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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Tally_Youngblood,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
6oWAq(6oWAq)Adult (m)4,7429166
jXish(jXish)Adult (m)3,6018323
HcSRG(HcSRG)Adult (m)6,0319683
fRK1L(fRK1L)Adult (m)4,0186766
tMlHZ(tMlHZ)Adult (f)3,2651,0472
AU4mI(AU4mI)Adult (f)3,8838403
WgpYu(WgpYu)Adult (m)5,1889277
qmjkB(qmjkB)Adult (m)3,1656884
bUVmC(bUVmC)Adult (f)4,8848586
Cktm1(Cktm1)Adult (f)3,4007473
pSl2A(pSl2A)Adult (m)2,1448442
KhscJ(KhscJ)Adult (m)3,0627215
MgWql(MgWql)Adult (f)4,2098407
NpgD4(NpgD4)Adult (f)5,7261,3107
BpUQn(BpUQn)Adult (m)4,8248474
THTRi(THTRi)Adult (m)4,2287284
2YhZ9(2YhZ9)Adult (f)3,1778965
5hfv8(5hfv8)Adult (m)3,0428000
5PGol(5PGol)Adult (f)2,5879272
X2Hcv(X2Hcv)Adult (m)2,8028532
k5HN1(k5HN1)Adult (m)3,7558487
KaXjO(KaXjO)Adult (m)3,8527000
FXFQ2(FXFQ2)Adult (f)3,1068154
iYPHv(iYPHv)Adult (m)5,2278474
umCHi(umCHi)Adult (m)4,1137537
blbrK(blbrK)Adult (m)4,1368406
rRZFj(rRZFj)Adult (m)2,5387791
sNbTq(sNbTq)Adult (m)4,5688496
QfPCz(QfPCz)Adult (f)2,1748233
ZNnnn(ZNnnn)Adult (f)2,2589036
eph4S(eph4S)Adult (f)2,7918561
tBAvO(tBAvO)Adult (m)4,9258315
TlL4a(TlL4a)Adult (m)2,3218374
HVW0A(HVW0A)Adult (f)4,9328254
R0GgL(R0GgL)Adult (m)2,2578281
pHu13Desert-Dwelling RainbowAdult (f)2,0196661
l91YNWear Lots Of SunscreenAdult (m)2,7568952
kBJVix I Like Fruit xAdult (m)1,7826022
ZNalZx I Like Trains xAdult (m)3,5428482
CsgslThe Name Reveals The DragonAdult (f)2,1387530
v6nTtChase Your Dreams AwayAdult (m)2,3667710
A9q1RGlass Needles In The HayAdult (f)3,4401,0070
R2hHBI Just Don't Care If It's RealAdult (m)4,9191,1371
SIKCAThat Won't Change How It FeelsAdult (f)2,9539403
8OeWrRandom Naming TimeAdult (m)2,6247993
88bqWName Them Right When They HatchAdult (f)4,3171,3541
MdYmWOr You'll End Up Like MeAdult (m)4,5039294
uwGs5(uwGs5)Adult (m)2,2976782
Xah6QThe Birth Of A StarAdult (f)2,8731,0237
NnBCo(NnBCo)Adult (f)3,4537476
VOeQMy Heart Is A PlanetaruimAdult (m)3,2196508
0ADpOur Hopes And ExpectationsAdult (m)7,2281,83514
5MC1Black Holes 'N' RevelationsAdult (f)8,2031,8956
dMi7I Will Be Chasing The StarlightAdult (f)4,5689689
3huT1Until The End Of My LifeAdult (m)2,4007452
Oll6n(Oll6n)Adult (m)2,5717434
eFvRMUntarnished BeautyAdult (m)4,8689686
SAgmC(SAgmC)Adult (m)3,6508032
sQ60DOkay Maybe Slightly TarnishedAdult (f)4,7559472
rKQLvAluminuminuminumAdult (m)2,7458831
JrZQ6Writers WriteAdult (f)3,4368992
h5OST(h5OST)Adult (f)4,0098353
AkjZ3(AkjZ3)Adult (m)2,7387132
eaR4PCollateral EffectAdult (m)3,3998444
B3jUVEffect Of TimeAdult (m)2,1676381
dZZ87Effects Of InsanityAdult (f)3,5178535
sOCRCThe Effect You Have On MeAdult (f)2,4657661
ScgjsEffects Of DestructionAdult (f)2,3207591
