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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “RockinSia,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
ql3HMAdetoroAdult (m)5,1151,1383
mGR2cDoroteaAdult (f)4,7341,0902
7yrE9Aziz TaiAdult (m)4,6293871
G4w5CAzelle TaiAdult (f)2,8386413
IEM9CGood Things Come In TwosHatchling (f, F)1,9996921
8mOPUD u oHatchling (F)4,6784312
7dWAzCounsel of TwoHatchling (m, F)3,6147541
0NDlCEffervescent OaiAdult (m)2,69489912
cp0iPOpalescent OaiAdult (f)2,3827642
ftmFDFor The Win LucastaAdult (m)2,8809053
4C7plMyena LucastaAdult (f)1,8956701
aeeTaMorgan LucastaAdult (m)2,3927981
QnrUwMagnificent LucastaAdult (f)4,2381,2462
Lx6PiRiri Lu Di SanAdult (f)4,4951,0001
OsJddMarc Lu Di SanAdult (m)3,0651,0542
EexWoXilia Lu Di SiAdult (f)3,7441,3012
OlePJOper OaiAdult (m)5,1518230
jYIiZ(jYIiZ)Adult (m)3,7318242
qp8n1Opera AiHatchling (f, F)3,8396953
l3lYpOpal OaiAdult (f)3,2837322
L0L9sRaphael OaiAdult (m)4,4459541
aLLMAAllima OaiAdult (f)5,1138451
gjMthOrlan OaiAdult (m)6,0338401
aoOdW(aoOdW)Adult (m)4,0727213
ydsUS(ydsUS)Adult (f)3,1199442
iA9LD(iA9LD)Adult (m)5,0277630
sxPxV(sxPxV)Adult (f)2,8678162
uLYIh(uLYIh)Adult (m)2,7557971
fboTJ(fboTJ)Adult (f)2,9237900
SEIzL(SEIzL)Adult (m)2,7578253
jOwUm(jOwUm)Adult (m)2,9577582
eRaqk(eRaqk)Adult (f)2,9628011
0Wq4o(0Wq4o)Adult (m)2,7567120
FTQNe(FTQNe)Adult (f)3,2917491
GNhEsGelena AiAdult (f)3,3688081
dey6K(dey6K)Adult (m)3,1888090
S7hRU(S7hRU)Adult (m)3,6357621
k4RpBKaropaAdult (f)3,6778002
1NIIz(1NIIz)Adult (m)3,8547810
xSugf(xSugf)Adult (m)3,7318040
xXMwV(xXMwV)Adult (f)3,6637802
MDaI7(MDaI7)Adult (f)3,4067870
ATnRpI'm Not Your ToyAdult (f)2,4777692
5Cn3vYou've Got A Friend In MeAdult (m)2,4736913
e87JsThe Words I Would SayAdult (f)5,1558091
69QvUJust Be HeldAdult (m)5,1498101
7EZ6e(7EZ6e)Adult (f)4,3318363
2CI6R(2CI6R)Adult (f)3,6718251
HKp6o(HKp6o)Adult (m)3,6588261
J56B9(J56B9)Adult (m)3,6278931
yjVrL(yjVrL)Adult (f)3,6659020
GpDYH(GpDYH)Adult (m)3,3828662
dSMMn(dSMMn)Adult (m)3,1588060
EfGsx(EfGsx)Adult (m)3,4566740
s2Ub7(s2Ub7)Adult (f)3,4947020
0fuDrWe All MatterAdult (m)3,6617041
aFiMOChoose LoveAdult (f)6,3975441
S1TuC(S1TuC)Adult (m)6,1066542
FiiHR(FiiHR)Adult (f)6,5435812
SsxUWPeta PaiAdult (m)4,5518451
Vt4rzPetra PaiAdult (f)4,3128510
5YjrVProsciotto PaiAdult (m)4,3608440
4pbn8Parma PaiAdult (f)4,3708380
0bD9dPacchetto PaiAdult (m)4,4818382
