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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Spootedleaf,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
I6os8Spootedleaf's scrollEgg (F)
i9zRXPlease don't ER my hatchiesHatchling (m, F)3,4376561
OdOmaOdd HintsHatchling (f, F)2,3906152
C83YpFooled MintsHatchling (m, F)2,7927574
28GPHFaint WishAdult (m)3,0207334
lMRXE(lMRXE)Hatchling (f, F)3,5637091
Im26C(Im26C)Hatchling (f, F)3,5047951
lmdud(lmdud)Hatchling (m, F)2,9016103
Imrea(Imrea)Hatchling (f, F)5,0496063
ia6A8Snow bells with a pitched echoHatchling (f, F)5,2899835
DXupcTwilight of the blue moonHatchling (f, F)3,4906832
41VnsEnd to a familyHatchling (F)2,1566660
FQErIGemstone that shinesAdult (m)7,3701,08910
sRdyTLeaf that ripplesAdult (m)7,5491,1219
kzQ9rCloud that shimmersAdult (f)5,1828179
lxGcdDusk that darkens lightAdult (f)4,3708068
VYZ6NSnow that falls softlyAdult (m)2,9304129
j0RQATides that flow fastAdult (f)3,0664788
ArDXWSurger that tastes sweetAdult (f)4,1796447
7IR3AFlower that flys in the windAdult (f)4,87873010
hxVzJSong that flys byAdult (f)6,8921,06410
tseFXStar that burns brightAdult (f)7,1401,16312
zdC6KFlame that scorches TreesAdult (f)8,0631,2936
SXJsXDiamond that shines in the nightAdult (f)7,8741,2718
RwPjADawn that chases night awayAdult (f)8,9961,20510
qsQm1Spark that bursts into flameAdult (m)5,4941,0456
6WuoSBlu ocean that creates tsunamisAdult (f)4,1887885
aui3gEagle that soars though the skyAdult (m)4,4197735
ggpEyWaves that crashes into cliffAdult (m)4,8458092
lU2LxFlamingo that protects nestsAdult (m)3,9797243
OR0SVDarkness that flows into heartsAdult (m)4,0898075
hfZ7QIce that sparkles in the moonAdult (m)5,95197810
3a7btCanopy that sparkles from rainAdult (m)4,5377187
iUurmStar that bursts into flameAdult (f)6,5899596
1aexNCloud that falls softlyAdult (m)5,5498216
tLYbUFlame that burns at midnightAdult (f)5,8999806
j0q9AWaves that creates tsunamisAdult (m)6,9611,0445
Pak4eSalt that washes up near a treeAdult (f)6,7901,0735
FHwCDTea leaf that tastes sourAdult (m)3,9646295
QOMiDRiver that flows in darknessAdult (m)3,8816402
gBdZhHoney that tastes wonderfulAdult (f)5,0078001
SNh3uAurora that pulses many colorsAdult (f)4,5237812
jOmsjSteel that never breaksAdult (m)3,5166714
byA9mWind that swirls around treesAdult (m)3,2066393
G8ogWStar that creates tsunamisAdult (f)3,5156868
5OxStLove that flows into heartsAdult (m)3,4016934
O7U4QWind that runs across the coastAdult (m)4,7288712
FdfqOStone that is on a cliffAdult (m)4,8618872
yyLdmDawn that never breaksAdult (m)4,5808304
jxjpLCoral that is brightly coloredAdult (m)3,3697164
s73vSFlames that never burns outAdult (m)7,4011,0737
y29xySun that brings lifeAdult (m)6,8947359
EVhMjHunter that hunts deerAdult (m)6,7359365
B030hLava that burns at touchAdult (f)5,6017922
joA8zPool that Shows the stars in itAdult (f)6,2737912
tjioSStar that sparkles from rainAdult (f)4,6799382
9CZDKSky that looks silverAdult (f)5,4181,0974
xGi49Snow that falls in winterAdult (f)3,4606134
XNI4uSummer day that brings heatwavesAdult (m)5,4051,1752
tijViLion that blases through treesAdult (f)5,4131,1512
vVWpUGem that is found in cavesAdult (f)5,2417885
YxgTyLight and dark that is powerfulAdult (m)3,4216873
