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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “RockinSia,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
mNkxGB e Y o u r s e l fHatchling (F)1,1185061
bLrFFLive FreelyHatchling (m, F)4,8188322
8utDoAdva CaiAdult (f)7,7911,2512
UEYJnAlan CaiAdult (m)4,6004450
T0gqRSiofra CaiAdult (f)1,9837653
65jHISiofrski CaiAdult (m)2,5007122
SZysh(SZysh)Adult (m)6,0566653
FfeXW(FfeXW)Adult (m)3,0057151
wvPAE(wvPAE)Adult (f)2,9126790
EzsIk(EzsIk)Adult (m)3,1097201
VcfMQ(VcfMQ)Adult (f)3,0837250
VW2Yr(VW2Yr)Adult (f)2,7436851
cfvOd(cfvOd)Adult (m)2,7936760
S1t6Z(S1t6Z)Adult (f)2,7566970
s0ZRd(s0ZRd)Adult (m)2,7376640
ieK3U(ieK3U)Adult (m)2,8157751
edjse(edjse)Adult (f)2,7157710
Zr7Kh(Zr7Kh)Adult (m)2,9627842
34H4G(34H4G)Adult (f)2,8817950
QfCp3(QfCp3)Adult (f)2,8646632
O6Vs8(O6Vs8)Adult (m)2,9737511
6v0lB(6v0lB)Adult (f)2,8697300
3JLRy(3JLRy)Adult (m)2,6096790
YXGBkDevika CaiAdult (f)5,4794920
CO0FvConan CaiAdult (m)4,2364243
vzSJCGamble CaiAdult (m)4,9456130
MluqsAmble On CaiAdult (f)4,9356120
F9CeEPerfunctory CaiAdult (m)7,5545070
GspjRAltiloquent CaiAdult (f)5,7676012
uXY7WRajiv CaiAdult (m)9,2211,4403
MkhdtErebus CaiAdult (m)4,9233990
m1o8QShyam CaiAdult (f)3,6521,1784
aVi48Nila CaiAdult (f)2,4247362
SahfmSharath NarayanAdult (m)5,7205833
pnhIXShe Is FierceHatchling (f, F)3,4137142
IewwW(IewwW)Adult (f)6,2029291
gCclG(gCclG)Adult (m)6,0509491
HEhmM(HEhmM)Adult (m)3,7548022
aSlne(aSlne)Adult (m)3,6627782
U2KEz(U2KEz)Adult (f)3,3757512
Ax9ba(Ax9ba)Adult (m)2,7427832
5zQfs(5zQfs)Adult (f)2,7587860
PAIm5(PAIm5)Adult (f)2,7417880
6aFdk(6aFdk)Adult (m)2,7587951
QWJVr(QWJVr)Adult (m)2,7637171
UDgol(UDgol)Adult (f)2,4396950
qAMGe(qAMGe)Adult (f)2,4656840
20xKR(20xKR)Adult (m)2,9737720
hq1Iv(hq1Iv)Adult (m)3,5178061
oGY5C(oGY5C)Adult (f)3,3648220
wQglm(wQglm)Adult (m)2,9748372
6DoUA(6DoUA)Adult (f)3,1178391
1olTF(1olTF)Adult (f)3,0377912
OJ2Pf(OJ2Pf)Adult (m)2,9407750
svAP6Imp KaiAdult (m)3,8148221
UWwAZSprite KaiAdult (f)3,3917161
0u98zBlu KaiAdult (m)6,5328711
5UzUQFairy KaiAdult (f)5,5395870
owR8ICosmicfieldHatchling (f, F)4,8918661
AbFxoMerlin AiAdult (m)6,6487431
SbhZODumbledore AiAdult (m)4,0599041
MQjTPGlinda AiAdult (f)3,7067020
KEfysMary Poppins AiAdult (f)4,8351,1371
xICgMHermione AiAdult (f)5,6266074
45GGrOz AiAdult (m)6,3664541
PyFGQDavid Copperfield AiAdult (m)6,4596231
2pvY0Cassandra Nightingale AiAdult (f)4,7217142