vXh8WPecora PaiAdult (f)4,3828440
Tw5YlPadiglione PaiAdult (m)4,3498430
nnvZlPinecone PaiAdult (f)6,3867410
APjI1Man of Few WordsAdult (m)3,7387672
UadrkWoman of MirthAdult (f)3,3836902
15c27March AiAdult (m)3,2957001
2sWaQMarcella AiAdult (f)3,4657091
CcxfzOrchid AiAdult (f)4,0157904
42LbpArtifice AiAdult (f)5,9039262
cOCiK(cOCiK)Adult (m)4,7209132
s0MV7(s0MV7)Adult (m)3,1738462
HXbYn(HXbYn)Adult (f)3,2268451
45wdq(45wdq)Adult (f)3,1257570
Ip1ZK(Ip1ZK)Adult (f)3,1747641
UbJEA(UbJEA)Adult (m)3,3627503
IGtV1(IGtV1)Adult (m)3,1197551
LokEw(LokEw)Adult (f)4,2468540
JB0Zp(JB0Zp)Adult (m)4,5078571
vqeKZ(vqeKZ)Adult (f)4,0518550
p5uF9(p5uF9)Adult (m)4,0058390
1rHzf(1rHzf)Adult (f)3,9388502
AnRyX(AnRyX)Adult (m)3,5426701
OaCja(OaCja)Adult (m)3,1456472
LbgDJ(LbgDJ)Adult (f)3,0996910
UJ3lC(UJ3lC)Adult (f)3,0827041
5A0uJ(5A0uJ)Adult (m)3,7066981
6vKP6Have A Mice DayAdult (m)3,7316591
zNFnPAccordian To Me You RockAdult (m)3,5587901
qdUZgI'm So Fawned Of YouAdult (m)3,5217681
eDfSkI Cannoli Be Happy With YouAdult (m)3,5977970
qKF4FSpecial TeaAdult (f)6,3655951
56wjRCarrot OnAdult (f)6,3696462
msjcqMy Lava For YouAdult (f)5,0966762
PXZzZMissed SteakAdult (f)7,0085041
UAMvSAlgae WizAdult (m)3,7806591
QD9RNGimme Some OvenAdult (m)4,7018231
SahKTJuan For The RoadHatchling (m, F)4,3417002
viha7(viha7)Adult (f)3,6988081
GL5PZ(GL5PZ)Adult (f)3,7488030
UB2Q3(UB2Q3)Adult (m)3,5908180
qtTgW(qtTgW)Adult (m)4,0188141
dxhfm(dxhfm)Adult (f)4,1698511
PQBb6(PQBb6)Adult (m)4,0668151
HfRYb(HfRYb)Adult (m)4,4159061
sEQYE(sEQYE)Adult (f)4,7039170
R4Za9(R4Za9)Adult (f)3,9238113
5RyuV(5RyuV)Adult (m)4,2558603
i5GIu(i5GIu)Adult (f)4,3178361
iz6PS(iz6PS)Adult (f)4,3506931
0Q4Lc(0Q4Lc)Adult (m)5,4267771
X6sH6(X6sH6)Adult (f)5,1747942
Zz1BQ(Zz1BQ)Adult (m)5,7268511
xP0Sz(xP0Sz)Adult (m)5,4388062
vhgZS(vhgZS)Adult (f)5,4187935
nEhMBLorendria AiAdult (f)4,0406800
unLlCLore Keeper AiAdult (m)4,1096750
WQ3MzLettuce Turnip The BeetAdult (f)3,8736650
Y91YaPaint Nothin' I Can DoAdult (m)4,0436701
TizcPRefereatsAdult (m)4,2706641
U9W0OThe Pig's UpAdult (f)4,0306630
D3DvBHappily Ever CrafterAdult (f)4,0477221
HwPq7(HwPq7)Adult (f)6,3954750
KlIwJ(KlIwJ)Adult (m)6,3354820
RyXQL(RyXQL)Adult (f)5,7435651
q4JzN(q4JzN)Adult (m)5,4546250
DBkB5(DBkB5)Adult (m)4,3318212
pc0WiFloating BaiAdult (m)2,4115264
dleEoSoaring BaiAdult (f)2,7694851
7eRNz(7eRNz)Adult (m)4,4898311
7wtOrFloating From AboveHatchling (m, F)2,9535701