IfANOEffect Of MisunderstandingAdult (m)1,5566192
fG6AJEffectationAdult (m)5,9691,3526
sGGPH(sGGPH)Adult (m)2,6666975
CUbWVIn The Sea Of SandAdult (f)2,6687691
XURLNHolding A Rusty ShovelAdult (m)3,4738152
4fqDLAs Though He's FightingAdult (m)3,3927560
DXg4SA Person Digging For His DreamAdult (m)2,1087522
jogqYEven If He Gets BurnedAdult (m)2,0767300
jCTd1By The Burning Red SunAdult (m)1,9617340
98R9JHe Desparately Gets Back UpAdult (f)2,6048441
R3JuIThe Person He LovedAdult (m)2,7238551
po4MDNow Has A Price On Her LifeAdult (f)2,5966544
OWM0HNo Matter How Many TimesAdult (f)2,6488410
HPYeZHe Puts His Head DownAdult (f)2,6248550
LqGe0He Still Doesn't Have EnoughAdult (m)2,6268320
N5vHcThey Told Him There Was NothingAdult (f)2,6697791
WovUiHe Could Do But Go Dig For OilAdult (m)2,6797072
naTPtSo He Took The Joke LiterallyAdult (m)2,6097722
v3pT7And Headed Out To DigAdult (m)2,6917044
3D9GpBut All He Found Were Long YearsAdult (f)2,4896652
UilvHx Sir Destiny Are You Having FunAdult (f)2,8478832
9nNCvPlaying With My LifeAdult (m)2,1595592
KWrmOGo Ahead And LaughAdult (f)5,8981,3342
1KFRgAre You Watching MeAdult (f)3,3658785
u6sk5As I Fight Back xxAdult (m)3,2728192
oBXLuIn The Dead TownAdult (f)3,3188492
IJQ7XWearing A Night DressAdult (m)3,5688147
Y961uGiven All The Love She WantsAdult (m)2,4426393
9oGMcLike In A FairtytaleAdult (m)3,2747663
MK9BuA Person Who's ActingAdult (m)3,5957603
flsf8Even If She's In Someone's ArmsAdult (f)2,3967712
mUhkFHer Heart Waits For Only One ManAdult (f)2,0896843
fg0mGHer Lover Had Lied KindlyAdult (f)2,7867403
rdpatx We'll Be OkayAdult (f)2,6948132
vI33pJust Believe In MeAdult (f)2,5135953
AtTChAnd Wait For My Return xxAdult (f)3,0216433
dticsx How Do You Expect MeAdult (m)1,9326772
dHAmcTo Believe In That xxAdult (f)2,3186950
eNOJ8She Had AskedAdult (m)2,3086760
Q6TvPAnd She Held Those Words InsideAdult (m)2,1897060
HtMsSRepeating Them For YearsAdult (f)2,6157202
22U2h(22U2h)Adult (f)2,5687575
3pTia(3pTia)Adult (f)3,6238243
jYAXH(jYAXH)Adult (f)2,8015881
noJIQ(noJIQ)Adult (f)3,0106715
Z4uW4(Z4uW4)Adult (f)1,4706242
7mUfi(7mUfi)Adult (m)1,6657262
A3nH7(A3nH7)Adult (m)1,6637432
CLcCX(CLcCX)Adult (f)2,4516164
YNrbN(YNrbN)Adult (m)1,6297431
20V89(20V89)Adult (m)1,6177182
hr6D1(hr6D1)Adult (f)2,4548681
pv7cI(pv7cI)Adult (f)4,6149171
2mmEJ(2mmEJ)Adult (f)2,6087060
FYWnN(FYWnN)Adult (f)2,0026871
moeLM(moeLM)Adult (f)2,2316316
Mgr2k(Mgr2k)Adult (m)2,8127284
V6JcB(V6JcB)Adult (m)2,3488131
Ad6EJ(Ad6EJ)Adult (m)1,5897441
u7YIj(u7YIj)Adult (m)1,5586441
rEshMButterfly TimeAdult (f)2,8127761
7D8VYButterflies Don't Wear PantsAdult (f)4,5708891
YTg4QThey Will Destroy The WorldAdult (m)2,6966253
2bKiMisinformation Centre Since 2012Adult (m)1,3815810