9A80WBees that buzz in a behiveAdult (m)4,2038962
YiqC7Storm that makes heavy rain comeAdult (m)4,3388802
OzJ5eWind that wirls into the groundAdult (m)4,4639353
EdxvpFur that Is warmAdult (f)4,7599244
aVAqYSun that burns out treesAdult (f)3,8097631
5jX2TDust that turns into a sandstormAdult (f)5,0889643
mLD0VStar that leads the wayAdult (m)4,9649631
I8Ya3Puddle that is very beautifulAdult (m)3,2786272
FovZiHeart that looks niceAdult (m)3,0686171
xAetTJewel that brings mischiefAdult (f)7,0301,1564
6fmm4Terror that drives fearAdult (m)3,3896483
zrza2Jungle that Rivers flow inAdult (m)4,4938762
5wb0VFrost that freezes grassAdult (m)4,4398541
hC8m6Leafs that taste like mintsAdult (m)4,1868243
PNq7ZSwamp that holds secretsAdult (m)3,8768463
tudOaCoast that feels like magicAdult (m)3,7488152
TvEDxCloud that pulses many colorsAdult (m)3,6178132
07rwWRiver that brings mischiefAdult (m)3,8558382
2jnzyRed posion that is dangerousAdult (f)3,6918012
iQfpUFluff that is warmAdult (f)4,1118232
KSSFOStar that pluses many colorsAdult (m)4,0318232
3fg28Wind that burns at touchAdult (f)4,1528423
ISIFXLightning that is very fastAdult (f)4,0779205
mVC5mStrong tree that never fallsAdult (f)3,8188842
uXipMTiny dew in the morningAdult (m)3,8888971
WlcRmStones that look like petalsAdult (m)3,7638691
dcbNQSun that pulses many colorsAdult (f)5,74965710
5myo8Storm that burns at midnightAdult (m)5,1218964
ZSx4VFruit that tastes lovelyAdult (m)5,0518353
a8W2IWings that can break bonesAdult (m)5,0468244
1uv9dVenom in your veinsAdult (f)6,0518266
AhLOFStones that are very cleanAdult (f)5,0338332
v8X8rGhost that wishes not to be seenAdult (f)3,5256304
SSgdbRivers that are under the oceanAdult (m)3,6166313
SxX3sLightning that strikes near heatAdult (m)3,5776463
toxOvSwallow that swoops lowAdult (m)4,3056625
q977fNorthern lights in the skyAdult (f)4,8056568
8DY3TNature that brings balanceAdult (f)4,3426416
dn9yYMoss that is in cavesAdult (m)6,5629183
PNqX9Cloud that shines in the nightAdult (m)4,4468256
67qz9Leaves that float in the skyAdult (m)5,4449143
qviXYGhost that sparkles from rainAdult (f)5,0238644
TszkhFlames that bring balanceAdult (f)5,42295510
aMrYaTime in the summer skyAdult (f)5,3408936
Io3hUPower that rushes through airAdult (m)5,6199264
nGXDpJungle with lions in itAdult (f)4,9628583
N5BSGDust that flows into heartsAdult (m)4,9838393
SDDNeBlue flames that burn foreverAdult (m)3,9967514
NYUJrArctic that has anemone in itAdult (m)3,9437242
srapgPlains that are windyAdult (f)4,5038334
euAv5Steel that has gold in itAdult (m)4,3197918
NxPx2Rain that seems to danceAdult (m)5,2199293
mTh0xThunder that makes rainAdult (f)3,63671822
vIbuDSea that has coralAdult (m)3,6607152
8BBCwWater of the flower riversAdult (f)5,0818932
0VNRBStars of the silver skyAdult (f)4,7566604
zqRjpMagma of the huge volcanoAdult (f)5,2469314
8aJREIsland of the shimmering skyAdult (f)3,7936705
DUQRmSnow that shimmersAdult (f)5,1478354
g08MKGrotto of the thuwedAdult (f)5,4629508
CvvlRAngel of the sunriseAdult (f)5,9808839
IHYFQLava reflected in the lightAdult (f)6,1559976
EUKJ0Desert of the winterAdult (m)4,3748953
kNNrOGems of the skyAdult (m)5,9171,0472
pf8LLSunset of the chosen oneAdult (f)6,0781,0414
cbMkuEssence of the universeAdult (m)6,2281,1052