nLQTaYou Gotta Be Squiddin' MeAdult (m)5,7026911
YxrLgOtterly ShellfishAdult (m)5,7026910
4FtCgStrawbearyAdult (f)5,4686850
p7pXbHedgelogAdult (f)5,1276820
1HlTrMoonateeAdult (f)5,4427010
iIbvFOtter This WorldAdult (m)4,2237560
Bd4MRAll That And Dim SumAdult (f)5,1957550
ZLiaMI'm Un-Corgie-AbleAdult (m)4,1207562
QKZMoThyme ManagementAdult (m)3,5737710
u17niAlpacinoAdult (f)5,0437642
Vy559Sundae DriverAdult (m)3,2647900
tK5QALater TatersAdult (f)3,8538164
IoGw9It Falafel My PocketAdult (f)4,0908094
bDCUAEiffel For YouAdult (m)5,4767402
zaJguI Apollo-gizeAdult (f)4,8756950
jsiRiNo Flocks GivenAdult (f)4,8597360
r0Xec(r0Xec)Adult (m)4,6838462
GsSIG(GsSIG)Adult (m)3,9938371
BbbTGOnyx BaiAdult (f)3,5853821
qUHQBDougal BaiAdult (m)4,3424730
4T14vCharna BaiAdult (f)3,7463852
6UNulBernard BaiAdult (m)4,0003551
3nu5NDharma LucastaAdult (f)2,8318771
o2HVqMorrigan BaiAdult (f)2,8418034
Dc79HRichard BaiAdult (m)2,8299851
jKdWCBramble BaiAdult (m)5,5328942
j9WqvBounce BaiAdult (f)5,7367421
663Ik(663Ik)Adult (m)4,1978811
OITUi(OITUi)Adult (m)5,4168872
o0k4ZDeath From The Ankle DownHatchling (m, F)7,2436281
mcAbIDeathly HumorHatchling (f, F)2,6376862
9ZcYWMy Luck Isn't So BadHatchling (m, F)2,3345763
qd5KzQuae TaiAdult (m)3,1116892
yO5NVYolena TaiAdult (f)3,0976770
1NQFwTea Time LucastaAdult (m)3,9966802
67HIwYuae LucastaAdult (m)2,7008443
l4lV8Mad Tea LucastaAdult (m)2,8708953
7d5cTGinger Peach TaiAdult (f)5,5647401
1aLyGYunnan TaiAdult (m)6,6527301
DOIR3(DOIR3)Adult (f)7,7966441
RgEW6Whisper Not Of MeHatchling (f, F)2,5989461
9Ta5nTanish BaiAdult (m)2,1491,1921
QYxUfQuella BaiAdult (f)2,0221,1101
4zZXPTuella LucastaAdult (f)2,6828451
2s4kzB e  S t r o n gHatchling (m, F)2,0587420
SVBJKProcraftinatingAdult (f)2,9847481
GklG6Matthew McConaughclayAdult (m)3,2127851
FsTMATutunicornAdult (f)3,3737772
xf4blDumbledrawerAdult (m)3,8266900
DxZA3HufflepugAdult (m)4,1278091
61HQvMermioneAdult (f)4,0468222
rQ2joGryffinboarAdult (m)3,6568121
xMuahSlotherinAdult (f)4,9748751
6ShYNBe-weave MeAdult (m)4,0237631
QllRoSew HilariousAdult (f)6,0407762
TQCN6(TQCN6)Adult (f)3,0888363
17anv(17anv)Adult (f)3,2418661
iUOzJ(iUOzJ)Adult (m)3,1578541
AlPlu(AlPlu)Adult (m)3,2218441
sJfwT(sJfwT)Adult (f)3,2808341
xXPAJ(xXPAJ)Adult (m)3,1478571
AxdKz(AxdKz)Adult (f)3,4888441
ojU5A(ojU5A)Adult (m)4,1408922
tj8iR(tj8iR)Adult (m)3,9468211
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