a47cPMorgana AiAdult (f)3,6997451
lV9fz(lV9fz)Adult (m)2,6557782
fhURM(fhURM)Adult (f)2,6727990
Jft42(Jft42)Adult (m)2,7918002
NEAcT(NEAcT)Adult (f)2,9867850
i5X44(i5X44)Adult (f)3,0078061
1h2en(1h2en)Adult (m)3,0818431
zEno6(zEno6)Adult (f)3,0748290
soJO1(soJO1)Adult (m)3,1697970
0EfcoMelanie MaiAdult (f)4,8648041
QbXiAMari MaiAdult (f)5,0007921
XalyIMorse MaiAdult (m)3,5147761
lP8FrMarsha MaiAdult (f)3,8688232
5bytlMandala MaiAdult (f)4,8097231
Ptnmm(Ptnmm)Adult (m)6,1237481
DUNqZ(DUNqZ)Adult (m)6,0947531
xAOnGMarko MaiAdult (m)2,7517082
ECmghUniquelyAdult (m)4,7503932
YtNY8Uniquely MaiAdult (m)1,9787465
n7VnSUniquette MaiAdult (f)1,4986850
k4FDLAdvitiya MaiAdult (f)2,9367337
T8G5SU n i t yHatchling (f, F)3,5846905
oCUgDArgyros NaiAdult (m)2,5136921
YlJqSAvaella NaiAdult (f)2,1906971
k8U2NAdelaide NaiAdult (f)1,8906220
fY7uLAiolos NaiAdult (m)1,8326131
tqGtAAaron NaiAdult (m)4,8127121
K8RrB(K8RrB)Adult (m)3,1928552
vUrbO(vUrbO)Adult (f)3,1627971
5elZY(5elZY)Adult (f)3,4467971
eWAFq(eWAFq)Adult (f)3,1068010
laVcz(laVcz)Adult (m)3,5427891
1vPlf(1vPlf)Adult (m)3,9387870
frAYS(frAYS)Adult (f)3,6317400
8PMPy(8PMPy)Adult (m)4,2668681
3Znxm(3Znxm)Adult (f)4,7988172
0nbn7(0nbn7)Adult (m)3,8838292
MOd0m(MOd0m)Adult (f)3,7237751
J8n4s(J8n4s)Adult (f)3,7777591
sNJqx(sNJqx)Adult (m)3,5117492
tfg65Ronan SaiAdult (m)8,6141,3663
BGJjJShinju AiAdult (f)3,5041,1352
BMLMRIrving SaiAdult (m)2,2787061
I0N3pIvita AiAdult (f)2,2296692
I41UH(I41UH)Adult (m)4,6774920
BRFwn(BRFwn)Adult (f)6,1086642
wJVLDReady to RocHatchling (m, F)4,1656922
LQenfAlma PaiAdult (f)4,1661,1112
SiB8bAlmar PaiAdult (m)4,4601,0592
OfARfVictor PaiAdult (m)3,9371,0272
fEhjT(fEhjT)Adult (f)6,5775821
98G2fPyro PaiAdult (m)4,6161,0760
M9tXtPyra PaiAdult (f)4,1991,0592
sBlsgReginald PaiAdult (m)5,0931,2750
ZA35fRuby PaiAdult (f)4,2721,0702
ZhIPPAkane PaiAdult (f)4,5177875
LaHky(LaHky)Adult (f)4,0526912
FYuB9(FYuB9)Adult (m)7,1435350
5ocvYSpessar PaiAdult (m)4,6791,0670
ViApIMark PaiAdult (m)4,0671,1160
JbtsRSpessa PaiAdult (f)4,0091,1202
H8CFbMarigold PaiAdult (f)3,4621,1991
3nSXt(3nSXt)Adult (f)3,5628511
VuHwL(VuHwL)Adult (f)3,5137880
MMjsz(MMjsz)Adult (m)3,7158040
SiY2T(SiY2T)Adult (m)3,4968261
zHIsc(zHIsc)Adult (f)3,5129060
Dr3OT(Dr3OT)Adult (f)3,4438590
Icxs3(Icxs3)Adult (m)4,2527522
hk5I7(hk5I7)Adult (m)3,9338403
4aO2rAltan LucastaAdult (m)4,3468632
9YQbHBlood to GoldAdult (m)7,7661,3134
