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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Velvet_paw,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
rmzUXFLORETTAdult (f)5,8531,1271
E0q3yFloretimperialAdult (m)5,0651,1313
yfyyV(yfyyV)Adult (m)7,1991,4092
KzGcF(KzGcF)Adult (m)7,0851,2283
bply9(bply9)Adult (m)8,4961,5004
avoww(avoww)Adult (f)5,0239153
GSc7LGoldenscioAdult (m)5,0501,0742
FdmvhEagle'wingAdult (m)5,2311,1171
3Or3r(3Or3r)Adult (f)5,9481,1181
Ylyqk(Ylyqk)Adult (f)3,2537930
Ic0Sx(Ic0Sx)Adult (m)3,9378813
ZuXNY(ZuXNY)Adult (m)4,1179421
pRuHh(pRuHh)Adult (f)3,0017832
Cw9RQ(Cw9RQ)Adult (f)6,0319610
42Mj0(42Mj0)Adult (f)5,4529661
jXD6k(jXD6k)Adult (m)3,0084812
vwLqFMy freckles come out in the sunAdult (m)5,9681,0801
3NkEqSunshine-GirlAdult (f)6,1811,0822
GB5OjJust because I'm celticAdult (m)5,7221,0901
FhfzSFrecklefizzAdult (f)6,1201,2771
oJL9POrange JuicesAdult (m)7,4011,4912
wOSyx(wOSyx)Adult (f)6,6011,3492
IZg4MDon't eat Sephtiye SnowAdult (f)5,9461,2283
TR3gK(TR3gK)Adult (f)5,1401,2471
CBnML(CBnML)Adult (m)5,1241,2311
UkA3M(UkA3M)Adult (m)5,2571,2141
nHEAgFrilly  KissAdult (m)5,12898213
bWSWT(bWSWT)Adult (f)5,9021,05816
lmJtbFrilly RoseAdult (m)6,3679329
jjLnKFrilly LinkAdult (m)6,46486411
1ZknHFrilled with a Nip in the airAdult (f)7,9091,22214
dUpUldUpUlsAdult (m)6,2578092
L8LiHLately L8LihAdult (f)5,8141,0332
GWQpwViva ValentyneAdult (f)7,1161,0641
ysFzKGraceful DecorAdult (m)7,3511,0772
ZUfjU(ZUfjU)Adult (m)6,7811,1813
2Q5bL(2Q5bL)Adult (f)5,9391,0201
mqW3OVhacc0  ThuwedAdult (f)3,5758603
VgAP8(VgAP8)Adult (f)5,4649561
AtNQu(AtNQu)Adult (f)5,4451,2522
wzBDFGlaciatorAdult (f)2,8538274
SK5i8Glassy skaterAdult (f)4,4051,2623
CusBoFrost'bittenAdult (m)4,2921,2803
wt4b0Frosted MirrorAdult (m)2,1797632
H7E22Numb'nessAdult (m)2,3207660
KLsySGhost in t' MachineAdult (f)2,4207931
C886XKrystallinaAdult (f)2,3257484
zhIPBZ'zhipAdult (m)2,2797791
yFKT6KrystallinoAdult (m)3,2611,1034
EZ4RiSparklezariAdult (m)8,1621,06515
VE9VEVervigeneAdult (f)7,0701,2642
CQc9m(CQc9m)Adult (f)4,7388483
waGGS(waGGS)Adult (m)3,7478071
QQUIXHere in the WonderlandAdult (m)5,5718662
zY5Om(zY5Om)Adult (m)5,0008814
wqkfU(wqkfU)Adult (f)5,7481,2293
537QY(537QY)Adult (m)6,0091,2653
2Adv9(2Adv9)Adult (f)5,8841,2570
4p7Bo(4p7Bo)Adult (f)2,8417840
UETU6UETUSAdult (f)2,8437590
AVt3r(AVt3r)Adult (m)5,1368961
5aCaH(5aCaH)Adult (f)5,0001,0042
SLPnj(SLPnj)Adult (f)3,4528020
98Lh1TogetherforevaAdult (m)5,7531,2323
Ff53O(Ff53O)Adult (f)5,8771,1423
Dz1kdDizzikidAdult (f)6,3821,3151
