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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Tally_Youngblood,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
CtUsQ(CtUsQ)Adult (m)1,4596432
GyaJh(GyaJh)Adult (f)1,3836151
ptGAP(ptGAP)Adult (f)1,4186230
85E6v(85E6v)Adult (m)1,4576431
llwwV(llwwV)Adult (m)1,4446450
gNsvv(gNsvv)Adult (m)1,3805960
hmxru(hmxru)Adult (m)1,5256621
X5hfKeeper Of Me-chan's ScrollAdult (f)5,3871,4627
Md8OYou May Call Her Shay ThoughHatchling (F)9311626
r9CXSMamoru TamashiiAdult (m)4,47491911
BAbeG(BAbeG)Adult (m)1,6677060
3S7kG(3S7kG)Adult (f)1,6596700
PfVnn(PfVnn)Adult (f)1,7337312
xAS1y(xAS1y)Adult (f)1,6616990
6n4eo(6n4eo)Adult (f)1,6967150
qGuXA(qGuXA)Adult (f)1,6487181
vezLV(vezLV)Adult (f)1,6946760
2NTdj(2NTdj)Adult (m)1,6307041
V98Bj(V98Bj)Adult (m)1,6636870
SJM6(SJM6)Egg (F)
EdOemIt Is Useless Of TimeAdult (m)2,1446215
CE7gThis Shining City Built Of GoldAdult (f)4,10469211
SUucSYou're So ColdAdult (m)2,5638042
ANaKFrozenglowAdult (m)8,2241,35814
TjELmWhile Strong Men DieAdult (f)2,8939146
lBRVsZap-A-DosAdult (m)2,2767023
2iOdk(2iOdk)Adult (f)2,3076571
JEHRu(JEHRu)Adult (m)1,5867270
BfMSVolcanic ImplosionAdult (f)4,8911,34513
B0dfBig Fiery Magma ThingAdult (m)2,8575752
F6UvO(F6UvO)Adult (f)1,4357151
UdRZVKeep Your Hand In MineAdult (f)2,8781,0053
uDLKVWise Men WonderAdult (m)2,8176431
NKdRXUnnamed Like A BossAdult (m)2,2646162
190DlThe Great - no that's takenAdult (f)3,6601,2674
UDfbaI Want To Be The Great PumpkinAdult (f)3,4931,2631
9Er3WOrange Dragon Of HalloweenAdult (m)3,7681,3021
uTgVs(uTgVs)Adult (f)2,2999080
RAIHE(RAIHE)Adult (m)2,3829666
NnSZNight Falls SwiftlyAdult (m)5,0191,36310
tjoCFCorpse PickerAdult (m)3,3481,2613
pKvYkFlying Angel Of DeathAdult (m)3,4321,2693
uB0Ah(uB0Ah)Adult (m)2,4279463
Etb49(Etb49)Adult (m)3,6228022
SCjVIAll Your Candy Are Belong To UsAdult (f)3,2941,2633
Sk0gT(Sk0gT)Adult (f)2,4189162
WM2aG(WM2aG)Adult (m)2,3749511
tQYug(tQYug)Adult (f)2,4339411
duTjh(duTjh)Adult (m)3,6368044
4f9P6(4f9P6)Adult (m)2,5157065
t4uhL(t4uhL)Adult (m)2,5206662
rjnAJ(rjnAJ)Adult (m)2,5156582
eMMen(eMMen)Adult (m)2,8516724
sBcYg(sBcYg)Adult (m)2,5906514
GG7DG(GG7DG)Adult (f)2,8776724
IV0Qe(IV0Qe)Adult (f)2,8106616
CheJ0(CheJ0)Adult (f)2,5896472
5SqlCandy Canes Of The WorldAdult (m)3,1181,1645
aKWXI Iz Rudolph Destroyer Of WorldsHatchling (F)1,1632286
HspcMidnight's AngelAdult (f)4,4338615
5Vm9SWe Wish You A Chibi ChristmasHatchling (F)1,4085794
D9UFGems For Our GemmaAdult (f)4,4151,0524
NGvIOf The Red BandanaHatchling (F)1,7891501
XbWL4Can You Feel That Hybrid RainbowAdult (m)2,1349152
e7QHJLittle Braver-kunHatchling (F)9384790
i8Tb4(i8Tb4)Adult (f)1,9106992
6tr4Pink As Pink Can BeHatchling (F)1,08615111
mopMPink Pink PeetaAdult (m)3,3218393
v1FWBakes Bunnies For The Dark SideHatchling (F)1,3534678
pUapG(pUapG)Adult (f)2,0807164
