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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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  • 2018 Halloween Event
  • 2018 Valentine’s Day
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  • 2017 Halloween Event
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You pick up the scroll labeled “RockinSia,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
wx6CM(wx6CM)Adult (m)2,6588550
dmxuY(dmxuY)Adult (m)2,5708791
VVJx9Love ForgetsHatchling (m, F)1,9867443
hGfRGLove Is UnconditionalHatchling (F)1,2104021
G1TZ5Rosen's GlitzAdult (f)2,6826007
WsH3OWatashi Wa AitaAdult (f)9,7319315
iUwPRBourbon Beauty AcaiAdult (f)6,0529621
Cg0mTMermaid for Each OtherAdult (f)4,2357462
lUTxqI Cannoli Love YouAdult (f)4,1269781
4Am0UYou're One In A MelonAdult (f)4,6291,0381
TorZLLove TamesHatchling (f, F)1,9987840
2HUwpDazzlebreezeHatchling (F)1,1973941
31Rc6VorliamAdult (m)5,1264435
UGS9YHeros' Hearts DayAdult (m)2,8105978
hS3xiSeeking Peace 5 SSAdult (m)5,6261,0632
qPeDxTurtley In LoveAdult (m)4,1007481
dxHbULove You A LatteAdult (m)5,8461,0282
vuKXmYou Are My Butter HalfAdult (m)4,8091,0191
MuNaKLove HealsHatchling (m, F)2,0767742
IAt2iKoukla-mouAdult (f)4,9953912
qC3rEAgapi-mouAdult (f)4,7923942
KcCNLWhyni Acai Di ErAdult (f)5,4801,0472
hIdIGLove SoothesHatchling (f, F)2,0908011
PlIMDMonsiuer AmourAdult (m)2,4569174
MAUq4Magister AmorisAdult (m)2,4459331
M4v58Shadow Love Di ErAdult (m)5,6331,0611
8cj8j(8cj8j)Adult (m)6,1831,0051
gvE2ZNight Love Di ErAdult (m)3,8467402
B9C4rPure Heartache Di ErAdult (f)5,4611,0571
L2WAi(L2WAi)Adult (f)6,1529761
pj6X8(pj6X8)Adult (f)5,8889821
H06feBarbed Heart Di SanAdult (f)3,6159634
e5GuEYou're SublimeAdult (f)5,3109531
MNEL6You're Bacon Me CrazyAdult (f)5,6499463
iddiWPlastic MatchmakerAdult (m)5,5591,0551
0Jr54Plastic DreamsAdult (m)5,5471,0552
xeKijSweet Rose Di ErAdult (m)6,1069801
sc9H9You Bake Me CrazyAdult (m)5,8099831
hm0T1Yoda BestAdult (m)5,6179781
VndigPeas Love MeAdult (f)3,6577212
8lQy9Miso Crazy About YouAdult (f)3,6797230
BQ8xKGiggleleafAdult (m)4,2991,0552
ruqFYTwirljigAdult (m)4,2481,0270
kU4fH(kU4fH)Adult (f)3,2779782
gfvMN(gfvMN)Adult (f)3,0109400
e3J2EAnastasiusAdult (m)8,9581,3709
203F6AypartiaAdult (f)5,4951,3252
wq6KnAnglkaiAdult (m)2,1447032
u9YXOAngellalaAdult (f)2,7548962
ZKF8VAngelreimAdult (m)2,9668350
owPneAlostraAdult (f)5,6468132
s5rtYB e  A t  P e a c eHatchling (f, F)2,5766322
MiWC4R e v i v eHatchling (m, F)4,3927681
kptbt(kptbt)Adult (f)3,4818315
NfC4H(NfC4H)Adult (m)3,6918572
U2bbw(U2bbw)Adult (f)3,0938151
mZmli(mZmli)Adult (m)3,0978281
G7GJe(G7GJe)Adult (m)2,9737860
VzTaN(VzTaN)Adult (f)2,8727930
rcTrm(rcTrm)Adult (f)2,9017940
TaZh7(TaZh7)Adult (f)3,0158222
rKjh4He Who ProtectsAdult (m)4,9524420
D0ILhShe Who ConcursAdult (f)4,0224220
mBLzeArvin RoughboughAdult (m)4,6053070
D5WZBAbelle SmoothboughAdult (f)4,3053160
umSGsEri SoftwaveAdult (f)4,3842960
x63V2Eric HardwaveAdult (m)5,0113350
HYYfuEthan LucastaAdult (m)2,8395552
kl2IgMelody RiverdropperAdult (f)4,9497400