JWOr0(JWOr0)Adult (m)4,4698512
pHjUI(pHjUI)Adult (m)5,4801,0062
zEe2TJadeZeeAdult (f)3,9361,1691
XH6JiJadeGemAdult (f)3,7241,1521
LP1UHLupi GemAdult (m)3,8068862
QdVeu(QdVeu)Adult (f)3,7357703
BdIaD(BdIaD)Adult (f)3,2046371
eTWrJ(eTWrJ)Adult (m)2,7366620
xR3W8(xR3W8)Adult (m)5,1381,4392
ViRtSVirtisAdult (f)4,7911,4261
EeuEIEeuelAdult (f)6,3991,0494
lMJT1(lMJT1)Adult (m)3,5438861
Ihuc4Sphingid SeriphothAdult (f)5,1821,1547
w79ChAzuregemAdult (f)4,6368304
9A0coAzureAocoAdult (m)3,6581,1562
arFcF(arFcF)Adult (f)3,5728820
vM4hf(vM4hf)Adult (f)6,5221,1982
47B2Y(47B2Y)Adult (f)6,7581,2142
9IchZCrystal MagicaAdult (f)4,4461,1382
HNPVNRockin' Woeto ThuwedAdult (f)4,4059659
VgYu7(VgYu7)Adult (m)2,1867982
IGgQF(IGgQF)Adult (f)2,1588040
ZPc9NZ' GlaucousAdult (f)2,3848733
8Pnb0Flotilla the BlueAdult (f)2,0807812
0bPbd(0bPbd)Adult (f)2,4746361
QVkkFirefly Glory CBAdult (m)7,9045286
Pt1DRama Glory Glory 2Adult (m)6,2545093
ZAmHoZamhorus CBAdult (f)3,8545261
5VfvRTinselfly Glory CBAdult (f)3,5474913
5XFsUSunshine Radiance CBAdult (m)2,8564862
eYOpbFirefly Horus PB2Adult (m)4,2494993
sF6UDIridescence CBAdult (f)4,4399590
bqm9R(bqm9R)Adult (m)2,6658134
oSkYzoSkYzAdult (f)2,3658112
ntc0TIridianIraAdult (m)4,8859581
VfjzJ(VfjzJ)Adult (m)2,7364551
ooVilOovil 2Adult (m)2,2598533
PWieKarobb's Magnificent Aurum 4Adult (m)3,95587813
4dtjmPrecious CBAdult (m)5,3911,3176
02lpPCelebration Houx D'Or 2Adult (f)2,3547524
8lbjpShining Bright 2Adult (f)6,8061,1608
16ZPXShroomy DreamAdult (f)6,3611,01313
nigrBGrin BAdult (f)2,7229371
NEFUGTreasure 2Adult (m)2,4417674
jpeD6Smiles 2Adult (f)2,2198704
S0mz3CocogrinAdult (f)2,8896726
qZQEgShroomy HeartAdult (f)2,2437753
O5Iq4Shroomy SeekerAdult (f)5,2649423
boU2aCold Gold 2Adult (m)3,3366159
BZCyGSmiling HeartAdult (f)5,9461,2804
1WLy2Smiling OwlAdult (f)3,9028573
5lDyVThrice WelcomeAdult (f)4,52766820
4mnjoLady Chocolate EroticaAdult (f)7,5181,21320
mOHCYMother of AngelsAdult (f)9,7001,00316
i3yV4Mindful LiraAdult (f)10,5681,38837
fixXifixXitAdult (m)8,4791,05725
eunpOEpic Christmas SocksAdult (f)7,8501,04915
2P3fwRadiant  MotherAdult (f)9,4011,15017
Dq3auGoldn MeteorAdult (f)6,8636855
lc1MPRadiant GrinAdult (f)6,5171,1153
701AM(701AM)Adult (m)6,2421,1301
yCDDIMint on the TreeAdult (f)7,4421,1463
zxCnU(zxCnU)Adult (m)4,6097305
CKQcUSunCuKQoUAdult (m)5,2921,2042
LB8wCBalorsgoldAdult (f)6,4881,1113
7d3hpXal'arabilis 2Adult (m)4,1879441
HN1cNHan I Can  IIIAdult (f)8,7731,3955
FFOmEFoamey 3Adult (m)8,6591,2491
lNpLUSploosh 2Adult (f)8,9031,4546