XADVlRapid RedAdult (m)4,0844243
K68QbRabbit SongAdult (f)1,8537172
4Dh62Conleth AcaiAdult (m)2,3396791
3kTHPAura's Thoughtful AcaiAdult (m)3,9254062
4bQBYRed HandsAdult (f)4,6443892
OY0Q5Sienna LucastaAdult (f)3,7403871
19JA4ARMY's HughAdult (m)2,0944833
CWzzcKind Host's LucastaAdult (m)3,9643641
cbsGIFairy's Story LucastaAdult (f)3,8513650
P3C2iAir Master's LucastaAdult (m)4,7363740
rqRZyBlown Away LucastaAdult (f)4,3173701
mXf7aAir's Away Lu Di SanAdult (m)2,8828242
7U4eGKind Fairy Lu Di SanAdult (f)2,8468511
KkkLBMaster's Away Lu Di SanAdult (f)2,0996621
lfjKyRoyal Fairy Lu Di WuAdult (m)1,37278416
UVIVVFireball RaiAdult (m)2,6017951
echlGRed Princess AiAdult (f)3,3089540
QrBW0Prince Fireball AiAdult (m)4,2941,1323
Dwz1BMs Swizzlestick LucastaAdult (f)4,9529362
N14F8Firadicator AcaiAdult (m)3,9508801
ZnELuAir Wind Lu Di SanAdult (m)4,1438851
utBp5Nike AiAdult (m)3,8998080
By5PWNikola AiAdult (f)3,7997622
xUkMURegent LuAdult (m)3,0216392
Iny0nNikki LuAdult (f)2,9606171
QMsOjHaunted RedAdult (f)3,1286703
IwjsSCreeping RedAdult (m)3,3766941
3JAgvShe's An InfernoAdult (f)5,6179451
gOVcAYou've Met Your MatchAdult (f)4,9326861
AqsmRFantasmagorical RaiAdult (m)3,0636590
saP0sInto the Woods RaiAdult (m)5,8421,0781
fwuGsFungi Aren't My ThingAdult (f)6,1764702
0PKb5Ms Obi Wan RaiAdult (f)5,6466210
SjxoeJoe Shmo RaiAdult (m)5,7646411
EC0nnEco EchoAdult (f)5,4716230
cR7wM(cR7wM)Adult (f)5,8947020
Zllfm(Zllfm)Adult (m)6,1445561
7hMzL(7hMzL)Adult (m)5,6088980
bR9y1(bR9y1)Adult (f)4,2547970
6qKTE(6qKTE)Adult (m)3,8138350
LXrWr(LXrWr)Adult (m)3,9459951
t9UNM(t9UNM)Adult (m)4,6968690
k6HE1(k6HE1)Adult (f)4,6998713
iYqSL(iYqSL)Adult (f)4,0097882
uo2Ni(uo2Ni)Adult (m)6,4678360
wZU5t(wZU5t)Adult (m)5,6447330
BEreV(BEreV)Adult (m)4,6818970
Wi0cz(Wi0cz)Adult (m)3,2576581
Ejwfk(Ejwfk)Adult (m)4,1208370
wL3PC(wL3PC)Adult (f)3,6328300
OMtBlTitle and RegistrationAdult (m)4,6074480
Q3G9mXizi She KnowsAdult (f)4,8893701
gXaomAccept Me As I AmAdult (m)4,3766094
luBrmThis Devil's WorkdayAdult (f)5,3563582
XiIXoOcean Breathes SaltyAdult (m)5,0213351
KoToVCaero Di WuAdult (f)3,6594134
k55r9Something In The Way You AreAdult (f)3,8813852
IPWJiMy Karma Smiles Di SanAdult (m)3,7553672
93t0MSmiling Makes The Day Go QuickerAdult (m)2,2696243
RvsDaAva Val '13Adult (f)2,3466303
ldWEnDon't Gotta Work It OutAdult (f)2,6148681
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