Wp(bG5Wp)Adult (f)5,5817060
MUuUpMUuUpAdult (f)5,0691,1170
gCoGSquirly  Whirly CBAdult (m)5,3945291
8aJ5Mischievous Swirl CBAdult (m)4,0254911
uLB2Swirly Imp of Mischief CBAdult (m)4,2964921
84CsNBacsunAdult (f)5,1328372
VIM4Little Nilly CBAdult (f)5,4005282
XJUuwRosi PygmiAdult (m)3,5631,2177
oGo1LParty GoilAdult (f)4,5408781
0RMsg(0RMsg)Adult (m)3,6827991
vkbncLittle bit blueAdult (f)6,0721,1574
oOsuxoOsuxAdult (f)9,0491,38227
tZmeY(tZmeY)Adult (m)5,2088893
9eZfK(9eZfK)Adult (m)4,5689201
I3BqR(I3BqR)Adult (f)4,4899250
L2wJN(L2wJN)Adult (f)4,6131,0930
GXSbv(GXSbv)Adult (m)4,7001,0311
pN6AI(pN6AI)Adult (f)4,5311,0070
4Fy31(4Fy31)Adult (f)4,5591,0001
QB33X(QB33X)Adult (m)4,2638640
CkLNJ(CkLNJ)Adult (m)4,2918691
4IOyN(4IOyN)Adult (f)4,7689130
gbGVq(gbGVq)Adult (m)10,2581,0521
mwtua(mwtua)Adult (f)3,5054511
zXx0y(zXx0y)Adult (f)7,1221,2010
Ef5j4(Ef5j4)Adult (f)7,0931,2421
eq2jg(eq2jg)Adult (m)8,8321,3823
NPc3q(NPc3q)Adult (m)8,4141,4322
MJo04(MJo04)Adult (f)4,5711,0092
Zek92Zek zekAdult (f)5,3861,0571
NeubXMarri NeudergAdult (m)4,9369334
9FCcN(9FCcN)Adult (m)6,1271,0892
rmiCI(rmiCI)Adult (f)4,9971,0202
AMp55(AMp55)Adult (m)5,0071,0072
nIA2x(nIA2x)Adult (f)5,1971,0201
Mvcgb(Mvcgb)Adult (m)5,1371,0342
ZAT9T(ZAT9T)Adult (m)6,8271,1620
DVvta(DVvta)Adult (f)6,4881,0981
Sa8U2(Sa8U2)Adult (m)5,1098930
wvRyr(wvRyr)Adult (f)4,7539040
gsh7Shimmering Seasprays Laughter CBAdult (m)4,0124941
6Qm8b(6Qm8b)Adult (f)5,2648961
tj6WjTJ ScalemateAdult (m)4,7701,3542
G0E0uRhodolite CBAdult (f)4,7511,3881
JJQ3AAlmandine CBAdult (f)4,6031,3302
3LcOb(3LcOb)Adult (m)6,9591,1591
152mF(152mF)Adult (m)4,6839164
3a7wUPyrope CBAdult (f)4,6381,3703
q7l4J(q7l4J)Adult (m)4,7391,3491
lCceHIccehAdult (m)5,1491,3152
ki7WOKiywoAdult (f)5,3341,2872
CQhqL(CQhqL)Adult (m)5,2901,3053
cCNPK(cCNPK)Adult (m)5,1881,1821
WjR7M(WjR7M)Adult (f)5,1011,1691
HCDH3(HCDH3)Adult (f)2,9587984
noqQk(noqQk)Adult (m)4,6671,0412
YOe4J(YOe4J)Adult (f)4,0319042
p6QSz(p6QSz)Adult (m)3,6866611
xvvy3Pyralspite CBAdult (f)4,6031,3644
SJH5lSpessartine CBAdult (m)4,6901,3861
4pDBlHessonite CBAdult (m)6,0851,2002
PfH9z(PfH9z)Adult (f)5,7741,2763
iBFK6(iBFK6)Adult (m)5,8678802
LnTw6(LnTw6)Adult (f)6,2749070
c3C4E(c3C4E)Adult (m)6,4329010
sVAls(sVAls)Adult (f)5,7218771
RQUi8(RQUi8)Adult (m)5,9177621
a4jjTSeph's DarkMeteorAdult (f)3,6077837
JaBoB(JaBoB)Adult (m)7,2151,1122
WpaJO(WpaJO)Adult (f)3,1607853
WzWZZ(WzWZZ)Adult (m)4,4418472
5rKoJRavzaAdult (m)4,3931,0472
SLPyU(SLPyU)Adult (f)4,4051,0141
zqjXj(zqjXj)Adult (f)4,2301,0122
mCnbX(mCnbX)Adult (m)5,7361,2580
jBjtV(jBjtV)Adult (f)4,6169220
zDCmU(zDCmU)Adult (f)4,4809241
oCQfo(oCQfo)Adult (m)8,6039001