6CULpGulp 3Adult (f)5,8611,1142
mjlGABubbles 4Adult (m)4,4631,0832
N84fWGoldie 2Adult (f)3,4788692
bEbKStorm Gatherer CBAdult (f)7,0625544
0WBGVelvet Storm Bringer CBAdult (f)6,0245341
XgmAOStormwing CBAdult (m)5,9541,3172
8PABDStormpaw CBAdult (m)2,6429081
1S7QHStorm Cloud CBAdult (f)3,9826811
plDcV(plDcV)Adult (f)7,1319004
PSafE(PSafE)Adult (f)12,0201,1633
MyusK(MyusK)Adult (m)7,7391,2772
A8w0C(A8w0C)Adult (m)5,8251,0534
xEMLe(xEMLe)Adult (f)3,5421,0002
QsQOQ(QsQOQ)Adult (m)3,5609772
yCJXz(yCJXz)Adult (f)7,6241,0713
SpA5I(SpA5I)Adult (f)3,3895783
iLeSDdraig Mother of TremorsAdult (f)7,5905077
Lv8X88X8 Lovely  CBAdult (f)4,2976752
TtYSDEarth'ShakerAdult (m)4,4976652
ds0IvTremor CBAdult (f)4,3836822
jcvgzThe Joker CBAdult (f)4,5809481
RwqvIDire RawqAdult (m)3,8458374
xsz0T(xsz0T)Adult (m)5,9241,2454
4hB9f(4hB9f)Adult (m)5,8121,0780
8cV7jLeopard Greenwing CBAdult (m)3,1818450
cKOosCuckoo Greenspot CBAdult (f)4,1508990
SjkS6Sjoukie Greenspot CBAdult (f)3,4039011
oPKIgOpie Greenwing CBAdult (m)3,6459670
HZg9WSilent GigglesAdult (m)7,1321,05212
r3yMlREyMl Monster Pact RaptorAdult (m)6,8151,1665
eti9lEtimorphAdult (m)6,8178484
sgZIYDesolation PactAdult (m)7,4181,0545
Zftl2(Zftl2)Adult (m)5,9248812
hg66A(hg66A)Adult (m)6,6739610
WFfUKnight Protector CBAdult (m)5,6254401
h41uELucky CBAdult (f)5,9819662
4dL5dGatekeeper CBAdult (m)2,7347872
qoBLHGatemistress CBAdult (f)3,0447982
4VMbxDefender  CBAdult (m)2,6218572
VmHxmShield Maiden  CBAdult (f)2,6528291
i2MpZ(i2MpZ)Adult (f)2,8547423
hNwhzSentinel CBAdult (m)3,3078853
wlCP9Guardo 2Adult (m)3,3588993
MIzj0Il Guardo 3Adult (m)4,3179815
tjOVKGuardi 4Adult (m)5,4918654
7shHK(7shHK)Adult (m)3,2857083
Tm0GCWiuht  Dusk ThuwedAdult (m)11,5581,40112
kbIleChocolate StardreansAdult (m)4,2911,0146
NsrRqShimmer CBAdult (f)3,5801,2153
6TeQqGlimmer CBAdult (m)3,6481,2304
sXevaXeva the Golden Sage CBAdult (m)4,4601,4632
2LCCYLucy 2 Luccy CBAdult (f)4,7161,3061
EgFZHGolden Illusion CBAdult (m)4,4251,1223
2glSaTugisa CBAdult (f)2,9569264
I6mpyThe Hunter CBAdult (m)6,3271,1265
MVxzCSmiley CBAdult (f)3,0218920
24ic9Spiced BrewAdult (m)4,4631,2062
qo9U8Little Crookneck 2Adult (f)7,3741,3994
Z6dSTNefasouz PB2Adult (m)8,0181,3686
MrhiqPumpernickel Py 2Adult (f)7,7761,5401
E29biYavende Gloomglow 3Adult (f)7,2431,6063
M2KpFPumpkin Mystery 3Adult (f)3,0449864
zdmmBVelvety MystAdult (f)7,1751,2967
8CzaPCrimson Velvet ZapAdult (f)7,3061,2995
XhCN3Stormcrow PB2Adult (f)7,5281,3775
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