AAWhs(AAWhs)Adult (f)2,0477162
jOkKQ(jOkKQ)Adult (m)2,2487364
QhhEZ(QhhEZ)Adult (m)2,0696993
Q6mRJ(Q6mRJ)Adult (f)1,9197035
3liha(3liha)Adult (f)1,8837083
CtqFQIf It's Shiny It Must Be GoodAdult (m)3,1211,1075
jmJLPActually I LostAdult (f)5,0201,1306
gVIbKWhat The GameAdult (m)3,4981,00016
nNKYqYou Made Me Lose The GameAdult (f)7,52497412
D2b2CHonorary Common Lady DerynAdult (f)3,6249328
eNqLPLady Realist Of CommonsAdult (f)2,7579712
g5kM0Lord Idealist Of CommonsAdult (m)1,9737370
vNOkuLady Katniss Of CommonsAdult (f)3,0199565
GgJdqLord Peeta Of CommonsAdult (m)2,1068160
suKCjLady Tally Of CommonsAdult (f)2,7159281
Dr5IbLord Zane Of CommonsAdult (m)2,7309782
TMfd3Lady Vermillion Of ComonsAdult (f)2,2328112
ucd7QLord Viridian Of CommonsAdult (m)2,6519500
tTqfLLady Death Of CommonsAdult (f)3,0521,0931
HXcqVLord Life Of CommonsAdult (m)3,0921,1150
TDfX4Lady Skye Of CommonsAdult (f)3,2391,1411
6OcaOLord Jimi Of CommonsAdult (m)3,7909614
gtmjoLady Nightwalker Of CommonsAdult (f)3,0141,1052
9JFmQLord Searoamer Of CommonsAdult (m)3,0381,0732
WcKgNLady Seaspray Of CommonsAdult (f)3,0991,0740
7rtmQLord Windy Of CommonsAdult (m)3,0441,1011
rlAW2Lady Frozen Of CommonsAdult (f)2,9306655
rgLUBLord Racer Of CommonsAdult (m)3,1031,1201
vKVloLady Greentail Of CommonsAdult (f)3,0281,0143
oVkKXLord Minty-Fresh Of CommonsAdult (m)2,7909511
WFBvSLady Pond Lily Of CommonsAdult (f)3,3291,0673
o3UFsLord Sparky Of CommonsAdult (m)2,5199061
ffFZ7Lady Clairvoyant Of CommonsAdult (f)2,6008411
lbBaiLord Strike Of CommonsAdult (m)3,1101,0772
J7jbjLady Cornucopia Of CommonsAdult (f)3,1191,0241
JbQi0Lord Rocky Road Of CommonsAdult (m)3,4771,0271
jXF39Lady Kuro Of CommonsAdult (f)3,2801,0462
LJNDgLord Secret Hour Of CommonsAdult (m)3,6261,0211
RZ5vZLady Spinosaurus Of CommonsAdult (f)2,6859390
amftjLord Strawberry Of CommonsAdult (m)3,2259892
ouhqhLady Diamond Of CommonsAdult (f)2,7499232
jSpkvLord Blaze Of CommonsAdult (m)3,0999713
ZvCEtBaroness Splashie Of CommonsAdult (f)2,8689311
7GMufBaron Tigerstripe Of CommonsAdult (m)2,3908260
vJomfBaroness Satanist Of CommonsAdult (f)3,1151,1691
MC1SLBaron Donten Of CommonsAdult (m)2,3878171
VGrAGBaroness Spearmint Of CommonsAdult (f)2,6899170
g0XkNBaron Up-And-Away Of CommonsAdult (m)3,3741,0963
It4KgBaroness Mockingjay Of CommonsAdult (f)3,1857912
6BHNhBaron Mindrain Of CommonsAdult (m)3,0431,0760
4K7diBaroness Ponyta Of CommonsAdult (f)2,6981,0221
E4l4hBaron Emerald Of CommonsAdult (m)3,0421,0781
LfoeDBaroness Statuette Of CommonsAdult (f)2,6938861
6l1ceBaron Pale Angel Of CommonsAdult (m)2,7141,0251
cJLl7Baroness Rock-Solid Of CommonsAdult (f)2,3597682
2ORFHBaron Daydreamer Of CommonsAdult (m)2,8521,0522
FRUEGBaroness Oceanna Of CommonsAdult (f)3,1511,0341
FFUbrBaron Paapo Of CommonsAdult (m)3,0521,1311
f7NfKCountess Whiplash Of CommonsAdult (f)2,6797851