g37HaA g e h aHatchling (f, F)2,9353881
J1c9vWe are but one threadHatchling (m, F)2,2866163
nPXc5MalyyrovnaHatchling (F)1,3715142
LATqBF e m k eHatchling (f, F)4,7658423
mVh4iLittly LittleHatchling (F)3,0366722
VItHTNereida WaiAdult (f)2,0506782
7DuWNNereus WaiAdult (m)2,4397533
hoB8iHobbi WaiAdult (f)2,0446713
Cwq5dHumble WaiAdult (m)3,6347492
wpUBuNana WaiAdult (f)3,1697591
R64a6(R64a6)Adult (m)6,1928603
baZ8UYou've Got ThisHatchling (F)3,0266771
nVQZaYou're Not StubbornAdult (m)2,4777416
bsjIUJigsaw Falling Into PlaceAdult (f)2,6627222
ua445You Know Where I'm AtAdult (f)2,5047941
eCWD4A Mind Full Of WhispersAdult (m)2,4657802
AEZiaEverybody TalksAdult (f)5,5363701
Uo57UReturning HalfAdult (m)3,3141,0670
QChSqHumble and KindAdult (m)5,1798623
CeLsK1000 YearsAdult (m)6,4408171
MFiaq(MFiaq)Adult (f)4,1067521
nHGaz(nHGaz)Adult (f)4,4337721
26PatChai Tea LatteAdult (f)3,9595511
ndR7aBerwyn BaiAdult (m)4,2273791
F1E9lAegle AcaiAdult (f)5,0431,2614
F8nDPBerry Cherry BaiAdult (f)2,4396691
XRjpaMisophonia DorkfaceAdult (m)2,9067682
DfHkIAkira Celest Di WuAdult (f)5,3843652
FejrhAvinci Golden EleaAdult (m)4,3653313
ae7IAKiyoshi BaiAdult (m)4,2813430
YawSrYawsr BaiAdult (f)5,1593672
RFgHzBarm BaiAdult (m)3,2564753
UAjVVAnesti BaiAdult (f)4,7363351
LZgD5Magdalena AcaiAdult (f)4,9863451
BoyUrBoyUr AmazingAdult (f)3,2993341
h2dCTI'm Still A Sky PirateAdult (f)3,1764212
50IUzMelody Sweetkin AcaiAdult (f)4,3486132
edF5xAngelico Di SiAdult (m)2,2066331
RmPWoNylan AcaiAdult (m)2,7005791
46FvjFuji BaiAdult (m)2,3655053
QOJSoSerenity BaiAdult (f)1,6595882
6mQRyLana LucastaAdult (f)2,9719162
tcwU8In Queso You WonderedAdult (m)5,1689572
7E7Q3BeYou-tifulAdult (m)5,5605912
ri2SaRomaine CalmAdult (f)5,8135700
PwhoyGood BinaryAdult (m)6,4425420
uNN5BGet Your Dip TogetherAdult (m)6,4535570
hq7aFUganda Be Kidding MeAdult (m)6,3836191
dzQitI Mustache You For A HugAdult (m)5,4798110
NqC9sEvery Day is a Fresh StartHatchling (m, F)1,7745912
pvCduNew Yeti's EveHatchling (m, F)1,8537421
O4Y7WP u r i t y ' s W o eHatchling (F)3,0726741
dn3SuYoda One That I WantHatchling (F)3,0226741
DTbDpAlpaca My BagsHatchling (F)3,0136771
sfDjmQuite RibbitingHatchling (F)2,9986724
LmzEVNacho ProblemHatchling (F)1,6964100
2ZrHrThalius XaiAdult (m)3,6128001
qgIGoThalia XaiAdult (f)3,7027930
VnajcThalcor LucastaAdult (m)6,1396592
MSBjBMystical Silent XaiAdult (m)3,6338001
GUGuOGold Guguo XaiAdult (f)3,4367860
jGoZvAustor IntAdult (m)6,1387414
J8sLk(J8sLk)Adult (f)3,9828851
bU8zdNature's Power XaiAdult (f)3,6847792
iQ99H(iQ99H)Adult (f)3,2777932
bjGPcAustralia XaiAdult (f)3,5457901
2eyI0Austria XaiAdult (m)3,4767840
symIPAustralia LuAdult (f)6,1206602
vRoVlAstruckAdult (f)4,0888951
w3Wxh(w3Wxh)Adult (m)6,4906481
FRf8T(FRf8T)Adult (m)5,8835551
XQRhW(XQRhW)Adult (f)6,0865620
Lufnx(Lufnx)Adult (m)4,8577662
MrqZwMorqHatchling (F)3,3411,0961
iKzWIMiseur SaurAdult2,7841,1162
xSSW2Rockin' RedAdult4,4511,0712
HfOsMAwesome OpposumAdult2,9468522
mtZTgThere is Always the FutureHatchling (F)2,4137474
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