vOsSf(vOsSf)Adult (m)2,3086652
O3nAOToo Broken To BelongAdult (m)2,8337743
jfnGToo Weak To Sing AlongAdult (f)3,4456716
lJmq9In Your WoorldAdult (f)3,4741,1673
VPHgNightfall's Broken SongAdult (m)7,7651,86613
XRn4A Far Cry From InnocenceAdult (m)5,6901,2692
7E86Ne Ne Ne Ne NecromancerAdult (m)1,45935517
2n8dFallen Angel's ShadowAdult (f)4,5601,0438
QJAOPlaying With Fiery PancakesAdult (f)2,0855084
O8vtDemonica Of The Silver ShadowsAdult (f)4,1142,18622
FOSsk(FOSsk)Adult (f)2,3756741
DGZkii Have A Big Glowing BallAdult (m)2,8906654
rJDVYOn My Tail Of CourseAdult (f)1,7066021
Lf0Gu(Lf0Gu)Adult (m)2,1636740
lAcmU(lAcmU)Adult (f)1,7255820
MFZTY(MFZTY)Adult (f)2,6219171
gkFfg(gkFfg)Adult (m)2,6317930
8mjHE(8mjHE)Adult (m)2,9636261
8d7hU(8d7hU)Adult (f)2,5146713
Z546s(Z546s)Adult (m)2,1866670
2FGV6(2FGV6)Adult (m)2,6429361
tA4JW(tA4JW)Adult (m)2,4218531
GtU3s(GtU3s)Adult (f)2,6159011
TYj43(TYj43)Adult (m)2,1967010
12sV4(12sV4)Adult (m)2,6595962
57WGQ(57WGQ)Adult (f)2,7786693
KeGnV(KeGnV)Adult (m)2,8705901
ZTCO2(ZTCO2)Adult (m)2,6527466
Xh2ev(Xh2ev)Adult (f)2,6737235
AosrVThe Love For What You HideAdult (m)2,2047953
rpMfeThe Bitterness InsideAdult (f)2,1587690
cZLrNThe Space Theme ReturnsAdult (m)2,1987981
T9OdGSee You Space CowboyAdult (m)2,0857311
VrhaDWho's Been Drinking And FlyingAdult (m)2,4506211
2lpZNSo Come In My CaveAdult (m)3,3198124
4f5oQAnd Don't Ever Come My WayAdult (m)3,5171,1610
ZnUQ6(ZnUQ6)Adult (m)2,8815781
6sjJf(6sjJf)Adult (m)2,8616853
Tv70C(Tv70C)Adult (m)1,8167231
vVFca(vVFca)Adult (m)1,9726701
cF4PD(cF4PD)Adult (m)1,4886880
Y53rGMoon-watching AngelAdult (f)2,3795964
lOdKgThe Moon Blurred And SwayedAdult (f)2,6929221
H10UeSing A Song To The SkyAdult (f)2,7649271
Io86uAnd I'll Burn Your Heart AwayAdult (f)2,6319082
eQT5Q(eQT5Q)Adult (f)2,7237355
YHE2f(YHE2f)Adult (f)2,6997165
IPTGr(IPTGr)Adult (f)2,4787822
kSMve(kSMve)Adult (f)2,9176215
OgYdD(OgYdD)Adult (f)2,9576692
f7dQb(f7dQb)Adult (f)1,8417181
fpB6Y(fpB6Y)Adult (f)1,7077742
TuDNOur Thoughts Are Not Our OwnAdult (f)4,3707202
DuAKDriftfeatherAdult (f)4,5986708
eRYCCloudcuckoolandAdult (m)6,6081,3506
L1KWmFluffery WufferyAdult (f)2,6936902
koK6Mister FlufffykinsAdult (m)3,87289713
XHnmoDo Not Feed The FurballsAdult (m)2,1386903
pOUs0They Can And Will BiteAdult (m)2,7289675
QcmLaMight Eat Your Fingers TooAdult (m)2,5698570
sYrNuBut They're Still CuteAdult (m)2,6066750
OQbcdI Can Haz Psychic PowersAdult (f)4,0808220
dv8pAnd How Can We WinAdult (m)5,1541,2128
RjZGWhen Fools Can Be KingsAdult (f)3,9024691
kE6ZDon't Waste Your  TimeAdult (m)9,6921,1814
PioQ2Or Time WillAdult (m)3,5011,1030
SddASWaste YouAdult (f)3,6721,2154
jCTPFoxface MockingjayAdult (f)6,4631,3106
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