qC0EQCount Monte-Cristo Of CommonsAdult (m)2,8526432
t6aIdCountess Greenie Of CommonsAdult (f)2,7288400
N9glRCount Uprising Of CommonsAdult (m)2,7566261
iZjPnCountess Hypnosis Of CommonsAdult (f)2,6938283
WqSPnCount Jungle-o Of CommonsAdult (m)2,6698082
VdcSVCountess Night Owl Of CommonsAdult (f)2,7188241
hcQp8Count Oceancruiser Of CommonsAdult (m)2,6518360
VNgbODuke Air Of CommonsAdult (m)6,8811,2752
pMDlbDuke Water Of CommonsAdult (m)3,2727183
I1dv5Duchess Earth Of CommonsAdult (f)2,5157044
XrDHThey Call Him ZaneAdult (m)6,4561,47811
MEAXCoffee For ZaneAdult (m)5,7011,3527
Ek27Zane-ette Or SomethingAdult (f)2,0785435
ib5SSI'm Waiting PatientlyAdult (m)2,9158961
DlhlI'll Wait For The SignAdult (f)5,2707958
duOCZane's Sense Of JusticeAdult (m)7,2351,77914
QgiYZane's Lost ShadowAdult (m)6,0531,34214
D1gkThat Name Is So YesterdayAdult (f)4,8451,1706
bO0NCWatching The NightAdult (m)1,8867812
ZUR6AFully Loaded SatellitesAdult (f)2,5258421
hNRG0Konchu AyakoAdult (f)2,8039114
v5c4mWill Conquer NothingAdult (f)4,2061,1433
9pOMFNamari no soraAdult (m)2,6899702
FRdmQOmoku tarekomiAdult (f)2,7008165
NBvq4Masshiro ni yodondaAdult (m)2,0068893
sM09LTaiyou ga kudake teAdult (f)2,1509282
J6vnpMiminari woAdult (m)1,7027193
J8u2MTogaraseruAdult (f)1,8487585
l99ZCHyururi hyururiAdult (m)2,0339033
c6pNNHikui tsubame gaAdult (f)2,3667454
IIftdHachi no ji nazotteAdult (m)2,5488211
7gV1SBiru no tani wo kakeruAdult (f)5,3981,1919
lZhodMou jiki niAdult (m)3,1309062
hHbv6Yuu dachi ga kuruAdult (f)2,2437972
1Has4DONTEN no michi woAdult (m)2,2936843
GNKNDKasa wo wasureteAdult (f)3,1645155
JFctBAruku kanojo waAdult (m)2,2686313
m3AP8Ame ni obieteruAdult (f)2,6937633
hDPY3(hDPY3)Adult (f)3,0897952
p6dls(p6dls)Adult (m)2,5468861
Bap8d(Bap8d)Adult (f)2,9216094
26mNk(26mNk)Adult (f)1,6767003
sNrT3(sNrT3)Adult (m)2,3168280
R2oPt(R2oPt)Adult (m)4,1028531
BQNCU(BQNCU)Adult (m)2,4648311
cUiTc(cUiTc)Adult (m)2,6758160
2iBIPersephone EmbertailAdult (f)2,9849804
pghGHades EmbertailAdult (m)4,8558431
rTMDObsidian BlazingstarAdult (f)7,5921,8234
BRhRJay BlazingstarAdult (m)4,4481,2748
qkX7Ruby RedcrestAdult (f)5,3291,04411
Z7LeLance RedcrestAdult (m)6,0581,5844
BBoTVBright DarkflickerAdult (f)2,3636270
Mvn2Shadow DarkflickerAdult (m)3,6209643
9PIbTHimeko FireflightAdult (f)2,0018121
NC9COujito FireflightAdult (m)4,0561,0583
2m30Cato MockingjayAdult (m)3,7693004
Vak5F(Vak5F)Adult (m)1,5086860
c6RXM(c6RXM)Adult (f)1,4026572
XL4G2(XL4G2)Adult (f)2,5197833
IsHDq(IsHDq)Adult (m)3,1067195
0Q3oZ(0Q3oZ)Adult (m)2,6726952
dDLul(dDLul)Adult (m)2,1657731
iDYmH(iDYmH)Adult (m)2,0818122
l5cfM(l5cfM)Adult (f)2,0808442
Jus6T(Jus6T)Adult (f)2,5497707
J0aM9(J0aM9)Adult (m)2,2468822
b4LZI(b4LZI)Adult (f)4,1938574
LrRWD(LrRWD)Adult (m)4,6479619
HugvY(HugvY)Adult (m)3,0188080
vVAK9(vVAK9)Adult (m)5,0079585
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