aXbgfEmerald of the warriorAdult (m)5,8191,0423
d2JFiThick rocks of the earthAdult (m)6,6689982
pF0HFCry of the newborn birdAdult (f)3,5047832
BShxqMist in the treesAdult (m)5,0918405
A1IbISnow of the windAdult (f)5,0768323
65UGGBees that darken lightAdult (f)4,9047993
Q1tzvRain in the morningAdult (f)5,2688474
NEsdTLightning of the silver skyAdult (f)6,8869367
UVGngLuck of the smallest birdAdult (m)3,2516244
mBwCrSwamp in a desertAdult (f)4,4898062
NjURYRiver of the soulstoneAdult (m)4,3777714
rQuqyImmortal of the nightmareAdult (f)6,8397524
wiPePConstellations of the nightAdult (m)3,6286014
SGJNLNightmare of the immortalAdult (m)3,0696483
MZHvPCloud that shimmers softlyAdult (m)3,6687043
vFK6UGold In the dreamAdult (m)3,6057447
v3hFRSnow in the treesAdult (m)3,5747592
aDkwiWind that burns at midnightAdult (f)3,8758166
blIIeScroll of the sinsAdult (f)4,7548292
dimp5(dimp5)Adult (m)4,7878383
maUDZRose in the darkAdult (m)4,1717063
9Bff4Constellations of the birdAdult (f)5,5217744
UhRI3Tree in a swampAdult (m)3,9166851
JTyvYPoison in waterAdult (m)3,9936861
JiP0cOlive of the treeAdult (f)3,8406792
7G3SmCitrine in a caveAdult (m)4,3697515
tVVqVAngel in the dreamAdult (f)4,0657094
dGgD8Rivers in the night skyAdult (m)3,5626802
4pusDOnix of duskAdult (m)3,59164716
OOS1KSecrets in the darkAdult (f)3,5396422
h2FaBVines that choke treesAdult (m)3,83944013
svcOPAmber at the riverAdult (m)5,07687923
PMe0nAshes on lavaAdult (f)4,2166144
9OJHTEclipse at duskAdult (m)3,0766133
vFQf5Prize of the queenAdult (f)4,9598262
1rFmpSpark in the dayAdult (m)3,3786534
wn28MCitrine of the flower riversAdult (f)4,5838024
WYpRjSapphire of lightAdult (m)5,5848063
YdvydFoam on the wavesAdult (m)5,8257913
llb5LThunder that glimmers and shinesAdult (f)5,3116365
dDG71Dawn that lightens darkAdult (m)6,6139093
Z0R4uCloud of the queenAdult (f)7,4249585
aelj9Balloon that floatsAdult (f)7,4671,1365
nALpqDream of the dragonAdult (m)4,4438053
8lUQ6Song of the horizonAdult (m)5,7829373
OIlI4Wing of the bluebirdAdult (m)5,6929683
KwhGiBreeze that blows around leafsAdult (m)4,4106352
HMktlA White Christmas in SeptemberAdult (m)4,1076373
wg928Feather of wonderAdult (f)3,6237892
oCIVMLovely feathers of nightAdult (m)3,5597781
p0xqtDesert of darknessAdult (m)4,2518552
r3UHGSandstorm of rageAdult (m)4,3388571
EKXgsPulse of the nightAdult (f)3,6157321
hZYxzPulse that falls softlyAdult (f)4,8227204
xfvg5Jewel that brings heatwavesAdult (f)4,6747203
W7OiJFeather of nightsAdult (f)4,5017032
qpdIGDawn that darkens lightAdult (f)4,7066896
S1KlwDawn of the horizonAdult (m)5,0268492
EGEUKRiver that shimmersAdult (f)3,6306194
rpNTsSecrets in a caveAdult (m)3,5646483
rMHqXBreeze that burns brightlyAdult (m)5,7508214
QjQR9Moon of the treesAdult (m)3,5285083
ycHIODarkness of the deep seaAdult (f)5,4697170
jt6RMWisp of the rosesAdult (f)5,3837052
L6yQSDeath of the lightAdult (f)3,5555164
7429PSnow that shimmers softlyAdult (f)5,3127182
MyFZFDawn of the chaseAdult (f)5,4737332
6vyZeStar of the treesAdult (f)3,7766093
VRLggTornado of ashAdult (f)3,8206321
aPbK3Hurricane of truthAdult (m)3,7776241
KoUcwBlizzard of rightsAdult (f)3,9466450
nEtNoGhost of small wishesAdult (m)3,6678742
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