ycKKxMoonfall RoseAdult (m)7,3131,1413
CvRcW(CvRcW)Adult (m)5,0299532
inf01Heavenly PieAdult (f)4,6775182
kq4CH(kq4CH)Adult (m)6,2851,0563
uV6gI(uV6gI)Adult (f)5,0571,1160
CRJhRStarlight DreamingAdult (m)4,0768517
uMBkPCloaked UmbraAdult (m)4,0448448
D0ZSEDozse PB2Adult (m)4,0297467
oeFriFriday Fred the inbred RedAdult (f)4,0314924
2op54Emet's Frosty Hell Opus 3Adult (m)4,3625323
eeaZuEmets Flaming Cherry Imitator 3Adult (m)3,7575233
Fgf2HAyla Blood Lust PB2Adult (m)7,1511,5555
LpiZeClassic LpiZe CBAdult (f)3,8987854
N9C1pHearthfire Storyteller CBAdult (m)4,7297862
08PluBittus Alooi 2Adult (m)7,1191,2194
KZj5uKa'zan PB2Adult (f)3,9091,2421
UKf38Pryderi IIIAdult (m)3,5439691
RRj42Red Raj PB3Adult (m)3,4119422
pQkaFKaffirAdult (f)3,6268612
Ca1XEBuckeye Callista PB3Adult (f)7,1561,1254
ALfXoThunderous Alfred 2Adult (m)7,3921,2363
B6oP0Red Sapphire 2Adult (m)8,8951,4138
gZCuCBanquo CBAdult (m)5,7791,3934
gOGjsStripy MorgozeAdult (f)8,1851,8102
O20ldOld Red Rascal PB4Adult (f)4,6971,2412
8eEd7Festive Red Ed IIIAdult (m)7,0111,3662
3DHBGRolled Gold StorytellerAdult (f)3,4707473
DqedrHearthfire Frost Sapphire 3Adult (m)4,3281,2153
27jW5Blood Red PB4Adult (m)5,1761,2514
2O6tLCarmine CBAdult (f)3,9201,2643
FADNUFebruary Flames CBAdult (f)4,0119824
fOcD1Classic Banquo PB2Adult (m)4,3561,1972
OKclvOK Clever Clogs CBAdult (m)4,2471,1931
YU65CFebruary Fandango CBAdult (m)4,1791,1322
5vKXFKashmir CBAdult (f)4,6111,2221
kdS8sRed Handed PB5Adult (f)5,1031,4832
62OUNKashmiri Fandango PB2Adult (f)2,9181,1242
WnEk2Cosy Weekend Flames PB2Adult (m)2,9841,0830
iv8E1Dancing Shoes PB2Adult (f)3,9891,1643
uDUGdLeaping Flames PB3Adult (m)4,2411,1623
VOYZoVoyzo CBAdult (f)3,7581,0442
aYpOkApocalypto CBAdult (m)4,3661,0402
l4GNEIgneous PB3Adult (f)3,9251,0731
GNNtNRed is for Danger CBAdult (f)4,0378084
vDgfdMeteor PB2Adult (f)3,1601,0513
dvXD8Death in a Red Cloak PB5Adult (m)4,0739961
2COUnCount Flame PB4Adult (m)5,1111,0513
55nkVRosso CBAdult (m)4,6641,0761
s6ilDSigil CBAdult (f)4,4451,1521
jcF56Fuego Lapis 2Adult (m)5,3677732
GEoT6Geothermal CBAdult (m)5,3721,0006
sNg53Synergy CBAdult (m)4,5841,0523
lBprBQuark CBAdult (f)2,8419492
apAkL(apAkL)Adult (m)2,8139361
0MYQaRubaiyat CBAdult (f)2,9201,0583
6D9WzWizard CBAdult (f)1,5837300
eeUd4(eeUd4)Adult (m)2,0438773
UJBJqVenom mouseAdult (f)3,9701,1461
IcCU9I See You CBAdult (f)3,7691,1171
k5QQfFaustie CBAdult (m)3,8531,0602
Ytg0fDangerosso PB2Adult (m)2,3117573
1XPd9Sigil of Energy PB2Adult (f)2,3057183
3blOTQuatrain PB2Adult (m)2,2977253
aWP4KTogether PB2Adult (f)2,7248344
kEV7NKev7n PB3Adult (m)2,8899030
tqxsHTixylix PB6Adult (m)2,3237642
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